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Roswell Alien Interview reveals our origins?

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posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 03:34 PM
Not saying this is fake or not but I think this section needs to be pointed out.


As far as the Editor of the book, "Alien Interview" is concerned, and for all practical purposes, the content of the book is a work of fiction. The Editor makes no claim to the factuality of the content, and in fact, cannot prove that the alleged author actually ever existed. Although some of the dates, locations, persons and incidents described may be factual or based on fact, there is no evidence to authenticate that equally as many may be subjective contrivances of the author.

Source from OP's Post: Alien_Interview.pdf

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 03:39 PM

Originally posted by kroms33
I have noticed a plethora of inconsistencies thus far, such as – if these beings are pure ‘energy’ or souls – why do they need to inhabit a “doll,” and why do they need space ships if they can travel almost any distance they want with just a thought?
Wouldn’t it be more economic for them to not build space ships and produce doll bodies since they are so interested in “ORDER. POWER. FUTURE ALWAYS. CONTROL. GROW.”

Well, I can answer the "why do they use ships?" question.

You know who George Carlin is? He is definitely one of my favorite comedians. Anyway I think he can answer your question.

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 03:40 PM
Other sources would suggest that if Roswell had anything to do with our origins, it had much more to do with time travel and a paradoxical time loop that has mankind and many of its achievements being transmitted, created, and periodically influenced by people (human beings) from the future, not aliens.

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 08:22 PM

Originally posted by primetime2123
sounds like complete BS to me.....since it contradicts pretty much everything from alien abduction accounts to other supposed insider accounts....complete fiction

Pretty much my opinion to... i love it when people start to bandy around numbers like 400 trillion years, sure our understanding of time might be wrong but its as if any old story has to use ridiculous time intervals to make it sound unique (much like that other pile of fantasy the terra papers).

I also love how the alien comes from an invading 'we are superior so you are now property of ours' empire that doesn't like some 'Old Empire' totalitarians that already rule here so they have a fight... i mean, sounds like every one out in space are a bunch of malevolent bastards... and they call earth hell ... oh please. This just sounds like a Terra Paper rewrite, although admittedly alot better than that pile of garbage.

Wasnt the person assigned to look after the supposed alien recovered at Roswell a man?...

Also its funny how they go on with an earth historical time line but call it nonsensical to any normal human, which is just an easy way of saying 'if you dont believe it or cant believe it its your own fault!'. hmmm notice how the Domains symbol happens to be an almost verbatim Star Trek insignia
I mean... oh wait some will say the fictional symbols based on the real symbol, so no point in even trying to bring that little gem up.

Oh dear just read about how Earth just isnt good to live on since you cant make a lasting civilization on such a supposedly unstable planet... and they boast having trillion year old tech, seems they DO have limitations, limitations we humans have learnt and are learning to get around in the last few hundred years, you'd think theyd at least have the ability to build cities off the ground so natural disasters wouldnt be an issue. Hmm they can repopulate planets with life and they do so with Earth, but as before they where saying how unsuitable Earth is.

So it bashes religion and 'god' as control methods but then stomps all over evolution by saying it doesnt happen, guess it wants to appeal to both sides. IS-BE's (gods) cause evolution (slowly) and life through use of tech. so they get those who believe in God, Evolution or 'aliens made us' all going 'hmmm this could be truth!'. Must have been reading from the manual of 'how to hedge your bets volume 1'

Beh enough not gonna read any more of this, but hey i guess im just mentally close minded (completely the opposite really but at least i have a reasonable level of objectivity). Sorry for the rant, but really.

Edit:- reading a little further yeah i said id stop but this is to much of a laugh... errr so all life is made thanks to a bunch of intergalactic bio-tech businesses and the food chain is due to an agreement between them to smooth over some corporate assassinations... how benevolent of this supposedly higher beings.

Ah hell this is whats wrong with the UFO field these days. And some people are actually believing this?

Edit 2:- Errr... Genes, Chromosomes are a development in biological engineering technology? Thats... err an insight not a development, they've always been there. That little befuddled sentence alone blows any supposed 'this is a real story' right out of the water, considering the writer of the letters is a nurse with a medical background (sure she would have been retired prior to their discovery (not development) but being a nurse she'd understand them to a point she wouldnt make such a ridiculous mistake.

[edit on 12-8-2009 by BigfootNZ]

posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 01:33 PM
I too have had some extremely life changing experiences that blasted far past any concept of a personified deific mentality to the degree that I finally learned how to channel energy. I have even measured said energy output. I have even seen enough to the degree that I am not at all afraid of dying. Though I am considerate of the method used in said demise. I have touched what I would consider the source and have come to the conclusion that I am in no way equipped to understand what it is or what its inner machinations are. I just know that I exist because of it.

If I am an IS-BE, then that is what I am. If I am something else altogether different, then so be it. The bottom line is, we do not know the rock solid specifics. So, the best we can do is accumulate data collectively, examine said data and postulate and hypothesize accordingly.

There is an intelligence behind our existence, that is a fact. I find it odd that we are capable of so much, yet allow ourselves to be deluded that we are not capable of anything at all.

Whether or not the posted document is true, if does not bely the fact that hiding revelatory news in plain site is the easiest way to seeming discredit it.

And as one of the posters said referring to earth as a science experiment... It would seem more like an ant farm to me.

I just hope they do not decide to shake it up.

[edit on 13-8-2009 by freshwreckage]

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 05:58 AM
I read the story with great interest and even a degree of acceptance until page 114... after that my faith in the material dwindled considerably. A company in another part of space, trillions of years ago called "Arcadia"? What is the origin of the word Arcadia? Isn't it Latin? Life forms being designed and sold to the highest bidder? The duck-billed platypus being designed as a novelty for a rich client? A company called "Bugs & Blossoms"? A name depending entirely on the English language?

And members of a council being murdered? When the idea of physical death belongs solely within the Earth's culture of physical birth/death. Airl had already stated that an Is-Be cannot ever be killed.

Quite apart from the historical inconsitencies... the dinosaurs were wiped out 65M years ago, not 70M years ago. That is only one of many. in the timeline of history there was no mention of the inception of Islam, presumably because the author does not wish for repercussions from extremists.

Having said all that, I do believe we are all spirit, and that we are all beings of infinite potential. However, while living on the Earth, almost nobody has been able to realise this potential. The nature of the Is-Be as described in the story does have a ring to it and there is a kind of spiritual truth. It is rather unfortunate that it lost it's credibility a third of the way through.

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