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La Santa Muerte

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posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 07:45 AM
reply to post by nine-eyed-eel

(Now for translations of the previous quotes, comments interjected in parentheses)

Hellos - I will tell you about two experiences with the Most Holy Saint Death, I worked with Her for some time, one day a married lady came to me with a problem concerning her husband. I recommended to her a white-colored Santa Muerte, and the prayers, but I always make the proper warnings/clarifications about the use of this Saint - "Nobody but you should use these (items like those candles, presumably, that the lady could be putting into the ritual, should stay consecrated to Santa Muerte's use, and not get passed around by others for other, ordinary purposes what I think this means), nobody should touch Her (the statue/picture of Santa Muerte) but you, always do perform the prayers to Her and fulfill for Her that which you promise Her"
(reminds me again of what that one lady says (5:29 in the first video about Santa Muerte in Saltillo, 15th post, 1st page of this thread): "Vamos a prometerle algo que podamos cumplirle, porque prometer por prometer... no...Pues, no" = "We're going to promise Her something that we are able to carry out, because to promise for promising's sake...No...Well, no" - and while I ain't a reliable mindreader, I felt like she didn't want to be saying something like "because if you promise just for the sake of promising, something bad will happen to you," on camera, so she backed up - was my impression)
...Not to make it a long story, she understood and she agreed/promised to do it all...Everything went well, it turned out how this lady wanted...But on one occasion, she forgot to make the prayer to Her, one Tuesday, when she remembered, it was already late and it was easy for her to say to herself "Tomorrow I'll do it"...that night nothing happened, and the following day she did not go back and perform the prayer...That same night, she heard noises in the kitchen...she was alone there with her sons, she got scared that someone had broken into the house, she went back to listen, gathered up her courage, and went to see who it could be...There was an enormous black dog, eyes very big and red, it just growled at her like it was angry...the lady left running all scared, she grabbed her two sons and fled to the house of a neighbor...she told them all this, and they advised her to remove the image (of Santa Muerte) and throw it away, because it was diabolical, so that she took the image, stuck it into a box, and put that in the garage, everything went worse, she began to have lots of problems with her husband, with the family, lost the job, okay, one day she came back to my house to tell me everything, we had to perform a great many prayers begging for pardon to the sweet little Saint, we offered her candles, more than two months were spent in order to make everything right again, I believe firmly that the lack of respect for the Most Holy Saint Death brought all this onto her, now she has an altar to Her, she offers flowers and water and lights Her Her candle each Tuesday and Friday. Things are going very well for her and she is very happy with her husband and her sons.
This other case is very grave/intense/serious...
A married lady also had problems problems with her husband, but to this one I gave a red Most Holy Saint Death and the same instructions, when she did everything faithfully, she succeeded rapidly, but...after about three months, the husband found her doing the prayer ritual, with the candles lit, in this case seven candles of "Jumbo"(9"x2") size, black in color,(why so specific? It makes you think either he sells candles or else that this bit of information is like a clue to tell the knowledgeable what ritual was going down) and water, and a pink rose ...The husband was enraged, and threw away the water and the flower, stomped his foot on the Most Holy Saint Death, and he punched his wife.
(Sadly, I have to go to work in 20 be continued next post...)

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posted on Feb, 3 2010 @ 04:59 PM
Check out this cultural chunk...the song (IN ENGLISH), all the fantasy art...

"If I am wayward, then God must have made me this way"...that's positively country-and-western, I could see Johnny Cash singing that...

posted on Feb, 6 2010 @ 03:50 AM
reply to post by nine-eyed-eel

Well, here's a little cross-referencing/updating on the case (quoted first page of this thread, fourth post from the bottom of the page) that had the Zeta cartel assassin toasting Santa Muerte in blood mentioned in passing...both taken from the website for KOHM FM "South Plains Public Radio", with no visible writer named for me to credit...Both articles are interesting, well-worth clicking through to the link, I am only citing the explicit Santa Muerte bit...this first from February 4th 2010...
Jury gets case against alleged cartel hit man

In one of those attacks, cartel squad leader Gabriel Cardona Ramirez said in a recording made by authorities that he drained the blood of a victim to offer a toast to Santa Muerte, an unofficial saint considered the patron of drug lords ...

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

This next here linked article, following-up, is dated February 5th, 2010...
Mistrial in alleged cartel hit man's case

And, while I'm doing brief citations, this next article is one that can be grouped under the perhaps-emergent theme of "This Santa Muerte Tattoo Did Not Stop Me From Getting Murdered"...or something along those lines...written by "Daniel Borunda/El Paso Times Staff" the link is to the article's appearance on the website of the Las Cruces Sun-News, dated February 5th 2010...
Man's body found in metal drum

The body of an unidentified man was found inside a metal drum Thursday afternoon in Colonia Revolucion Mexicana in south Juárez.
Chihuahua state police said the man had been shot in an eye, the abdomen, the side and the left buttock.
The dead man appeared to be 25 to 30 years of age and had a tattoo of the Santa Muerte, police said ...

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 09:41 PM
Here's a nice video from Extranormal...finally, something professionally produced so that I can hear + understand every word they're saying, for a change, good pix...

There is not much need to translate the words, however, as it's all stuff we've dealt with, with a couple of points I'll hit now...they do cite Coatlicue (1:26) as the Aztec/old-style precursor, which seems less likely to me than Mictecacihuatl, but, there you go...they visit 12 Alfareria Street, I do like the dude bringing Her a doll at (3:04)...the most new-so-far part is from about 8:00 on, where they visit an outdoor shrine+service in Ecatepec that we haven't seen already, with a promiscuous/syncretistic mash-up of a regular Hail Mary with a prayer to Santa Muerte one after the other, like milk + eggs off the same grocery list...

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 02:16 AM
reply to post by nine-eyed-eel

Here is a nice roadside altar...very well-kept...

I wonder if like the little snapshots and passport-style photos of people affixed to the wall are of people who are already dead or - more likely, is my guess - of living persons over whom Her protection is sought...hmm...

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posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 12:06 AM
reply to post by nine-eyed-eel

Here are the relevant bits from a National Geographic piece, written by Alma Guillermoprieto...from May 2010...
Mexican Saints


When he will leave prison is anyone's guess, but El Niño has reason to feel hopeful: He relies on a protector who, he believes, prevented jail wardens from discovering a couple of strictly forbidden objects in his possession that could have increased his punishment by decades. "The guards didn't see a thing, even though they were right there," he says. This super­natural being watches over him when his enemies circle around—and she is there, as Antonio says in support of his buddy's faith, after all the friends you thought you had have forgotten your very name, and you're left, as the Mexican saying goes, without even a dog to bark at you. This miracle worker, this guardian of the most defenseless and worst of sinners, is La Santa Muerte, Holy Death.
In this expanding spiritual universe, the worship of a skeleton dressed in long robes and carrying a scythe—La Santa Muerte—is possibly the fastest growing and, at first glance at least, the most extravagant of the new cults. "If you look at it from the point of view of a country that over the last ten years has become dangerously familiar with death," González says, "you can see that this skeleton is a very concrete and clear symbolic reference to the current situation."

Unknown to most Mexicans until recently, this death figure resembles medieval representations of the grim reaper but is fundamentally different from the playful skeletons displayed on Day of the Dead—the day when Mexicans' departed loved ones return to share with the living a few hours of feasting and remembrance. Her altars can now be found all over Mexico, on street corners and in the homes of the poor. Women and men alike are her followers. In the heart of Mexico City, in a neighborhood that has always been raucous and defiant, Enriqueta Romero leads a prayer session in honor of the skeleton every first of the month. Simultaneously flinty, foulmouthed, and motherly, Romero was among the first and the most effective propagandizers of a cult that some believe got its start in towns along the Gulf of Mexico but now covers a wide territory up and down the country. In California and Central America as well, young people light candles in La Santa Muerte's honor and tattoo her image on their skin in sizes small to extra large. A few years ago the Interior Ministry revoked its registration of La Santa Muerte as a legitimate religion, to no effect. Newsstands sell instructional videos showing how to pray to the saint, and even chic intellectuals are beginning to say that the cult is muy auténtico.
In the 1990s the fragile peace among the displaced Sinaloa families broke down. They fought each other for control of the major border transit points and then began fighting sometimes with, and sometimes against, an upstart trafficking group with no Sinaloa connections. This was the self-styled Cartel del Golfo, from the Gulf coast state of Tamaulipas. An offshoot of this group was the Zetas, a band of rogue military personnel originally trained as elite antinarcotics forces. Ordinary Mexicans had their first inkling of how much more brutal the drug violence was going to be in September 2006, when a group of men dressed in black walked into a roadside discotheque in the state of Michoacan and dumped the contents of a plastic garbage bag on the floor. Five severed heads came rolling out.
In Mexico City the director of penitentiaries refuses admission to reporters unwilling to sign a statement promising that they will not write "propaganda" in favor of the cult of La Santa Muerte. At the Center for Enforcement of the Legal Consequences of Crime, on the other
hand, the director of the prison lets me talk with­out preconditions to some of the prisoners about their faith. Escorted by the prison guards past a series of checkpoints and corridors, I am startled to end up in a long open-air corridor whose left wall has been decorated with cheerful car­toon images of Snow White, Tweety Bird, Sponge­Bob SquarePants, and the like. These were painted at the prisoners' request, a guard explains, so that children might feel less terrified when they came to spend the holidays with their fathers. Facing the cartoon wall is a high wire fence and behind it, a collection of hangarlike buildings surrounded by grass and even a few trees.

This is where Antonio, the accused kidnapper, writes corridos, or outlaw songs, a couple of which have even been recorded. And where El Niño, the convicted murderer, sticks pins into black velvet and winds brightly colored threads around them in elaborate patterns to frame cutout images of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Jesus Christ, and La Santa Muerte. He first learned of Holy Death through television, which might seem a strange source for such a spiritual revelation, but it was the path open to him behind his wire enclosure. Now nothing can break his faith in his new protector.
We talk in the shade of a leafy tree in the prison yard, several of us sitting around a rickety table a couple of prisoners have brought out and carefully rubbed clean. A host of other inmates who initially had closed loomingly around us eventually stand quietly, nodding in agreement as Antonio explains what gives La Santa Muerte her powerful attraction: "La Muerte is always beside you—even if it's just a little postage stamp that you put up above your cot, you know that she's not going to move, that she'll never leave."
El Niño's grandmother has told him that if he ev­er gets out of jail, she doesn't want to see him, and she doesn't want his daughter to see him again, ever. But unlike his flesh and blood, La Muerte needs him: "If you promise her a white flower, and you don't bring it to her, you feel bad," he says. "She weeps, and so you feel bad." And there­fore he makes promises to her that he keeps.
Midday approaches, and the heat is rising fast. The men nudge each other, and one goes off to fetch a cracked plastic jug of water, which he serves with unexpected courtesy to the unusual guest. I ask about rumors flying around that the rituals for La Santa—the Santísima, the Little Skinny One, the White Child—involve human blood and even human sacrifice. A prisoner in another facility, where conditions were infinitely worse, had told me that this was true.
El Niño and Antonio say just that La Santa Muerte will grant your prayers—but only in exchange for payment, and that payment must be proportional to the size of the miracle requested, and the punishment for not meeting one's debt to her is terrible.
The men and I have been in conversation for a while, and despite temperatures that must be turning their cell blocks into furnaces, there is something about the openness of the prison, the grass, the trees, even the comradely way the inmates treat the lone guard on duty, that makes the place seem almost pleasant. ("He spends 12 hours a day here," Antonio says. "He's as much a prisoner as we are.")
As the men relax, their courteous ways with me even make it possible to imagine that they are not guilty of terrible crimes, that their faith in La Santa Muerte is merely a matter of preference and not born of desperate need. Then I ask El Niño if he thinks that when he gets out, it will be possible to lead a normal life.
His face twists into a bitter smile. "With every­thing I've done?" he says. "There's going to be people waiting to take me down the moment I walk outside the gate." We shake hands, and he and Antonio thank me for the chance to talk. I return to the other Mexico, where hope also requires a great deal of faith. 

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 03:51 AM
reply to post by nine-eyed-eel

that is the most awesome-est tribute EVER!!

i nearly cried.
they truly love her - they are very close to her
the things they say in the song show the nature of their relationship - and every single picture proves they know her intimately and she, them!

absolutely beautiful.

thanks so very much for posting that!!!

vivo santo muerte!
long live santa ana maria katarina

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 05:46 AM
reply to post by queenannie38

There are a lot of interesting tribute vids on youtube to La Santa Muerte...I could post a good new one every week easily.
I have also/particularly been enjoying this here one Beto Quintanilla "Los Zetas" song that I found on youtube just recently...(you know, I could so picture like a samurai movie, with some of these corridos as the soundtrack for the fight scenes - if that's been done already I would watch it)...

and but more on topic, here is a nice vid with English subtitles...(I like how at 1:45 the little kid uses the word 'calaca', because that's the word Mexican buddies taught me for my skull tattoos, but I never seen it in a Spanish dictionary)...

And here's a nice semi-tribute-style that I know somebody on ATS likes tribute vids, I will go ahead and post some more of them...thanks for responding to my thread!

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posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by nine-eyed-eel

i like them!

my spanish is terribly rusty - i mean it's bad - the subtitles help me both understand as well as recall what i know.
if you don't use it, you maybe don't lose it but you do put in the back of the closet!
plus i speak New Mexico "spanglish"

this has really lifted my spirits and i will watch and read, avidly, anything you post.
i need to go back and re-read the thread - when i first read it, i wasn't in the same frame of mind that i am in, now, and it didn't let me absorb the things that were out of my personal relevancy at the time.

if that makes sense.
but now is the time.

i know she is real - and it's amazing to realize that she is real to so many others, too - this consistency doesn't come from religion! this consistency is creating something above and beyond religion! it might seem like superstition to the religious, but to the non-religious, religion is superstition!
mixed with a little politics and crowd control, that is.

i have no use for religion.
miracles i can appreciate.
as well as love, loyalty, and keeping one's word.

these are Katarina's values!

here are my little *icons* of our friend - i made one and bought the other one on Ebay:

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 12:41 PM
reply to post by queenannie38

I like the art.
The art is strong. And thank you for sharing.
I like the rough ragged frayed lower red edges of her robe, and the darkly sparkling cloth behind her.
And the purple color of the second one reminds me of those so many excellent pastel Mexican housepaint colors (the light blue, the pink - you know what I'm talking about) that seem like they are somehow designed to look good in hot hot weather...

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by nine-eyed-eel

i don't think that Santa Muerte asks for, desires, or appreciates any sort of live or dead animal sacrifice, for any reason! "Animal" includes humans.

decapitation may be the current M (ethod) O (f) C (hoice) for "liquidation" in the drug cartel circles, but that doesn't mean they are using the heads for rituals and/or sacrifices to her holiness.

the fact that the heads are, more often than not, found near the body, is a big clue that nothing of the sort is taking place.

also - i don't picture anyone who is involved in the workings of an illegal cartel is going to have the extra time required for even the most simple and brief ritual/spell-casting!

but the bottom line is that such requests, for ritualistic violence, do not fit in with the angel of mercy and comfort that is S.M.

and surely, with so much mystery around the whole thing - especially to those who do not need Katarina in the way that her most devoted followers, the undertrodden of society, do - those who are reporting these suspicions are most probably filling in the blanks with their own fear-based ideas!

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 02:17 PM
i found this really good link:

Time Photo Essay

i hope it isn't already posted - i'm in the process of reading through the thread again but with all the good links, i'm easily distracted!

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 05:41 PM
My impression/conclusion so far is that it is possible to be completely sweet and completely devoted to Santa Muerte, and never do anything remotely objectionable according to other points of view...and then in general, the actions of other persons can't bring shame on me, but only my, if I am a Republican, and you also are a Republican who cuts off people's heads, whatever you do does not reflect on me and I need feel no self-doubt or embarrassment... I don't go for collective guilt or collective punishment - that usually means people are drawing the line in the wrong place, right? - I'm big on the individual's will and individual actions.

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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 09:58 PM

Originally posted by nine-eyed-eel
My impression/conclusion so far is that it is possible to be completely sweet and completely devoted to Santa Muerte, and never do anything remotely objectionable according to other points of view...and then in general, the actions of other persons can't bring shame on me, but only my, if I am a Republican, and you also are a Republican who cuts off people's heads, whatever you do does not reflect on me and I need feel no self-doubt or embarrassment... I don't go for collective guilt or collective punishment - that usually means people are drawing the line in the wrong place, right? - I'm big on the individual's will and individual actions.

yes, i think so - they are drawing the line in the wrong place.
simply because they are judging things about which they do not have complete knowledge/understanding - they are going on their OPINIONS which could be defined as "incomplete understandings."

coming mostly from members of the Catholic Church, this is hypocrisy!
the bible quotes Jesus as saying "Judge not, lest ye be judged." it also records Jesus as saying the reason for this is because we, in the mortal human state, cannot see into the hearts of those we would deem to judge, making our judgments imperfect and therefore, unjust.

and so they are.

and the thing about it is the fact that this up and coming devotion to St. Muerte does a MIRACULOUS thing that i know of no other religion, in the entire course of human history, has ever accomplished!

it alleviates fear!
this religion actually liberates its devotees from humanity's only true enemy and real threat: FEAR!

fear is the opposite of love.
we do not have fear until we have love - once we fear losing what we love, we become the servant of fear rather than the servant of love.

many religions don't necessarily propagate fear, either intentionally or not, but at the same time, many do!
with the Christian church being amongst the biggest and most effective!

the bible says

perhaps this new-saint-on-the-block has perfected her love?
and so now she is liberating humanity, one block at a time.

but i'm serious.
this has been on my mind ever since i posted again in the thread!

one of the major conspiracy topics is that of a "one-world-religion" - which i don't see as a bad thing but we all know that a great many of our number think it is tantamount to the destruction of us and our home...

what is the one thing that all human beings share?

the idea of religions is that we all share the same god although most, if not all, religions don't promote the idea that ONE SAME GOD made all religions and all believers, as well, but rather that THEIR particular god should be viewed as being the one GOD that everyone should worship...and by extension, the associated religion.

so the answer isn't GOD.
we all share "life" but that obviously is not the uniting factor of the human race or we'd all be living in peace and prosperity right now, never having known anything else.

we all share DEATH.
the great equalizer.

the great uniter?
the peace-maker?


posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 10:44 PM
reply to post by queenannie38

I actually want to live forever.
I think death is traditional but not compulsory.
I think with enough money we are just about at the technological take-off point where immortality is doable...the first step is undoing the telomere clock on the end of your chromosomes, which currently sets the upper limit on human life at about 120...there are already immortal human cancer cells with a mutation that undoes that clock... (google "human telomerase reverse transcriptase" - only if you're interested - is what I'm referring to...)...
I also think the first step in living forever is thinking that you can...I got that one done...hee-hee.

But obviously, I bet you weren't expecting this weird answer...Death is another subject where I have several unusual ideas.

But more to your point...death as a universal does have a cross-cultural appeal, trans-national...but I don't think it appeals to all tastes, whether in all humanity or any one nation or whatever...some people can work with it, and others would not find it everything else...some like chicken, some like pie...

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 04:32 PM
reply to post by nine-eyed-eel

well, i wasn't NOT expecting a weird answer from you - not that you are weird but i might be weird, too

i've been told that i am so many times that it might be true!
and if so, then so are you!

i like the way you think
a lot of things you said apply to my own viewpoint and philosophy, as well.

i totally agree with your attitude toward immortality - we'll be proven correct one day when there is just a few of us living on...and on...and on...

but as far as the general public, there is a big need to overcome fear.
fear is mostly fear of the unknown.
and the great unknown is DEATH.

if death is known, then what is there to fear?
the alleviation of fear is the liberation of humanity!

i think that Santa Muerte is christian in the truest sense of the word - no one really understands what that means these days.

Jesus said
LOVE your neighbor
LOVE your enemy
fear not
judge not

he also knew that keeping one's word is tantamount to divinity.

what i find infinitely fascinating is the repeated testimony that Santa Muerte performs miracles and heals disease.

she does what is asked of her - that is the main reason for the dramatic rise in her devotees, now upward of 3 million!

3 million in roughly ten years is what i read on one site.

that is mind-boggling!

i daresay it beats the spread of christianity by way more than a lap!

Jesus didn't come for the already religious - he came for the rejected of society - the thieves, the murderers, prostitutes, tax collectors, etc.

he also said he would send a comforter.

Santa Muerte definitely fits the label of "comforter."

i subscribe to Nat Geo and when i read this month's article about unlikely saints, as you referenced earlier in the thread, i was touched deeply!

those poor guys in prison literally have no earthly reason for hope - especially that one that said there would be several waiting to kill him on the day of his release!
but he has his saint who is so very real to him and gives him the hope that would not be available otherwise.

she is so very real to those who adore her!
she seems more real than just about any other idea of divinity in the present world, imo.

i want to find some information more specific related to the miracles she's performed that have convinced so many to devote themselves to her.

have you found any such information?
i haven't had any luck, yet.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 08:54 PM
a small group of photos from the heart of the people of Santa Muerte, in the Barrio Tepito in Mexico City:


posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 11:35 PM
reply to post by queenannie38

Taking up your suggestion of looking for testimonials of reported benefits/miracles received via Santa Muerte devotion, I went to the "Gracias Santisima Muerte" subsection on the Univision forum I mentioned previously...This next one here is on page 9 of that subsection...I'm not cherrypicking good ones or bad ones, anything specific mentioned is in here of whatever actual size thing devotees on that forum are thanking her seems to me proper and fair to do it like that...

Gracias mi Santisima Senora por tu proteccion y tu bondad.
Ayer 15 de enero al ir en camino a mi trabajo junto con dos
de mis companeros. Nos paro en el freeway un patrulla del
estado, pues mi companero Paco conducia con un poco mas del
limite de velocida. Y la cosa es que tanto el como su esposa no
tienen licencia del estado. Les juro a todos que ya ellos contaban
con que mi companero iria a la carcel y yo me puse a orar pidien-
le a nuestra santisima que no pasara nada que nos dejaran ir y
bueno mis companeros se quedaron en shock porque el oficial
unicamente nos dio un aviso y a parte de eso nos deceo un buen
viaje. Cuando veniamos de regreso a otra pareja companera nu
estra tambien los pararon y tampoco tienen licencia y lo grave
de todo es que a ellos ya los habian detenido y el esposo de
Ali ya lo habian encarcelado por el mismo motivo. Y volvi a pedir
por ellos y lo mas increible de todo es que a pesar de que Yayo
aun no paga la corte el policia solo le dio un aviso tambien.
Te doy las Gracias Mi Santisima Sra.

Continuing on I found this poem I think you might like (I'm just copying + pasting into this post, first, then I'll translate afterwards) on page 15 of that same subsection:

A mi Santisima Muerte ;

Siempre estoy sufriendo ,
busco en ti tu proteccion
nunca me has abandonado.
Tu eres mi luz ,en mi vida,
Cosas malas me han pasado
y con petalos de rosas has
alfombrado el camino que
una ves perdi.

Santisima Muerte
eres mi buena fe mi buena suerte
La rosa blanca que al verle se le
entrega mi corazon.Siempre estoy
muy triste busco en ti consolacion
nunca me has abandonado
Tu velo blanco es mi ilucion
en mi mente una luz me ha iluminado.

Es tu voz que ha mis oidos a llegado,
para hablarte de ti . Tu me amas
con tus virtudes con errores,
y es por eso que yo estoy arrodillado,
con rosas para ti madre prometi.

Santisima Muerte eres mi buena fe,
eres mi buens suerte,
La rosa blanca que al verle
se le entrega el corazon.

This next testimonial is little but at least it's specific (I'm just posting these as I go through it, right, anything specific I'm putting down) from page 16:


This next one also from page 16:

Mi Santisima Madre gracias por los fabores recibidos.

Madre Santisima Tu me Cuidas por estos caminos tan llenos de espinas

Tu me das tu proteccion cuando mas la nesceito.

Tu me me das dinero cuando me falta.

Tu me confortas en mis momentos de crisis.

Tu mantienes a mi familia unida con mucho amor.

Tu Madrecita Santa haces mi vida copleta y llevadera.

Aqui madrecita en esta casita vivies y moras.

Muchas gracias por mantener a esta famila unida.

Here's another short one on page 24:

Gracias mi santisima por concederme el trabajo que tanto necesitaba...

This here next one comes from page 25:

Amigos me uno a darle las gracias a mi santisima muerte.Resulta que paso algo y pienso que fue obra de ella.Hace como mes y medio,algo asi,entre a un concurso en internet,sin proponermelo.Hoy a las meras 12 del dia le puse un altar sencillo a la s.muerte le explique porque y que poco a poco le iba a poner todo lo que deve llevar.Pase con la vela por toda la casa y le hice unas oraciones y platique mucho con ella,que le pedia:salud para mi mama,por lo de sus ojos y que mejorara la situacion economica y matrimonial en mi hogar.despues de las tres de la tarde que me dicen por telefono que de un concurso que participe por internet me gane un viaje a las vegas,yo no crei muy bien,pero mas tarde mi esposo llamo y confirmo que si,que era un viaje para dos personas,con todo pagado.Me sorprendi porque el domingo comente con mi familia que sonaba con ir a las vegas y que en enero o febrero mi esposo me iba a llevar.Aun no salgo de mi asombro.Amigos diganme si esto tiene que ver con la s.muerte,eso quiere decir que se ha quedado en mi hogar o que?.espero que contesten mis dudas y una vez mas:GRACIAS A MI SANTA MUeRTE

This next one comes from page 27:

Amigos,yo le doy gracias a mi s.muerte por lo mucho que me ha dado.Aunque no le he puesto el altar como deve de ser,le he prometido que pronto lo hare,que me de un poco de tiempo.Le he pedido salud antes que nada,sobre todo por la operacion del ojo de mi mama,ahi va bien la cosa.Tambien le pedi por mi matrimonio y que nos cambie la situacion economica.Estoy feliz amigas,porque desde hace tres quincenas para aca,pagamos los billes y nos quedan algunos cientos de dolares,estoy asombrada porque otras veces apenas nos quedaba para el gas de la proxima quincena.GRACIAS SANTISIMA MUERTE!!!!!!!!

And those are all the specific testimonials they gots, out of 32 pages, in the "Gracias Santisima Muerte" on the Univision forum...I'm sure I'll find more and better elsewhere, and I'll post 'em as I get 'em...but like I said, this selection above has the charm of a non-cherrypicked random sample.

Anyway I'll translate them in my next post in the thread, either later tonight or tomorrow.

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posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 03:01 AM
link order...[anything in brackets like this is me interjecting].

Thank-you to my most holy Lady, for your protection and goodness. Yesterday January 15th I was on the road going to my job together with two of my buddies/partners. We got stopped on the freeway by a state highway patrolman, since my buddy Paco was driving a little over the speed limit. And the thing is, just like his wife, neither one of them had a license. He [Paco] swore that everybody could already be sure that he would be going to jail, and I started praying and asking our holiest Lady that nothing would happen to him, and that the cop would let us go, and okay, my friends were left in shock, because the officer only gave us a warning, and besides that he wished us a nice trip. Going the other direction, another couple, also friends/partners of ours, were also stopped by the highway patrol, and they also had no licenses, and the bad thing of it was, they were detained and Ali's husband was taken to jail for the same reason [i.e. for the exact same offense that Paco wound up getting off for]. And so I returned to my prayers, for them, and the most unbelievable thing of all is that in spite of the fact that Yayo [evidently Ali's hubby = Yayo] hadn't even paid [I can't tell if it means "paid a bribe" or "paid the court", or what exactly] the police only gave him a warning too.
I give you thanks, My Holiest Lady.

Now the poem...

To my Most Holy Death

I am always suffering
I look to you for protection
you have never abandoned me.
You are my light...In my life
bad things have happened
and with rose petals you have
carpeted the path that
I once lost.

Most Holy Death,
you are my good faith, my good luck,
the white rose that at the sight of which
my heart surrenders itself...I am always
very sad and I seek consolation in you,
you have never abandoned me.
Your white veil is my illusion,
in my mind a light has illuminated me.

It is your voice that has arrived at my ears,
so that I can speak to you about you. You love me
with your virtues with mistakes,
and it is for that reason that I am on my knees
with the roses I promised you, mother.

Most Holy Death you are my good faith,
you are my good luck,
the white rose that at the sight of which
the heart surrenders itself.

(Now I'm not praising my own translation, but the original poetic trope, when I say that that's a plain good bit, about Death being the white rose that at the sight of which the heart surrenders itself...because I bet I could say it a little better in English, if I try for an hour or hours...but it's a good concept, poetically, yes.)

With the novena that I made to You, You put me in contact once again with the one I love, after almost three months in which I hadn't seen him nor talked to him. The greatest thanks, my Most Holy Death, here is another faithful follower.

(I just got a phone call, I have to step out, I'll translate the rest tomorrow.)

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posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 03:59 PM
reply to post by nine-eyed-eel

Okay, resuming....The first phrase of this first one "My Most Holy Death thank-you for the favors received," seems very popular, like it's the default customary statement...

My Most Holy Death thank-you for the favors received.
My Holiest Mother, You take care of me on these roads so full of thorns.
You give me Your protection when I need it the most.
You give me money when I lack it.
You comfort me in moments of crisis.
You keep my family united and very loving.
You my dear sweet Holy Little Mother make my life complete.
Here little mother in this little house you will live and not die. [It could mean "live and die", too, or "live and maybe die", it seems kinda screwed-up.]
Many thanks for keeping this family together.

Another brief one:

Thank you my most holy one for granting me the job that I needed so much...

A fun one:

My friends I am one who has come to give you the thank-yous to my Most Holy Death. It turns out that something happened and I think it was Her work. About a month and a half ago, something like that, I entered a contest on the internet, without meaning anything by it. Today around twelve noon I put up a simple altar to Saint Death - I'll explain why - and bit by bit I set up all the things that it [the altar] should have. I walked with the candle through all the rooms of the house, and I made some prayers to Her, and I conversed a lot with Her, such that I asked Her for health for my mother, and for the health of my mother's eyes, and that the economic and marital situation in my home would get better. After three in the afternoon, I was told on the phone that through a contest that I had participated in on the internet I had won a trip to Las Vegas - I didn't really believe it - but later my husband called [them] and confirmed that yes, it was a trip for two people, all expenses paid. This surprised me because on Sunday I commented to my family that I dreamed about going to Las Vegas, and dreamed that my husband was going to take me there in January or February. I still haven't gotten over my astonishment. So tell me, friends, do you say that one must see Saint Death in this, does that [story] make you want to say She's been in my house or what? I hope that you will answer my doubts and [I say] once again "Thank-you to my Saint Death"

And finally:

Friends, I give thanks to my Saint Death for the many things that She has given me. Even though I have not yet set up the altar as it should be, I have promised Her that I will do it real soon, if She gives me a little time. I have asked Her for health before anything, above all for my mother's eye operation, that it will go well. I also prayed to Her about my marriage, and that the economic situation would change for us. I am happy, friends, because [now] three two-week-pay-periods after that [time I prayed to Her], we pay the bills and we have hundreds of dollars left over, I am astonished because other [previous] times we hardly had enough left over to keep the gas on till the next payday. Thank-you Most Holy Death!!!

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