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American Government vs. Public Opinion

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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 06:00 AM
Hello ATS,

I know most popular threads are long and thought out, and that's for great reason. Information is vital, so the more that is presented, the more it is appreciated.

Unfortunately, I'm not here to present any information. Every bit of information relating to this topic has been covered more than enough, here on ATS alone.

So instead of relaying old information, please allow me to ask a very important question about the American Government relating to topics that are often discussed here on ATS. I'm sure it has been asked before, but never discussed in an informational manner. I'm extremely curious as to how people feel about this question.

Why do American Citizens allow their Government to coerce them into paying for their own mistakes via stimulous packages, bailouts and buyouts?


Note: I think it's because American Citizens have lost all power of say.

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