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The world is on fire

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posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 05:03 AM
First, a dumb "enlightening" saying of hope: It only takes a single match to start a forest fire. While true and highly destructive, lets look at said fire as hope and peace engulfing the world
. With one small act of kindness, you start a chain that keeps going yada yada. So there are more than a few optimists that take to the world everyday with the intention of making it a better place than it was when they went to bed last night. With so many matches being struck daily, why isn't the world ablaze with peace and love at the moment (more fire and other obnoxious metaphors to come, deal with it)?

I have a theory that once the world #'s on someone enough times they don't care what they smell like but if they notice anyone around them smelling better, they'll be sure to address it. I fit into this group though my expensive cologne and frequent showering ensures belonging so only metaphorically (You can break my spirit but my dark dry sense of humor will live on). Misery loves company. At what point did the majority of the world become so miserable that there was ineffect, a controlled burn to prevent any possible spreading of hope?

Everyday these people take to the world with the intent to fix it only to be confronted by the most belligerent idiots within the species (statistically speaking, atleast 15% of the total population anywhere). Everyday, they get beaten down more and more until eventually, they give up and become just as miserable and hopeless as everyone else. They take up the belief of "# it, let it burn" (with the bad kind of metaphoric fire, not the good kind).

(Simulation Person vs World)

"Hey, I think we could get world peace if...." :bash:

"Everybody has a good quality to....." :bash:

"You ever see the beauty of...." :bash:

"If everyone just smilied more, they would..." :bash:

"Come on, can't we all just get along?" :bash: :bash: :bash: :bash:

"I hate all of you and you all deserve to be burned alive"

We are all conspiracy theorists to some extent meaning we are likely to be the very people that rain on these peoples parades and inadvertantly extinguish the fragile flame (back to good metaphoric fire) of hope we wish would spread across the world. So it doesn't matter if they think we landed on the moon (We did), or that the government was behind 9/11 (They were), when you see someone trying to make a positive impact, no matter how small, give them some encouragement because if you don't, some #hole further along in their day might very well squash their dreams and relegate them to another miserable being that the world has too many of already.

Flowery peace metaphors + uplifting message + begging for people to become carriers of positive change = Rant fail :shk:

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