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Pursuit of Project Aquarius

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posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 11:43 AM
I was snooping around, and I found this little Post or website or what ever.

An ongoing 1954 Top Secret project that looked into how to communicate with aliens. That projects existence was revealed in the PROJECT AQUARIUS Briefing Document and is said to have succeeded in 1964 when a USAF intelligence officer met two other aliens at a prearranged location in a desert in New Mexico. However, there is a "Project Sigma" listed in the 1986 Defense Marketing Services Code Name Directory as a "Top Secret Air Force program involving Rockwell International" and has been officially identified as a laser weapons project.

And that is all on that page, except for a link to this site :

A Top Secret project that was started in 1953 and was set up to accumulate as much data as possible about alien life forms and to distribute the collected information to the relevant projects. Its existence was revealed by WILLIAM MOORE when he released three pages of a "Project Aquarius Executive Briefing Document" to the public. Unfortunately for Moore, this document is now thought to be a fake due to its sloppy presentation (there was a logo on the cover which looked like it had been drawn on with a felt-tip pen) as well as missing background detail. Moore was asked to release more proof that Project Aquarius existed, but he refused, saying that the burden of proof is on those saying that the document is a hoax.

That was all the info on this site, except for this link :

William Moore

Which has an Error 404 , page not found..
After some more search, I found the link below..

Pursuit of Project Aquarius
Irrevocably connected to the Paul Bennewitz case is a document which has been called many things including "bogus." It is usually known as either "The Aquarius Document," or "The NASA (or NSA) Telex." The name of a supposedly highly secret UFO related project, "Aquarius" appears in the unverifiable Telex:

California researcher William L. (Bill) Moore first had the Telex. He has claimed that he received the telex from U.S. government agents in February, 1981, and that the Telex as we know it is a "retyped" (changed) version of an original message Moore had been shown earlier. New York Attorney Peter Gersten made the document public later that year.

Interested researchers then tried to verify or refute the Telex and the information in it. FOIA requests produced information indicating that the Telex was not a legitimate government cable, at least in the form it was distributed. Whether or not the telex was a total fabrication remains unknown, but many if not most, researchers now believe it to be. Although much of the information in the Telex has been shown to be incorrect or false, certain items therein have some validity. It was this aspect of the Telex that most interested us: how much of the information in the Telex was correct and how did come to be so. This article addresses our pursuit of "Project Aquarius."

Late in 1985, researcher Chris Lambright received an FOIA response letter from the National Security Agency (NSA) in reply to his query about three project names. Two of the projects were dismissed ion the reply, but Project Aquarius was treated separately and differently. The NSA FOIA letter asked for $15,000 up front to perform a Project Aquarius records search with no promise of results. This was a tantalizing suggestion of possible substance in Project Aquarius.

Lambright then requested the "goals" of Project Aquarius. The NSA replied that 'even the release of the project name could reasonably be expected to cause grave damage to the national security,' and therefore was properly classified. This language was straight out of the section on the Top Secret classification of the Executive Order which established the classification system, Executive Order 12356. Confirmation! Project Aquarius existed and was classified Top Secret!

~~ Long Snip ~~

We now have direct evidence that the Project Aquarius conducted by DARPA was not UFO related. But we are left with the question of whether or not the NSA Aquarius database is UFO related. Again, NSA has stated that it is not.

If the still withheld NSA Aquarius information is not UFO-related, then the inclusion of the name "Aquarius" in the Telex was either an effective diversionary disinformation tactic, or a random selection by the creators of the bogus 1980 Telex. A close shave with Occam's razor might suggest the later, but the question of by what mechanism did the creators of the Telex obtain the name of an (at the time) classified project remains open.

What do you guys think ? Looks to me like an planned DisInfo campaign with actual Information ?
Considering that the suposed 'fake' telex did mention a 'current' classified opperation call sign: Aquarius ..

In that way, the truth (?) would be hidden in plain sight...

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by ChemBreather
This is more like it CM! Much better than Lloyd Pye!

The guys involved in the Project Aquarius are a very interesting set of people. Ex-CIA and involved on some level in all manner of UFO mischief since the early 1970s. MJ-12 documents, the Lear Document, Project SERPO, They've built up relationships with people and slowly fed them good, checkable information. They act as sources between 'high-level whistleblowers' and pass on information.

Eventually, they would blend in disinformation. With the trust already built, people were less likely to treat their accounts with valid scrutiny.

Rick Doty name is a thread that runs through all these schemes. If you read interviews or the websites of credible UFO researchers like George Knapp, Stan Friedman, Don Ecker, Frank Warren and Kevin Randle...they all discuss Moore, Kit Green and Doty.

What isn't clear is the motivations behind them all. Were they sanctioned to discredit UFO researchers. Where they after one person? Was it money?

One theory by IIRC Randle, is that a whistleblower was going to (or had) release crucial documents that proved without doubt the US had retrieved alien technology. They 'flooded the market' with misinfo, disinfo, BS, fake documents and cast doubt on everything. Sneaky huh?

Bill Moore’s Disinfo – A Vehicle for Injected Social Memes

Isn't It About Time Rick Doty Was Taken Outside And Humanely Disposed Off?

Majestic 12

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 01:24 PM
reply to post by Kandinsky

You dont like Pye

I looked through your links , added to Favs, gonna read more Carefuly.
I've heard another version of MJ12, probably just made up : Mars Jupiter 12 ..

Well, the reason ofcourse, would be to 'bleed out' the information, mix it up so bad with DisInfo that it would almost be impossible to figure out what is, and what is not without going back to the first reliable source of infromation, and step by step puzzle the pieces again with Only credible sources..

UFOs and the New World Order
The story of the New World Order—UFO connection is a story of ideas moving in two directions, not one. In the initial movement, New World Order beliefs became entwined with UFO beliefs. A second migration followed in the 1990s, in which New World Order ideas with their new UFO add-ons returned to the right-wing milieu in which they had first developed. In that milieu, the combination led to the development of two diametrically opposed syntheses. In one, exemplified by British writer and lecturer David Icke (discussed at length in chapter 6), the human conspirators feared by the radical right are actually doing the bidding of malevolent extraterrestrial forces whose ultimate aim is control of the earth. In the other, epitomized by the views of Milton William Cooper at the end of his life, there are in fact no aliens at all. The appearance of an alien assault on the earth is being manufactured by human conspirators to provide a pretext for the assumption of global dictatorial powers.

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posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 12:37 PM
reply to post by ChemBreather

Found this....

And this re NWO agenda explaining it is about oil and all money that can be made off it before a new form of "free" energy will be revealed.

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