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H1N1 Updates from Conference

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posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 07:17 PM
...received the following information today, do with it what you will. All info is US specific.

- We're entering Stage 2 of the pandemic. It should start early Sept (when kids go back to school), peak end-October mid-November, end early January '10.
- H1N1 vaccination will become available sometime in October. As of the session, pregnant women, children, & healthcare workers will get first dibs. The vaccination will be in two parts which much be taken at least 28 days apart. (Notice the time frame that brings us to)
- Currently, the Federal gov't is not planning direct actions, it'll be left to State and local government (unless it mutates to a deadlier strain).
- The fall wave is expected to be similar to the spring (mild to moderate).
- However, up to a 30% no-show employment rate is expected at times.
- The flu lasts 6-8 days and currently spreads equally (not doing more harm to healthy individuals, which is what separates it from the 1918 strain).
- Most do not need to go to hospitals, except if resperatory infection develops & affects breathing. Keep stocked up on meds (Tylenol, cough syrup, etc) and ride it out.

So what's the big deal?

The potential problem comes with people not going to work (or too many schools closing & parents staying w/ kids). If a 30% no-show rate develops in the work force, this could affect distribution. If the public keeps out of public spaces, malls will suffer. Add all of this up & you have a tense situation for today's economic climate. No shoppers/workers -> Cut hours -> closed stores -> economic hit.

The other area to watch out for are bans on public gatherings (tea parties, protests).

Other countries will be a guide, such behavior is the last thing the USA want's to enact (conspiracy theories aside). So if other Western countries close borders, have public bans, etc, then it's more likely to occur here.

The overall plan is to keep kids in schools (only remove the sick one's) and to keep people working. Public Service Campaigns are going to start soon to "prevent" panic buying & hospital overcrowding.

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