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Steven Kings-The Stand The plague parallels the Swine Flu and is stated in the movie by this name.

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posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 05:49 AM
So I am watching Steven Kings- The Stand right now which was made in 1994 and its like 29 minutes in on the Dot and then they have this reference in the movie with a media outlet claiming the plague there having is a strain of the
"Swine Flu"
How bizarre is that as 15 years later thats whats happening. Is this a case of Art imitating life or what?
Or did Steven King really touch on something that could be playing out just like in this movie?
Or is it just a pure coincidence???

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posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 06:21 AM
A few people have mentioned this as of late...I noticed it the first time I heard the Swine Flu phrase in April...took me right back to that scene...

When someone is out in the Yard you can hear a Radio on in the background mentioning the Flu by name...

Good catch...wonder how many ever cought that?

I'm guessing Life, imitating art...imitating life...

The "Great Cycle" continues...

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 06:23 AM
Very very similar to the novel Rainbow six by Tom Clancy.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 06:38 AM
The Stand is a post-apocalyptic horror/fantasy novel by American author Stephen King. It re-works the scenario in his earlier short story, Night Surf. The novel was originally published in 1978 and was later re-released in 1990 as The Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition; King restored some text originally cut for brevity, added and revised sections, changed the setting of the story from 1980 to 1990, and updated a few pop culture references accordingly.

The book is actually excellent - the filming of it was pretty dire in comparison. I dont see stephen king as prophetic in any way. A bit of research shows that pandemics occur regularly. I think he writes his fears rather than writes to predict.

I think he is a poor writer with some fantastic ideas!

The 1918 pandemic was thought to have arisen in the trenches during the 1st world war where pigs and chickens and humans were kept in close proximity to each other with little regard for hygiene. Very similar situation to some of the animal husbandry which goes on the 2nd and 3rd world.

Prophetic no, but a good read, yes.

Thanks for posting this...reminded me I need to read that book again!

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 06:54 AM
Avid King fans will know that he is Gan and the story simply flows through him. lol.

For those that don't know what i'm talking about there, read the Dark Tower series. They're the best books i've ever read!

Really, i think that even though hearing the term 'swine flu' is a new thing to us, the 1918 pandemic and the 1976 made up pandemic were both refered to as 'swine flu'. He researches well and wrote The Stand in 1978, so would have heard the term 'swine flu' in the US in 1976.

That's probably what inspired the book.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 07:04 AM
That video was hilarious.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 07:11 AM
I know...I loved the video too...thanks OP...

it took me on a journey and I found this one...which made me cry with laughter too...

sorry - this will hopefully lighten up the mood for all of us scared of swine flu.


posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 09:06 AM
Not read that book or seen that film for absolute ages!

I think I'll be reading/watching it again soon.

Loved the piano music too!

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 09:50 PM
It most likely has to do with the 1976 Swine Flu propaganda, including commercials and general fear-mongering in the tabloids. Considering 'The Stand' was published in 1978, Stephen King was no doubt working on the lengthy tome well back into 1976 when he was storming away.

I'm surprised more people do not realize there has been Swine Flu scares before. Most people believe the initial reports from the MSM that the Swine Flu (later H1N1) was a new, never-before-seen strain. Falsified fear-mongering at it's finest.
1976 Commercial:

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posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 10:39 PM
Most good authors, especially ones that deal with sci-fi or supernatural do invoke some sort of sixth sense when dealing with their works - more so for the writers who have knowledge of sociology.

When it comes to society breaking down, he's the best.

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 10:44 PM
Yeah right

The swine flu only kills the old, the pregnant and people that have chronic or fragile conditions (ie leukemia or respiratory illness'). The plague in The Stand killed everything, regardless of what condition or age they were.

Nothing prophetic here. I wonder why so many people keep trying to relate swine flu to things... its almost bordering on craziness now

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 10:49 PM

Originally posted by OzWeatherman
Yeah right

The swine flu only kills the old, the pregnant and people that have chronic or fragile conditions (ie leukemia or respiratory illness'). The plague in The Stand killed everything, regardless of what condition or age they were.

Nothing prophetic here. I wonder why so many people keep trying to relate swine flu to things... its almost bordering on craziness now

Pfft Yeah right? Didnt get ya facts right there.
As people from the very young and middle aged are getting it right now
see link please and do research.
fficial&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&ei=ITuCSp20J9GA kQWo9sjiCg&sa=X&oi=news_group&ct=title&resnum=1

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posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 10:52 PM
Strange is a month before the swine flu (this round) a young guy at work kept talking about captain trips. I kept thinking I know that but gee I've forgotten what it relates to.

The swine flu breaks out in Mexico and a within a week or two I turn on the tv and decide okay set down and watch something without falling a sleep and the Stand is on tv

One thing for certain if you watch the stand you'll know how to spell moon before it's over

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 11:02 PM
reply to post by Epsillion70

Ah, okay I stand corrected
(hadnt heard about it)

But its still not the horrible thing that people are making it out to be. Also they are still investigating if the swine flu was the major cause. As they said there is no cause for concern, and apparently its what the experts expected.

A couple of quotes from your article

As with all flu-like viruses, some people are at higher risk than others. Unfortunately, people who are otherwise healthy could also become seriously ill or, sadly, die."

It is important to stress that the symptoms of swine flu are, relatively speaking, mild. Unless you have flu-like symptoms and are being tested for swine flu, there is absolutely no need to stop your normal everyday activities," she said.

"However, it does not really affect the growing body of evidence that the first pandemic of the 21st century is a relatively mild one and that death rates are likely to be broadly comparable with the annual toll from seasonal flu. There certainly will be more deaths like this one – but most deaths will still occur among people who have some serious underlying condition, and are already likely to be under active medical management," he said.

So they are saying its not going to be worse than the normal flu. And they are also saying that the normal flu kills healthy people. So even though you proved me wrong (i can accept that), its nowhere near The Stand-like superbug.

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 11:39 PM
I had the Captain Tripps vibe when the swine flu first started. But as a funny factoid Marvel comics released a comic adaption of the Stand late last year.
Which may have ended around the time the outbreak occurred!

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