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Is the USA (along with other countries) bankrupt?

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 09:49 AM
I read in Icke's book 'alice in wonderland and the world trade centre disaster' (which he does support with research, whatever u may think of his lizard/alien theories) that the usa is actually bankrupt and has been for some time. And that quite a few other countries around the world are bankrupt as well. And that the creditors are International bankers, who actually now own the usa and other countries. So the usa government isnt really a government, its just a front, becuz the usa is 'in administration' or whatever.

Apparantly there are pieces of legislation that back this up; and books; but the truth is obviously suppressed/not widely known.

personally i think it kind of makes sense... banks lend money to govts and then make them (their taxpayers) pay it back with interest. No wonder theyre bankrupt by now. i think it was one of the world wars that did it apparantly. Its crazy, becuz governments COULD just print their own money instead of indebting themselves to private individuals (international bankers) via the central banks of each country, which are actually run by private citizens.

why the federal reserve is a law unto itself. The people running it probly own america...specifically rothschilds i wud imagine. He also says that america is now really a corporation, not a government; and when america goes to war, its the corporation thats going to war on behalf of its owners. (and wars are manufactured to make money for the bankers too - since govts are loaned money - repaid by taxpayers - to pay for the war, then to fix the country up after the war...).

personally i wudnt be surprised if icke is right about this. its supposed to be provable as well if anyone wants to verify it/research it.

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