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Obama, Government rationed healthcare and Medicare reimbursements

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posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 12:12 PM
When I heard that Obama wanted Executive control of Medicare reimbursements it caught my eye.

I didn't hear much about it on the news, but this didn't make sense to me. I realize now that Obama plans to use reimbursement rates to control and ration healthcare.

Obama and many other radical leftist are for Euthanasia, they just don't come out and say it. They know it's not politically correct. But Obama has let the cat out of the bag.

He told a woman at a town hall that her mother might just need the pain pill instead of surgery. The lady was saying, should we take the persons joy of life and will to live into account. This is the coldest and one of the most ghoulish things coming out of a President. The term End of Life care is a buzzword that the Government should not be dictating to people. A panel in Washington can't make these decisions in Washington and that's exactly what's about to happen.

Obama is very ghoulish when it comes to Healthcare and the plan does involve killing off seniors and undesirables by denying them care and providing "end of life care."

Obama talked about this in his recent press conference. He talked about the cheap pill, with the blue and red pill analogy. Obama talks about reducing tests and reducing volume.

If you reduce volume then this is reduced quality healthcare because Doctors are not psychic or telepathic. I had a friend go to the Doctor with a headache and they found out he had a tumor through volume. They did blood work and a battery of test. When Obama or Pelosi go to the hospital they want volume but for you it will be Government rationed care.

Obama is not a Doctor and he can't make Medical decisions through some panel in Washington.

The way he will control this is through Medicare reimbursements.

Obama was asked what do American people have to give up for this to happen.

Obama said:

Their gonna have to give up paying for things that don't make them healthier.

This is a crazy statement because Washington can't determine what makes a person healthy in Washington through a handpicked panel.

Here's the article:

Obama administration officials say they are determined to stem soaring Medicare spending, arguing that it is a root cause of the broader health-care crisis that they are trying to address with Congress. Behind the scenes, Obama is pushing for a mechanism that would take Medicare payment authority out of the hands of politicians and invest it in a separate entity, possibly under the executive branch.

After hearing Obama's own words, it makes sense.

The way you control and ration healthcare is through controlling reimbursement rates.

So the elderly woman who had a choice between a pain pill and surgery and she's still alive today and it's been 5 years, would have kicked the bucket under Obamacare.

This is because a Doctor would be reimbursed more money from the Government if they give her the pain pill and end of life counseling. If the Doctor wants to give the surgery, he/she will be reimbursed less money from the Government or they could be penalized.

The choice will not be between you and your Doctor. It will be between your Doctor and this hanpicked Obama Government panel.

The Doctor will do different tests based on reimbursement rates set by this panel. So you will get very poor health care if your under the Government plan because The Doctor will look to get bigger reimbursement rates from Government and the biggest reimbursements will come from the cheapest medicines and procedures.


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