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"Damn The Country, Obama Must Fail"

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posted on Nov, 7 2014 @ 07:13 PM
if voting actually worked, the govt wouldnt let us do it. thats why they d their darndest to restrict protesting, demonstratimg, make 'free speach zones' , prosecute whistleblowers....all the things that really put a thorn in their side.

this fake 'two party' system is beyond SO s visit really showed. of course we all knew that.....what can change all this? not sure..but what I am sure of is that voting doesnt work and there is a huge NEED for other view points to become involved in washington. how long will thi bad joke go on before the dam bursts? and WHEN it does, what will there be left to work with?

posted on Nov, 13 2014 @ 11:29 PM
5 years later, and this holds truer now than it did then, since now we have a Republican congress dedicated to nothing else but Obama's destruction, for no better reason than a visceral, irrational, almost religious hatred of the man.

Well, I hope it was worth it, because they have permanently alienated and driven away a large hunk of their swing/moderate supporters in their tantrums.

I have a couple friends, one was in the Marines, one was in the army. Both did multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both were pretty staunch conservatives who live in Virginia, both work now for defense contractors. Both have awesome collections of weapons, and both were very much like me (leaning Libertarian philosophically, moderate conservative politically) So I almost crapped myself when, in the last election, both voted for Obama. I almost thought they were pulling a prank on me, but they were dead serious. I asked them both why, and they both gave me similar answers. Basically, they would continue to vote Democrat until the conservatives in this country grew the hell up, stopped their tantrums and acted like leaders.

Though I didn't vote for Obama, I totally agreed with them (I voted Libertarian). The Republican/conservatives care nothing about the country, only political rivalry. Instead of blindly attacking and shooting down every piece of legislation the Democrats create, maybe they should consider doing their damn jobs and actually offering better solutions. If all the Republicans stand for is to destroy the Democrats, then as a party, they have become utterly useless, even destructive.

The fact that they have shot down several bills for Veteran benefits, despite their BS claims to being "more American and patriotic" than their rivals, is just one example of why I consider them more a threat to the country than any terrorist or rival military.

posted on Nov, 21 2014 @ 09:27 AM
Visceral indeed! There is an old political word that has described certain people on the right: reactionary. That visceral hatred of all things liberal has become prominent in a party that has shed its own liberals and moderates.

The current Great Change started when the GOP welcomed disaffected Southern white voters (many Democrats) after the Civil Rights legislation and disaffected/angry white voters after the "culture war" of the 1960-70s. The GOP went on to nurture, promote and use this voting block's white supremacist and reactionary thinking to gain power in Washington.

The disaffected Southern white voting bloc carried with it a hatred of federal power (go back 150 years to the Civil War and Reconstruction) into the GOP, along with the Southern white supremacism of the Dixiecrats. Up until the Southern Strategy, Northern (liberal) Democrats were able to balance this part of their party and win elections nationally; and Southern Dems received the benefits of being in the "working man's" party.

The Republican Party has been and continues to be the party that favors big business and the wealthy, and now the uber-wealthy, billionaires. With the amount of money in politics and dark money, the GOP stands out as the party for the "haves" and "have mores" who need the votes of their reactionary, historically supremacist, and often “have less” voting bloc to remain in power to pass legislation (and control the judiciary) of their 1% agenda, which does not include allowing the “have less“ to share the wealth of the economy.

After this regrouping, the GOP took on a more visceral hatred for any president or presidential candidate deemed "liberal", from Carter to Obama. We have to remember the Southern Republican hatred for Bill Clinton, who often was called the "first black president". And it was during Clinton's term, that Southern Newt Gingrich coalesced uncompromising reactionaries and gained national political power for himself and for the GOP.

Even in the 1990’s, Gingrich and his followers were willing to “damn the country“ and try to force failure on a POTUS. And this is all set against the backdrop of increasing reactionary (eg Koch) money being spent to spread their ideology.

Obama presented not one but two areas of attack for the GOP: he is "liberal" (although their view is so skewed to the right, that he appears as a Marxist but in reality is more a moderate Republican of old) and he is black. Before Obama, Democratic white male presidential candidates had already been skewered by the GOP (ultimately allowing for a candidate with admittedly weak leadership skills [GW Bush] to gain power). And he was not just any black man but a "foreign" black man, Republicans whispered or shouted. And not just any black man but either an angry Christian Marxist or a Muslim, antithetical to the reactionary Christian base.

Unless you are someone (regardless of sex or skin color) who supports the reactionary billionaire GOP ideology of the 1980 platform of David Koch (not Ronald Reagan!), you will be attacked. Being a non-white or female Democrat merely gives Republicans another target to attack. Vast right-wing conspiracy indeed, and the country be damned!

posted on Nov, 11 2016 @ 11:55 AM
Congratulations, GOP! You got your wish. The country failed.

Donald J. Trump's ascent to the White House is the final victory of Lewis Powell's 1971 memo to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (I wrote a book about this titled The Crash of 2016), and now we all need to hang on for a wild ride.

It began when Jim DeMint played the Republican takeover of our government brilliantly, with generous help from the Koch brothers, and the Democrats failed to notice (although some of us were, literally, yelling about it). Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign completely failed to learn the lessons of the Bernie revolution.

The last time a Republican president was elected with both a GOP House and Senate was 1928—Herbert Hoover. Yes, that Herbert Hoover. The one of the Great Depression. Get ready.

The seeds were planted in an underreported 2009 meeting.

I do not agree that Bernie Sanders would have won against the GOP political machine. We should not, as some pundits are saying, prepare for 2020. No, we cannot rely on one person but rather on One Voice. Americans now must speak with One Voice against those who moved on Lady Liberty like a bitch and grabbed her pussy.

To those who can only hold power by making others fail, congratulations on your victory. But it is a false victory when you left so many dead and wounded in your path. You will be stopped. With One Voice.

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