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New Literary Genre: Endless Imaginary Channelings

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posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 09:33 AM
How did it all start?
It was a whim from the Beyond.

Does this mean that it is a whimsical universe?
No. The whim was the first step. Then it turned serious.

How serious?
As serious as a germ, from the point of view of the host.

What would be the point of view of the germ?
It depends on the kind of germ.

How many kinds are there?
Seven, but all but four are inconceivable at your present stage of development. Eventually your science will realize that there are only four basic kinds that it can describe fairly well: bacteria, viruses, prions and metaprions.

What are metaprions?
The cause of all the present upheaval. They act on the brain stem.

What is the nature of their action, and can it be avoided?
They simulate beta blockers at the synapses. Annulling their action implies the use of neurotoxins.

Natural or synthetic?

(Please continue....)


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