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The System works as it was designed to

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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 07:16 AM
This is in response to all the increasing uneasiness that appears to be settling over ATS. Everyone is running around saying "Revolution" but I think there's a couple things we need to realize. I understand this is going to be a very unpopular opinion on a site that leans towards conspiracy and distrust of government but hear me out before you respond. (Brief and Metaphoric summaries at bottom).

America is only alittle over 233 years old and what is happening in America right now is nothing new. The event of two or more sides fighting over politcal power can be traced back to any group of humans throughout the species existence. It can be seen even now in any group of animals that live and function together. There is always a leader.

What is a leader?

A leader is someone (or a group) that everyone else voluntarily concedes their authority to. This means that despite the equal capability of doing the job properly among all members of a group, one is voluntarily offered an artificial place above the rest. This is done for simplicity reasons among others. If everyone had the same "authority", there would be absolute chaos. Every friend we have we disagree with strongly over something.

Now imagine we're both among 300 million other people trying to rule over ourselves in a different way. That spells non-stop war plain and simple unless only one side is left which defeats the purpose of living in a collective to begin with. But what about a dictator? By starting a military coup or some other form of revolution, people no longer concede their individual authority to said leader.

What is a revolution?

A revolution is the forceful changing of a leader. Remember, There hasn't been nor ever will there be such a thing as an unpopular revolution. Once the majority no longer concedes their authority to a leader (military regime scuffles aside), that leader no longer has a place among its people. This has happened time and time again. Some overthrows where just shear power struggles of the same ideas while others were very different views. At any rate, all power changes were done so with force. Sometimes it happens so that a minority can overtake a favored leader with military force but it is the favored leader's job to see to this not developing. This a rebellion and the only difference between the two is what percentage of people are on board. Majority = Revoluton and Minority = Rebellion.

The Unbroken American System

A Democratic Republic. Such a genius invention. The masses vote for the leaders they feel will represent them best in a government and not even those elected officials are without checks from other elected officials. There is no absolute power, everything must be a compromise to ensure all sides having a fair say. This system cannot be broken by design and here's why:

The universally recognized leader is changed every four years with no allowance to serve more than eight and at any given time, legal procedings can take place to remove them from power. Everyone in congress has a term and must be re-elected each time. If unfavorable behaviors manifest within the system, it is the responsibility of The Democracy to fix The Republic. If crooks and cheats are elected, the unbroken system allows crooks and cheats to remain in power in that it appears that crooks and cheats are the preferred leaders.

Bloodless Rebellions

The current glitch in our system did not happen over night. Infact, it is destined to pop-up in any form of power across civilization. A minority that disagrees with the majority and its leader/form of leadership tries to find a way to take power. This has given birth to lobbying or bloodless rebellions. Here we have a very small portion of the population overtaking our elected government and instituting their own policies via bribing or "lobbying".

Last I checked, any act that attempts to compromise the integrity of a majority's favored government is treason. Further more, if any elected government goes awry from what it was elected to do, that is treason against the majority that elected them. Plain and simple, lock 'em up. They're breaking laws that do currently exist, demand they be enforced. Its treason against the people and their preferred government. Questioning our government is not treason. Corrupting our government so that it no longer serves we the people IS treason.

My Point

We can vote them out of office. We can demand a stop to lobbying. We can have things work the way they should. The system isn't broken, we just aren't doing our part. There is no need to go guns blazing in the middle of the streets which will result in unnecessary loss of human life when we can just simply stand up and be heard and call them out on the things that aren't right. In the meantime, don't take any momentum out of said standing up and being heard over some BS partisan argument. "Yeah, I agree with _______ that the government needs to be held accountable but....." SHUTUP AND GO WITH IT. When the system is back to working as it should, those issues will be resolved the right way.

Brief Summary: We need a Government. Our current System works if everyone does their part and assumes their responsibility. Its not about left and right, its about whats right and wrong for the majority. Majority might not be the best word so replace it with country or collective. At any rate, its never too late. If it was too late, It'd be over already.

Metaphoric one line summary: Let us not yell at the malfunctioning machine we were supposed to be supervising and maintaining.

posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 07:58 AM
What do you mean "do our part"?

People have jobs, they work all day. If they dropped that to do their part, than their children would starve and be evicted from their home.

No one can do anything when we are struggling to make ends meet.

And all the wealthy or welfare people choose to sit around all day and play video games or watch tv.

I just do not understand so if you care to address my misunderstandings, I am all ears.

posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 08:04 AM
reply to post by muzzleflash

If you don't have a complaint of your government or how it operates, then you are already doing your part by living your life and being governed by it. I'm addressing the crowd thats going all crazy over a revolution when there are simplier options they could be using to see that this political dispute is ended peacefully. I'm saying we need a government and it is our obligation to make sure it works properly. If it works properly for you already, you're doing what you need to do.

posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 10:16 AM
reply to post by Eitimzevinten

we can just simply stand up and be heard and call them out on the things that aren't right.

Care to expand on the mechanics of this rather simple sounding statement?

It seems that one whole hell of a lot of people have been doing just that, without the results that you imply should follow.

As you noted, its the lobbyists' voices that get heard; not "the people's". Everyone knows this, but so far no-one seems to be able to change this fact.

I think your post is a tad on the intellectual side. Some bare-bones "how to" stuff might be of more help; of course if it was that easy, it would have been done by now.

posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 09:54 PM
reply to post by wayno

The problem is, the people standing up and being heard are not being silenced by their government, they are being opposed by their fellow people over some ideological dispute. The government hasn't really had to answer to anyone because we are too busy fighting over what questions they should be asked.

When everyone is on the same page that the proper working system betters the whole instead of the individual, progress will result. Vote out the crooks. If the shadiness ensues, keep voting them out until you find a unified front of representatives that will ban lobbying. Trust me, there are some good people in congress right now. They aren't republican or democrat, liberal or conservative, they are just good people. Its a small number, but there are enough good people there to serve as a foundation for the massive overhaul that needs to take place.

Vote for someone who has a voting record that reflects a lack of corruption. I'd say within the past 2 years, there's been plenty of recorded votes for anyone to make the distinction on who must go and who must stay. Pro-TARP and bailout, Gone. Pro-earmark and receiving one after the other in wasted money for their district/pocket, gone. See who answered lobbyist demands for a piece of the bailout money.

Jeff Flake of Arizona opposed tarp, the bailout, the stimulus and recently opposed every private company earmark in the defense budget. He said these earmarks end up making their way back to congress in the form of lobbyist spending and he wants to put an end to that cycle. He filed 553 amendments to one bill in protest of every last private company earmark. While defending his 553 amendments, he said he wanted the cycle of earmark to lobbying money stopped because it constantly ends in investigations and bad press.

Then you have John Murtha of Pennsylvania who's been investigated on corruption charges dating back to the 80's. Has been documented passing several earmarks for his own private airport that has maybe three flights a day. He's currently under investigation by CREW (yes there is a group that has decided to lead the charge and they are over 5 years old).

It is this easy to see and it is just as easy to remove the power from the wrong and maintain the power of those that do the right thing. Not surprisingly, Murtha was one of Flake's strongest opposition for his amendments. At any rate, there's a group that is steadily gaining respect in washington as it shines the light brighter and brighter on the corruption, so its not exactly like no one has noticed.

Support CREW and vote out the crooks. It can be that easy. The System does work.

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