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Reality check on reality check government

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posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 02:01 PM
So now the government sets up it's reality check website to talk about what they are doing. But I think we need a reality check on reality check.

We get a website with videos. And basically nothing is said.

First up we get Kavita Patel.

Right away, blame others. That's right. We all know it's rationed right now. Except for them, if they ration too much, you leave.

She goes by what the president says. And what he says when he claimed he didn't read it.

Oral law? Is that it? What's written to prove you right. And how can the government run what you do without getting involved? This can only be done without a bureaucracy, but that's exactly what it is.

Then jokes with Obama. Yay, but you're still not explaining how you will not ration it.

Also, medicare wasn't designed to run 300 million people.

What reform lady? Your words are not good enough. Show me in writing.

So we have attacks of the now, no explanation as to what the reform is, and BS as usual. Oral law won't cut it.

next up. We've got Smooth talker Melody Barnes.

Barnes is going on the today. But where is it written that people matter? When the government runs out of whatever money is left, what stops people from becoming statistics.

Oh, and you just discovered what the congress person said? If you can't keep tabs on what people say, how can you handle 300 million people.

Also, how can I be sure that the government won't advise end of life care. Barnes, if you're talking about what the president says, he's saying that maybe the painkiller is better. But we still have nothing to look up.

Look up the bill? Your own website is saying there's multiples of it. Which one? and why won't you link it?

Sorry Barnes, but a Bureaucracy views people the same as an insurance company. Statistics. Where can it be saved. And what stops the bureaucracy from deciding who's fit to live?

Oral law again, with no help in finding the truth.

3rd up is Matt Flavin

Expand care, expand availability, and do good with no impact on you.

Great words you got there. How do you do it? How can you do it? Where does the money come from and how can it be sustained?

The rest is just BS oral law. It's like we're back in Abrahamic times. No written proof. Just words.

Now we have a cheerful old lady who helps us by saying "I'm here to talk to you again". Hey, thanks for telling us this is all a script. because I've never seen you before, but now that I know you're here to talk to me again, I know you're all linked together.

Christina Romer uses her grandmother charm to not answer the question.

She basically goes into doing what they do now and expanding it with tax breaks. How? how can we afford it? Oh yes, you own all the big businesses to afford it now, government, But what's next to consume?

How can we be sure that these tax breaks help break even? And what kind of options at these exchanges? What quality? What terms? Oral law isn't good enough. where is it written?

She doesn't answer the question. She simply talks about expanding stuff, and no explanation to how to afford it.

Bureaucracy, as the educated know, does not make anything easy nor does it open doors.

Oh yes, I'll help you get the word out. Words with no backing.

Now we have... HOLY SH*T, this guy's high!.... excuse me. We have Robert Kocher. And we can see his meds are working.

But hey, he starts out the best I must say. Very believable.

Of course, he doesn't explain how to get lower drugs, and where the money comes from. he doesn't explain how it's sustainable. What kinds of doctors? What regulations approve them? Information? Listen, if these doctors need the government to remember, maybe I don't want them. My doctors have this thing called a file cabinet.

Benefits, yes, but how do you pay for it, and how do you expand it? Medicare wasn't designed for 300 million people. It's already a 382 billion dollar expense:

Thank you for once again doing oral law and not explaining anything in writing or long term.

Next now is Linda Douglass, our good friend.

We've all seen this one. Do I have to go into it?

Only what the president says. No written facts.

Peace out, learn more.

Never trust your governments words. Always get it in writing.

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posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 09:03 PM
bump. I really want your opinions people. Lets discuss these new videos.

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