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Taiwan's Depopulation Agenda - Where was the typhoon relief?

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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 08:51 AM
Taiwan's President is not even the President of Taiwan, but the President of something called the Republic of China.

However, it does not matter, which country he is the President of, as his primary motive is to surrender Taiwan to China - just hand Taiwan over to China like that.

This has to be done step by step, so that the sheeple don't notice what's going on until it's too late. After all, it's the sheeple who made him President.

For all he cares, the Taiwanese can disappear and make room for the Chinese invasion. What's the best way to achieve this? Depopulation?

Well, a typhoon caused a major disaster in the south of Taiwan. You must know that the south of Taiwan does not support the President.

They support the more human party - the Green Party - the ones who wish Taiwan were truly independent and made the World Games in Kaohsiung the greatest World Games event in history according to the President of the World Games.

What did the stupid President do? Well in the presidential elections, he beat the guy who actually made the World Games happen, and who turned Kaohsiung into a beautiful city.

Rather than mentioning all of the President stupidities over the past year, I'd rather just talk about how he is handling the typhoon. It really feels like the depopulation agenda.

His team waited until it was too late to send the army to rescue the victims, while the soldiers were waiting impatiently for commands.

His administration lied about the rescue efforts in the news, so that people believed the hundreds of victims buried under the mudslide were actually rescued. They weren't. They're still there, most probably dead.

He refused help from abroad until the foreign press began criticising Ma's government for their inefficient manner in taking care of this disaster.

Of course the government just seeks stupid excuses that turn out to be big lies. They also blame the Central Weather Bureau, the local governments and the victims themselves for living in dangerous areas.

This is a sick government. The president is shameless and selfish, and doesn't even care about hiding his agenda. He showed no sympathy to the victims, as if he didn't care, or as if someone pulling his strings urged him to depopulate Taiwan as part of the Asia Depopulation Program.

While the typhoon doubled in size in one day only, I do not believe it was created by HAARP, but this President is a total puppet who doesn't even know that he should keep the agenda a secret from the people.

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