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Stop, Watch, Think, Breathe

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 06:40 AM
There is an alarming reaction going around in regards to several things that are happening. Swine Flu Vaccinations, Plans to bring our Military to American shores being forefront among them.

1: I do not think that an untested Vaccination is a good idea.

2: Troop deployment within the USA is very Disconcerting, No one alive since the civil war has seen a threat on American soil and we do have laws in place that are supposed to protect us from our government because history has shown i'll events against the populace from those in power in other places.

With that said.

The United States does have real enemies

The Soviets DID successfully get Nukes onto our soil in the 60's

Biological Agents are extremely deadly and the need for containment would be impossible without Soldiers.

Biological weapons use could require a system in which mass Vaccinations were needed and people would need to be kept in order in such a scenario.

These things I mention are extreme scenarios...

But what if we are, be it because of unjust actions taken in the past by our government or not... actually under threat?

What if Obama got into office and was informed of some things that he simply had no ability to know prior?

There is One scenario that everyone is harping on:

The American Govt waging some war of oppression upon it's own people.

As Americans we were raised to be guarded against such things, we have watched them occur all around the world.

But I must admit, I find this scenario to not be the most likely.

Thus the title of this thread

Stop... Wait, you do not KNOW for certain anything

Watch... Observe what is going on, be wary but do not jump to conclusions that cause the events you Fear

Think... Use your heads don't be goaded into assumption by those who ASSUME the worst

Breathe... Self Explanatory

There is but ONE... ONE and only ONE possibility that can be offered that is a true and genuine threat to us from within:

The US Govt is about to attack it's own people.

And while I rule out no possibility, I find it somewhat improbable... the Motive of WHY arises... We are far from a nation that is seriously over crowded compared to others, we are in negative population growth without immigration which would be by far the more logical approach if that was a concern

I Have to now say, If I was President I can think of MANY reasons why I would bring 400,000 troops or more to the USA and why I would want a stable system for treating illness rapidly and without interference.

1: We are physically undefended, a War not in our control might be about to start because of Israel and Iran and then there is North Korea... Both situations could find us at war with Russia and China

If that were to happen, we have nothing on our shores in terms of man power, if Germany being over extended was the equivalent of a Soccer ball in terms of far flung dispersion of troops... We are a Hot Air Balloon

2: We have screwed with allot of nations... Many Nations have very advanced Biological capabilities... If we can't get out a Flu shot without the public going into panic what will we do against a real biological threat? How could we ever contain a city?

3: As I said earlier Russia has gotten Nukes on our soil, as per above we have screwed with allot of Nations... what would we actually do to restore order in the event of a dirty Nuke or Bomb?

4: Americans because of 9-11 don't trust the Govt, If a nation wanted to strike America.... this would be the best time in History, a bomb going off by MILLIONS of people would be assumed to be a false flag, ASSUMED, don't think that is lost on anyone over seas

5: Global population is at a crisis a pandemic of some sort is likely not an IF but a WHEN, that is the reality of globalization, overcrowding, genetic mixing of diseases etc, etc

6: Economic Collapse is also a very distinct possibility, people WILL panic

7: Katrina DID demonstrate how vulnerable we are in a disaster

8: World Leaders Have gathered repeatedly this last Decade to meet on "How To Contain America"

9: And without drama... LAST but no 1 on my list, it's costing us Trillions to deploy over seas and it get's us in allot of deep doo doo and it's stupid to be the worlds defender for Americans.. it's brutally expensive, it creates many of the above situations that could cause us harm, it generates enemies where we had none in the first place and we simply can NOT maintain it economically


The Military put to use here on infra structure, and other issues could work wonders that make America a better place to live...

Now... with sane reasons gone...

Let's get imaginative

10: Disclosure and possible consequences... Even the announcement of simple microbes on Mars could cause Havoc

11: Unknown impending natural disaster

12: knowledge of a genuine attempt from outside to destroy the United States

13: Astrological phenomena we have not been made aware of

14: Alien Invasion

15: A genuine 5th column within the United Sates

16: a faction of the govt has gone rouge

There is ONE possibility and that is our own people wish to destroy us... and we must always be vigilant but we can not ASSUME

There are a Myriad of reasons why this could be necessary... in fact we are dead in the water in a serious situation... like an EMP burst or anything else of that nature

Now we all know... 9-11 is at the least fishy and the Govt lies and thinks we are all stupid... and we have put our nose where it doesn't belong and made HUGE mistakes... and we have been cultural imperialists for decades... longer really

These things are not the same... as attacking our own people en mass in a genuine way

In fact they are in reality every reason we might seriously need troops to control a disaster from the environment, to being attacked to civil war to biological threat...

let's face it we might not have had real enemies... but we sure have made some now...


Stop, Watch, Think, Breathe

Because whatever they did wrong, i'm pretty sure the goal was to make America a better place, not to kill ourselves and if they are soiling their pants atm, there more than likely is a good reason.

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 08:18 AM
Mopus, I always love your threads!

This is certainly something to keep at the top of our minds, and I 99% agree with you. I do think that a lot of the mistakes that our government has made, were made with good intentions.

I don't think the Flu Vaccine is some control conspiracy. But I do think it is untested, dangerous, and unnecessary.

I do think that troop Deployment within the US is a just a matter of Semantics! We already have dozens of bases on US soil, that are operational and contain troops. If there is no war going on, then the troops need to be here at home. I don't see why this is an issue.

The 1 % of disagreement is in the possibility of a Rogue Government.
I think we already have that with the Shadow Government, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Bankers, the Lobbyists, and now Obama!

The team of Czars, the Mysterious Background and Meteoric rise to power, the Odd, vague religion affiliation. The foreign parents, the things in his speeches, and many other things make me think he is the perfect patsy for such a Rogue Government, and that is why we are currently more concerned than ever before!!

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 08:41 AM
reply to post by getreadyalready

Yeah, I don't want the Cocamamie Vaccine either...

But my impression is that it is something allot more akin to trying to be like the Federation and cure a disease in a day, then it is a direct attempt to harm us...

Things like the shadow govt weird me out too...

a Govt not elected in times of crisis and doing what exactly when there is no crisis?

siiiigh, they treat us like we are stupid and I can't help but feel a vicious cycle at work where, allot of us are stupid lol and they have darn good reason to treat us that way and things spiral away...

There's just a huge difference to me between:

Opposing a Vaccine


I got my Guns ready if they try and make me take one

I don't really even think it's necessary for this flu honestly...

But what happens if it is? In a situation or if there is something we just don't know and there is a valid reason, this cycle of distrust means that... I might take one to the head lol while trying to avoid the plauge...

The level of discourse has dropped o nil with both sides govt and people I think actually scared of one another...

and one thing I am sure... they are scared of us to a big degree... and it's not maybe unwarrented, we are buying guns like there is no tomorrow, they have the numbers the people are arming for doomsday

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 02:41 PM
It's a hard question, but can we not trust ourselves enough that we could have troops ready in or near our cities in the event of a national tragedy?

It is perhaps highly improbable, but what if a Red Dawn like scenario occurred?

Maybe not actually on that scale.

And even if 9-11 was a set up as an excuse to go to war what if Americas reaction gave some ideas?

Without a Military available in a meaningful way on our soil...

What would our situation be if even 100,000 foreign fighters slipped in?

We don't trust our govt enough to declare martial law, look what one sniper was able to do in terms of fear on the East Coast

What if there are 20,000 insurgents in America right now and they activated on a day, got off a dirty bomb or two, released biologicals in a few cities, while snipers hit the highway's and others derailed trains, and went for a reactor or chemical factory, a handful of commercial airliners dropped in specialists another 10,000 came up through Mexico and Canada... each

Small boats teams from Cuba and Venezuala

i'm talking 40-50,000 total on our soil

and in tandem with occupying our troops abroad... NK and Iran, sponsored by Russia and China engage our forced regionally keeping them in place...

What good would our Nuclear deterrent be, what would happen to our economy under such circumstances... given current conditions...

What if they did this during as simple an event as the Next Katrina or during a normal but severe swine flu pandemic?

Can we imagine small pox and anthrax loosed in 6 or 7 major cities while thousands of persons shot up our highways and knocked off simple bombs in our subways during and already bad out break of something as simple as a flu?

while 1/3 of the American public is ready and willing to place the blame on the govt, refuses to obey martial law, disrupts vaccination efforts?

Imagine the unthinkable... a single EMP burst from an Iranian Oil Barge off the East Coast... One Missile, the entire American Power grid out during such a scenario...

Right now the reality is that easy...

our infrastructure is virtually undefended, we have almost no troops, our power grid could go down with an attack no more complicated than 9-11

Picture a single airliner... with a hydrogen Bomb on board, The lights go out all across America... Our troops are engaged, the national Guard is largely overseas...

The hospitals are already crammed with swine flu victims... max capacity, In the dark in urban areas... via aresol cans anthrax and small pox are released

With lights out boats, teams from Cuba and Venezuela, Narco Terrorists from Mexico with inside gang connections start to cross the borders...

Snipers fire on the road at night with no street lights, tunnels and bridges leading to Manhattan go boom

In Texas a large chemical plant explodes and hardly anyone can tune in the news to know that a cloud of poison is floating in the direction of Dallas

A dirty bomb goes off in a ship in port in San Francisco

A Few Hundred Men storm the Nuclear plant outside Phx AZ

in every city gas lines are set on fire, it is mid winter


We have no army at home

The scenario above... would take less than 10,000 men...

There would be no nation to Nuke... the boats landing unmarked no flag

The people coming over the border thugs gangsters...

The Plane from some Country, maybe Africa, maybe even Europe...

The tankers... Commercial corporate hijacked barges...

The insurgents multi national

Don't get me wrong, no one will actually invade... it's impossible, an attack like this in a few months the American people would disperse it.

But the goal of most of the world is clear

Remove Americas super power status if possible...

Even France has attended meeting on how to do this...

We have no friends... maybe no true enemies beyond a few rouge nations that wish to Destroy America entirely...

But who wants us to remain a super power?

Japan, Australia. Israel and Brittan? and In regards to half the actual population of 3 of 4 of those nations do the people actually care all that much, do our own people many of them?

One terrible blow right now can sink us from that status... we have made genuine enemies...

I still trust our govt more than I trust the rest of the world

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 03:16 PM
If you believe in some prophesy and certain assumed plans of the NWO, America is meant to fall, and is NEEDED to fall in order for a single world government to be assumed. As a nation, we are too powerful and too involved to be otherwise.

Our government, they would let it happen in a heartbeat. They have only to take orders from whomever they do, and get rich in the process. No, the government isn't the problem - the American people are the problem. Bred with this ideal of liberty and sovereignty, we would never be on board to abandon our Constitution and way of life in the hopes of "betterment of the world" as they put it.

None the less, you make some valid points. While some of government may be acting in the best interests, I believe that the past can speak for itself and the slow seeping of liberties and freedoms speak for themselves. In recent times it only seems to have increased in pace, and continues to worsen. It looks like nothing more than a war on the people.

Too many coincidences fall into place for it to be "necessary" for our safety. The recent acts and bills that are being passed, including the information about 400,000 troops, all coincides with the threat of martial law, so much that it doesn't look as if they are preparing under caution, but they are basically promising it to happen.

Swine flu itself is too coincidental too be looked at as a natural occurrence. People are expected to ignore the origins and focus on the fear and panic associated with its rise. Thus it leads to panic and chaos, looting and riots begin, possible forced vaccinations.

Soon enough you have people on the streets protesting. Military state breaks out and we have soldiers on the streets, patrolling. They do their job fine, keeping order, disposing of those that try to incite violence. But then something happens... maybe a bad move is made, an ignition point. Maybe a little girl is shot and killed in the name of peace.

All of sudden it becomes personal. America wakes up. In one shrill instant the military is taken down by the people and chaos ensues. Government falls, America falls.

The problem with Stopping, Watching, Thinking, and Breathing, is how do we know when to Start? When do we know when to stop watching and start acting? Stop thinking and start putting plans into motion? How do we prevent the inevitable?

It seems that we are ever so close to that line.

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 03:44 PM
reply to post by gwydionblack

The only possible reason as you wisely state would be the formation of a one world government...

Now if this was the case,

The question I have is why oppose that?

will they need to do anything if people embraced the concept.

Our culture has this notion of an "anti christ" an automatic assumption that some genuinely Satanic force will try and take over the world

Do I believe that?

I rule out no possibilities in life without hard evidence to prove it wrong... so I will go so far as to say, 1% chance

The other 99% of me says, this might not be such an awful thing...

We aren't a democracy right now anyway

We are headed to a higher degree of socialism as the population expands and we need to manage resources anyway...

So what is my rational against a world government if it unites the world?

I kind of see it like this...

I don't like any govt in my life...

If we unite the planet someday allot sooner some of us will get off this rock, right now their is no frontier... allot of us myself included will never be happy this way... the other way, the govt might suck, but honestly can it Suck any more than it does now?

I don't see some... system of slavery when we already are slaves... with no where to run...

Heck, most of Europe has more social freedom than we do now, same for South America and many other parts of the world...

I might get legalized Marijuana if i'm lucky out of this.

But I think the real reason Most Americans might be Violent opposed to joining or creating a NWO isn't anything but this:

A superstitous belief in an Antichrist

I don't think the box cars are there... unless we all freak out and get moronic about things for no real reason...

To be fantastic... if your going to believe (not saying you) in an Antichrist

Why not the opposite...

Maybe we can't meet the aliens or go off world until we are United species ( I don't know I believe that either) but it seems from a standpoint of science more likely than a single entity intent on our demise or enslavement

In the end... a one world govt an NWO WILL have leaders that change every few years...

I don't even know that anything great would change if the United States became a State in the United States of Earth...

I'm just saying...

Yeah they way they go about thing is... sickening, they have no faith in us at all...

But why have faith in us when... so many are so violent, when change is such a hard thing for most Human Mammals to stomach?

I mean can we go like this forever as some... divided planet?

Sure we should be talked to... but who listens? When I say

Stop, Watch, Think, Breathe

I'm sort of saying... If your house was being robbed and you had no food in the fridge, you had just lost your job, the house payment was late...

Should you... Get out of the car and shoot the intruder and maybe get shot in the process or go to jail


should you drive around the block and collect the trumped up insurance Money?

i.e. if we are 30 Trillion in the hole, our lives defend the whole world, there is genuine risk of nuclear inhalation and or Biological warfare...

Do you oppose the NWO out of some superstitious assumption that it will be Evil incarnate?

Or do you... loose the debt in the global economy, get your kids back home from war, and be a team player?

I don't know... 100%

But i'm going to stop, watch, think and breathe here... the situation can possibly save me the next 30 years of poverty paying the world back Trillions out of my enormous taxes...

It might work out... we might get off this rock, it might save the species...

IF that is even the case... an NWO in the making

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