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Inge Bardor - Story Of An Indigo Child

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posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 01:35 AM
41 seconds into it and i feel like hes the one sending her the sex vibe not just those in the audience,,,,,,,,,,,,im sorry ive met his type many times, and usualy they get away with there little ego trip but hay i might be wrong and who knows maybe im just picking up on how he may have been in his younger years,,,,,,,,,,,,,but he strikes me as one of those maleshovanists descized as femanists, to efemanant, i hope he is not one using an indigo for his own sick twisted cult ideas, ive seen it to many times but like i said im willing to be wrong but his voice and choice of words just grated me so bad i had to comment at like i said 41 seconds, maybe the answer is 42 well see.

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 01:41 AM
alright so far he mentions a teacher and a mother its 43 seconds and ive heard no mention of any other male involved, not looking good Drunlavo, looking like an unhealthy wannabee partriarch taking place.

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 02:36 AM
i hate to put it this way but it does apear as if the same thing that has happend all along may be happening again, those in influencial places taking the reins of a horse they know nothing about,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it always females being lead around like this guy is doing, God forbid they let a full grown male Indigo around or on stage might put a few in there place and get to the nitty gritty instead of what looks like the old magic tricks, why not let her use her gift and mature into it with spiritual guidance instead of just parlor tricks, ohya that why only the females on stage, indigo or not male is male female is female, and it does look as if the fairer sex is being missused, also makes sense why i get these gut reactions,,,,,,,,,,,at least in Russia they spoke to a boy,,,,,,,,,,,i will not watch any more of this,,,,,,,,,,,,,as far as it all there are allot of non indigos that can do what she did on stage,,,,,,,,,,,,its the healing part that is the differnence,,,,,,,,but there you have it with Drunvalo's type all reiteration keeping them talking and no doing anything that amounts to anything,,,,,,,,,,,it is frustrating why is it that it is not the types that provoke thought that are put on stage, the indigos with that gift to cause others to better percieve as well as spiritualy heal.

Notice a imbalance here in the male to female indigo ratio you have seen, or are some just gifted people lead to believe there indigo to enhance a ruse and divert attention away from real indgos.

i hate to bring this up but there are also those that treat indigos just like the X-men are in that movie,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,includeing weapon X as in a wolverine type indigo when angerd, in more of a spiritual sense, there is no witch doctor, voodoo, or any other type that can compare to an indigo spiritual warrior, and when not in battle that same gift is used to heal and counsel the people(lead the people), counsel is the proper way in the natural way for setient beings of the type on this planet, or should i say the human soul can only thrive when counseled, it shrivels and goes bad when orderd hence why God gave man free choice/free will so that the human kinds soul type can thrive.

i am always willing to be wrong, and maybe This guy is just wrapped up in what is called religiose ferver, and the emotional charge of the show and the Las Vegas show kinda electricity.

Like i said a spiritual wolverine type,,,,,,,,,,missused and abused by those that wanted to weoponize my gift, and just like in the movie they made me even advance quiker because survival depended on it. and just like the movie they cant reproduce what they did to anyone else, or scared to,,,,,,,id better stop now because im about to go into there harvesting programs and such, for a woman it would be hard to keep the child and knowledge of it from the woman but from a man much easier, now you know why not to many male idigos and why the more control and lack of public exposure,

i know some will take offence to what im going to say but a mother is more easily fooled by so called experts and through that they fool the child,,,,,,,,especialy when seaking help for something she does not understand,,,,,,,,,,now enter a male indigo that is of a protective nature, with a spiritual male sense of a for lack of better term territorial instinct to protect there pride or others of there pack,,,,,,,,like i said maybe that is why not many males ofmy type, they fear us, they try to control us, i think most are somewhere.
People never like to think about acountability. They also dont like something they dont understand especialy if they cannot control it.
How do i know because when im not willing to absob there fear and walk away even some of the most deadly fear me, some think its about catching someone before adrenalin, not for me if i dont know of an attack it is even worse for the attacker, unless im on kryptonite, and yes there is one but it only works if i take it myself

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 02:55 AM
i realy dont like it when i get like this,,,,those short portions i watched realy struck me in a primordial way, of kinda how dare you do this for you ego, you may be a good man but your ego is taking you down a very dark path,,,,,,,,,try to understand indigos are not sideshows, yet because indigos want people to be happy they do the show anyways (hardcore co-dependents)and some take advantage of this and giggle like little children just like he did because he's getting what he wants,it is rather disconcerning to me after what ive experienced by his kind, and every time the dont choose to step back and learn instead the try to be an expert about something they are not, yet they just keep getting adiences and recruiting niave indigos if possible or the gifted. Then they act like its there expertise that is the only vetting prosses that should be listend to, like i said ive met allot of wolves in sheeps clothing, funny how the homely never cause suspicion, so where are the hansome men or the male indigos is it because they look like wolves because of you perceptions,,,,,,,,there are other creatures other than wolves and sheep,,,,,,,,,,,,there are non blonde tan and male indigos, who know maybe an african or asian to maybe even a native american or two, why all these blonde girls with the acception of a russian boy.

Just putting it out there as educational, i have not spoken or looked into this man and like i said im willing to be wrong and even hope for it, but then again usualy im not, i dont know if ive ever been as far as this goes, usualy im wrong about being wrong and spend to much time trying to find a reason and proof im wrong, then what happens is im usualy write, i dont keep score so again i may be wrong,,,,,,,,,,,oh no self doubt here i wish it only took a few coins and hacerchief to prove it to myself but then im not just giving the description of a picture.

i also mention this because it may prevent him from going down that path, that is why i have self doubt sometimes its the path i see/feel and not what they are doing now. So for some all it takes is honestly one asking themselves there true intentions and acepting there answer and correcting it acordingly and if not then they get what is deserved as far as im concerned anymore.

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 03:49 AM
the best thing i saw was Gregg at the end, im familar with his work, it was his research that realy first clued me in about myself because i could not beleive that i knew allot about what he spoke of in his research, only my info came from experience his from archeology, and ironicly we share the same day and month as birthdays, he mentions 13 year aniverserie, and as he talks about sinconicity, and seeing him there gave me hope but then like i said it may be something similar to the empathic stuff being channeled through a host, its a kinda transferance type deal, and why was it 1988 since he las heard him speak, i wonder,,,,,,,,,,so like i stated there are those i am very comfortable with and find not conflict with i dont know why that is but Gregg Braden has alsway been one of those types for me, i feel at complet eas exploring his research and almost like a peer thing from a differnt land that ive heard of,,,,,,,,,,,like he said the science of compation, similar to what i call spirititual science,,,,,,,,,,or maybe why i resonate with Gregg is he may be indigo of a male type yet more gifted in sciences and archeology, hence his focus on compation and such, or as drunlavo mentioned about the male being more scientific and female pcycic, but then ive been sorley mistreated and humiliated many times and it may be that Greggs study in compasion comforts me because a compasionate heart is not cruel and would never do what they did, yet in some i feel that hint of cruelty and i feel it, it is like when an animal senses danger, then i have to sniff around to find out what kinda cruelty it is and if its going to harm others, well it doesnt matter to me anymore im to the point that if someone that triggers my cruel or otherwise alarms i will find out why they went off and no longer feel bad about it, i will start to make them tell on themselves because they will have to come clean or suffer the karmic debt, just as there is healing abilitys there to is this, when the stink of cruelty gets so bad i sometimes use it and get some to tell the truth and they dont even know wha they said and then i see other sit there looking at eachother in disbelief because of what they heard,,,,,,,,wish i had time to hone it and use it with an audience, but most of my time is spent surviving and not taking notes but using insistinct, hence how i learned of this gift of kinda human lie detector, the other thing is i first make dam sure it jives with God for me to even think of making someone do that, after all it is a bit intrusive to act like sodium penathol spiritual on someone,,,,,,,,,,,like i mentioned earlier many have tried to recruite me and weoponize me but just like Gregg i believe in the science of compation, and felt using it for wealth or conquest would be wrong, or used as a tool by someone, like somekinda soceror on retainer no thank you.

it creeps me out when i watch some of hte new shows like, Lie to Me and Fringe,,,,both shows the few times ive watched have put forth some very uncanny similaritys in certain aspects of things that happen around me.

it may also be that Drunvalo was obviosly conditioned by peer pressure and or a bit of programing to adjust group influence on social structures when opurtunity arises, that is what bites at times is just that, all of the sub-programing to control people that has happend, no correction or guidance its all peer pressure now and social influence based on what the group is told is socialy acceptable, thus making it possible for few to control many whithout being seen.

guess i should at least watch some more of Drunlavo's stuff on the net and see if i get a sense of peer programing conditioning type stuff.

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 03:49 AM
reply to post by watchZEITGEISTnow

I became interested in the "indigo" phenomenon when I read about Boris, the Russian kid, who was covered by Project Camelot.

The term has been around for, what, about 30 years now? And it originally applied to the "color" of their "aura." Well, this was a mystic-spiritual sort of way of categorizing people. Not everyone even vaguely agrees with or believes in this approach to understanding people. But for some reason some psychologists got hold of this term and attempted to de-mysticize it, you might say. I think that was a mistake.

But a kid like Boris - he was a real phenomenon. And to Project Camelot, which operates on that mystic-spiritual level quite a bit, "indigo" seemed the best way to describe Boris.

But basically I see it as a way to explain something that's hard to understand. And there are a lot of attempts, both in the academic and in other circles to try to understand some of these phenomena. I ran into the spiritual explanations first. I found out about the academic studies later. These two groups often don't seem too willing to share data. But if they did, you might find some of the following:

A psychiatrist (now dead) has carefully documented many (I think hundreds) of cases of children remembering who they were in another life, most often the life directly preceding this one. If a child is still involved in a prior adult life, you can see that this could cause the child to act in ways that might be hard to understand.

With the advent of military and police use of remote viewers and psychics, and programs to attempt to train trusted people to do these things, it is becoming more accepted that anyone is capable of doing these things. Some are better at it than others. People can also be trained to improve their "psychic" abilities (I consider them to be basic human abilities).

There is definite evidence that external advanced societies have become more interested in Earth now that we have developed and used nuclear weapons. There is some evidence (I don't believe it is strong) that those societies are attempting to infiltrate Earth with "agents" to assist them in monitoring our planet. One such method would be to send them in as a spiritual being and have them grow up in a totally human body, in a human family, etc. Such a being, even if it were programmed to hide its true identity, would likely have a hard time living on Earth, particularly at first. This seems to be the case with Boris. Now that he is older, he has gotten used to living here, and he doesn't want to hear about how he is "different." So there is also the possibility that not every "agent" will stay true to its "mission" and that some might decide to live just normal human lives (whatever that is).

There is also evidence, that exists mostly as theory at this time, that we all came from the stars (as spiritual beings) anyway. Some of us have been here longer than others. This is another way to account for the extreme variability we see in awareness and abilities among people. Some of us have "forgotten" our heritage more than others. I think that this theory will be, and is being, borne out.

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 03:33 PM
im going to start of sayinf after watching another of Drunlavo's interveiws he's changed after meating with the Mayans, his deameenor showed that they frightend him for some reason as well as other things, like i said its not always the present i feel,,,,,but the Dunlavo thing is a seprate issue.

And that video of her shows a copy write of 1999 a time when certain groups became to big for there britches.

Good mentioning that Aura thing about the Indigo,,,,,,,,,,,,,i myself have had this energy apear in cerimony's i ran in the Native Ways,,,,,,,,,,,,i am a True indigo, maybe the onldest of this generation and maybe why i have such a protective nature.

They studied me, hypnotized me and messed whith my stomach alllot,,,,,after all poop in pants for like would keep me away from most people, but they forgot im Indigo,,,,,,,,,,,,i will just say Rama was indigo, indigo's have realy been around a long time, but right now there are many at one time,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

oh drunlavo what have you done, have you come to know true Humility, did the Mayans open your heart, does it hurt or is it saddend coupled with great joy in knowing that the concept of forgiveness is much more real than any of those schools you went to taught,,,,,,,,.

oh ya not all mayan decent are good just as every race, as ive found in my travels but as a whole there are a very beutifull people, just the one i know a very popular one and good at PR was in it for power and prestige as well as feared i was going to harm his money making sceme with native amrerican cerimony running a pyramid sceme and if yo didnot join he would caste you out and slander you for not becomeing part of his bussiness,,,he wrote the book my road to the sundance and knew what the blue lightning ment when his helper told him what was going on in the stone pit.

you would be suprised how small a world this realy is and how some are so interconected they are kept out of the loop out of fear,,,,,,,,,they fear that someone like me would lead a takeover of sorts and everyone else would either die or be inslaved,,,,,,,i dont operate that way, and my type dont lead the way you all have been taught,,,,,,,,,,when im not in decsion or attending to something i am just another member of the tribe with equal respect no more no less, yet at any moment i can bring about my authority and lead in crissis or nead, other than that my time is spent observing, learning, cerimony, and comradery,,,,,,,,,but these are ways that mankind has forgoten becuase of jeoulousys and murder,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,someone along the line realized the power a leader had and thought they could gain it by controling the people, so the kill the leader and take his place and when things dont go write he blames the people and punishes someone used as an example, now how long has this gone on,,,,,,,,,,,,,then i come along and they feer that if i gain influence and such then that with my gifts would make me a very formadble foe.

Until recently for about 10 years ive had to not fight the people but defend against the attacks done throught them without hurting them and sending it to the main origen and sever that connection before taking on the real enemy, do you understand certain scriptures and such, do you understand that i already knew most have lied about the Mayan prophecy's.

The differnce between me and most is i was not controlled and coerced and manipulated, they knew if asked to help i would.
some call me a wild one, an indigo that survived alone on his own without anyone helping me with my gifts only missuseing them for there own means,,,,,,,,,,i guess you might say it has been Mother Earth that taught me and God corrected me through experience so i might have the wisdome others do not have,,,,,,,,the amount of humiliation ive endured is imense,,,,,,,,,,,ive seen some crumble after 5 minutes of the same treatment i got for 10 years, they would not be able to endure the prior stuff

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 02:08 AM
Is this a joke? The lady says her other daughter is a special child because she punched a kid in the face who was talkin trash about her? Wow! Is everyone in the WWE a friggin indigo? Its just out of hand now. "Look everyone. My baby is beautiful and eating Gerber. Oh shes indigo because she didnt spit it up. Shes special and better than your baby"

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 11:52 PM
a bit of facts,,,,,,,,,,,UCLA did a study, i watched the lecture sometime around 2004,,,,,,,,,,,acording to the study's 90% of the children born now are in the indigo classification,,,,,,,,,most indigos are labeld and missdiagnosed,,,,,,,as high functioning autism, adhd, ocd, etc. the difference is an indigo does what they enjoy and are gifted at, an indigo only realy feals comfortble around other indigos, etc.

There is more data compiled by university's and such, funny around 30 years ago huh, actualy the first one found and classified was around 1973, imagine what they did to him in there study's and rat mazes and such,,,,,,,,,,,not to mention that some if not many in the know early on also found out how to manipulate indigos and such for there own edification and miricle working,,,,,,,because another trait with indigos are very forgiving, as well as what some call co-dependent which is false, because an indigo does it out of natarual habit and well just seems the thing to do especialy if im there and have nothing else important to do, we do this out of just plane nature not out of pats on the back and such,,,,,,,,,,,yet after awhile being attacked and abused it gets old and ya start to wonder if its worth helping them if this is what there intentions are, to enslave indigo, some are not calling the new ones crystal children and such, just like them keep changing the name for record burring purposes and hay its new and improved, just one more tactic,,,,,,,,,,,i have a very long list of the methods used, why you may ask well im about that age, the age of indigo guiny pigs.....Funny also that i supposedly accidently drank hydrocloric acid around the same time the first indigo was found.

We are very real, yet there are charlatans as well as those that missuse and control us, is that why there is never another indigo introduceing one of our own and its always some college degree person with a very strange and haphazard charmed life for some strange reason as well as they obviosly have had seminar training and other such things to enhance there effectiveness in persuation.

i would like to add that i noticed a REmarkable change in Drunvalo, especialy after he met with the Maya,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,now if you know of the Blue Sun as i have for around 30 years, realy since at the very least 1980 or so, you may realize how indigo this time realy is, as well as the light from a blue galaxy of which light has been defracted into several beams and is now coming back together as one beam and is bathing us.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 11:53 PM
also if he studied Vedic he knows of Blue People or person and his supposed return at some point.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 01:41 AM

Originally posted by MrDudle
If these Indigo Children are so smart and so much higher spiritually etc...why don't they do something to improve the world. But I guess even for an Indigo sitting around on the internet telling people you are an indigo, than actually doing something. Oh, hey! You can do things without being an indigo? oh em gee

Yeah I have to agree here. As all I saw was a Theatrical magic show complete with the special ones dressed in White long flowing robes Lol. Which seemed to benefit egos. Heck if ya got a gift use it in the spirit of service to Oneness.
Not to make it a Special exclusive gift and have everyone go,
"Oooh Ahhh, " at you.
Everyone has the potential to be an Indigo if they only started focusing their minds properly on Love.

[edit on 20-8-2009 by Epsillion70]

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 08:08 AM
i agree,,,,,,,,but i also know that in order for mankin to evolve for some reason the emotional state of some hinders this process,,,,,,,,,think of it this way, what if that movie village of the damed realy happend, the one that some expereiment goes wrong and all the children have platnium blonde hair,,,,,,,,well now imagine if there were children like that yet the real monsters are the adults and there fear beacuase of movies just like that,,,,,,,,,,,,,then there is the crabs in a barrel thing and how if one is about to gain its freedom the other crabs pull it back down,,,,,,,,,,,,,,here is another problem, there are allot of people that cannot accept that some portion of humanity is evolving or already has evolved yet becuas of jeoulousey and such it is hinderd or impeded due to emotions and not wanting the homo sapeins to feel less than,

After all imagine how that bully feels now, now that he knows that that guy he picked on might have been able to turn him into a pretzel,,,,,,,,,contrary to popular belief, indigos are not completely passafists, some are warrior indigos, somesystme busters,,,,,,,,,,,just like any other group of people or race of people, ya got your jocks and nerds.

Even with comics like X-men and movies about this very subject,,,,,,,,,,,,yet when it stares ya in th e face,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so just remember all those times clicks took an outcaste and made him there little group mascot so they can say look we have a xxxxx freind and we help him/it, etc, while the whole time that xxxxx is indigo trying to gently stear the others into a deaper understanding.

Ya every one does have the same gifts indigos have, just think of it this way, what used to take training and such is now born in some as a natural instinct or defence mechanizm/survival,,,,,,,,now imagine if some had gifts of a military type/protective type,,,,,,,,then you would also have disinfo about us as well as side shows to relegate most to showbiz and then shift our belief as in we are supposed to learn about ourselves from people that fear us and want to control us,,,,,,,,,,,,funny thing about belief and manipulation as well as lies,,,,,,,,,,,,,if your human you to are vulnerable to coersion and manipulation.

not to sound crude, but maybe it is like some had jeoulousy towards africans because of that rumor that there package is bigger, look how africans were treated, and that was just because of greed and envy.

so, sooner or later manking will evolve, and sooner or later those that dont and those that do evolve will have to accept it and move on, or there will be another form of racism,,,,,,,,,and the meak will no longer be able to continue in there meakness and have to resort to defending against violent attacks, some of us read comics and watch movies and it is not to hard to imagine what would happen if mankind feared mutants, it also shows how some mutants try there hardest to alleiviate fears yet after awhile the time to defend ones self comes, but how can you go into a civil rights and hate crimes case and say i was discriminated against because im more qualified, not just in my training but my natural abilitys make me more qualified, but because i can replace 5-10 people im ostrasized, then they justifie it all, as in spread the wealth, keep them out because it will send the learning curve through the roof, and then imagine this, indigos in the workforce might sqeeze everyone else into MCyd's,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i wonder if those types that enslaved africans and hunted indians are worried that Indigos are going to do that to them, doesnt suprise me, it usualy that way isnt it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,slave owners justified it because they thought they were better or more evolved but now that they see a group with those same qualitys they thought they had yet its real, so no wonder they think what they would do is the same,,,,the thing is slave owners are a form of de-evolution.
thought i would just stir the pot and point this out

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 08:13 AM
reply to post by watchZEITGEISTnow

I lean toward the 'they have books to sell' way. We all have to make a living, and if their way it to make a living selling books and new age gobbledygook to people that eat that kind of stuff up, then that's ok. Just like it's ok for Nigerians to scam the greedy and stupid I suppose.

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 04:24 AM
reply to post by watchZEITGEISTnow

Regarding Inge... I too have the gift of mediumship.. the abilities that come with this gift are varying and broad...
I've read some of the posts regarding Inge and the whole "Indigo" child topic. I am not sitting in judgment of anyone, but this is all about Ego, not about "labels or who's Indigo and who isn't and this is my opinion about "Indigo" and so on.. This is just the noise of the Ego. Humans have been giving each other labels and labeling each other since the dawn of Man. For example: He's a heretic (Jesus) she's a prostitute and a whore (Mary Magdalene) there's millions of other examples I can use. This Indigo wave, movement, or whatever you prefer to call it is nothing new, as you already know. It has survived the New Age Movement, the Self Help Movement and it's still here with us in the 21st Century, so why are are some of us so bent and determined to prove it's false, fraudulent,bogus, erroneous etc..? Is it really about whether Inge Bardor was born an Indigo child? Or is it our Egoic mind that is saying one of many things 1. My need to be right feeds my Ego so I'm going to push and push my opinion. 2. I am actually jealous of this person's gifts but I don't want to admit it so I'll just let my Ego take over and form an immediate opinion of this person. 3. I desire to have these gifts too, I envy her that she was born different than me,because my ego has convinced me of that fact. 4. I have something to prove
If any of these thought processes are running through your mind of the "self" and you don't want to admit it, recognize it for what it is - The Ego. Because the truth is all Humanity has these abilities, they come from the higher self, from God, which is all of us and everything. When you let go of your Ego and focus "Only" on the higher self, you will not care about such trivial matters, you will see Inge as who she really is, not her form (her humaness) but the spiritual being that she really is just like the rest of us, and that she is just as much a part of the Collective Consciousness and Oneness that connects all Humanity and God.. Bless her and ask God to guide to her and love her as a person,a human, and throw away the label yourself and move on. It doesn't matter at the end of the day to the "Big Picture" if you call her a Unicorn. Tonight the sun will set, the sun will rise tomorrow morning like it's done for thousands of years, and in your mind she will still be a Unicorn and what have you gained?

We as humans have all worn many costumes,masks and have labeled each other, given titles etc. This is nothing new for Humanity, some of us even think we are God.... We all have to take off our masks, our costumes, remove our labels, titles, because we all have to look in the mirror and see who we really are, and sometimes the world shows us who we really are.

I believe Inge is gifted, though I have never met her or talked to her ever. If she isn't (which is what some of these postings are really saying) then let God, the Universe, Karma or whatever correct her if this is what's needed. At the end of the day, it makes no difference to you and the story of your life, and how you want to be seen by the world. If you are ruled by your ego, then you will have an audience that are like minded, and it will be akin to "the blind leading the blind" going absolutely nowhere fast..
It would be of more benefit to your peace of mind, to just accept her as a person whom others are drawn to even if your not and that's perfectly ok. You do not have to accept the idea of who she is or might be, just the idea that she is another soul sharing the planet with you and I and she may just have quite a bit to share and that in itself is beautiful. See things for what they really are, through your higher self, not the Ego and Humanity will greatly benefit from your insight. Thanks!

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