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Creepy response from Douwe Osinga's chat bot

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posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 02:57 AM
I typed in 2012 (lame I know)

And this was the answer.
"2012 a key driver of insect physiological processes ecological interac tions"

Then typed my birthday 01/01/2012 It just said health.
Then 21/12/2012- "the calendar stops many cycles are ended on this earth as far away as one minute ago jim"

Who is Jim?
Anyway, its a fun thing to play with!

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 03:06 AM
"ufo disclosure will come and see we have good weather the sun shines about seven hours every night very young birds need to be rehomed asap purdue date"

Does it!?

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 03:09 AM
WTF? I typed in "I will die when" And got this reply..
"i will die when i achieve the heavy ejaculation which happens when we are baptized contemporary"
I have never been baptized, Thank God! It always freaked me out!

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posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 08:08 PM
My view is that, as it is known, this sort of software retrieves its finds from over the internet, from over people upload into web.

Accordingly, though the findings are undoubtedly influenced, they may either way, simultaneously, represent, to some degree one cannot assess, some recurring ideas posted on the web.

I went through some of the questions posted by ATS'rs on this thread and, in the case of the "October 25 2009 will be" question, I have typed it myself on that website.

Here is just a thought on what the retrieved answers MIGHT represent according to my view:

"October 25 2009 will be"

1. "nightmare on main street angels sadomasochism and the culture of failure is well written"

2. (my own asking to the bot) "the nightmare on elm street is go shooting in spring sourceryan"

3. "October 2009 will have to be built in spring hill to a larger area than pacific ocean no idea on the set of the assassin".

If we gather the information from these 3 finds, what do we get? Nothing! We just get absolutely nothing!

BUT we are free to imagine whatever meaning those sentences may have, even if no physical reality is matched to them on the 25th of October.

So, to my mind I track the following words and I associate them to something else:

a) nightmare - like terror / fear / pain
b) angels - innocents
c) street - public place / open
d) sadomasochism - self inflicted pain / fanatism / suicide
d) spring - source / start / origin / motive
e) shooting - death / loudness / brutal

Does this mean something? Most likely it doesn't! It is a mere representation of people's fear.

In any case, I'll keep an eye on the news around the final weeks of October and see if something happens in America or elsewhere.

"2012 will be"

1. "held in the autumn after the death of a pope is a faithdriven"

2. "21/12/2012 - the calendar stops many cycles are ended on this earth as far away as one minute ago jim"


a) held - withheld / stopped / interrupted / ended
b) faithdriven - destined / accounted / established
c) a" far away - measure / distance / space
d) as one minute ago - measure / distance / time
e) "as" - alike / the same / undifferentiated / like one
f) autumn - the last stage of life before death / before winter / barrier

globally, I would acknowledge these sentences as referring to the common understanding of 2012 or 21/12/2012 as the date when a cycle ends, when space-time appear as one, which would happen on the Autumn of the year following the death of a pope, which is already destined to happen (by doing such math) on 2011.

The same thought applies. True, false or insane? There is no proof. It is all but nonsense and a reflex from many conspiracy theories and past "prophecies" retold over and over again through the media (2012 stuff, St. Malachy predictions, etc...).

Finally, as for "end of days" kind of questions, here are two you can find within the replies to this thread:

1. "the end is near because they have a president whose instinct is toward conciliation and splitting the difference."

2. "the end will come when it is du abhijit"

as for my perspective on the words used within the respective literal context:

a) they - the majority / the non-oppositors / those who follow
b) president - leader / guide / trusted
c) instinct - non rational / animal
d) conciliation - appeasing / serene / silence
e) splitting the difference - divide the divided / avoid union / deepen the differences
f) it - the thing / not person / the end (in the context)
g) due - owned / sought / demanded / given to / paid
h) abhijit - victory / conquer / battle / sacrifice

Up to each of us to retrieve a more realistic meaning or no meaning at all.

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