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Healthcare Reform is the key...

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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 12:54 PM
So while having a minor thought today about the question of the full court press of Obama's Health Care Reform it occurred to me that the reason for the urgency in all these actions is indeed a control mechanism over the American People.

It is well known that America is the hardest and most change resistant to the idea of a New World Order. With Americans controlling of large amounts of privately owned small arms and the security of military arms and equipment limited to the security of the base that houses them (including nuclear, chemical and biological weapons) the need for control and ability to monitor locations of those that would meet in secret to formulate a resistance.

With many of our elected officials mentioning a need for implanted chips in order to facilitate accurate and portable medical histories and the technology already in place for tracking and RFID chips that can exist for years under the skin as demonstrated by our pets. The obvious should seem clear.

Once the healthcare reform bill is passed into law and the administration and oversight is in place, it will become all too easy. Want to continue your healthcare? Then you must have this “flu shot.” which could easily contain such a chip. Currently with the pitting of factions against each other and false flag provocateurs posing as the other side in order to discredit one another, it is painfully obvious that the mock outrages are meant to confound and confuse the public.

Look at the story of the girl that was a “planted question”. Look at the non-story of the man that showed up practicing the right of open carry. We must all be cautious, vigilant and take the moment to evaluate what we see both before us and what is happening in the background.

Skeptic Overlord's recent thread of his observations of the workings of our Capitol and the statements of the Lobbyists are but the tip of this iceberg that seeks to sink SS America. I find that I worry less about the long knives as I do the short dagger that is hidden and being readied. I can only hope that for all the planning and manipulations, that their sense of urgency causes a serious misstep and we hear the footfall as they make their move.

Keep a very close watch ATS.

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 08:17 AM

So do I fear the dagger.

The overpowering fear of all the different attacks (fear mongering) by our government and the MSM is getting to be a huge deafening scream lately.

My older family members have always been Democrats that did not pay attention to the government, just voted party lines. I have always hated both
parties equally.

That being said, we just had a family reunion and all of them asked me, where our economy is going and what the hell is this crap about the healthcare.

I stated pretty much what you just said, two fold, taxes and fear.

In the past 30 years (24 of them i could vote-never did-will never vote against someone) all our government has done to us is raise taxes and increase control. All they have done to the world is cause havoc and help institute regimes that have our governments best interest at heart-NWO

It is not our government any longer. And I fear for you, me, my family and all other people in this world. When there is only one government, their will be no dissenting opinion, which is what they want.

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