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An odd thread and my thoughts now...

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 11:15 AM
I'am painstakingly tired of trying to get the truth out there.

To hell with it. People can be extremely evil and there are many heirarchies that are. Bring on the anti christ farout. In the end they are just smart evil goons who can make a following. There is a heirarchy in every industry trying to make a buck because supposedly its the only way we can make a living. Im sick of us humans being so viciously negative, hateful and at war with eachother.

I cant stand the negativity anymore. I tried my best to awaken people but MONEY & POWER speaks too much even in the general populace there are mini power hungry and greedy people. Some are the populace who work in those industries. So it seems everyone is doing their part to F** up another human being for money.

It is obvious that the whole world is killing eachother and themselves. Those who know that the artificial foods we buy at the supermarket we know that one days is going to kill us with either diabetes or cancer. We are addicted to so many things that could kill us and many companies know this. So the masses want to be ingorant and companies who make poisons know they are killing us as much as we are killing ourselves. So this brings me to the thought that everyone is killing eachother in some way whether subconciously or conciously for a piece of paper called MONEY and yet we are told we dont live long anyway so why the care for money.

Ever since i realised this i realised why so many people want to stay in their bubble of ignorance. Noone wants to know they are killing themselves and others. So then once we have awoken to this we try to be postive for ourselves and other human beings. We try our best to do the right things and fail.

We fail and let darkness take over. The darkness that has been hanging over people for so long.

Will we ever win the battle?

I hope so because now that i know what type of human's we are and what i live amongst we need to know now that because we are in the same predicament there is a slight chance we are all of the same conciousness.

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