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An event at my grocery store.

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posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 04:23 AM

Originally posted by FIFIGI
Here we go. Does anyone know how any of this $hit works?

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 04:59 AM
Oh yeah right.
"Stupid people" are the problem.
Yeah we found the solution now. It's not he bank, not the employer, who sends God knows how many new customers to the bank every freaking month, like me i never had any real reason to go to a God damn bank, until i had to receive my first paycheck, then i got a freaking visa cause it looked neat, then a loan because i wanted to get a fancy car like my freaking boss who never had the cash to get it anyway if he payed me at each days end, he too went to the bank, his former boss taught him how to do it. Then it is not the banks fault who sleeps at the same bed with every corrupt politician we put in office, and want to bailed out with MY money, and then i will never receive a proper pension.
But its not everyone's fault, its just that there are too many stupid people in the world these days..So yeah we could use less of those right?
We can also turn agains to whomever looks a bit different than us, skin color, language, accent, etc etc. Yeah, THEY MUST be stupid. They look a bit different than me, so they should be. By the way those people live next door to me because some duche... politician sleeping in the same bed with the big Industry Bosses and banksters etc, had this brilliant idea and come with a plan to shut me and everyone up demanding a better paycheck. Now my respectful employer does not have to give up his God damn bank neither his luxurious lifestyle, they can always terrorize me by showing me the funny looking guy which lives across the street from me, saying, "I might give your job to him one day"
So then it must be the stupid people after all who cannot learn to behave. Since as an employer i cannot have a police officer standing guard just right outside my God damn supermarket, to arrest everyone that comes to my store and that looks suspicious enough of causing trouble, or as an employee while I am serving or as a citizen I cannot tolerate that guy who lives across the street. Can't make the damn police to arrest them all.
So with all my power too, I have to yell out to everyone, everywhere I go including internet forums, and everyone I meet, that we must endorse and to support radical solutions to fix this s***
So we can put someone radical enough in office that maybe can fix this.
I propose this one :p

His ideas sound about right.

Yeah lets put more innocent people behind bars instead of the real perpetrators. While we all will continue laughing all the way to the BANK, receiving loans and credit.. not real money, but loans and credit.

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posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 05:42 AM
reply to post by TeddiRevolution

That's what you get when you have an entitled populace who hasn't really suffered in their lives.

I live in a country where people are meeker. It's paradise. Everything is cheaper and you'll have more slaves, er, workers on the cheap.

I can't wait for Americans to become meeker and defeated.

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 06:48 AM
It sounds like the Wal-Mart I used to work at. I will bet 100/100 it is the same store. One time a lady threatened to throw a bag of potatoes at me.

So I know how you feel OP. Truly. Haha.

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 07:07 AM
Eat The Rich!
The rich have personal trainers and gym memberships, they would be low fat, but probably tough and stringy, sort of like a brisket.
America is the only country I know of (well Great Britain too) that has fat poor people.
The rich will have stocked both frozen foods and tins of caviar, pheasant, quail, and prime beef, along with smoked hams, dried flaked veal, and of course smoked Salmon.
Bottled water, casks of Crown Royal Imperial Reserve, and 55 gallon oak barrels of Jack Daniels, along with 55 gallon plastic barrels of Stoli, Beefeaters, and Baccardi Gold and light, Myer's Dark, and Cuervo La Reserva will be laid by.
Of course the wine cellar has always been well stocked.
They'll also have huge reserves of fuel for thier generators, they'll have golden coin to pay thier gardener who will keep the vegetables perfect and plentiful, as well as the fruit orchards, grape vines, and hydroponicaly grown cannabis for the kids.
They'll also pay thier security personel in gold coin to patrol the estate and nearby areas with fully automatic weapons both rifles and mounted miniguns which really make a bulletproof Mercedes SUV much more fun to cruise the middle and lower class areas, picking off and loiterers, and dressing them out to feed the show dogs as well as the hunting hounds and the guard dogs.
But those fat poor people, they'll be easy pickins.
Not only can you harvest them in large numbers by powering up a Burger King deep frier(scent bait) and marque saying FREE WHOPPERS LIMIT ONE DOZEN PER CUSTOMER.
Run the harvested homo-tastiuns through a leaf shredder and open a soup kitchen for even more economic cleansing, just add a slow acting systemic poison like say anti-freeze, or maybe mix it to 50% Mountain Dew, free, like the delicious soup!
The extended harvest can be rendered for biodiesel, left overs may be added to the municipal compost pile.
With any luck a well heeled individual can use his employees to harvest almost an entire municipality!
Have you'r seamstress whip stitch the lips and eyes closed and hang them from every available sign and tree limb on streets leading into you'r newly cleansed area, this will detour sight-seers, and cause looters to consider alternative lines of endevour, to criminality, for many for the first time in thier lives, have you'r crossfire set up where they are forced to stop by the ancient oak trees you'r woodsmen have felled across you'r lovely and now private boulevards.
Let these bodies lie where they fall, you can use the nice bulldozer you got when you took over the town to pile them high, soak them well in diesel fuel and towards evening set the pyre alight for a festive atmosphere you can pay illegal aliens in pinto beans to dress as Hawaiians and beat the drums clap the bamboo and dance the Hula!
Offer to hire any wood sculptor who can carve Tikki Gods for you'r Kona Kai!After the sculptors finish with the Tikki Gods they can carve tree trunks into you'r likeness in heroic poses along roads leading to you'r newly built(by slave labor) palace.
You'll look dashing as Caesar, Hercules, Addonis, Claudius Maximus, Maximillian, or Alexander the Great. Perhaps you'd be an inspiring Xerxes, Socrates, Zeus,or Mercury.Picture yourself as a minotaur,or a centaur may be more to you'r liking.The ocassional diarama featuring yourself as Hadrian putting revolt to rest.Miniature trees can be used to portray you as Napolean,or optionaly carved to resemble you'r idealised penis to represent you'r program of personally impregnating all beautiful nubile nymphs.If the amount of work involved in this venture is daunting, have you'r semen orally collected by a talented fellatrix as you enjoy a relaxing prostate massage administered by one of you'r body slaves,artificially Inseminate.
Remember, hard times are for losers and fools, societal collapse should be thought of as an opportunity for the man who would be king!
"Sona si latine loqueris!"

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 08:09 AM
If anyone has watched the movie " THE MIST " the similarities are very close.

It ended in 3 dead people in the movie...

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 09:06 AM
MMMM i cant remember the thread starter talking about giant insects and creatures from another reality turning up out side the store-btw that was a great film!

good topic,I always do the food and drink shop with cash.

Transactions in shops would be a lot quicker if more people used cash,I have seen people use their cards for a cheap bottle of wine!Most of the time an ATM is outside these shops but they must be in a hurry to hold up other shoppers while they try and remember their chip and pin number

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 09:58 AM

Originally posted by DraconianKing
Humans have barely evolved from primates and we are still the vicious cruel animals we have always been. We will be like this for thousands and thousands of years to come, if we get that far without nuking each other. This is also a sign of a poor educated people, it will take more than that to bring well educated mature adults down to their basic animal instincts.

Are you serious? When humanity is facing the possibility that our entire history is a blend of manufactured truths, and outright falsehoods mixed with the mists of time, you do not know if what you are saying is 100% ANYTHING.

Do you have to be so assured in your perspective? You have no faith in humanity, not that I blame you. However, you don't know what you are having for breakfast three weeks from now, so how can you so accurately judge the outcome of humanity after you are dead?

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 10:04 AM

Originally posted by GorehoundLarry

Originally posted by GideonHM
reply to post by GorehoundLarry

I don't believe you. Prove your point please. I want to see you rationalize this, and I honestly don't think you understand. You may well just prove my point, or maybe not, your reaction will tell.

[edit on 10-8-2009 by GideonHM]

WTF are you talking about? What point? That people get angry when they don't get what they came to the store for?

Yes, exactly.

You are sleeping in a dream you aren't going to wake from.


posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 10:32 AM

Originally posted by TeddiRevolution

Until the ATM froze up.

Now the fake smiles and annoyed chatter had disappeared and reality struck for a lot of people, they had no way to access their money, they had no way to pay for their food. Those who unloaded their carts were completely stuck and the ones waiting in line didn't want to give up their spot to go to the bank. People became vocal very quickly.

"There's no way the whole system can go at once!"

"What the Hell do I do now?"

"I'm not leaving without this food."

People started pointing fingers at the cashiers, THEY must have done something.

People in everyday society have, together with rampant consumerism, become reliant on everything electronic, like suckling on a teat.

Independent free thought, away from relying on electronics to live our lives, seems to becoming rare.

Who of us has not heard a story of people driving using GPS and driving into a river, or on railway tracks, or hundreds of miles in the wrong direction because their GPS told them to?

People have become too comftable and sanitised, away from the wilds of nature, and many will struggle to survive without it.

People like things so that they know where they are.....the routine of turning on the kettle, opening the fridge to find it well-stocked, turning on the TV etc, driving the car with a full tank, going to the ATM, to the supermarket, knowing you will get what's there.

Take that away, take away that comfort zone, and watch people once considered perfectly sane descend into primal hysteria, a descent into hell where people can die.

And when you watch, you will want to be as far away as possible.

If the TSHTF, there will be the exceptions, the people who set an example, but I tell you, they'll be outnumbered by the people frightened by how the daily routines they once lived suddenly collapse. Their minds will simply have not considered such an event happening.

"Where are the government?" They'll scream madly.

They will be like people in a landslide = trying to grasp on to anything to survive, and will do anything to grasp on.

In my country, the UK, our energy power stations are ageing, occasionally on the news here they will mention it, how the country could be plunged into darkness and people worrying they won't be able to get the power back.

We had a blackout last year where I live, and we still get flickers now, where the lights dim intermittently for a couple of seconds at nightime now and then.

For us a permanent blackout is very likely.

We have to be more prepared than most.

[edit on 11-8-2009 by Regensturm]

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 11:09 AM

Originally posted by patientobserver
when it gets to that point in a real shtf scenario, you need to wait in hiding nearby the parking lot (preferrably walmart)
Throw all your morals out the window
Get mean, angry, hungry, animal insticts.
Wait for a porky "walmart family" to exit the store with substantial food in cart
fire a few rounds at father figure
wait for family to scatter
move in with your well armed convoy scoop up your red baron pizzas and sunny delight
return with your unemployed ex con roomates to your duplex / halfway house

[edit on 10-8-2009 by patientobserver]

In a real scenario dad is packing a Desert Eagle .50 and smears your criminal brain all over the Wal Mart parking lot.

Like you said: "Get mean, angry, hungry, animal instincts."

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 12:05 PM

Originally posted by badgerprints

Always have a C note tucked in the back of a purse or wallet.

I prefer 5 $20's as so many places have signs saying they don't take $100's anymore.

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 12:20 PM
reply to post by Wimbly

I guess when TSHTF, your best bet is to get as far away from civilization as possible.

Not civilization, any large metro area with thousands of sheeple. Areas in the center of the country will do fine. We just don't panic that easy.

Hell once, a Fire Department building I was erecting-sides up roof just installed(steel building) a tornado passed right near us. My workers and I moved our vehicles inside and watched it until it got so bad, we went into the completed building and took cover. IT WAS A BLAST!

Panic is directly proportional to ones Sheepleness and inversely proportional to Experiences and size of Balls

Ergo P=S/(E+B)

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 02:04 PM
nice storey, is it true?

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 02:47 PM
The immensly large ego some peoples on this board make me sick.
Some people here are so quick to call other
Etc.. Etc...

Don't be so quick to judge other personality and intelligence based on a random encouter.

Im not saying I never do it lol

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 04:31 PM
reply to post by GideonHM

exactly my point. at what point did so many people tip over to the 'me first above everything in all cases' mindset. I blame watches, cell phones, broadband internet and video on demand, among others.

Used to be, we lived year by year, then season by season, then month by month, then day by day, now its minute by minute and second by second. If I can't get my god damned instant gratification right now, I'm going to freak out on you because you're a bad person who just wants to screw me, that's what it is isn't it?

Worse, people (especially most men) have become such vaginas that they'll cave into such outbursts, and never stand their ground. You know, things like "Hey, power outages happen, chill out a few minutes and see if it comes back on".

Meanwhile, those people are too busy bending over backwards because everyone else expects them to, like that's just the normal way of things. and they instantly believe it, lock stock and the barrel they put themselves over.

But you right, mostly children.. and sheep. Neither one willing or able to stand up and take action.

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 04:33 PM

Originally posted by GideonHM
reply to post by king9072

Living on cash is worthless. Our governments are bankrupt. Your money means nothing once no one will take it. You have to see outside of capitalism. No other way, if society collapses.

I believe he's talking about cash vs a card. While you may see money as worthless, it makes it easier to trade the worthless money when you actually have some in your hand, vs virtual worthless money only accessible through a card.

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 07:03 PM
If this truly sacres you then get ready. Buy silver coins and hold them aside. Because there will be no more american money of value.

Soon the American financial market will crash. Unless you have gold or silver anything else will be useless and this includes stocks and bonds as well as 401K programs.

Good Luck!


posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 07:10 PM
and just think how many of these people have guns..

fun times ahead if anything ever kicks off.. if people turn on each other i'd be quite glad i live in the uk, where it's just the gangs and the cops that have guns.. let them kill each other while i just lightly bludgeon my neighbour for a loaf of looted bread.

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 08:38 PM
I was at ground zero for the San Diego Firestorm in '07. Most people were too much in shock to be causing any trouble. Except the half dozen San Diego Sheriffs deputies that assaulted me at the Montecito Fire Center, when I was trying to get help. Not the people, the gubment, and their gangbangers in blue. I'm in contact with the FBI over this and the coverup by the Department of Internal Affairs, supposed to 'police' the 'police'. I don't expect anything. The FBI is all part of the same gang of thugs. The lawsuit against the power company for starting the fire, has not even gone to court yet. They will probably settle out of court, if we have courts in that century. But people around here are pretty much trying to help each other out, and yes, they are stressed. Not nearly as much now, but still.

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