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Extra-Dimensional view of our Universe dream

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 01:59 AM
It didn't feel like any dream I've ever had before. This could be because I may have been in a brief coma (if I wasn't, I should have been) and it was an Outer Body Experience. But because it was during night and I was unconscious, we'll go with dream.

It started by being surrounded by darkness, then I could make out shapes. The shapes were time elapsed formations of galaxies and giant gas planets. One looked like jupiter with saturns color scheme. The galaxies and planets were separate from one another to preserve a size scale difference. Thats fine, who hasn't had a dreams about the universe? Then it got weird.

I "zoomed out" of the models infront of me and ended up in an area I could only describe as an "upper dimension". Upon reaching the best vantage point of said dimension, The dream added a voice that began explaining everything. Where I zoomed out of remained a wavy undefined light blue sphere shape. Like suspended water from a broken water balloon (look up a slow-mo video for best possible visual). Within and stretching from the sphere were orange, pink, and purple "ribbons". There were only the three of them but within the sphere and around the ribbons there was a lot of activity I could best describe as electricity transfering. The voice described this sphere as "The Physical Realms".

I regret to say, These are the only clear words I remember from the explanation which felt like went on for an hour. Then we (me and the voice) shifted to another area of this dimension and there was an actual time line. I mean physical visual gray steel looking bar-like line in space with dates written on it curving backwards into nothingness. It didn't end on 2012
. The only dates I could make out were 2010 AD counting backwards to 2090 BCE (thats how they were written). It would appear as a complete ring at times and others as two C's (one inverted so that they made a broken O with 4 end points).

Here some jumbled words saying something to the effect of "Moving through time has many complexities. If you go too far forward, you end up going backwards and if you go back to far, you end up in the future. Every point on this line is relative to one another." were spoken. It was worded much better at the time but again, I was bad off and memory wasn't my strong suit.

So in summary, our giant water sphere of reality consisting of bright colored ribbons and their interactions, move across this ring at a uniform speed. Everything we can possibly physically experience is within this sphere however there are more rigid set-ups beyond our reality that keep it moving like clockwork. I'm a skeptic of string theory but I might have been given a tutorial on it in my sleep. At any rate, there you go.


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