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what is justic? and what is freedom?

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posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 02:33 AM
I was reading Plato's philosophical master piece "The Republic" and in the story Socrates,Thrasymachus,and Polemarchusare talking about the perfect city and they start talking about what is really justified and should be lay. what freedoms are good and bad.

After some deliberation they agree on what freedom truly is, and i must concur. They came to the concussion that justice and freedoms and what the local king (on in our case congress and the parliament) say's. If the governments says something is unjust the citizen's will agree. even if it takes a few years. Before when we where allowed so use marijuana people did not care that much if you smoked it that much. If you smoked marijuana before parents wouldn't care if their children played with yours. but now if a man smokes marijuana no parents will let their kids play at your house. if you smoke cigarettes parents will let their children play with your children at your house. what if congress banned cigarettes all together? then what will happen?after a generation or 2 people will treat people who smoke like those who smoke marijuana.

Look at marijuana. I have yet to hear of a man dieing from smoking too much. but i have heard about people dieing because of drinking too much beer. 40,000 people die a year because of drunk drivers. a total of 430,000 every year from liquor(including cancer and so forth) Marijuana kills only 75,000 people per year. and unlike beer it is none addictive. but people say it is bad and people who smoke it are bad. Why? In reality their is no logical reason to say those tho smoke marijuana are worse then those who drink beer.

In some countries marijuana is legal, and in America is is illegal. Why is it that people in the countries where you can smoke it so the citizens not appose the law and DO NOT appose it. while America does? it is all about what the government says and what your leader says.

I hope that example was good enough. I am not saying that we need to make marijuana legal nor am i saying that we should ban liquor. just remarking on the fact that beer kills more people that weed does.

Some say freedom is the Right to do what ever the hell you want, however we shouldn't have the right to kill people speed and so forth. but as far as most laws go who is to say they REALLY are "bad" and "good"

another example given in the the republic.
the question is asked what is justice?
"that it is just to every man what he is owed"says Polemarchus
if one person gives another something or safe keeping then asks for it back when he is not in the right mind is it just to return what is owed?"
In that situation when person is not in his right mind is it just to return something borrowed, wouldn't completely out of the question?
"What is good is to do good to your friend" he replies

What do you think freedom and justice really is?

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