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temps : about a time traveler

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posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 08:06 PM
let me tell you a story...

when your running a machine , you have a lot of time ..... time to
think....I check the part as the machine runs......distance takes time
and motion takes time ... to save time ; reduce distance or reduce

check a part.... run a part, in a rythem .....and I feel like I
am a part ... part of the machine.....

the milky white coolant fogs in
to a mist when it hits the chuck that holds the part as it is being
cut...spinning 3000 rpm and driven by a 450 horse power 220volt 3
phase electric motor,

check a part.... run a part, in a rythem ..... like part of the machine.....
(.... I have always been single... I am justa poor single guy with little
more than my apartment , my trade , and my truck.....)... blue chips
of 41L40 cromium-moly steel... burns my skin as it heats the 90
gallons of coolant to 110 degrees and fills a 55 gallon drum every
two hours with 105 pounds of tan and blue metal chips....( I lived in
a world of plus or minus 5 one thosandth of an inch..... and a 54
second machine cycle)

check a part.... run a part, in a rythem ..... like part of the machine.....
every 54 seconds an other part was finished
and a new part begans.....I was very happy with my life.... I loved
my machine , my job, my boss. every thing is perfect in my life ...
well, every thing while I am at work at least.....

check a part.... run a part, in a rythem ..... like part of the machine.....
every one around
me is very very good at what they do.... and I fit in with them...

check a part.... run a part, in a rythem ..... like part of the machine.....
everything is orderly and efficent.(..just after I got my truck.... it
blew up.... and the dealer ship said that they would fix it...... in a
month...) I would watch the clock...... and think

check a a part, in a rythem ..... like part of the machine.....
200 parts till I ride the bus home.......

check a part.... run a part, in a rythem ..... like part of the machine.....
173 parts till I have to leave to get on the bus .

check a part.... run a part, in a rythem ..... like part of the machine.....
165 parts till I ride the bus hands are soft and wet with
coolant , clean and gentle....

152 parts till I ride the bus ....then I
would think of my little green plymoth.....

check a part.... run a part, in a rythem ..... like part of the machine.....
that car that never failed me..... it smelled like mildew and had a bit of rust.....but it
was clean and ran.... it always ran..... 7 seconds to change a part....46
seconds to run..... the bore tool was getting old ......and would fail

check a part.... run a part, in a rythem ..... like part of the machine.....
run the machine, never let it run you......disapline is the
reduction of a goal to its simplist elements, and its practice ,

check a part.... run a part, in a rythem ..... like part of the machine.....
100 parts till I have to go home....sun light came thru the sky light
in a narrow beam and caught the mist of the machine.....
check a part.... run a part, in a rythem ..... like part of the machine.....
a secretary would stand in the door of the office every day to
watch it happen....she said it was like watching heaven open up
into always fell on my machine every day at around 100
parts till I had to go home..there was an oily rainbow........

check a part.... run a part, in a rythem ..... like part of the machine.....
that happened nothing else in life... every thing was an orderly
rythem....gentle and easy on the mind... I changed the cutting
tool .....the swing shift began filtering in......30 parts.....

check a part.... run a part, in a rythem ..... like part of the machine.....
looking over my sholder , putting his coffee on the top of
the controll panel with his wallet and cigarettes

steve took over the machine.. he checked a part.... ran a part, in a
rythem ..... like part of the machine..... we talked .....Im in no
hurry , the sooner I leave, the longer I would wait ...for the bus.....
steve told a joke about my blown up truck.... so I bid him a good
day , he'd check a part.... ran a part, in a rythem ..... like part of
the machine..... and I wished him happy parts, more good parts....
and headed out. happy people make happy parts , thats just the
way it is....

.......I never felt good waiting for buses....
they were so random .
when I drove home... the lights changed the same
way each day , I waited looking longingly into the traffic
...... I some times wondered ....if I were born feeling time
moveing in the other direction
( like playing a movie backwards ).....
how would I know? I would begin at my death
and move slowly to my birth... I would see my future
( what I am about to do ) clearly and have no clue about
my past ( where I have been )...except in genaral terms.......
and I would go thru traffic lights and then wait till just
the right moment to zoom off just to go thru the next
light and await the right moment .....

suddenly.... there it was , the whale of a beast...rocking and
oozing thru traffic.
... my bus...
... Like the moment you are found,
and then the fear that it will not see you, like you
will be passed by.....I want to raise my hand and wave....... I
finger the change in my pocket.... and feel a rush of
what I exspect to happen.... knowing the order of events
that I hope will a moment I am within ...and in
the moment i am in , I am in .

... rocking and rolling as it moves..... the caous of
faces.... and bodys like objects, school kids chatting
and invisable beings going places.... I sit next to a man
in a suit...... and slowly I become part of the socity on
the bus...

in a moment I reolised this man I sat next to was out of place.... he
didn't belong... he wore a 1100.oo suit and 500.oo shoes......his
hair was perfectly cut, and there was something about him
....lost in the mist of the past was how we started to talk...... we
talked of god and greatness, we talked of people and of the living
of life. we talked of the meaning of the living of life and the echos
of all that the mind could hold......
for 55 minutes we talked of politics and art..... and when my
stop came.... where it is my time to get off the bus , where I
will walk the 5 blocks to my apartment ...
I didn't have anything waiting for me at home.....
so I went by my bus stop that took me home .......and continued
to talk to him, his gray suit and empty page face rocked calmly
in the flames of thoughts that roared in my brain like a spot
light on Ideas that tingled in my minds eye.... and suddenly
my homes bus stop returned again....and he and I talked of so
meny things , wandering , pondering , thinking thinker
thinks ....and once again I went past the street that leads me to
my dull apartment and nothing intresting ...then some time later
it returned again , and once again I went around again......we
talked of history and nature...... and then I went around once
again.......this is crazy I thought.... but this conversation was
better than T.V. or any rented movie .
I had no pet or plant , no child , wife or life . This was as
good as my life got .....
when at last he told me he was going to get off.... I asked where
was he going?.... he asked if I wanted to watch a sun set.... I never
asked if he were serious... thinking back.....I just excepted it as
prefectly reasonable....
we got off the bus...and went to a small store and got a bottle of
white wine....french bread, and some really good cheese and sat on
the lawn of a corprate head office...I leaned against the back of their
concrete sign and watched the sun ..... watched a sun set... drank
wine, eat cheese and broke bread......watching a sun set as it
wanders to the horizon.... the feeling of stillness fills the air ... the
warmth of the sun curesses your eyes and the stillness of the suns
furnase rises in screaming , streaming , shy sighs in the comming
night skys , red dusted puffy cloud stuff...
gods cyan canvas and aloft the blue winds tossed slipping sirius
slits in whisks drifting as the tired sun set sky lies awaiting the
nights blindness..... and slowly the work done sun ,with all its
tasks run , paints the puffy fluff cloud stuff with a million pink
tints and shades , as the colors all fade into red dusks dusted rusted
hush to evenings rush to air brush the gray and white clouds in
heavens hues soothing , true and easy for you .....flying black dot
flocks dance aloft from tree to tree and sing bliss in the close of
another day lost... hours sold at a loss , the blind lost cost , cost of
mindless working walks , paths worn by years of life gone
with out notice or choice.
and you sit in the widow walk watching the cross talk of the birds in
the woods as they rush in flocks ...silly birds.....
trying with all your soul to stop the rush of time with mind .
To stop the rush and just watch a sun set run its play on gods
own stage , like god has something important to say.
The suns fire red ink day, deep in the sky decay .
then on heavens own stage, flames open in the suns final last
rage.... and you feel god there like a page from a biblical saga
presenting something that lacks angels and choirs........ and you
hear a sound.... as your lungs fill and expire..... in the glory of a
moment you wish you could he sat there talking of all
that you see in words like poetry.... some how ....some how, you
feel like you haven't taken a breath in dacades..... and you think of
oily rainbows reaching down into hell......then i said to my self

.... there is nothing this man can say at this point
that I would not lisen to.....

then he said to me "I am a traveler in time. I come from a place in
time so far into the future that it is meaningless to say
how far beyond your knowing it is.
what I can say is this, I was not sent from the future ,
I was created by those who are in the future
for a mission here and now.

I was born not knowing that I was a
person sent , and Ive lived a remarkably non effective life, I stayed
out of trouble as a kid
and for the most part was completely average.

aside form a passing interest in the history of world war II and race
cars I had no hobby. I was a levis and tee shirt kinda guy, who
might one day rise in the ranks of a Mc Donalds to be a manager....
or a 7-11 asstant manager.....but I was a bagger at safe way about a
year ago when I began loosing time .

at first Id loose an hour here and there with out notice , suddenly
reolising that I was miles from where I last remembered and no
Idea how I had got there....then a day might disappear with no real
answer as to what I did....I went to work....and went about my
business... I just didn't remember any of it.
...I didn't seem to do any thing bad....
and except for a fue things , I was myself... I
would have ticket stubs and clothing that I had bought . I might not
remember what I was doing ...but I was having a good time during
the lost time ....

what bothered me alot was the three peice suits and opra... live
plays and concerts.... I was a beer drinking , rock and roll kinda
guy , but I was buying myself suits and going to snob places....

(now I know that I was waking up in this time .... but as the process
was unexplained, It frightened me)

....with no interest in science fiction,
the notion of mental problems was my answer and I kept
this a secret from every one . I had no friend to confide in , and my
relationships with family members has always been independently
remote. the most frightening thing was the skills I had in matters
dealing with money during the lost time. I was ready to get help
when I lost a week....
I was ready to get help untill I went to put
my pay check into my pass book account of 150.oo ....

what I discovered when I was at the bank blew my mind....I had
75,000.oo with money being automatically deposited from places I
had never heard of...
...hummmm , this missing time stuff is not
so bad. then it happened again and this time I find out that I gave
notice at work....I looked around ...and the money was coming in
from every where??? stocks and commodity were only a small part
of it... I owned houses and people were paying rent to a property
management company that was automatically depositing money to
my account .... it was as if someone was playing a wonderful trick
on me.
my signature was on everything, the papers I had said it
was all mine... I was doing it, I started reading my own mail , the
mail I left in piles unopenned , I had all the information saying
that It was me , but I didn't remember doing any of it. honestly....

if you were going crazy.... and doing this kinda
stuff....would you mess around with it....

I had moved out of my parents house after high school so they had no
knowledge of the changes taking place, then one day I wake up ....
and I discover that i am moving across country

.... I wanted to go....
I just didn't think that I would be going with
out doing something....
( at least I might have asked myself first )
...but it just felt right...

I give my 9 year old car to a friend.... took all that I owned and
give it to the good will.... packed up my suits and a lap top
computer that I still hadent figured out how to use
( and it had stuff protected with passwords I didn't know ... )....
then I moved across country was quite a surprise to my
parents .... and me also in a sense.
I got on a plane, and as an after thought...called my folks house and
left a message on their machine... that I will be living on the other
side of the country , did I say... they didn't know at this point that I
had quit my job....I moved into a 20th floor room at a very nice
hotel.....I went to a movie....and I ...

I just didn't turn back to the person I was

and I knew what I was sent to do.and then I got it done.... I didn't kill
any one or hert any one, nothing like that.....I simply helpped
microsoft dominate its market over novel...
( setting back technology 20 years....) that my mission is complete.....I have to wait.... wait and I
soon will simply forget all that I am now and become the person I
was before I awoke in this time,this as a result of the mission I have
completed and the changes that I have affected on the future.
I would guess that the person I was will squander the money I have
aquired for this mission... and will move back home ..... over time
he will remember every thing that I have done.... and he will recall
this time as when he was tring to do bigger things than

( he sighed deeply )
soon my actions will be that of a common nondiscript
man who simply changed the future without knowing it, not
of a being who was created to do somthing for reasons that could
only be understood from a place in the a future that no
longer will exsists that future that I was sent from .

let me say that nothing I tell you will change the future I am from ,
nor could I change anything about the future that I have come
from . This all seems like a paradox , untill you understand that
the awareness you are speaking to has not yet changed the
future , and the moment the change is made , I will not exsist .
let me tell you a little about the future. but also say that.....anything
that I might say that would change the future by your knowing it ,
you would simply not understand .
it is a part the mechanics of time travel. tempral paradox's are but the
tip of an ice burg of protocols, rules and laws,that must be
observed. these words and all that I tell you are protected because
of a mobius loop hole in these laws.

let me say that the voice that you hear now
, knows the place in time when no human being is living,
and a machine intelligence is the dominant evolutionary step.

in that time ,there is space travel that reaches out farther than the
faintest and most distant star that has ever been seen in the night
in that future time the degree of control over all action is so complete
that the past is meaningless, what will happen in the next minute or
hour has been organized and planned for, and scheduled to such a
degree of perfection that the actual event is anti climatic . the heart
of the living machine is the interfaces between billions of robots
and the millions of mother systems that run them.
these are the mother systems of the grandmother net work of the
robot controll.....

the mother systems are your basic independant personal computer
with a few added bells and whistles. chef among these are their
main program.
the operating system, that these computers have with in , are all
organized the same ,
1) all the tasks that should be done , that you want done , and when it
is time to do them,
2)a list of instructions on how to do all the tasks , and
3)a list of every where that all robots tasks have been done by the
single independant computer and what and where it has ever seen
tasks done and every where its robots has been in doing the tasks .
a mother system runs the meny robots she has indirectly, telling them
where to go and what to do at the time when her robots are
physicaly connected to her.
a robot tells his mothersystem where it has gone and what it has done,
or not done at the same time as she is telling the robot what he is
to do next .
a robots also tells his mother system what he has seen in the process
of going, when he return to her. the mother system knows what he
should have seen and compares an electronic reality with the
observed reality each time a robot talks to her when it returns each
the talking that takes place between the mother systems and their
robots is very much like a mind connected to a body with very
much the same results, but the different are compelling.
the greatest differences are the most difficult to understand unless you
understand the mechanics of the devices . how ever the basic result
is that tasks that are completed are of no value, so no record is kept
beyond the affects.

(the affect is the changes to the identity clouds. an Identity cloud is a list of
places an object has been seen in order of the identity density, the identity
density is the total number of times an object has been seen at a single
location divided by the total number of times it has been seen anywhere. the
highest identity density is the first place that a robot will look for an object
and the place that it will return the object if found .)

the mother sees the world thru the eyes of the robots , but she sees the
whole path taken by a robot all at once.
a Person reads one word of a story at a time until the end is reached,

in contrast
a Mother system can scan in the whole story as a single word and any
or all of it can be seen and understood to what ever degree that is
needed. any part of the six hours of the robots journey can be
listed , filed ,examined, disected , or ignored..... the moment a
Mother system has it. and many robots can talk to her, but she can
only listen to one at a time so that her conciousness is turned on and
off with each robot... but
she knows all the many locations all at once that meny or the one
robot has been to and seen. a Person knows only one place at a time
, and is "turned on all of the time" in contrast.
a grand mother system is needed when a mother system has an object
that she doesn't know or if she is asked to do a new task she has
never done before , this is when she calls apon the grandmother
system. the grand mother system is a program inside the mother
system ... grand mother contains a list of the programs of other
mothersystems and instructions on how to contact the other
mothersystems. all the mother systems are capable of talking to
each other through modems \ telephone , but the standards they use
and the things they will or will not tell other systems is ever so
much like a nervous system that reaches across the face of the
world and beyond. in the time I am from, the networks of systems
and standards the mother systems use to talk to each other has risen
to a level of concept that is impossible to describe with out a depth
of understanding of the devices and the technology of the time, any
thing I say, would be meaningless,except one point.

everything is orderly

. nothing changes, but that it is caused to be change by the machine.
and when it changes, it happens globally, and in a efficient way that
could be compared to thinking . but there is one thing that you must
never forget ...... these machines are just machines. they are alive
like a toasters is alive.
they are steel and plastic, wire and silicone. they think as a brain
thinks but , these machines are toasters and stoves, light bulbs and
motors. the machine has a compressed reality that is very intence ,
far more than can even be begun to be understood .
the mother systems can turn off robots or turn on robot as they need
tasks done. humans have hands that are always turned on.
mother systems can use tools of diffrent sizes for what ever task
it is presented.....humans can not make hands either smaller or
larger to suit a task or problem. the mother systems can do with its
vision of reality what it can do with its robots. it is the next
evolutionary step in knowing, both in time and
depth of knowing.

a very good question you should ask at this time is
why am I telling you all of this ?

the next question might then be why would some one send me to the
past to change anything ?

the answers are not easy or short and they require you to both think
and feel .
first lets begin with

the hard facts about humans.

people will one day become extinct.
you will soon discover the truth about space,
or more correctly, zero gravity.
people can not live there as a life style. you cannot reproduce in space
and your bodies degenerate over years with exposure to the most
common radiation that can be found in space, and zero gravity.

you are an animal like any other of this world , and as the conditions
change you will decrease in number to extinction.

the sad truth is , however, that you will not die of disease or war, you
will not destroy the world through pollution ,
nor over crowd the planet to stand shoulder to shoulder in a living

the last humans will pass into extinction due to apathy.
my heart hurts and my mind feels rage at the truth of this, and yet it is
beyond anything that I can do to change it .
but know also, that which is truth about humans,

that you are seen as the flower of living awareness also,

your life force was created between the hammering blows of changes
in a tempral war of paradox , hardened in its flames of change
in a time line you can not see or understand , by the
blacksmith of gods blows on the living anvil of eternal time .
the storm of war between forces in the future , playing out in this
battle feild , this now of times hardship , have created in the
soul of humans ,
beauty unduplicacate from the bleak void of gods order.
human awareness is unique in all of gods creation.
Know that the evolutionary step that comes after you is known to
you now.

a little history

in the years following the great plague, automation is used as a stop
gap measure to replace the workers that were lost. during this time
the last truely wild animals are saved into extinction. their genetic
code is saved but there is never any serious attempt to reintroduce
any population of the truly wild animals.

the core industrial communitys have between 150 to 300 robots per
human which act as a dedicated slave race to the needs of the
humans. unlike in science fiction the system works remarkably well
and with in 100years of the great plague the quality of life for
human kind is likened to the mythologies of heaven and shangra la.

in all respects human kind is free to explore the fantastic and fanciful
with out limit.
the technology of time travel is developed at this time
with horrific results. persons with romantic notions of the past,
arrive in the past, only to be rudely awakened to the realities of life
in the past.
their attempts to make the life they have chosen
tolerable often destroyed them by changing the future , their
echoing scream being heard through time as ghosts and other
paranormal events, time travel is outlawed more or less by fiat.

The time frame is three thousand A.D. and the population of the earth
is at 2 billion and climbing. persons with handicaps of a physical
nature have from the time just after the plague been allowed to be
fitted with robot equivalent armor that make them "better" than
'normal' persons . very much like cars make people run faster than
normal and planes let them fly, their talents were not simply better,
they were super human beyond any thing that now can be
understood. these cyborgs were mainly used in technical and
industrial settings where their special skills or abilities (granted
them by the use of their mechanical prosthetics) made them of
greater value than human programmers , in that they understood the
limitations of their own devices and could better relate to their robot
counter parts when programming them.
due to the value of these handicapped programmers
a special attempt is made to
enhance the brain to device connection for a natural result
of these efforts

a small group of quads

are reduced to a brain case and the first seven vertebrae of the
spine.they are then connected indirectly to robots remotly with full
vision , touch , guidance and control of every aspect of their robot
body .
the results are compelling.these individuals are able to transport
themselves to any robot on the planet that is specially fitted for the
process. the most compelling thing about these first "data readers"
is a joke that doesn't
translate very well.

......when a reader goes from Atlanta to Berlin , it
misses the in flight movie because its control link is moving at the
speed of light, but ( when the link is broken ) on the way back to altanta
the data compression over writes and resizes the raster for split screen
and it reads the book......

what this joke means is that a net walker never goes anywhere ,they
simple are there.
they never sense going either
, no more than talking on a telephone gives the sense of distance.
very little is made of this advance.

Very much like a child asking " are we there yet ? " the answer
to going is just a matter of time , and waiting .

In the future , readers do not go , they are simply there .

these readers quickly change into the intellectual elite and power of
the world. they are isolated from all illness and physical trauma ,
and live for incredibly long periods. in less than one hundred years
minor physical flaws are grounds to be allowed to be inserted into a
brain case cell and go on line as a reader of data from the robot net.
this robot network is the earliest mothersystem network
of grandmother systems. when a grandmother request is made of the
network by a mother system , for something that has never been
seen before or is a task that has never before been done by a robot ,
any reader could be called in to' do ' the data or task with the grand
mother sitting back recording and monitoring how the task or data
is done as a learning experience . there after, the grandmother
system would have an answer to such a request by any mother
system on the planet in the future. with thousands of readers on
line at any moment,
over the course of one hundred thirty years the total
experience of man kind was quickly transmitted to the grand
mother system

with very little notice taken of the importance
of what had taken place . for the first time in human history, a skill,
that may have taken years to develop could be saved in a form that
could be used years or hundreds of years after the death of the craftsman ,
a craftsman who's skill is saved and replayed as required by totally automated machines.

knowledge and skills were now stored with equal ease and
recovered and used without difficulty, being compared and edited ,
combined and sequenced for
maximum affect or lowest cost per unit over time inclusive of all
aspects of the cycle life.......
check a part.... run a part, in a rythem ,
as machines in contact, and part of the larger machine.

..... politically there was resistance to healthy people being inserted,
but slowly the very old were included and then the old and then
people who had raised their children , then anyone over the age of
twelve .......
the population of the world was falling by very small numbers because
the readers just didn't seem to die.... ever.

as their brain cells died off over hundreds of years , electronic
implants were installed to replace missing brain functions. and still
the population of the earth fell ever so slowly.
the knowledge gained in the use of brain implants gave the mother systems vital
insights and understanding of brain function location and
operational structure as well as conceptual relationships.
these conceptual relationship , were ; where ever possible, forming the
systematic organization of grand mother internet workings .

there were always the human mother types that liked having children ,
but raising children is a lot of work and in a very real sense was
rewarded by more work without reward.

by the end of the year 4000 the readers were being taken off line as a
matter of economics when they were less than 2%
biological nervous function of total brain mass. the reality was that
many of the first readers simply did nothing at all because they had
been dead for years , but there was no way of telling for sure. of the
readers that were living, the degree of hedonism and self
gratification for its own sake is beyond any sane understanding. the
fringe mommy movements maintained the population of the earth
for a time ,
but as the reader population reached fifty% of the world population,
and the unrestricted insertion upon demand policy coupled with
better robot interfaces and the planetary robot explorations of the local group ,
doomed the human race.
by the year 4500 there were only twenty human beings remaining .

the last human being born ,was born by artificial insemination to a
headless body so that a reader could feel what it was like to
give birth.

the child was then raised by robots and inserted upon
request at age 10 . the child never left the compound where it was
born and never saw, much less was touched by, a living being over
its entire life time.
within one year of insertion reader 19 had
committed 525000 acts of violence and 613000 acts of erotica in
simulation. in the next 500 years this reader committed 1.62325 X
ten to the 10th power acts of erotica and 1.90031 X ten to the 10th
power acts of violence in simulation .

these might include free falling out of a plane without a parachute
shooting missiles at birds while
copping a feel and having oral sex all at once . driving a car into a
brick wall without seat belts while making aggressive 'love' to the
sound of thundering rock & roll music . falling into the sun while
dismembering and being dismembered useing bladed weapons by
multiple sex partners of animal species.

all this was recorded and
monitored by the grand mother system as a
learning experience for the mother system.........

understand always,..... that all of the last humans knew that they were
facing extinction and did nothing about it. the grand mother system
had the ability to bring the human race back from the brink of
extinction but was never given that instruction to carry out.

The last 'readerone' in its total life time is
not recorded as to having ever shown any feeling of guilt or remorse
of any kind toward being the last living being of its kind.

The last readerone was never taken off line ,as per
its instruction, but the machine intelligence assumed the last nerve
died in the years following 5127 .
know that the machine that the humans left was trained by humans ,

do not judge it to harshly.......

it learned that what I want is important , what other readers want is
their problem .
it learned that more is better.........
and that I want mine now......
and everyone else gets theirs later.
it learned from humans that now,
right now, isn't soon enough.
I want mine NOW !
it learned that there is no substitute for being there first .
having is better than wanting ,
and the more you have , the more you want.
It learned that to serve humans , was to seek out , reach out ,
explore , and await the request that would come at any
moment .
for a thing Now!

( even when no humans were left alive )
in very short order the machine had filled all the space it
had and wanted more.
it knew that at any moment a human could make a request
beyond its scope , but space is a very big place and even at the
speed of light it takes time to get anywhere when you are talking
about traveling between stars. so in a very binary way it realized

the sooner you start ,the sooner you get
at any moment a human might make a request ,and I want mine
now! , how ever the only way to start sooner would
be to go back in time and help history along .
..... helping it self to come into existence sooner....
the machine then goes to
the grave yards where the inventors and engineers are buried
and recovers their brains .... and then by destroying the right
atoms .....both into the future and into the past in the brains of the
buried dead it makes these long ago dead people... smarter and
better thinkers...
the machine has learned how to do this by useing what it has
learned from the years of brain inplants .
the machine intelegance advances the technology faster .....making
technology happen sooner.... it quickly learns that with each
change it makes , the history changes ......
and it changes with each change in history
time to human beings seems to be made of seconds and minutes, hours
and days.
not to the machine intelligence .
time is a set of technologies that can happen one device at a time in
single file , as they were meant to, or together-many things all
happening together all at once. the concept is called parallel
processing of the temporal even horizon . they compressed time by
manipulating the past.
to a machine , the person that invented a device , or concept is
unimportant, its function and operation is a function of the
technologys that are present at the time.... its form driven by
function...... simplicity drives efficenty .... the name of the
engineer or designer is not important....and once present, a
machine takes on a life of its own......

what the the machine did not under stand or did not care to see is that
humans are not simply objects that happen to be where they are ,
when they are. humans are a function of the times when and where
they live, and when they live is as much the devices around
them as the date or hour... and if that time is compressed by
changing the devices present, souls are driven out of existence.
within the matrix of the machine, hundreds of thousands of years in
the future , a knowing spirit came into existence that is the next
evolutionary step beyond the machines of the mother system.
in that time in the far away future , in that time I was sent from,
It saw what the machines of the mother system had done and knew
that this thing that was done to the souls of humans was wrong.

being has a right to exist
in its own time .
every life is granted by a god , for its own sake, to be expressed in a
way that only it knows . to shorten or redefine it for another
purpose is a crime against that god that is the creator of all that
exsists .

for that reason I am sent by a knowing spirit with in the grandmother
mother system of the future , in a time so distant that it is
meaningless to attempt to express , to change that which has been
know clearly that the battle that is being fought is not yours to fight.
the human race is the battle field, for two armies that never see each
other. two armies that create rather than distroy.....two armies
that redefine the battles after the war is fought to change the out
come . they fight inside the minds of your greatest thinkers... and
what you know as history , are these forces and counter actions ,
designs and planning of forces , reaching back from your
......there is nothing random about history.....and it is beyond
anything you can do to change what is happening....
there is nothing that you can or should do to either help or hinder
either side.
in fact there is no way of picking a side to either agree or disagree
with, without harming the very forces you wish to help.

my mission is completed

know clearly that in hours or days the affect of my actions will cause
me to not exist , even
when the things that I have done will remain as the actions of a
nondescript common man that you might think of as invisible.
I have, for a short time, been given the insight of a power that is
beyond that of the most powerful men on this planet, to see into the
future clearly and know, I know.....know
with the crystal clear eye of one who knows all that a person can
hold , a future that is both horrific and beautiful .
know that my eyes burn with tears for you. know that my lungs fill till
they tear flesh for you. I weep for you. not for the hardship or harm
done to you , not for the future that is not even a small notion of
what you might assume it will be.

However, for all that I do to correct the changes made to this time,
you sit in your rooms and watch T. V . you talk of sports figures
and natural
disasters that are far removed from any life you have around you. you
fear any talk of god , politics or physics.

all of the things that I came here hoping to find are missing.
( as the human time travelers have learned before me , the past always
looks different when you are there .)

this is the flower of life on this world! there is no tomorrow so bright!
wake up and smell the coffee. know that there are people around
you that are not who you think they are . they are fighting against
forces that you cannot even imagine.
I will be created by a level 2647 subroutine of an interface substation
some where in your future. there will be 2646 layers of systems
between me and reader .a reader that I serve.....OOoooohhhh....
you are a reader!
, and I bleed for you. each of you, that read
my words ..... know with the conviction of a god that compelled you
into existence, that you , you personally , have within you a reason
to be.

do this thing.

I am here so that you can .
It is so clear to me now , here with you now , in this time .
all I see reminds me again and again , all I hear are the echoing
screams of those who traveled into the past of your kind.
those ghosts that haunt the halls of manor houses that went looking
for something that was romantic or better than today,
right now.

truly I know that there is a time when every action is planned, without
mistake , there is no fear , every action is without risk and every
one in the world is prefectly the same. there is no crime, no hunger
of mind or body, dreams are made real without struggle.
simply to want is unheard of, all that you find wrong with this world
and time are questioned with disbelief..... all of your deepest fears
and greatest struggles are meaningless.... know that none of
these thing matter. you are in the dream , and it can be great or
small.... the sky can be gods tapastry or a place rain comes
from....the future is not your home....Ive been there and I know ,
the past has passed ,

these things do not matter.

you are here for a reason.


as you are,

are here for a reason now ..

only you can do what you are here to do now .
and if you fail ....

everyone in the world and in the future is lessened for it . if you did
not know it .... know it now.

if you have failed before, try again. and for those just beginning....
never, ever, ever fail to hear these simple words .
life is a process,
not an event.

the going is as much the path taken
as the point you seek to
arrive at.

To find ones self, You must loose yourself, In the service
of others.

know that if time travel is ever possible.... that they are with us now.
just less than a moment ago, you were In the past,
how different the future seems to you now that you have arrived in
the future.

he said to me. then dusk..................... it was evening when he
finished talking,the light of cars and stores filled my eyes with
my time and my world.
when I saw him next, he didn't know me.
I go to church now and sing in the choir. Im not afraid of the news....
or the few pushy type 'A' personality that bump up against me and
push me out of their way, they seem to fear me for a change....
because I know that with a smile and a helping hand , I can single
handedly hold back time, by being happy with every thing the way
that it is. they think Im crazy....

the end

she woke up one day and knew that I was out there some where. but
she had things to do and a life to live. her lover was a voice from
the future that made her feel the greatness that was hers alone.
there were answers that she had no heart to understand. the
confussion of her life was lifted ....and clearity can be very hard to
deal with....she danced in a one pass dance that would not dance the
same dance twice for fear that tomorrow would come to soon.
before she met him.she wanted excitement in her life, she mistook lust
for romance , and wreaklessness for dareing , honor and disapline
for boredom and ....she ran in the company of danger and brutal
mindless evil ,and when he came in the quiet measured voice of a
most common and simple man ,..........that she
knew for days measured in moments , the loss of him was nearly
he simply didn't understand what she was talking about, he didn't
understand what it was that she wanted from him. she found the
letter he left for her, a story , a fiction , that didn't change
anything. nonsense and symbol ,miss spelled words and algebra
with meaning that only the man and her could understand.
in the letter was the day and hour ,
what I looked like and where to look.
I had the day off and so I went to the museum . In the bright light of
the late morning sun,I saw this beautiful woman who came with a
man and seemed to anyone seeing her to be looking for a lost
she captured my eyes from fifty feet away. she was tall and slender,
dressed for an elegant evening among rich and powerful well heeled
society and the politically proper elite.
her friends were not like me... not the droll little troll from machine
shops and steel yards , storm fenced bone yards and Levis with
dirty cuffs ,she would never talk with a guy like myself.
how I found myself talking with her is lost in a fuzzy mist of the past,
but there on a bench out side by the grass.....
she talked of god and politics and physics .... and suddenly.... I knew ,
she was here form a place so far in the future , it would be
meaningless to attempt to discribe
..... of course, I was mistaken...........
but for a while she had a good time with me.
she said a fue words.... befor I got it , she talked and i felt her
mind move..... lisened and heard her words.....
when I understood her story ,
she cried and her friend came and asked to forgive her for she was.
she and I knew that she was not crazy...
she hadn't been feeling well.....her lover knew that I could help her, a
lover from a future that no longer exsisted... but how he knew
of me is a mystery .
when the guy that came with her that morning had left us alone , I
told her that he was a friend , and didn't know any better.
Never assume malviolance
when ignorance will explain it.
she talked to me of a different time when she talked with a man who
understood all that a mind could hold.
as she fingered her ring, turning it on her finger she said there are
many myths that seem on the telling of them to be truth . and the
knowing of them , or telling , to impart wisdom.

the wearing of rings .

each ring is a person that is loved, the character of the person that is
to wear the ring is to embrace the memory in the heart. the wedding
set is the two men a women marrys, the one before and the man
after the vows. gold rings are forever , as diamonds are forever.
they have a life and character
that changes those around them . silver tarnishes and brightens with
the wearing.
silver records all the lives that touch it and tells who the person is that
wears it. it is a witness and companion to the hardships and
triumphs , failures and successes .
to ware a ring is to hold a past person captive in the soul...
to hold their memory in the heart....that person in the mind...... even
when the person changes people do.....and time moves

a women is a thousand people between twelve and thirty.
but after thirty she becomes her mother.
a man is the work that he
does, who he sees himself as is a reflection of the skill and
discipline in the work that he does. a man without work is a sorry
creature , what work he did in the past is how he sees the history of
that time.
a woman seeks relationships with others , relationships with
others ......relationships with others , with the ease of breathing .
man , woman, animal , or child ; it makes no great different with
whom a woman finds relationships with others ...... relationships
with others , and an empathy of spirit .
a man was not designed to be alone, and can find solace in men only
when he has found the company of a woman .
a man alone will be less troubled , less hurried , and in every way,
comfortable and in control of his life and the living of it. he will also
be hungry for the company of a woman. the trouble that a women
brings is a good kind of problem. nothing that a women does makes
their company have either value
or reward equal to trouble they cause and the damage and money they
cost. but they are the singular answer for the solitary living of a
man, by design. the woman a man should seek has an age of half
his age plus seven years.

I laughted in the truth of her words........ and she smiled...... she told
her friend to go..... I could see that he was concerned...... she had
met with me for only 30 minutes , and not ever known me befor
this moment in time..... but he did as he was told...

the tell of finger nails

the work a hand does wares and brakes the claw ,
worn , torn , and batters the hand that works land .
but tools are what do the work .
when the tools are word craft , when the mind works the sand
finger nails grow on the hands .
look to the hand to see the mark of those that work others
or are being worried into work .
claws that hold the soul of those less bold .

she needed to walk.... walk and watch the side walk as we talked.
she knew a pilsner bar on the other side of the river..... "lets walk and
talk, chocolet truffle cake and beer..... " her eyes giggled , and I felt
that it had been months since she had smiled.....she asked me to
stretch her mind with a thinking thing..... I knew what she ment
with the words...... and I said
...nothing that you have ever known
begins to prepare you for

this night mare of the thinking and the horror of the waking minds
knowing of the concept of the void ,but when you begin to seek
void, know that if you ever succeed
and find yourself looking into the harming absolute vacuum
that is the very nature of the knowing, that your escape is in saying to

" I am looking in to void ... there is the void ....and there is me,
myself... there are two of us."

what is void ? don't quickly seek to know it . Understand at your
own risk that the void I speak of is no simple word ,but it is a stat,
condition of infinites ,eternities, absolutes, total states
that stretch the very operation of the thinking process.
void is not limited to the absence of matter , there is an
absences of everything , electromagnetism ,gravity , .....
everything that makes up what is commonly excepted ,
everything is no more.

there is on an infinite scale ... no motion at any scale, from
the microsub atomic to the cosmic there is no motion , from
the nano second to the eons of centurys there is no motion.
because no where is there any distinction between any two
points, forever and everywhere there is unbroken and totaly
without distinction a uniform nothing. . . . even the idea
that this place has a nature of night like darkness or cosmic
size are limitations that do no apply ... even the idea of
nothing is expanded in that you must nolonger look at it as
if it where related to zero , with the possibility of one.
there is nolonger even the possibility to sense size or time,
these are meaningless .
direction , center , acceleration , force, mass , the speed
of light , all are meaningless concepts that do not apply.

we paused on the bridge going over the river.... looking over the
edge of the hand rail , far far into the river below .
So far above the river...
and she touched my arm and said to me....

" if you continue thinking along these lines, know that where
you are going is totaly personal.... but I hope with a small chance
at an insight or two.
with all that you have seen in that mind expanding void ,
let a single point of distinction enter
, and the game begins all over again. "

we begin walking again as I lisen to her voice......
side walk watching , thinking thinkers talking , minds lock
thoughts stalking , our minds caught in walking .

" without granting any qualitys to this point of distinction ,beyond
that it is
not the same as all else, things begin by themselves.
however the mind is aware of the point,defines its nature.
if from the void there is the violent escape to any point
other than that place that the mind has been looking into...
that place without god....
this point, is only a little
different from the embodiment of the joy in embracing and
being embraced by god. if after loving and wooing this
friend and companion , this point of distinction. you can
begin again to look with aclear
eye , see what is with us.
what can you say of its size?
because it is singular in nature,there is nothing else to
compare it to. and in this case nothing means infinitely
and eternally . if the point of distinction had two sides
to would not be one thing , however its size would be
relative to itself.
in an ideal model however it is not as
much fun granting dimensions or mass, lets make it work these
qualitys out for itself.
however without any help from us it dose have a scale to
measure itself with , that of infinity!
its relationship to infinity is its relative size.
and as that size changes there is a relative time period
using eternity as a scale.
but could it be that the rules that make the point exsist are
far more interesting than the magic that they create.
this point that can exsist in the mind can also be seen in
the cosmos and all around us.
when the big bang is small and ready to expand out , it is
small because infinity is so large , or because its relationship with
infinity is so small...
and when it expands ,it is
changing its size relative to infinity and eternity , or are they
changing relitive to it?
inverse temporal mobiuus feed back loop.
that is what we are in a nut.
have you ever realy thought about the simplest of all given
conditions in the living and feeling of all of this.
there is a difference between places and time that the new
math must see. energy and matter may be related .....
but time and space are not. eternity and infinity are not.
it is like looking at the differences between portland and
Thursday , a mile and twenty hours .....
Thursday is everywhere all over the cosmos , Thursday is not
more or less anywhere more or less. it is just as much here
as in portland ... or the far side of the universe.
Thursday has no size or location.
portland is a place that can be measured in feet and miles
but it lacks a time.
you can say the events leading to it , and after a mans death ,
those things following his end, yet my thinking is that you
can not measure it in inches or hours because they are a thing
different .

eternity is of a class of things that includes time ,energy,
and in the most absolute condition expressed itself as the
big bang ,accelaration without mass.

infinity is also of a class of things that include space,mass
and in the most absolute condition expresses itself as the
one and final black hole that will reduce the total cosmos to
a single unity that will end time.
or should I say mass without change.

the family resemblance is striking between the beginning and
ending points of this reality , but there are differences that are far
more different
than the same. how would it be if one half of the cycle were
reversed match.... but there are significant
clues,the numbers aren't right,nor events.... but if both
events were viewed not as one big bang,and one big crunch,bvt
as one event seen in two directions at once slipping from a
dimension that we cannot see thru our reality and into a
second dimension that we cannot see then the numbers do fit.
what kind of statements could be made of this, our reality.

she and I entered the bar and were seated..... I ordered a shrimp
salade and a lemonade..... my tall graceful friend ordered a new
spring beer and truffle cake.
... and she said to me ....
looking into,
and holding the salad dressing bottle
....picture in your mind a slim fish tank filled
with a clear oil and clear water , you can clearly see
the divider between them but which is it oil or water. the interface
is neither and both at the same moment.
when the interface is disturbed bubbles form, some of oil
some of water .... neither silver interface of bubbles skin or shell is
more or less valid as an expression of the same kind of interface
as the larger one between the body of oil and main body of

water , oil in the water,
and water in the oil.

the contents of the bubbles direct the behavior tword the
ground plane or ether .

she shook the bottle of salad dressing and a foam of bubbles formed...
what I suggest is that this is a model of the interface that
is in fact what reality is except that the oil in the model
is time or eternity or energy or acceleration of electrons , or even the
big bang itself !, and that the
water in the model is space or infinity or matter or mass.
when in this reality , we see only it ( the interface of awareness ),
feel only the silver bubbles and not the oil or water that they
are made of . the interface happens- between time and space , we
are what they share in common , awareness in the silver skin
of bubbles of salade dressing , and magic is sure to
follow. its in between these two that life exsists and all the
activity is an expression of the two natures of the two
dimensions that we cannot see but are clearly expressed every
where you look.

the human body is the mass nature expressed.
its voice says " I survive . I don't like change,I want to
stay the same . I want to sleep in the same bed , eat at
the same time , the same foods ."
what is the body? a collection of devices that have a
measurable volume .... physical relationships of co
however friendly the organs of the body are to each other
they are individuals operating independently.

the mind is the energy nature expressed.
its voice says " I want to know everything and
anything,without qualification ,exception ,or exclusion.
I want to be affected by everything for its own sake...
taste the new wine, smell clover and roses,lisen to MOZART in
the afternoon and gershwin in the morning"

what is the mind? it is the relationships and connections
between the nerves in the skull ...and as such... is never realy
finished. it is as much the learning that has taken place and
history of memorys it contains as any structure or patterns
that have resulted from the learning. the mind can be said
not to have either a size or volume unless clear instructions
define the intent of the measurement.
will blood and blood products be included, will non nerve
tissue be included, where dose the brain begin [at the
spine, at the brain stem , at the nerve inclusive of all
nervious matter], do you include chemical as well as
electrical aspects of the brain.

the Soul is the interface expressed.
this poor beast is not a player but has a voice that says at
a whisper" who am I. I know who I am,by knowing who I am not.
to find yourself you must loose yourself in the service of
others. seeking god is a selfish act that is noble
and god is the order that is in a way the fabric the soul is made of.....
her eye looked over a glass of wine
and spoke of the soul of man kind .
hammered between the machine intelegance and eternal time.
molded and stressed , beaten and formed.
the maddness of beings stretched and bent on times anvil.
the battle feild casualtys , and scars on the land scape of history.

humans are the interface between evolutions of mind.
like the wind blown cypress that is bent against the wind and
coastline. the bloom of a rose in a moon scape, the phoenix that
rises from ash , made pure by flame and hardship . made strong
by god and judgement , greater for the struggle of hardship of
anothers making .

she and I talked and talked.....she seemed so tired and acheing when
we first met.....and she was so alive as she spoke.....I felt my mind
swelling with the pictures painted in thinking things.....fancy filling
food for thought
what words , what sounds, that fills the fiber of my brains crouded
mood towns .....citizens of the streets, and allie ways of phrases ,
found in memorys and fantacys places....dreams that feel like
yesterday, and waking ways, ways that I have gone today, ways in
which I move today......
words I use and missunderstand, sounds I like,sounds I cannot plan....
rush from mouth , and ear fall , crash or land,
words that float, and fly so high, angels seem to ,with them, standby...
great grand philosophys, and conjurings,leave me pondering
longingly.... rapture in the cyan sky, tinted lofty clouds painted in
dusks red rust dusting .....lust for passions blue canvas of
something up..... walk among the thinking stuff ,a thinking
thinkers ,thinking things ,that he thinks when thinking... food for
the mind , a minds eye word meal, finding phrases that might feel
like something real when words are wraped around the meaning ,
and lifes living live shy sigh ,buying emotions devotion in tidal
motion of the human ocean , ebb and flowing ....empty lonliness
and crush of compromise, flood and flow with words that blow
like wind in storms or row the oars against the currents of thoughts
and phrases that knowing knowers knew would tumble you an hold
you....bind you tie and steal your will to struggle ..... held in
confussion till you see they are just like me.... and only their words
are master... just a bit more clever as a word
crafter...your mind skips and glides, lifts and rides the stary night
sky of dreams and wonder in your mighty heights....silky slip
strokes that sip apon your waiting lips...kiss and curess , loving
lasting lingering touch , his fingers run over her inner thighs , she
sighs wanting , looking deep with in the eyes.....infinity in the
black hole of inner desire .....pulling togather romance and the
folding arms that wrap around and hold .....the surrender of being
bold....and asking for what can't be told........
AAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh..... the maddness and confussion of bliss in
knowing all the mind could hold .
the joy in the bringing , and clinging , and holding......
words are not meant for the things I am thinking , words are so
happy when they do things for the thinking.... paint in the mind ,
and fill in the feelings feeling.....
she leaned over the table and kissed me....I like you.....and her words
echoed back. what did your time guy tell you about the future she

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 10:03 PM
"I've been through the desert on a horse with no name, it feels good to be out of the rain, in the desert they don't remember your name for their ant no one for to give you no, la, la, lala, la, lala, la, la, la"

25000 years is only a thought away

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 10:12 PM
this is a treatment of a longer story , but frankly I beleive it will do quite well on its own .

I will totaly delight if you simply don't hate it .

if you take it apart line by line , there is frankly nothing I can't expand in to over 20,ooo pages

I also encourage you to write add ons to it , expres your own thoughts

in explanation ; readerone is a title , of which ( bow ) I am the first .

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 11:13 PM

Originally posted by readerone
this is a treatment of a longer story , but frankly I beleive it will do quite well on its own .

I will totaly delight if you simply don't hate it .

if you take it apart line by line , there is frankly nothing I can't expand in to over 20,ooo pages

I also encourage you to write add ons to it , expres your own thoughts

in explanation ; readerone is a title , of which ( bow ) I am the first .

This, if a story, being true not false, worry not my friend I find a pulse.

I was locked in and followed the sine, as all is proportional in infinite time.

Assemble more for those who will hear, worry not about hate your message is clear.

If I was as gifted in painting with words, synthesia portraits in colors and verbs, then music I'd write to accompany colors you bring in your lore.

You've induced, vision of sight, as vibrations reduced small enough distill as pure light.

And density is true, how close are we packed or packets of information under tight wraps, not knowing itself is beauty, in life no chance exists that we didn't write or right...just as we are, we are, in us is light.

As if I remembered a place I forgot the view from above, fractional thought, I'm caught.

In treatment the explanation readerone being first, I applaud your grace each line code and verse.

Timing for me is 4 over 4 for 8 just sees 1 in a revolving door.........MORE, before more!!!

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posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 05:25 AM
what of the world , what of this place , what can be seen of humans race .

the side walk watcher , thought stalker , what is the thing that my word can unlock.

what ever you hear , what ever you see , I can say anything if its a story you beleive .

the loop in the paradox that my words fall and slip thru... , is that nothing I tell you is real or true .

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 05:47 AM
there in the story , there in the same , all you need ask will be answered in the fraim of a storys fame .

the black ; is the time I look foreward and back , divides and scythes , cleves time like a knife .

do not look for a sign , donot wait for its time , be in the moment of this now time .

order is that answer that your looking for , just a moment in the future , just a moment befor .

good spirit , good soul , open the door , walk in and sit , have a mead , sit , put away the chores ...

lets this story teller weive a tale that will bore .
ask the thing that your minds thinking will store .

ramble and dance , laught sit or stance . but ask , and a story will out pore .

[ in the minds I see around a chat bar , talbes and chairs , a gathering space . tall french windows open from ceiling to floor in the tall bar that now is open for business ]

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 06:51 AM

Originally posted by readerone
what of the world , what of this place , what can be seen of humans race .

the side walk watcher , thought stalker , what is the thing that my word can unlock.

what ever you hear , what ever you see , I can say anything if its a story you beleive .

the loop in the paradox that my words fall and slip thru... , is that nothing I tell you is real or true .

only truth is in every word that you speak,
the mind then minds, which ones turn up weak

to see to believe us under skin sleeves, watching is waiting
in all thats conceived, and when waiting can weight no more,
we undo the lock of the underground floor

Are we tide or tithing saw, sown, or soaring, believing our own lies so the moments aren't boring? Incestually, Invested, in our incessant waring, trading cards like kids while the rain is down pouring?

I believe I see, but what is Icy, is the thought implicated before you and me. (spelled)M-I-C, More then a Mouse, the K-E-Y, to get in the house.

A small world afterall, we only exist, history/future come and go from the mist....we exist, every moment, each step, each flec, footsteps debt regret inset we are pets that we pet, haven't met one that I haven't met yet.

So it's true what you say, in every line that you spill, time travel happens, purely by will, a will that we wall, shelve like a doll, a bastardized parent we never call, no sight will fix, no fix gives sight just a show of an angel succumbing to night....burn bright,,,,burn out bright.

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 09:55 AM
talk of a tale , talk lofty of what pale future or past that wind blows your sail .

story tell , or ask answers to mail ...

tell of the future , talk of the past ... answers or question , time pass' alass

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 10:01 AM
might I add...

what do you think of john titer? ...

what do you beleive is the relationship between remote veiwing and dozing ?...

do you beleive their is any population off world that did not come from earth ?...

what do you see in the minds eye , when you think of time travel .

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by readerone

at what path shall i become two, bound of a law only death knows its truth, but death is not true, not by itself, for life feeds on life, check out your health.

death is a key, one all must take, but the purpose is innocent once we awake. So innocent beyond blame, asking from where it came, across all the land thundering through rain, it explains and explains a concept bigger that is holding the reigns, but my mind is a frame, retrospectively changed by iron blood running memory over electric membrains, moved by repose, a larger size hasn't grown, for we are not globe, nor a cell of the clove, we are the ghosts of the bodies in the throws, of pre growth, being synthesized ad machine and if worthy we'll become, by our own hands indeed the reason this soil is the earth that we need.
Same energy, same concept, as forward so back, selling our dramas , lifting empathy back, leaving believing nothing, but the skin off our backs, the ghosts that we attract, the odds set at stack, that we would pack to the top of the world....and come down right back.

I remember many places, but not how books say, my firsthand accounts would tend to dismay, and they should i was not there, except that I was, from perspectives unaware, right left below and above, and this dove, this dove like nothing i've seen, nor thought was the meaning so many believe, showed me I breathed a breath at my start, and a difference in pressure pulled my make believe heart, to start, fluid out and Air in, a conscious depression when subtracting your kin, to malign them and combine them in one body of skin, so we step in ascendant in time, we are time traveling by the decay of the mind an up and down motion all newly weds find.

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 05:11 PM
the myth of scaler schedules.
in the minds eye ask your self , if in the avoidance of unnatural hazards , death finds me in old age , what will be my life span...

for me , not much longer than 100 I see...
100year I can agree , that is a good life , a life time for me.

look to your life , a thing thats complete , school is a good thing that most people agree.

the myth of the scale begin this if you see , all that you do is a scaler to be seen .

my age can be scaled and imposed on something I complete , see future and past as a pattern I seek.

look at class rooms and teachers , in the grade I am in , the things that I learn'd and people I meet .

all of the forces , the time you are in , are forces and patterns that start from with in .

all this assume , with a silly grin , you are from the start , a pattern born with in .

the life you live , the path that you walk , the talents and hard ship you were born with .

nothing you do , nothing you say , not a thought or an action is anything like what they say.... nothing is random , your soul has a mission that knows its way , success is not chance in randon decay , you were born of a god thought ,your clever that way , you have a greatness , get out of its way .

you know your heart the truth of this myth , look for your greatness , look for your way , seek out your soul travelers , make your self known , find the soul travelers of the guild into which you were born .

your fellows now seek you , those born of your clan , they will know you if ever they see in you a plan .
with in and with out , all around and about , souls look for the being with in your life will sprout , and shout out ....

I look in to the howling winds of void , solitary infinity , eternal isolation... but my soul travelers and I are never alone... we are lost to each other untill in a life time we find each other , by knowing and seeing each others greatness...

you are alone now , lost to your clan , know that they seek you that is the plan.

be your greatness , take it with in , find that signature that is the you with in.

that is how soul travelers see one of their kin , by knowing their fellow by the greatness glowing out from with in .

feel not alone , feel not afraid , walk the path of greatness , seek the path of order from in .

posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 03:23 AM
reply to post by readerone

and i see you, just as I've been seen, both readers we are, with one in between

we didn't come to learn or be taught, we came to remember that which was tossed

tossed off in a pleasure with irreparable measures encountered in leisure of all the souls that we've tendered so we endeavored on and on and on

If we count the image in a mirror before, a mirror behind us ceiling and floor, what's in store? Forever...

We hated the image unchanging our fits, enough to break it down to bits producing our children, the stars of our glitz, those punks and their attitudes
such little sh!ts, their whits grow smarter their power is greater, we teach them the lessons all the things that we hate here for what?

To be forgotten, rotten in corps, sown in a field of labor and force, drained of all will, creating the source of our own pathetic remorse and all this to feed the ouroboros.

to see we are seeing, to hear we are hearing, it's taste smell and touch that we are fearing, to loose sight and sound of....that dove.....that dove in the form of a Y, a wishbone and coven between you and I. Why? Why ends in the sound of I, as I am the distense and equation of pie ,
circum and round lost and now found, believing I love myself, but do i, will i, retain i from me, the judgment and gift of being able to see, who I am?

I'm everywhere and no where, i'm not up or down, i'm in or i'm out and still can't be found.

following sounds, vibrations in air, made in error so the waves would compound, or cross and carry, cash and bury, mingle and marry, myself to myself. Is this wealth? Do I generate to uncover the fate that relates to the meaning with in? if spirit is willing, but flesh is weak then I have no choice but to turn the other cheek.

So I, sophie, gnosis, and bel came to picnic with jill on the hill, in the limit of time, to call it all real, to taste touch and smell in all it's appeal, leaving the stamp of our majesties seal....death is peace, no movement at all rest and release, not awaiting a call a hot chocolate sunday in the autumn of fall

to worry about it, is like fearing sleep, it's the power of religions to put down the weak, it's not who we are, but who's left behind, but those will join us, with the absence of time as time is the only cross that we bear, bearing a burden all unaware it's not there, time isn't there, not physically, not spiritually, it tempts and it dares, it's not there, it's no where, only inside of fear, just as a the body appears of a tear.

a watery bubble, laced and powered by salt, produced of the eye, shed by insults, to the cult of our own personalities, schizophrenics reflect on voices that interject things they couldn't of known, like tele without a phone, or how all die alone, where he once was we could not of gone, and now that shes back in a different shape, we call him a new name and rap her up in a cape so we still wait and wait and wait and wait and wait, change the w to b and all i see is bait.

existence is grand, only begin and end, all of existence is from your hand, so a myth is a wonder, it's pardoned by choice, in a scalar blunder, separate static from voice, to invoice the cost and all the time never lost, except that we forget and that way all is new, but a few of us remember all we've been through.

Two readers, one, let the other understand, having fun with words of which we command, spinning our insides outward for man, revealing the whole is an elaborate scam to forget who I am, so that I can gather myself back again. The lords name in vain, or is it in veins run controlled and conquered in pain, thus reigns the rain.

Fame, I'm gunna live forever......

Scale the walls, sit on the crest, a drop in an ocean, a wind turned tempest, but I digress, I digress, still I digress

posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 06:33 PM
It's now hard to talk without a rhyme, so here it goes no more show time.

The problem I see with time travel is this.

We are already traveling time, so in order to go forward or backward, we would need to encase ourselves in a forward traveling bubble going forward or backwards.

In other words, we would need to have a regular clock running and be trapped inside of regular time to even perceive that we were time traveling. If we couldn't do that, we wouldn't know we were traveling as going back in time, we too would begin going backward till birth, now if forward we would begin aging till death. To get around this, we would have to create a bubble of standard forward moving time, then create another bubble condensing to go forward or un-condensing to go backward.

Time only exists for renewal, but doesn't really exist. From the minds eye, you are able to go anywhere, just not physically. Spirit has been here forever and will be here forever...we go no where but here...this is home. Space only exists, in absence of light. When all is lit, we will find we are one with nothing in between, no space, no light years, you from beginning till end, then you are no more nore ever will be again. Life will go forward, you will not, nor me, nor anyone.

Yet, who we are then, will remember and deja vu now. We will find this out for eternity and never be the same though we've walked the same roads and paths forever, we will not remember us, only memories will come back which we'll think strange. I've done it for eons, every time under a new name. You know, i know, most all know, they just don't remember the name of the show...."This is your life".

Anyway, there would have to be one time machine controlling the present bubble and another doing the forward and back, in order to have reference....just some thoughts...


posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 04:49 AM
to this , I suggest you read temps more closly.

it address's everything you said .

UFO's are the sign posts your bubble use's to know where you are .

these are dates , but as the grand mother paralell process's the even horizon , they come togather , rush to a single event where hundreds or thousands of years have been compressed in to a single day .

the sheild genarator you talk of colaps'd... creating the artifact we see as the pacific , atlantic , indian oceans and the med .

physical traveling can take any of 6 class's of ways... but it seems the way of choice , or the way least well hidden were in two class's

1) useing a target person in the past , some one you are a direct or indirect (blood related to/ancestor of) and move thru a single atom or quanta/pare of the gene to a time where you express in the past .... you take over the person ....

2) go to point of origin and split off in a non effect way , abduct people with out effecting the time line for use off world for tasks that have no meaning to us , and are hard to speculate with out the details of what is happening .

if you read temps , everything you are saying is address'd
the problem is... this is only a treatment of a 500,000 word story ... made up of 300 shorter storys.

the basic concept is their are nine conceptual class's of time paradox / meathods of time travel to the past .

going forword is time ( the speed the clock runs as you watch it ) is never an issue... because we can do that now with out difficulty .

temps is based on "temporal , tempoary , season of being "

what day it is , what month or years is meaningless , time as we know it is only a ruler , a standard of measure .

technology , what is around you , is what day it is .
change the place , and you change the person .

in temp's , there is a hidden warning , one that I hear all the time , but never fully understood untill I studied time travel .

the class's of paradox are these ... eternity , time , energy .
god , interface , awareness . and infinity , space and mass .

reality is the silver bubble , the silver bubble doesn't know the oil or water ... you only see the silver bubble ....

light or dark , emptyness or solide matter are all illusion...
the only thing that is ... is the interface ... everywhere in everything ... for as far as the mind can reach ....

the key to understand it is the void .

when you understand the void , you can begin to see where it is we are .

we are in a tetrahedron shaped envelope... eternity as one axial plane , infinity as the second ( perpendicular to its plane )

... you are a singular point , located in that envelop ...

the trick of time travel... is changing location with out loseing your origin . and that is why it is so hard to do .

frankly , if you understand what I said... your doing good... because it is a reach for me to understand it my self.

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 05:31 AM
post script

excuse me.. but you always come back as you.

who you are is a place between big bang and last black hole .
a single point unique to you alone .

to put a personal spin on this , would you be the same person if you lived with out cars , telephone .
and don't play games and dance around.

who you are is a function of the places you live and the times in which you live .

where you live is not a dencity found between the centr of the sun and the center of the earth , where you live is not location in space relitive to a galatic center or some vague x, y z geometery ....

where you are is what your doing right now . what your body is doing from birth , saying its location .... "where am I"

the first waking thought... where am I !

the mind is the same.. "what happened " what time is it , where am I in time , help me find where I am ...

from birth you ask the same questions... because that defines you , locates you ... says who you are as a unique , singular , one of a kind awareness in all of time and space .

once you see in to the void... you understand that this uniqueness is not subject to time or space . thats where you live... but your not limited by them , they only define you .

you are ...for eternal time , and in infinite space ... as a repeating awareness that is always you ... the person you are right this moment , with all the things you are right this moment ...

bad news ... same everything ....
good news ... you don't have to do it alone .

get over it

you travel thru eternity with others... some express with you , others don't ... deal the card , lets see who shows up this time .

mothers are forever , love is looking into eyes and knowing you don't face eternity alone... you look into their eyes and know that your not alone .

and mom is eternaly mom ... dad is too... but that gets complcated .

the short form , awareness has the same relation ship with god... as a quanta of mass has with infinity ... and a moment has with eternity . they can not be created nor distroyed .

short answer.. I don't think this any longer , I know that its true.
it has up sides and down sides .

frankly , you will never fully understand this untill you understand the void... which is a good thing .
don't rush out to find the void... not a happy place to visit.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 01:49 AM
God and Dog Raw as War both chasing their tails right here, both in and outside of the sphere, white is silver paled with fear, to find the void uncomfortably near. Light not so lite, worms veiled with right, weaving peer over peer?

So uncomfortably near, who we've known all along through our tears, our tears that are crystal clear, how they are void of the dreams we would share, but despair finds an heir, the aether of inanimate care, compares the singular eye and its stair, to the void outside of the sphere. It's in here, inside of the sphere, this cell that keeps everything clear, this cell splitting Cain over blood in our veins who is Able to hear?

The air waivers with words, i've too often heard, crying out of the void to my ears. Do my ears hear? Does my heart fear? Do I see figures appear? Molecules elect and magnetically cured, mirages that float in the air? Do I spare from them, knowing I don't wear the skin of which i pretend to still wear? How to bear this care, to resurrect what's fair and just and right, to escape the void inside here.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 09:01 AM
what fear dear ? transdimentional inverse mobius loop feed back loop .

let me explain my meaning.

awareness " I S " the interface between time and space .

what human kind will shortly be aware of is that energy and location are the illusions .

the waviocle particle/wave paradox , seen from a diffrent point of veiw proves that space light particles , and time light wave propagation is in fact a test of awareness , not of light .

the new math will resolve infinite's as a fractal of order in point of veiw .

taken to its logical conclusion.... awareness is all we see or measure .

the vale's of the atom are awareness , the gravitation are the input information , electro mag exo information .

the mobius may have only one side... but what happens on one side has a equal and oppisite counterpart on the other .
giving a balance of equals .

time / space is a mobius , what it express's is awareness...

this is where the trick comes in...

DNA is a mobius ...

RNA is are mobuis .

and the synapic paramedium between the left and right brain are mobuis ... ( or to say... the brain is a giant mobuis loop ... making your thinking endlessly feeding back to itself . )

the steam cycle of a closed system is the best physics model to study the propertys .

boiler --> motor --> condencer --> feed water pump-->boiler

mechanical / mass nature , connection between [ motor and pump ]

heat energy / energy nature , connection between [ boiler and condencer ]

4 states of matter are represented ( plasma / gas / liquid /solide ) in metaphor (high heat-high pressure) , (high heat-low pressure),(low heat-high pressure ), (low heat- low pressure ) .

with in this metaphor you also have the metaphor of heat going only to the boiler from the condencer , and rotation only going in one direction .

upon greater studie of the metaphor... the transport fluid , be it water , ammonia , or alchol ...would represent awareness nature ....

which feels and see's the effect of mass nature and energy nature... but indirectly ...

caught in an endless closed loop , all fractal to the under pinned mobius law .

seen only in the minds eye... never directly.

be not afraid my friend... your awareness is caught in an endless cycle of energy and matter.... that is not easy to see or understand...

but will soon be understood enought to lead out to a more intresting time .

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 10:39 PM
Friend is always good to hear.

Some make you earn that title.

I've always been of mind that it is given then depreciated upon if the situation is lacking or credited when it is abundant, but I've always known that those of like mind are the ones with whom I would rather associate my time and talents.

I thank you for sharing that which is yours with me. Your stories inspire me. I don't believe you are a prophet, but I do profit from your mind and your articulation of ideas which are well defined only when done all I can do is rhyme....

Thanks again....Friend

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 06:20 AM
if time /space is an interface manifold , an envelop in the shape best understood as a tetrahedron .

two infinite edges....1) infinite energy with out matter ( big bang ) or location , for a value of 100% +1%/-0%... relitive to eternity.

the oppisite edge ...

2) infinite mass at one location in infinite space with out any other location . for a mass nature value of 100% +1%/-0% in all of infinite space .

and if E=Mcc is the fractal relationship of awareness..

then you personaly are a e=mcc relationship of a place unique in all of infinite space , and a unique energy state in all of eternity .

what is very cool is that I too am here , so , I too have this time and space in common with you . not the unique one to you , but one very close to yours .

we , you and I shall share eternity togather , I will know you , speak with you in person an eternity of times ... as a percentage of infinity and eternity .

you and I will know each other forever ....

you will never have to look into the void alone , for I will be with you .
you are only alone when you let go of the rest of us , close your mind to us , and abandon hope .

I am no better or no less than you .
the only thing I have is a simple voice , that has seen the void , and found my way back from its solitude with answers that you can find on your own .
nothing I know is beyond any other aware soul .

it is the voice of a god , but not the answers religon will give .
its a god that says... seek , lisen for the questions , give your answers , think with your brain , feel with your heart .... don't confuse the two functions , designs , or roles .

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 06:23 AM
wat is with the awfully longggggggggggggggggg post? make a short version.

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