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Absolute Proof! No Planes on 911 !!! (Jim Fetzer Interviews John Lear - 7-27-09)

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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 06:37 PM
Im surprised how many make light of this obvious attack on common sense and the truther movement. Nonsense like this is so much more damaging than that of the skeptics and official-version-believers.

Not only that but its also an attack on many thousands of live witnesses and an attack on those who died in the planes and their families.

The title "Absolute Proof" is the clearest indicator that something is very wrong here.

OP: Thousands read this website and you are personally responsible for spreading severe reality impairment. Difficult to maintain a good conscience isnt it? Can you look yourself in the eyes when you look at the mirror in the morning?

posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 07:48 PM
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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 09:40 PM

Originally posted by videoworldwide
No problem. I would look you in the eyes, as I slapped you upside your head for being so damn rude.

Now look who's being rude.

Originally posted by videoworldwide
BTW, do you really think you are welcome in this world, yet alone in this forum? Do you think you are actually a human?

Last I checked, you didn't own this forum and anyone could post, so you might want to wind your neck in a bit.

Originally posted by videoworldwide
Do you really believe that your parents wanted you? Do you really think you serve the human race? Well, I think not. How can you wake up every day and keep on living, like your not affecting everyone around you?


I'm just saying, if we are going to lay down unnecessary guilt trips here....
Why not consider your own sad existence?

After all, you are personally responsible for all the misery you cause around yourself every day. right?

Well, the rest of your post is just a mindless rant, so I'll let go any sort of comments I'd like to make.

I read thru the majority of this thread. At one point, you said that just because something was on the internet didn't make it true, yet you support the site that claims there were no aircraft? That doesn't make much sense at all.

All I saw were grainy stills from video tape that could be anything. If you remember, most of the footage wasn't taken by professionals from ILM, they were taken by tourist and regular Joes on the street. Needless to say, quality was sorely lacking.

I might have missed it, but how do you explain the thousands of people on the ground that saw the aircraft? Is that were the "holograms" come in??

posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 09:45 PM

Originally posted by videoworldwide
If detractors are going to say anything about these videos, then they cannot just say "Jim Fetzer and John Lear have already proven to be wrong etc etc etc."

Could I direct your attention here?

Originally posted by johnlear
My name is John Lear and I don't have a shred, not a single shred of evidence for my speculations/opinions on space, gravity, planets and ET's. Let me put it this way, my speculations/opinions would be more accurately classified as sheer science fiction. Having said that, my opinion may well, at some time in the future, turn out to be fact.

But I am clearly and specifically not presenting my speculations/opinions as fact or that there is the slightest bit of evidence that my speculations/opinions will turn out to be fact. One of my friends once called my speculations/opinions, "Lear leaps in logic", and I would have to agree with him.

posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 10:04 PM
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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 10:11 PM
It appears to me that the site owners have taken it upon themselves to judge John Lear, in order to negate everything he says about 9-11.

If you can dismiss John Lear because Skeptic Overlord claims he's a fake, then you'll never listen to what he says about 9-11.

Is that the secret position of ATS???

Maybe i'm wrong.

No, no, i'm 100% CORRECT.

This post was moved to the Hoax Forum!!??!!

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 10:58 PM
reply to post by videoworldwide

I've listened to John Lear's argument (and had debates with him here on ATS [when he was a member] on other "non-9/11" topics here) and I still don't believe him and find many MANY holes in his argument.

I have to wonder why you (OP) believe him? Is it only because he is offering up contrarian "alternative" theories -- therefore (because it is an alternative/non mainstream media theory) it MUST be right?

Do you often believe theories you read about on the internet just because they are "alternative theories"? Just because someone has an "exciting and cool" alternate story that flies in the face of mainstream media does NOT make that story still needs to pass critical thinking test, and Lear's theory does not.

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posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 09:38 PM
Lear's a nutjob in my opinion, and you all need to stop with this 9/11 blah blah blahing. Seriously, it's over, and families are torn apart. They want to move on, and so should you. There's no undisputed proof for it being a conspiracy and whether or not I believe the official story of 9/11, it's still highly unlikely our own government was involved. For God's sake and your own, get a life please, and stop circling this topic to death like a pack or ignorant buzzards. Damn.... Delete my post IDC, I'm just stating my opinion. I am fully aware that free speech is not welcome here, so delete it, go ahead LOL

posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 06:11 PM

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posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 03:51 AM
Ok, maybe I'm slow. But after reading through this thread I couldn't figure out if you guys had been discussing something based on "speculation that there were no planes", or after watching some "video evidence that there were no planes".

Either way doesn't matter.
This link below might enlighten a lot of you folks, whether you believe there were planes, or whether you believe there were no planes.

The rest of the 9 clips which form entire video are on this guys youtube channel.
Watch them and then make up your own mind...

Also, do some of you realise that the brain has the capability of presuming it saw something that did not exist, through the use external repetitive suggestion?? This applies to you, even if you are open minded, cos we are all open to the power of subliminal suggestion - try watching videos of an english illusionist 'Derren Brown' if you don't get what I'm saying

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posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 02:40 AM
Just a few comments.

I cannot understand how even seemingly smart truth seekers turn their backs and cannot see through their paradigm. Doesn't that make them the same as the proponents of the official conspiracy theory spread by the media and government?

As a scientist (astrophysics, but my understanding of all physical science is quite high), I knew on the morning of 9/11 while watching the 20 minutes of video from the first impact to the second impact that I was watching a production. The non-scientific things that gave it away were of course the identical shots from all the 5 live sources on all 5 channels while all having completely different backgrounds, the NBC broadcast (which I happened to be watching that day before checking the replays of all the others) which showed a clear missile (along with the reporters and witnesses reporting it), and by far the most obvious to any psychology major the interviews with people on the street minutes/hours after the event. Those were the most ridiculous of all, even someone who knows nothing of planes, engineering, buildings, fuel or science in general would know something is up after those interviews. It was very clear which were real (and quickly cut off) and which were rehearsed. In fact, while watching one interview, I was convinced I was watching a rehearsal for a documentary, and was completely dumbfounded to find out that it was sold as a "live" interview. If you remember, it was the one with the interviewer asking what happened to a clean cut suit wearing media badge holding person just minutes after the collapse, and this person precisely explained exactly how it all happened, jet fuel, temperature, collapse, etc. even tho no investigation was even close to be done, nothing even close to this has ever happened before, all tests showed it could not happen, and of course he was not introduced and can not be found to this day to repeat his account.

Circumstantial evidence in this particular terror attack by the evil people behind it is more then enough to completely discount any involvement by religious or nationalist extremists, or any hijacking, but the science seals it without absolutely any doubt beyond such probabilities that are only found in astrophysics, for example, if you try to put your hand through a brick wall slowly, it is not impossible, it will indeed happen at some point, but the universe will be long dark and without stars by then and even protons would start to decay, so it's a moot point as by the time the odds would allow you to put your hand through the wall itself would have disappeared due to molecular breakdown not to mention your hand and the rest of you.

Let me ask you, if your family and best friends saw a guy shoot an old lady dead, but the next day the old lady is fine shopping for groceries, what conclusion will you come to?

Now, lets forget about the obvious, most people are not scientists and don't have time for it. They don't care that airplanes are basically flying beer cans of aluminum and could not penetrate steel/concrete much weaker then the WTC, certainly not melt into it like a hot knife into butter. They don't care that the media explained that the wings made the outline in the WTC because "obviously that would happen" while at the exact same time the same media explained that "of course the wings folded in at the pentagon, what stupid person would think they would penetrate it?" But I guess people like contradictions of this sort.

Lets even forget about the fact that anyone must have friends and can collect the original 5 live broadcasts from that morning (in case they don't believe what they see as originals now), they are recorded on millions of VCR's accross the USA, Canada and the world. I have seen them, and not only do they not match even closely, the FOX video is ridiculous beyond belief. Not only does the black blob appear at the last frame on a beautiful clear day but doesn't exist a second earlier on a long range shot, but the blob (plane) penetrates the building, lol. NBC is even better as they forgot to add a plane and it clearly shows a missile, but of course the evening news version is different and shows a bigger blob (still no plane). The other three show planes hitting the building from three different angles.

So, forget about that, and lets talk about what people always bring up. Witnesses, passengers, videos. Well, this is the amazing thing. All of you talk about these things, but guess what, I know you have not seen or talked to any witnesses, passengers and have not seen any videos other then the dozen released (thousands of people were supposedly watching but only 12 videos exist, wow). Those few that do talk about it refuse to give interviews or have only prepared statements, and often break down when asked tough questions. Thousands of witnesses and hundreds of passengers, please, point me to their families, point me to their testimonies. PLEASE! Did you know that every single video released from that day (not the original broadcast, but the so called amateur vids) was released by an employee of a media company, and that there is only a handful?

What really surprises me that the two camps hate eachother so much and actually accuse each other of working with the perpetrators to belittle the truth. I love Alex Jones, yet although he always preaches the power of the media, government and corporation marriage and how they can easily manipulate people even without technology, his reasoning for not believing the no plane fact is because a friend and family member "saw" it. Really? So, everyone else is susceptible to gov't mind techniques but not AJ's friend. Not to mention that the interviews from the minutes after the impact all described a (plane with no windows and markings), (a plane such as the witness has never seen before, weird with short wings and narrow fuselage), (a missile (by several witnesses including a reporter)) and even (no plane at all just multiple massive internal explosions (also seconded by many firemen)). It took all of 10 minutes for all of these original testimonies to disappear and never repeated, while after that the plane shots and plane theories were repeated every minute on every channel as fact. Now, even if a witness saw something weird in the sky, after going home and watching a plane over and over, he no longer remembers seeing anything weird, in fact, he remember exactly what he sees on the TV, that is indeed what he saw that day live in NYC, and he is quite sure of that.

I know most people are simply afraid to look at the facts because they are comfortable with their version, whether its the official conspiracy theory, or the one where hijackers were allowed to do it, or the one where the government orchestrated it, but it is scary to think that the elite behind this control not only the government but also the largest media corporations, which means that really we can not know absolutely anything that goes on in the world with any certainty at all, we only know what we're told and shown, it could be a completely made up story and yet it is taken as complete fact (Iraq, Iran, Afghan, NK anyone?).

For those who love truth, knowledge and liberty, I ask you only one simple thing. Go get the original 5 broadcasts from that morning and compare them, get them from someone you know recorded it so that you know for sure it's the real thing, then compare them. This is all you will need to know the truth, after that, you will become a crusader, there is no doubt, and a good place to start once you know the truth is to look at the stock market activity before and after, the circumstantial evidence I talked about earlier and of course the science (irrefutable, another place to start if you have trouble finding original live broadcasts from the morning)

If you have the guts (it must have taken some guts to start with Loose Change right!), watch September Clues, 9/11 Taboo, and verify all the information (like I said above). But beware, there is no turning back for any of you, no matter how ridiculous you think it is, no matter how stupid you think the whole thing sounds, once you research it, you will not be able to deny yourself any longer, i can guarantee you that with all my heart, it is impossible.


posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 11:26 PM
reply to post by videoworldwide

Inspired by John Lear.

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