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YOU are The Change

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posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 12:28 PM
YOU are The Change
YOU are The Healer
YOU are The Teacher
YOU are The Student
of this
YOU came here at This Time
upon Planet Earth to
It is in THIS MOMENT You Create
Your Reality
We Share
There is NO outside source OR force
Outside of YOU, YOURSELF!
When you rely and put faith in another
YOU give that part of YOURSELF away
Your Journey stands still
YOU are The AUTHOR of YOUR Story
YOU are The Creator of YOUR Masterpiece
The Designer of YOUR DREAMS
YOU are in CHARGE ~ YOU are The Leader
The CHANGE that YOU want to SEE and BE
To CREATE UPON The Mother Earth
There YOU are Strong
There YOU build the foundation of Neverending Faith
Stand Firm...for there will be challenges before YOU
BE Strong ... for there will be times that YOU waver
in those moments
YOU were created with tools
Great Spirit Gifted YOU with
Power so STRONG
New Galaxies
With mere THOUGHTS
Never forget this Power within Yourself
rhythmically drumming to
the Lifeforce of ALL Creation
for YOU , Firstly
Brothers & Sisters
Animals * Minerals * Earth
~L O V E~
Being the
~ K N O W ~
this was & is
YOUR Agreement with
Brothers & Sisters
Our Mother Earth, she
Depends upon
~ Y O U ~
Are you Ready?



posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 04:38 PM
Yea exactly the same thing antichrist will preach because he believes he's a God.

We are not God, we are a pile of bones with flesh which make faults and have sex and reproduce.

We didn't make ourselves. We don't know our creator.

What antichrist will do, is exactly the OPs poem. He will worship himself and make others worship him not out of love but pride.

And he will also I believe put an end to the coming WW3 and the coming nuclear war that's coming sooner than later according to the saints and the news.

One things is true.

We do make our own choices, and we can become gods (full of humility and grace) not of pride.

But our own Gods. No, this is new age philsophy that saints predicted 1500 years ago and throughout the ages that would exist more so in the end of time and the new age movement, global communism, global religion under antichrist.

Global currency, and a global philsophy that everybody is God.

"YOU are THE ONE "


"YOU were created with tools
Great Spirit Gifted YOU with

If I am the one, then do I deny the next qoute down? Who is my creator and why am I the one and not he? Humility and lack of it is why in this new age. JP2 an antipope of our church preached the same exact thing, and he was a tool for the new age movement.

The great spirit? How come he doesn't have a name and we can never know who it is? what great spirit? And after death can I walk up to him and say

begone! I am the ONE and don't need you.

No. because the great spirit would teach humility and truth and a real doctrine to it's people and would have a revealed truth so that souls may really know him.

God bless you OP.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 04:46 PM
reply to post by JesusisTruth

Now this is a huge problem I am having here JIT

You get so worked up and upset when you try to have your Christian talk and someone who is a non-believer comes in spouting the same sort of things you just did. Why couldn't you leave the OP to his vices if he is so wrong?


I love the poem and I actually do agree with some of it although I admit I am a Pagan and do believe in a higher power so some I am not totally down with...either way...keep the message alive...I like the idealism in there that we don't have to have a holy power to know grace and be lovely and wonderful individuals. Frankly IMO...anyone who needs a deity to make them good isn't that good to begin with


posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 04:56 PM
No I wans't using flame Kyo. I was stating something about a movment people have been trying to place for several 100 decades.

I wasn't mad, even if I sounded like it. which Is why I said at the end

" God bless you OP "

where as the athiest who come in and attack use different means.

" A diety who makes them good "

A person to me who believes in a diety yet doesn't give credit to where it belongs, is not only not good but prideful to begin with.

the argument can go either way. he makes us good because love is learned and he puts us in it. We give him all the credit.

and BTW i would rather someone say God made me good, rather then I can do good without God and that turns into I can breath without him and the soul gets puffed up.

Kyozero, I truly don't mean to sound upset in my post, I was actually laughing at the tv while writing that, if that's how I come off I;m sorry.


posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 05:12 PM
and that's believe your way but my goddess...please look at what you wrote...

you compared OP's poem to the antichrist? For all we know maybe OP is lost...maybe you are right but why can't OP have their own opinion without it being trampled? You aren't trampling OP's opinion but it sure looks like you want to trample OP's right to express and look into it.

Giving credit is one thing but learning source is another

My goddess made me. I am here because of her and I give credit to her every single night for doing so. What happened though is she set me on this Earth and told me how I could make it into her good graces and transcend to be by her side when I die. That was it...she never knew my outcome and if she does she doesn't let me know it. She tells me to experience life and make my choices. The difference is that God as you know it knows your outcome. She gave me true free will. I can choose to murder or I can choose not to. I can choose whatever I like but I live with the consequences.

To me, God knowing all makes it like a simple TV show. Your destiny is already decided and nothing you do willbe news to him. He knows already. For me, she comes and watches and whatever I do is something new and it helps determine if I am by her side in the end...or done for

I have seen many Christians as well who have the Jesus fish on there bumper, then swerve like maniacs and give me the finger. How are we supposed to be inspired by that? Then we have Christians who claim to be humble yet don't want to ever let others have their opinions.

The idea that Isis made me is where it stops. She gave me the 'capactiy' to be good but I have to choose to actually be good. She didn't just throw good in me and watch her little puppet run around doing these nice things.

I give her credit...she took the time to make me...that's a huge feat and makes me feel speciel...although every other soul on this Earth is special too.

If Isis has to make me good to be good then I am a puppet.


posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 05:24 PM
No no Kyozeor.

Love is put in us but it's also a choice. Souls reject love and accept it. I never said it's not a choice.

It's both, a choce and implanted in souls. But being good without any source is what im talking about.

Like you said

" a diety that makes you good "

yea but your diety isis made you, and therefore you just said it that is came from her right?

so thats' the same thing as a diety makes ytou good.

Now as for free will.

If Isis were truly a God, then she would know everything including outside the rhealm of reality.

Outside the Earths rotation time doesn't exist, so if Isis made the planet, then how can She not see the furute present or now? it's impossible logic that anything who made time and the earth cannot see outside the rhealm of time.

and BTW I don't know about Isis, but I presume she made the earth?

God sees, but we don't And instead of trying to figure out where we are in eternity, we have the free will to make the choices.

I don't sit around all day as if I'm in a tv show, I have the free will to make my own destiny.

God forsees my choices, but it doesn't take away my free will.


posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 05:28 PM
Now as for the guy with the fish on his bumper and finger.

he's an ass***

Christians should not do that...

Those type exist everywhere.

You truly need to meet a saint. because the fruits of a real saint would blow your mind away.

Don't look into the hypocrite to make an excuse, but look into Christ own words.

christ also condemned hypocrites al day long.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 07:00 PM

Originally posted by JesusisTruth

yea but your diety isis made you, and therefore you just said it that is came from her right?

so thats' the same thing as a diety makes ytou good.


It isn't the same...

she made ME...she didn't decide to make me good

she gave me the capacity for good and I decide which route to the logic you made then I would say God made Jeffrey Dahmer evil.

God probably gave Dahmer the capacity for good and evil but I don't think he made him evil

The thing is she made me...this body...and she gave me the capacity to be good and evil but didn't make me good...she gave me the honest choice


posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 12:13 AM

Originally posted by JesusisTruth
We are not God, we are a pile of bones with flesh which make faults and have sex and reproduce.

We didn't make ourselves. We don't know our creator.

Even if I could create a full-sized galaxy complete with life from nothing, I would never refer to myself as God and/or The One.

And I would do it out of service to others, not merely to say and boast, "hey, I did this!"

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 10:15 AM
hi all,

i'm gonna try and respond to this..

let me know what you think/feel

"Yea exactly the same thing antichrist will preach because he believes he's a God."

well for starters i am on the path to be a christed being, that's how i feel

you've heard of the second coming, and umm..well you're looking at it
the second coming is when we wake up to our true self, not our programmed ego...

i cant explain it that well, but there are people who can..

"We are not God, we are a pile of bones with flesh which make faults and have sex and reproduce."

lol, we are of God..we are a part of can deny it, but it is true.

"We didn't make ourselves. We don't know our creator."

hmm, i heard we have the DNA from 22 different beings throughout the cosmos, i know of a few goups who were definatly a part of who made these bodies..the paledians(sp?) and the lemurians..

if you mean creator as God, then yeah i know God

i talk to God everyday

so do you, but you may not see it yet..

my communication is in feelings not actual sounds or words..know what i mean?

"What antichrist will do, is exactly the OPs poem. He will worship himself and make others worship him not out of love but pride.

And he will also I believe put an end to the coming WW3 and the coming nuclear war that's coming sooner than later according to the saints and the news."

lol, the religions always want you to give your power away to someone thanks

we are powerful, amazing, beautiful, immortal souls.

there wil NOT be a nuclear war...i am sure of this, God will not allow it..

Humanity is way too important to let that bs happen.

well..i love you all


all is good..


posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 01:13 PM
Well OP..

there will be a nuclear war, God will allow it and he willallow part of the Earth to be destroyed., he will however intervene before too many can destroy the whole planet.

And it won't break free will because he will intereven baised on his promise to Noah and the prayers of the saints.

I do know God, what I meant was that an unreveled God one does not know, a God with no name or no writings to his creatures.

we don't know God on an intimate level without communion, something you shall find out after death.

We are a part of God but not God himself. We are not our own God.

and btw this antichrist which you will see shortly, and I'll be back on here to talk with you souls hopefully when it happens,unless we are locked up by then.

He will not be a tool for religion, on the contrare, he will be against religion and for universalism, universal oneness, and he will claim to be

" GOD"

Just like the OP poem.

the fact is and I see how good you are OP, your soul is very gentile, but the fact is that everybody will go along with him in hs belief system and you will have to take a mark in your hand.

This whole events. 9/11, Vatican 11, the new age movement in the 60s, the spread of rapid technology, the increasing sins and ruthlessness of the culture.

these are all signs of the times.

the 60s was the start, they took the vatican over in the 60s completely with freemasonry infiltration which they talked about centuries before.

This was all ways to pave for the antichrist who mary said would be born before 2000.

and if it's who I think it is he will be here by 2016 or 17...

anyways, just watch and see, watch the news.

Now as for talking to God. Yes I do but in the deepness of my soul in silence. I don't see him, I'm not holy enough, I suck, but I do here him inside of me in silence of a lonely night.

So i agree with that. Sorry for interuppting OP I could have said my post more gentile.

Now for ahnggk

That's because you don't want your creation to acknowledge the truth. God wants worship out of love and humility, not because he's prideful.

and he didn't say " look what I did " with an exclamation

Thats ridiculous.


No it is the same Kyo because God didn't make jeffrey domer bad, it was a lack of grace and his own choice. Your Isis did make you good, because you came from her.

She put it in you, all you did was chose yes to it.

The source infuses into the subject.

without which the subject would be devoid of love or fealing.

If she created everything then she created love.

Our God gave us love, and it is a choice, but it's also learned and a grace. We can say no tothe grace.

some people say to themselves all day, I don't like this fealing in me, forget love.

Shoot I see it on myspace, youngsters saying F love all over.

So it is the same, you just don't want to se it that way.

Now OP, sorry for derailing, back on subject.....


[edit on 11-8-2009 by JesusisTruth]

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 01:25 PM
ok I reread my first post, I do sound like a fundie.

But truly it's only because God has taught me many things over the years, I didn't grow up normal and God has allowed me to learn alot of info over the last couple years.

See if I put it like.

Yo son, God be not in us, he aint up in my grill like that, he's like his own being and I am different ya dig homie...

Shoot homies all trippin on this new age movement and snap but don't be realizing da truf of knowledge from a true homie.

sike LOL.... If I said it like that it would sound different.

peace. I will post NOMORE in this topic. continue guys. Iv'e said my peace.

[edit on 11-8-2009 by JesusisTruth]

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 01:29 PM
reply to post by JesusisTruth


that was a good post in my opinion, thanks

i just don't think there is an anti-christ as one person who is going to do all of this stuff..

the term anti-christ is a group of people, like a way of being...people who dont want love, peace, people who are racist and like wars and all of that...that is ant-christ and it's happening now and has been happening for a ling time..notice that?

well nuclear weapons are not allowed...who in thier right mind would allow such weapons to be used?

why would anyone use a nuclear weapon?

it's not fair, right, are the dumbest things ever created imo.

you are far more powerful when you create something rather than destroy it.

i guess that message goes to anyone behind the triggers of such weapons..

ivv'e been told that nukes are not allowed and i will stand by that, i agree they should not be allowed and never again be used..anywhere, as they kill life.

the purpose of life, and experience

anyways...all is good

love for the win.



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