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All US and German gold stolen by the Banksters?

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posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 08:18 AM
Has the gold in Fort Knox been stolen, or spent? Has the German gold left in the care of the US authorities also been plundered?

The official US gold reserves states it has 8,856.9 tonnes of gold reserves. However - over the last 10 or so years, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Commitee (GATA) have been tracking sales and leasing of gold - and their data and research casts a shadow over these official claims.

According to Wikipedia:

World official gold holding (March 2009)[6]
Rank Country/Organization Gold
(tonnes) Gold's share
of total
forex reserves (%)[6]
1 Eurozone 10,856.9 60.7%
2 United States 8,133.5 78.9%
3 Germany 3,412.6 71.5%

Below quotes from; Fort Knox, Fort Hocks, or Fort Shocks:

.. the nation’s gold is worth $261.5 billion. If the metal is actually there .. However, the gold holdings of the U.S. have not been audited in more than 50 years.

As GATA ( has demonstrated beyond any doubt, U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve officials actively monitor and seek to suppress the gold price, because a rising price can signal fiscal, economic and/or fiat currency distress, things that are bad for markets and embarrassing for governments.

A mainstay of this manipulation of gold, is supply of gold from Central Banks and other sources onto the world market to increase supply, and therefore reduce the price. In other words - selling or leasing the US gold reserves onto the open market to suppress the gold price, therefore artificialy propping up the $US.

The secrecy of the FEd - and the failure to audit Fort Knox, combined with a powerful motivation to sell or lease the US gold reserves opens a very interesting question - does the US in fact have ANY gold?

The above article investigates the claims that the US gold reserves are intact. As revealed by Max Keiser in the folowing video, apparently the German gold reserves are held in NEW YORK .. ?

Bundesbank says German gold is in the

If in fact the US reserves are depleted - would the gangster bankers stoop to selling the German reserves? Those familiar with the illegal and unscrupulous tactics employed by JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs would find the question laughable - they would not think twice about using up the German reserves.

While the current US and world economies are largely in a deflationary period - the US has huge volumes of fresh money waiting to be unleashed through lending and leveraging into the US and world economy - as soon as lending conditions improve, this money will spur significant inflation. When this is coupled with the Fed's current policy of buying treasury debt, both publicly, but more tellingly in secret through proxies - this is going to lead to a major inflationary period.

As this occurs, the significance of the US gold reserves increases exponentialy - if this gold does not exist - the loss to the American people will truly be tragic.

While the current drive to 'Audit the Fed' is in full swing, a further adendum should be considered - 'Audit Fort Knox'.

Germany is currently supporting most of Europe through its manufacturing power, careful monetary strategy and semingly prescient forsight - if the gold of the German people has been stolen by the Banksters, this would significantly undermine the entire strength of Europe. The power of gold to add stability during the current and ongoing crisis should not be under estimated.

There is only one way to find out the real damage here - audit the US and German reserves. If this gold is missing - heads should quite literaly roll.

ADDITIONAL: Looking ahead into the medium term I predict a major downside correction of the stock markets, a resulting surge in the US dolar and a sharp decline in the price of gold.

In the aftermath of the corrections - gold wil rise like a pheonix, crushing the $1,000 resistance and striking out for unknown territory. THe US dolar will settle like the floundering Titanic and the stock market will endure a slow and nervous recovery over a extended time frame.

When the correction is to occur - who knows, but if Sept figures are likely to be bad - then a plunge in the week or two prior to Sept 30 is likely. If the lies can be sustained, then a period of insane overconfidence might be maintained until the bulls are murdered in middle to late December.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 09:32 AM

Has the German gold left in the care of the US authorities

How did this gold become to be left in US care, is it gold that the US confiscated after WWII or other gold?

Surely Germany is capable of storing it's own gold.

If WWII gold, "German gold left in the care of the US authorities" would be a biased/convience wording.

Please clarify this if possible.

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posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 11:38 AM
there are several gold producing regions in America and two are booming of sorts. lots of prospectors ... hurry stake your claim ... pan that yellow metal.

Dahlonggia, GA and American River, CA...
someone even mentioned a gulch in Nevada, but frying for a living... I'll pass

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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 06:25 PM
I spoke with a sincere man in 1972 who claimed he was stationed at Fort Knox for two years. He stated that there was a very small amount of gold but they kept shipping in huge quantities of heroin to fill the vaults.

Probably shipping in a load of meth and crack by now.

When there is no audit, like the fed, question its validity and purpose.

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