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The Iron Dream by Norman Spinrad

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posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 03:23 PM
This is one freaky little sci-fi book...picked it up yesterday. To quote from the back cover:

THE IRON DREAM brings us the science fiction novel Hitler would have written if he had emigrated to the US in 1919 and become a hack science fiction writer -- THE LORD OF THE SWASTIKA!

In a post-nucelear war era, we follow the rise to power of Ferric Jagger from ignominious exile amongst nuclear mutants and mongrels to absolute rule in the Fatherland of Truemen, having fought his way to power over the corrupt government.

Obsesed with tight black leather and huge crowds, he vows to destroy all mutant scum and defefeat the cold, heartless superpowers of Zind led by the evil mind-controlling Dominators.

In Spinrad's acid-etched satire the parallels between space opea, sword and sorcery, and fascist wish-fulfillment are made explicit...

Not sure I'll actually finish reading this ... for one, the writing is awful; I suppose its supposed to be that way because its a re-creation of a hypothetical hack novel. And its kind of a one-trick pony; once you get the idea, why bother fleshing it out? But what a strange idea indeed. Anyone else ever read this? Until yesterday I'd never even heard of it.

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