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My Adventure - I Investigated a FEMA camp, Georgia Coffins and Georgia Guidestones!

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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 11:03 PM

Originally posted by questioningall
reply to post by silverking

That may be, I have read all the claims that they are innocent coffin shells. BUT - a big question then, is why are there so MANY of them and why haven't they been sold and USED already? Why is it more are being stacked there?

The claims don't make sense, they shouldn't still be there - they should have been in the ground around coffins already!

Plus there is No way a coffin would fit in one of those - look at the sizes compared to a big coffin.

The innocent claims don't add up!

They have been sold. Read my post above. The production process is such that it's cheaper to make a bunch of them at one time than to make one at a time. They ship them out and store new ones. The poster above that said Polyguard..not these, these belong to Vanguard. Polyguard makes them for the VA.

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 12:15 AM
woah, what did it say on the stones??? besides the poulation reduction part??

I am going to look that one up for sure now...

Seeing those coffin things was chilling, and gave me a very sick feeling thinking they could be filled one day...

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 12:56 AM
Awesome and dare I say an amazing adventure. You are inspiring me to do the same! I really appreciate the pictures and commentary. You get a much better idea of what is really going on and dare I say we are all closer to the truth thanks to you!


posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 01:54 AM
It would be nice if any pilots out there could do a flyover and take some pictures. Would be the best perspective.

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 01:58 AM
Great work QA!

My only problem is that why would they use coffins, would it not be cheaper and more efficient to use cremation on the masses???

ive heard a theory about this planet being a prison, perhaps burying keeps the soul here. Maybe cremation is our way out or off this place, just a thought.

So much to learn, why is our enemy almost always a step ahead.

S & F !!

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 03:30 AM
That was a intreasting story about fema.I will check google earth imaging of that area and get back to you about that area.I am very good at using google earth imaging and see things other people miss.

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 03:44 AM
Nice work, QA. S&F

Im pretty sure R.C. is these people here, there are to much similarities for it to be some one else.

the Rose Cross order Amorc
The Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, more commonly known as the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, is a non-sectarian body of men and women who study the elusive mysteries of life and the universe.

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 03:46 AM
Well done!

It's about time an ATS member put themselves out to actually check something out, rather than yapping about it on these boards!

This big mystery about the guidestones...i cannot understand, for the life of me, why someone hasn't bulldozed the thing yet.

There are no listed owners, a shady and mysterious group that commissioned the thing, whom nobody knows. Who's going to prosecute you?

Also, the full explanation of who, why and the wherefores about the stones will be contained in the 'time capsule' buried six feet under the info stone.

No one is going to go to the expense of installing these, and be able to subdue their ego enough to never tell the world they were part of it! No way. The answers we all want is in the TIME CAPSULE six feet down...

If ANYONE really wants to know what the stones are really about, then get digging.

I cannot believe no one has dug it up yet?!!

Are their guards nearby? Not that i have what is stopping people?
You can't tell me digging six feet down is too much like hard work...i regularly dig the equivalent each year in my garden!

If i was in the US, and the conditions were the same (anon commissioners and mystery, no acknowledged owners no security etc etc), there is NO WAY I WOULD BE STOPPED DIGGING until i had the so called time capsule in my hands.

The answers are under the info stone, inside the capsule.

The truth is not out down dig?

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 03:54 AM
reply to post by spikey

Maybe it is an 'safe' for contaiiners of DNA for making new humans after 2012 and the chaos has settled..

I'm just scaring you now, but I think maybe it could be some DNA stuff..
I cant imagine there is a peice of paper saying: 'curiousity killed the cat' and a grenade goes off ...

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 03:59 AM
I checked out fort gillem on google earth.I can see why some people might think it could be controlled by fema.I have never seen another military base with so many vehicals and containers.For a army base they just have too many containers and vehicals.Too many train carrages too for a army base.Whats with all the white trucks.Do they transport things in unmarked white trucks and containers.One area had quite alot of black cars.Smells more like black ops or cia to me.One long black and white strange shaped container looked more like a spacecraft.Whats with all the generators and massive amount of earth moving equipment and vehicals.Why do all the train carrages look the same.What are they carrying in them.They look like the type of carrages that carry grain or a raw minerals.A lot of storage sheads and white vans.So some of the containers actually carry special white constructed train carrages.Why would they transport train carrages in truck containers.They actually remind me of something else.Rapid deployment mobile research labortories.Whats with all the cirvilian ambelances.What do they need all them for.

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 05:23 AM

Originally posted by questioningall
reply to post by poedxsoldiervet

Wow, George and Sapper - I can't believe you have not heard of the Georgia Guidestones!! That is the basis of all the conspiracies around the world of the Illumanati/Elite/PTB wanting to kill off 5 1/2 million people,

The number they want gone at present is 6.2 Billion.

Some of the other foundations for this can be found via the
book put out by the Club of Rome call "Limits to Growth"

Al Gore is a member, and Nancy Pelosi is known to talk with
some of them too in the EU and here.

Esperanto is their new living language, Mr. Soros is a native speaker.

If you read Ecoscience you will see it is much along the same lines.

Also go to wikipedia and check out the Mims-Pianka controversy.

It all starts to formulate pretty clearly.

I am not 100% sure but I suspect some of these are the children
of the german scientists brought here via operation paperclip.

Alot of the ppl that helped the nazi's ended up being top scientists
here and elsewhere.

I do not know if Holdren is one of them with this genetic mental illness,
but in my books he is straight nuts.

"In the mid-1970's Holdren supported arguments for giving “natural objects” -- like trees -- standing to sue in a court of law, claiming that it would have a “most salubrious” effect on the environment"

Draw your own conclusions.

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 05:29 AM

Originally posted by ChemBreather
reply to post by spikey

Maybe it is an 'safe' for contaiiners of DNA for making new humans after 2012 and the chaos has settled..

I'm just scaring you now, but I think maybe it could be some DNA stuff..
I cant imagine there is a peice of paper saying: 'curiousity killed the cat' and a grenade goes off ...

Well they already made plans for major problems or controls of
the seeds of the world.

Doomsday seed vault

I find it odd that no one has done anything like it before, why now ?

Why so far from any mainland ?

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 05:38 AM

Originally posted by spikey
The answers are under the info stone, inside the capsule.

The truth is not out down dig?

Well with the dark thoughts of 10 new commandments you have to
consider that what might trigger rule #1 is in the capsule for
the ppl that dig it up out of anger or curiosity.

Something like the airborne Ebola that Dr. Pianka called for to
wipe out 90% of the ppl, and got a standing ovation.

These ppl think quite a bit of Machiavelli, and that would fit their
likely dark sense of humor, that the masses kill themselves by
their own hand.

With what has been done in the past I put very little past these ppl,
and thus I would offer caution to any that dig it up and look inside.

I think invariably it is better to find a good place off the beaten path
in the wilderness and just vanish for awhile til things sort themselves
out and what ever happens takes its course.

I do not think there is any stopping what they have begun at this point.

They have been at this for awhile.

Good Luck to you all !

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 05:58 AM

Originally posted by scubagravy
My only problem is that why would they use coffins, would it not be cheaper and more efficient to use cremation on the masses???

Fire will not destroy mad cow, they may be making contingency for
something like that and to seal it in the vaults remains and all.

There may be some very dangerous thing like mad cow that
they think may possibly loosed on the world.

It is speculation for now.

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 06:00 AM
i wonder if the coffins are for the victims of the vaccines and possibly the revolution.

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 06:38 AM
reply to post by Ex_MislTech

Norwegian Doomsday Vault , I heard UK have a Sperm Vault.

i think EU paid for the Svalbard vault, rockefeller and Microsoft is involved too I think.. Not sure ..
Maybe they expect the new equator to be around that area ..

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 06:47 AM
Good job...I didn't really know what to think of the stories of the coffins, but after the pictures, I am more than ever convinced that TPTB have something really nasty up their sleeves...likely using the H1N1 as the stepping stone.

I have visited the Georgia guidestones on occasion (before they were vandalized) and I have to admit, I feel that they are more of a warning than anything else. I agree that we need to be in tune with nature, but the population reduction scheme is a dead giveaway. As an aside, I made a video of the stones a while back... Georgia Guidestones, A Presidential Tour

Something tells me that it's going to be an interesting Fall...

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 06:52 AM
Here is the link to the Mass Graves Thread

And if you go to gooogle maps an type in "fema camps" you will see blue balloons pop up everywhere.

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 07:03 AM
It's always interesting to check out these things we read about on ATS and other websites. I drove to see the Georgia Guidestones in May of this year. I got there in the late evening and stopped to look. Took some pics. Felt nothing. It seemed to be a dead place to me. I got a room at a cheap hotel in the nearest town and spent the night. The next day I returned to the site of the stones while it was bright and sunny. Nope. Dead place. I felt no evil. I felt nothing good, nothing bad. Just a dead place. That in itself, I suppose, could mean something on a spiritual level.

The local county government owns the little plot of land the Georgia Guidestones are erected on and the county maintenance department keeps the grass trimmed, the litter picked up and the maintenance crew did what they could to remove most of the grafitti and the liquid materials that were thrown on the stones from the recent vandalism.

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 07:08 AM
This has to be the best thread I have read on ATS thanks very much.

I have read a lot about USA FEMA camps and NWO but I can't seem to find any info on what will happen in the UK do we also have these camps?

If anyone can't point me in the right direction for info would be great

Thanks again for the great post

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