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Anyone ever been "Hypnotically Regressed" Tell us your story...

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posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 03:02 PM
Has anyone here been throught "Past Life Regression" OR "Alien Abduction Regression"? Or has there ever been a previous post about someone's personal story of going with a hyptnotic regression of the sorts above?

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 04:01 PM
I was once plagued by dreams of chasing down a steep hill with hundreds of others, until we eventually splashed into some shallow water. I remembered a lot of screams and shouting, bodies everywhere and finally restng on my back looking at a black crow fly from the upper branches of a tree.
I didn't know what it meant so I asked for the help of a dream specialist who said that it signified fear of the future! That didn't make any sense either so when a friend said it might be a past life memory I agreed to be regressed. Now I could tell you a load of rubbish about being a cavalier (as someone once told me I had been) or such like but my overwhelming memory of it was of being disconnected. Iwas there on my couch, but somehow I wasn't. Anyway, it turns out that he kept telling me to go back but although I was clearly hypnotised it didn't seem to work. I had no pre life memories whatsoever.
Being hypnotised is a very strange feeling though.

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 08:53 PM
I was once, and came back believing I was jack the ripper reincarnated, and after that got kicked out of the masons... hmm.. then the second time I believed I was molested by an old guy named stan, who had a fetish for men in oatmeal.

LMFAO!! no seriously.. its something I have been wanting to get done for two reasons.. Reincarnation (i am an avid believer in this) and to see if one can see into their own soular future. if you know anyone that does this.. do let a cracker know mate..

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 09:00 PM
reply to post by stanlee

Me too. I am 100% convinced I have "done this" before, and I am leaning towards having done it many, many times. Already had a couple of visions of past incarnations, but getting more details and perhaps more insight to just how many times I've done this would be off the hook.

I am also starting to question whether some of my many sightings may have something "extra" to them, and would love to regress back to a couple of incidents in particular that left me somewhat startled and slightly scratching my head as to what just occurred...

Regression on my to-do list for sure...

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 10:26 PM
Regression on my to-do list too, but I cannot be hypnotized, it has been tried several times. I learned how to access past life events by myself, buy studying books on the subject. The method I used was to visualize a calender before your face, and you make the pages turn backwards. Just a few at a time at first, then more and more. this method works pretty good for astral travel into the past. I have come onto some new, better ways to do it since then, now I see like a tunnel that I can look through into another time. Harder to access, it has much clearer pictures that way. I would really love to regress way back, and investigate all of my past lives, all that way back to Lyra. I am aware of many of these lives, but have no real memories of them.

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 10:36 PM
This guy Dr. Michael Newton is awesome he specializes in regression but he focuses on the "in between lives" part so the time you spend in the spirit world.

I just bought his book called soul journey and I cant put it down .... after 30 years of regressing people to their (in between life) in the spirit world he has found amazing consistencies told by all of those who have regressed.

If you have some one who is grieving from a lost loved one or some one who is terminally ill this material is by far the best ...

Part one of 5 video's here follow the rest in youtube

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 12:35 PM
You can be hypnotized, you are every time you watch tv to some extent. Also, if you have ever 'zoned' while driving and realize you are much further along your course than you thought. Perhaps you reach your destination and didn't remember much of the drive.

Bottom line is you have to release your fears to be completely hypnotized. It is not another state of mind like 'ZAP your hypnotized'. It is simply a very deep state of relaxation. Your conscious mind is relaxed and does not try and take over all thoughts and block out the subconscious. This is what its all about. Letting your subconscious speak.

I was regressed only once by a pro. It was only a little interesting. I was in feudal Japan at the time. Don't know what gender. I was in sort of a wheat field walking through the field feeling the tips of the brown 'wheat'. I had the feeling that there was much torment in the area. War lords fighting for lands. I was wanting to just enjoy a peaceful walk in the land away from it all.

Picture the opening of the movie 'Gladiator" where he is walking in the field feeling the grass before he looks up into the battle scene. It was sort of like that except I didn't look up and away. I 'felt' the rest of the story about the warlords etc..

Not too exciting, but the visuals and feeling were interesting to me.

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 01:07 PM
My first hypnosis session turned out to be almost unbelievable, from my point of view, although the hypnotist wasn't phased. He was an ex-NASA guy who'd moved to Australia upon retirement, as I later learned. He'd known Velikovsky and had worked on the space programmes in the 60s.

He was top of the field and had a column in the local paper as well as assisting during operations where the patient for one reason or another, could not have general anaesthetic. He was very respected by the medical fraternity and was consulted on occasion by psychiatrists re: patients who appeared to be genuinely experiencing past-lives.

This hypnotist told me that as far as he was aware (this was in the early 80s) there had only been two proven cases of reincarnation, one of these being the movie star Glenn Ford. He'd observed a number of people who believed themselves to have lived past lives though. On one occasion he said, his assistance was sought by a group of Brisbane (Australia) psychiatrists in relation to a man who, when hypnotised, provided stunning detail of a past life as a 17th century sailor on British warships. The hypnotist agreed that the man was extremely convincing and his speech (terminolgy, dialect, etc) was believable for the period he seemed to be reliving under hypnosis.

The psychiatrists claimed the man, in his real life, knew very little about 17th century sea-faring life, etc. They were convinced they had another Bridie Murphy on their hands and probably had book and movie rights flashing dollar signs before their eyes.

The hypnotist observed the hypnotised man for a few different sessions, yet offered no opinion. The next time he observed the man however, he took with him a length of rope. When the man was hypnotised and re-enacting his supposed previous life as a sailor (complete with screams of agony after being speared by flying wood after a cannon-hit from the enemy) the hypnotist placed the length of rope in the man's lap and instructed him to fashion several common sailor's knots.

As the hypnotist explained, even a teenaged weekend-sailor would have been able to perform the knots automatically. The allegedly regressed 17th century sailor was totally unable to create the knots however, which wasn't surprising as he was (in real life) an accountant with no sailing experience whatsoever. He fumbled with the rope, despite he was still in 'sailor mode' and under the hypnosis and further, had been instructed by the hypnotist to make the knots. At that point, the psychiatrists agreed that convincing though the man's supposed past-life had been, it wasn't genuine. This isn't to say the man had deliberately attempted to portray himself as a reincarnated sailor .. it had happened while he was hypnotised for another reason altogether and had astounded the man as well as the psychiatrist.

The hypnotist told me the explanation was mundane: we all absorb information without being aware of it. The mind is endlessly creative, astonishingly so. Clearly, the man had been exposed to information about 17th century sailors, despite having no conscious awareness of doing so. When he was hypnotised, this information had been fashioned by the man's creative mind into a convincing 'past life'. When put to the test however, the past-life was revealed as having no substance.

I prefer hypnotists such as the one I've described here -- prefer them to subject everything to critical analysis. Other hypnotists are happy to take people's money and will (often deliberately) 'prompt' the client via means of suggestions, leading questions, etc. in order a 'past life' will emerge.

Some people are aware they've been virtually led by the hypnotist into a pseudo past-life experience. The hypnotist pockets the money and gains additional clients via word-of-mouth, and the clients are delighted to have a 'past life' to dwell on and talk about with others.

An ethical regressionist or standard hypnotist, when confronted by a seeming past life, should ask, several times during the session, 'Where did you first encounter/see/hear about, this information'. If they did, it would emerge (in many instances) that the information's origin (the past-life) lay in a movie, on tv, in a book, etc.

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 02:13 PM
Began my last post by saying my first experience of hypnosis proved to be quite an eye-opener.

I'd decided to try hypnosis rather than traditional medicine, for a fairly common condition. Had never been to a hypnotist before, but as explained in my earlier post, we had in our vicinity a highly regarded hypnotist consulted State-wide by surgeons and medical professionals as well as having his own weekly column in the local and other newspapers.

It began very ordinarily: lie down, loosen any restrictive clothing and shoes. Place blanket over lower limbs. Make yourself comfortable. If you wish, you can focus on the black and white spiral-patterned whirly-gig up there on the wall .. some people like and expect that. But it's not necessary. Your choice. Look at your watch please and tell me what time it says. Your watch says 7.15. Fine. Now, just listen to my voice ...

Next I knew, I heard his voice telling me that I was feeling refreshed .. Four .. Wide awake now on the count of five .. Five. Something like that.

I opened my eyes and stretched my arms, the way you do after a nap, and looked at him. He was still as he'd been last time I'd looked at him, just sitting there to my right, a notepad on his lap.

To be honest, I felt a bit stupid, lying there near a complete stranger. You wonder if your mouth's been hanging open, or if you've been drooling or have broken wind. I couldn't remember a thing. I didn't even know if I'd been hypnotised or not. It felt as if I'd been there about two minutes.

' You can sit up if you like, and put your shoes on. That's all for today' he said, or words to that effect.

I still didn't know if I'd been hypnotised. I'd had no real preconceived ideas about what being hypnotised would be like, but even so, this felt like a let-down.

' I must have fallen asleep', I said, 'Was I hypnotised at all ? '

He said yes, I had been. I wasn't convinced and said, ' I don't remember it '.

He asked what I did remember and I told him I remembered nothing at all past the point he'd been telling me my eyelids were growing heavier, etc.

Still unconvinced and unimpressed, I said, 'So is that all there is to it ? ' and he replied it was sufficient for today.

' So that's it ? ' I said, ' I thought it would feel different or last longer or something'.

It was at around that point that he asked if I remembered what the time had been when he'd told me to look at my watch. I replied it had been 7.15. And I knew that was a fact, based on the time of my appointment with him, the time I'd left home, the time I'd arrived at his rooms and so on.

He said, 'And how long do you think you were hypnotised ? '

I replied, 'Oh, about two minutes.'

He raised his eyebrows a bit and smiled, so I said, ' Well, maybe for five minutes '

He said, 'No longer than that ? ' and I replied no, I must have been hypnotised for a few minutes, that was all. Five at the most.

' Would you look at your watch again please, and tell me what time it is ? '

I did. My watch said 8.20. I couldn't believe it and looked to the clock on the wall which said the same thing.

An hour ! I really couldn't believe it. I was convinced now that I'd fallen asleep and said so.

He replied I had not been asleep, but had gone 'very deep'. When I said again that it must be because I'd been asleep, he said he could assure me I had not been asleep but in an extremely deep state.

I asked him how he knew that and he said he'd been taking my pulse throughout. Again, I found that hard to believe. I was sure I would have felt it if he'd touched me.

'How do you know I wasn't just asleep ?' I said, and he said because he knew, and in any case, I'd been responding to his instructions throughout, had been verbally responding, etc. He assured me I had not been asleep but in a 'deep' state, one of the deepest he'd witnessed lately.

That alarmed me, so he said although it was not particularly common, it was far from unusual.

I was still sceptical, but went away with a brief written post-hypnotic suggestion which I was to use 3 times daily until our next session. I asked him how it would work without hypnosis and he said he had instilled post-hynotic suggestions which would take effect when I followed his simple preparatory instructions (first, make sure you won't be disturbed. Make yourself comfortable. Breath regularly, etc.) and read the brief written list, which I was then to drop by my side.

The hypnosis was successful in treating the reason I'd gone to him about, much to my surprise to be honest.

In later years, being more confident about hypnosis after my sessions with this man (who had died) I went to several other hypnotists, expecting to be easily hypnotised. This wasn't the case however. Whether they lacked experience or simply lacked the ability, who can say. I went through a pretence of 'waking up' each time, thanked them, paid them, but never returned. Throughout, I'd been fully and painfully awake, fully conscious and embarrassed about what a sham I was taking part in, in order not to embarrass them. It's excruciating, lying there pretending to be hypnotised out of politeness and at the same time wanting desperately to just sit up and face them and say, 'Look, this isn't working, let's forget about it if you don't mind'. Instead, you lie there like an idiot, making yourself breathe evenly, resisting the urge to scratch an itch or wipe your nose or wriggle your toes .. all for the sake of someone who's completed a 'hynotherapy' course and whose confidence will be destroyed if you don't go along with the pretence.

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 03:03 PM
I did once. We were 3 people trying it for fun and was not serious at all. Always though it has been so stupid because everyone seemed to have been something really big in the past

Well, one of my friends started trying to hypnotize us...we used a long time to relax..and I felt I was in the dark, looking around..trying to get a glimpse of something. Then I felt myself. A big, fat man...hairy,I was dressed in some kind of brown robes and I had something around my belly to keep it in place. I was very fat, so when I walked it felt like a struggle. There was a big stone building in the middle of a very green forest, and I was sleeping on a wooden board that hung from chains in the wall. I am not sure if this was a prison or a monastery of some sort.

This was what I could get out if it, dont know if it was anything at all and it was certainly not very noble

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