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The Presidents of America - Preconditioned Elections Results based on Appearance Theory.

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posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 08:31 AM
I have noticed something that maybe not many people would even know or even think about as its very subtle and you may not know why you are even doing it, and by this power, be it a trend or judging people on appearance or they are easier to remember the effect may even sway who people vote for.

Does anyone remember when Bill Clinton was elected? At that time I in my own comparison thought he was another John F Kennedy, I even thought maybe while he was in power it might end the same way, but it never did.
But in the early 90s the TV shows and programmes had a lot of JFK publicity, in TV shows, documentary new footage and theories and books. By that time the new generation knew who JFK was once more and was familiar again.
Did this likeness favour Bill Clinton and did it precondition the world and the Americans to sway further into his favour? Even if it affected 5% of the population, it may have been enough.

Now George W Bush, with him the preconditioned lookalikes in popular culture you had TV presenters like Tim Browkaw who is very popular powerful sounding news broadcaster, every American knows him, you could say he looks likes Bush's cousin. Then you have other actors like Harrison Ford, with his known and has a cowboy hat appearances’ in magazines and movies. Other Hollywood actors that had GWBush type of persona and looks may have made people to feel familiar with the him and sympathise in voting for him, most do not know why they do its just that they feel they can trust that face. Even if you look at Al Gore, how many people look like him on the world stage, none in my books, I say he would have been better than GWB but was not chosen.

Now with Obama, you have lot of Black actors in Hollywood since the year 2000 - 2008 that won Oscars, Will Smith got popular and is now an established face, his Hollywood movie before Obama got elected was Hancock, a black super heroes character, then add all the adverts of Tiger Woods and people who could pose as Obama's gene pool and that already before his elections the nation and the world has got familiar with such a persona and look a likes.

What does this mean? It could mean that the sign of the present time is like fashion, people wear pink hats because everyone else does, but in a few years time people become ashamed by it and realise it was just a fad. If this fad applies to the mental state of the people, then maybe who they elect is not always the best man for the Job. Maybe it can be manipulated to a point where it can precondition the likeness of the next president, something many of you will never put two and two together or even decipher as its hard to reach deep down mentally and work out when it affected you beforehand.

Maybe its just human nature, if Obama has been preconditioned into the American syche then maybe there is a hidden adgenda that is yet to be revealed.

Don't forget Ronald Regan he was well known actor before and now you have Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger comming through, like it was mentioned in the movie TimeCop.

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posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 08:58 AM
I do see the signifigance.

Great post...very thought provoking indeed.

You might be on to something.

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 09:02 AM
For many years American presidents has been nothing but figure heads that is why they are good looking, well groomed and most of the time charismatic.

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 10:09 AM
reply to post by The time lord

Yes, your theory is sound and could hold good weight. Though, I am pretty convinced that it is only a front to show credibility (which I guess was probably your point).

I mean, the Bush elections were such comedy. Florida recounts- or lack thereof, hanging chads, rigged machines, John Kerry LOL. Not to mention how badly the war was a huge corporate scandal. I was just beginning to pay attention to politics, at that time, and I could see how big of a joke everything was.

And well, with Obama we have this dude that can obtain the whole 2-party, non-caucasian army, as well as most of the whites (yes, a lot of us are sick of discrimination), and he appeared to be a brilliant speaker/family guy with great goals for the middle and lower classes. He appeals to the mass hysteria very easily, but his experience has been brought into question many times.

So I would say your theory holds weight as a form of voting credibility garnering, but for the real deal I would focus on a few areas which have been covered around ATS quite well:

1. Lineage
2. Familial ties
3. Other political ties
4. Campaign/Lobby donators - corporate ties
5. Experience in policy/lawmaking

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 11:04 AM
They could be swaying the public to choose those exact people by using other people who have the same likeness to get people to into mentally accepting a certain role model who will in turn be the president with that same likeness persona. It's a bit dubious I know but if people use instincts rather than logic then they could be caught out and led down the wrong road for which the country should not be heading. As for Obama, people feel there is a slight naivety to him and it if one wants to use that behind the closed doors they probably could; it may even endanger the country even more in ways you never dreamt of.

This is what people are afraid of, and people are not convinced where his faith is it. Why does faith matter in this case? Because to lie to make war against the infidels and to infiltrate is acceptable as a religious cause which is for Allah, with that conviction people will do anything to please their God and convert the infidel. He was not very up to putting his hand on the Bible so he did it twice, this means if Christ exists he has a lot to answer for if he swaps sides and on the other hand if one is a closet Muslim at heart then you don't want to give a blessing to the Bible anyway.

This can be a set up in two ways; the American government wanted this so that when disorder happens they can add more control on its people when they rebel. They can use it as a way to cover their tracks by mixing two ideologies in a society that don't mix; it will be like the Romans and the Jews and the Christians all over again.

I am not sure if the American presidencies since 1990 has gone from bad to worse, but it seems that way.

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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 02:36 PM
I remember when some one in American killed an Osama Bin Laden look alike, here in the UK Hindus have been accused of being Muslims and have been attacked because of their likenesses when events like 7/7 bombing occured.

This is why it is possible that behaviour in deciding who is the next president could be based on voice sound, looks and familiarity, and maybe popular culture can pre condition the next elections. Bill Clinton met JFK when he was a kid, I guess that was well known then when he was elected, but they did mention his likeness.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 04:42 PM
I could see Obama winning the elections a mile off, to be honest where was Hilary Clinton's likeness celebrities and strong woman figure in society? I can not think of any to be honest its all a bit vague or lost its meaning even if they tryed. Sometimes you know the trends that will follow its like fashion and sometimes having the right face and image can overtake sensibilities and logic. No doubt GWBush had his dad to thank too for it but he was a classic Texan American figure that all could relate to on the outside, but as we have seen, not many agreed with his actions, I just hope people use logic and more intelligence instincts rather than the pop idol he looks the part in this cast attitude, sometimes we miss out on what really counts. On the other hand a not so attractive or familair face may get treated more harshly and in a way human nature can be like that.

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