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Organic, human quantum computing

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posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 08:55 PM
Throughout the history of mankind, we hear tales of supernatural gifts that humans can be gifted with. And in recent history, we heard theories of Quantum computing. Computers with the capability to compute throughout the multiverse and produce instant processing that is completely error free.

This thread is to address the possibility of if the human mind is capable of quantum computing or if it has been doing so since the dawn of consciousness.

I think quantum mechanics and human minds are very closely linked. Look at telepathy for example. Instant communication between two minds. Some say it is because of synchronized brain waves and the ability of both parties to send and receive regular, boring ol' electromagnetic waves. But even in the most advanced communications technologies in existence today, there is a lag with communication times.

If two humans communicate telepathically with no apparent lag, then physics must be wrong somewhere. Unless that communications goes somewhere along the lines of Quantum entanglement. Seems plausible to me, so why not quantum computing in humans? The ability to analyze different realities to come up with answers in your current one.

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 10:24 PM
The brain IS a quantum computer. Basically the entire "universe" is the network. That extends to all physical matter, including the physical matter that your brain is made of.

I stump awakeneing people all the time when they tell me they understand that their mind creates their reality, when i ask them what creates the reality of the mind itself?

It's like people don't want to accept that physics affects ALL matter, not just stars and spacegas and neutrinos and such, a carbon atom and a whateverelseium atom are all subject to the same "laws" or realities of this/the universe. All that differs is the reaction between different arrangements of elements.

A while back Fritz Albert Popp was measuring the spontaneous emission of photons from cells, human cells. He found that the emissions "quantized" and from what i've read of his work i think it's entirely reasonable for the body to use "light" in the form of these spontaneous biophotonic emissions to communicate with the surrounding cells. It was found that the emissions were tied to coherence.

To put it simply, i suspect that if the cells are emitting photons then the surrounding cells are absorbing, reflecting, or otherwise affecting or being affected by the presence of the photon packet. That's nature's way of having a "fiberoptic" cell network of such efficiency and redundancy that a cell only "needs" to fire off a few groups of a handful of protons to "tell" it's neighbors of it's condition. Collectively the coherent, or cells connected to the photon network, will be able to communicate.

A question i have would be regarding Kirlian photography in reference to how a leaf cut in half will still have a "ghost" image of the missing part filled in. Could it be possible that this is a result of the existing cells "pinging" the location of the now missing cells? Would several cells sending biophotonic emissions in the right frequency and resonance have the effect of "concentrating" their search in the area where the original cells were?

I have no doubt that everything talks to everything on the quantum level, that's only rational if you choose to accept QP as rational. Matter communicates with other matter all the time, in a brain and in a rock. The only difference is the signal. By trying to "invent" quantum computing, we're simply trying to utilize this property of matter to compute. That's where it gets interesting because now we're getting into the precise manipulation of matter itself.

I'll let someone else mention the esoteric meaning of being enLIGHTened and how that relates to coherence or lack thereof

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posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 10:32 PM
reply to post by DezertSkies

You ask an interesting question. I admit that I am one of the many that never stopped to think that my brain is also made of the same matter as everything else. I have always known this, but it never really OCCURED to me.

I should have used a better phrase. I meant the utilization of quantum computing. Although we could technically call it an invention since it has never been used in a technological fashion nor has it been fully utilized before in human history. Just because it occurs all around us does not mean we were necessarily aware of it or able to utilize/abuse it until now.

I will research on this photon thing. Never heard of regular old cells emitting photons before. I know some creatures have the ability of bio-luminescence.

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 10:40 PM
Here' this might help,,,

It's entirely different from bio luminescence, it's not a contiuous emission, but more like a few photons fired at a time in quantum morse code.

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 11:43 PM
I read a book called something like "The Quantum Brain" or "The Quantum Mind" and the whole book was talking about our brains acting as quantum computers.

I remember the basic idea was that, yes, our brains ultimately consist of quantum information just like everything else, and that our neurons (individual neurons!) can actually respond to and "amplify" quantum information.

Our brains are actually designed to respond to a range of stimuli. Quantum events can influence individual neurons, and in turn individual neurons can influence large networks of neurons. To be able to pick out a legitimate quantum message from a thought that is also riddled with self-feedback and "noise" is a dilemma for most of us, though. But the implications are yes, we can know things before they happen, know things from incredible distances away, etc., anything that is available on the quantum level is potentially available to us via our neurons.

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