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The Plan, Tying it all together

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posted on Feb, 14 2003 @ 09:35 PM
I believe Option (Alternative) 4 is basically a "pull Plan B out of the butt" operation. Up through the late 80s and early 90s, most of the Cabals operating budget was tied up in the development of space craft transport. Both Russian and America were cooperating, and when the US pulled it financial backing out of the project in 1993, the Russian economy folded, (the fall of the iron curtain, ect), marking the official end of Alternative 3.

Up to this point, I believe that HAARP/Tesla technology was not given the respect it was due, and was exploited soley for transportation purposes to the outer planets (*flying saucer technology*). After 1993 was when this technology was further explored, and developed into the systems that we have today.

In answer to your question, if you are referring to the current situation, I believe that the Cabal has not yet secured an exit from this planet, therefore, the current conflicts will be relatively small scale, but causing extensive third world (read, Muslim) causualties, as that population is what the Cabal considers the most significant threat. However, if I am wrong, I would not be surprised to see things escalate rapidly out of control on a global scale, as a way to mask the Cabals egress from the planet (the last thing they want is to get off the planet, just to have some brainy college kids find out what happened and follow them, possibly threatening them in thier new environs)

posted on Feb, 15 2003 @ 06:51 PM
A few quotes of interest regarding this subject:

"Star Wars, ostensibly conceived as a defensive system against Russian missle attacks may have had its beginnings in a "defensive" UFO connection" Leonard Stringfield, UFO researcher (deceased) in The UFO Report, by Timothy Goode

"In our obsessions with the antagonism of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to recognize this common bond. I occassionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world." Ronald Reagan, Sept 21, 1987, addressing the UN General Assembly.

"At our meeting in Geneva, the US president said that if the Earth faced an invasion by extraterrestrials, the United States and the Soviet Union would join forces to repel such an invasion. I shall not dispute the hypothesis, although I think its too early to worry about such an intrusion." Mikhail Gorbachev, February 16, 1987

"Just think how easy (Gorbachevs) task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet. We'd forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries and we would find out once and for all that we are all human beings here on Earth." Ronald Reagan, December 4, 1985

"...have been aware for some time, first, that there is one more planet in our solar system, and second, that we are not alone" Zecharia Sitchin, from his book Genesis Revisited, speaking of cooperation between the US and Soviet Union.

"There is a great deal of naivete about the forces in our society that do not want this knowledge, even in the form of very useful technology, to get out.: Richard Hoagland, in Star and Sky Magazine, speaking of secret cooperation and technical acheivements between the US and Soviet Union. He continues "There are interlocking institutions whose job it is to keep themselves in business. And, they do not take lightly to this ET technology. After all, how do people stay in power? Because they define the universe is limited, rare, and scarce and then put a price tag on it. Then some people are put in charge of doling out the scarce precious thing: other people buy it at whatever the market will bear. And you have a really neat system for controlling people."

posted on Feb, 16 2003 @ 07:59 PM
A couple of predictions for the next couple of weeks or so...

A massive attack, probably this week, which will give us reason to launch a massive assault, and likely declare martial law, and launch FEMA directives (goodbye freedom)

We will go into Iraq, immediately into Iran, then a surprise move to go into Saudi Arabia, and up to Egypt.

The North Koreans, acting as a front for China, will do something militarily to distract us, and try to keep us from progressing deeper into Muslim territory, possibly dropping a nuke on Japan. This will instantly launch military action against Korea/China.

All the while, we will be dealing with numerous suicide bombers in reprisal for attacking the mid east.

As North Korean military forces fold, military action will continue to escalate (at least to nuclear, if not to scalar levels) Loss of life will be massive, possibly including mass causualties in North America

posted on Feb, 17 2003 @ 02:55 AM
You may probably hear about the Military Operation Research Society report called, "SILENTS WEAPON FOR QUIET WARS".

KABAL is a mathematical system based on TALMUD and HEBREW SCRIPTURES (In hebrew, caracters are both letters and number). This system is based on a theory wich say that NUMBER PI (Perfect Circle) was already known by ancient hebrew (approx 5000/4000 BC).

In fact, true CABAL are the secret of biblic numbers, hold by JERUSALEM RABBIS, and only transmit by voice.

According to KABALISM, every important events upon earth were written and code in TALMUD ANS TORAH.

Some secret societies (FRENCH FREE-MASONS, ENGLISH GOLDEN DAWN...) use currently cabalism to devellop a sort of "SOCIETY PLANIFICATION".

I've never heard about PLAN
Our denomination is A-PLAN; B-PLAN; No C-PLAN
These PLANS are directly inspired from Aldous HUXLEY "BRAVE NEW WORLD".

B-PLAN consist of a use of microwaves, psydrugs and non-ionising weapons to kill a part of population (Peoples harder to control).
And after, use genetic to create WORKERS and DHEA and other methods to expend lifetime.

posted on Feb, 17 2003 @ 12:24 PM
Nans, I have to admit, I dont know exactly what you are talking about... The Cabal I was referring to is just another name for the group of highly wealthy and influential people located mainly in the United States and western Europe, such as the Bilderbergers, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, members of the Committee of Foreign Relations, and many others. This group has historically been referred to as the Illuminati, the Masons, and many other names, including the Cabal. I just kind of stuck with the name Cabal.

The Cabal, as far as I can tell, has its roots mainly in Western Europe (the UK, Germany, France, ect), and can be traced back through the lineage of many wealthy families at least to the renassiance. From what I have been able to learn, the "threat" that the Cabal is currently addressing was somehow revealed to them sometime in the early 1800s, possibly in the mid 1700s, around the time of the American Revolution, and many events since that time have been engineered to shape things to the Cabals ends in order to effect a resolution to their benefit.

The Alternative plans, at least up to Alternative 3, came into being right before WWII, the late 1930s, and it has been proposed that WWII was actually engineered by the Cabal to effect some of thier preliminary plans. According to my latest information, Alternative 3 effectively fell apart in 1992/1993, and Alternative 4 was chosen in 1993/1994.

I am not sure of the significance you mention of a Hebrew mathematical system, although it is certainly possible. It is known that the Cabal has significant Jewish ties, and that Israel is an important part of thier plans.

The Society Planification you refer to is essentially what I have outlined, in that the current population is getting too large and the economy is getting too shaky for the Cabal to control, so they are going to knock it down to a manageable level. The coming emergency will give the president the opportunity to activate numerous Executive Orders through FEMA to essentially wipe out personal freedoms (I expect similar actions to occur in Europe). Any large scale protests or failure to comply will be met with force, and will be easily overcome with numerous technilogical weapons we have in the inventory, designed expressly for the purpose of controlling the population.

posted on Feb, 18 2003 @ 04:31 AM
In XIII century in france lived a man called Nicolas FLAMEL. This man, consider as the first alchemist, dreamed one night of a book with a silver covert. This book written in hebrew contained CABALISTS 3 higher secrets :
TRANSMUTATION (The way to transform any metal in gold)
PHILOSOPHAE STONE (The infinite and complete knowledge of GOD creation)

MASON rituals are based on these 3 secret and the key is only known by Masters-Masons.

As I told you, the only thing I know about SOCIAL-PLAN is the report from 1979 called "SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS". But I recently posted a topic about an episode from a TV serie (THE PRETENDER) and the inspirations of a true mistery place in france (RENNE LE CHATEAU).

This place seems to be at the origine of skull and bones...

[Edited on 18-2-2003 by Nans DESMICHELS]

[Edited on 18-2-2003 by Nans DESMICHELS]

posted on Feb, 18 2003 @ 10:29 PM
Skull and Bones (the group that got the Bush family, among others, started, and incidentally, every president at least since WWII has been a member, regardless of political affiliation) is in fact a true group, and one of the corridors into the Cabal.

I certainly do not know the entire history of the Cabal, or Skull and Bones, although I know that both have origins in the early 1700s in France, Germany, and the UK.

I have heard many references to mysticism associated with both Skull and Bones and the Cabal, likely a throwback to thier early European history, although I dont know a lot about it. Likely, not many people do know much about such rituals, except for Cabal members and initates, but I dare say many of them are not talking....

Strange that you should bring up transmutation... I have heard many rumors of the interest the Cabal has in such phenomena.... The only person to have had any documented success with transmutation was Nikola Tesla, who ironically was VERY opposed to the Cabal, which he knew about, and termed the "Evil Empire". Of course, in a further twist of bitter irony, it is the Cabal that has seized on Teslas work and technology, and now capitalizes on the world with it.

posted on Feb, 22 2003 @ 11:17 PM
After getting up to speed on the situation regarding Comet NEAR, it appears that this may well be the item that the Cabal has planned for these hundreds of years.

It is very obvious that controls were already in place with NASA to monitor and control public disemination of data that sleuths may be able to dissect and find the truth. This plan fell apart not due to lack of planning, but either to stupidity, or I would like to think, someone at NASA who knew the truth and had a bit of human compassion, and decided to do something to let the world know the truth.

This thought kind of comes back to me, since just a couple of weeks prior, 2 seperate news articles ran noting that NASA would *not* inform the world if they knew it was going to end.... Such timing is very curious, and I believe it to be a message within a message. Remember, coincidents do not happen....

The big question now seems to be, what next? As I mentioned earlier in this thread, it would likely depend on where the Cabal is with thier overall plans.... if they have indeed implemented Alternative 3, and are happily on the moon or mars, I would expect them to simply lay back and eat popcorn, as they watch the world die below them in technicolor.... However, if they are still effectively trapped on this world, they will likely be a bit more motivated to do something to preserve the Earth. (MAY being the operative word.... remember, when it comes down to it, the Cabal are the ones who will have access to the deepest best fortified bunkers... want to bet at YOUR chances to get into such a bunker???? YOU and I are the ones that get to perish on the surface while they break out the poker chips....)

I personally believe that the Cabal has found Alternative 3 to be unworkable, or at least not easily workable. There is a great deal of evidence that colonization attempts on mars failed, and that has since led to Alternative 4, and the development of HAARP as a test bed for Scalar weapons and devices. HAARP, as much as I fear and hate it, may well turn out to be our ace in the hole in this instance....

On 2/18/03, while the east coast was being buried in snowfall previously unseen, the Univ of Alaska fluxgate magnetometer recorded a VERY high emmission from the HAARP facility in Gakona Alaska. In the same time frame, as NEAT was approaching perihelion with the sun, only 9 million miles from the surface of the sun, a massive Coronal Mass Ejection took place, in close proximity to the comet. At least one news story noted that a high probability existed that the comet impacted the CME plume. (Keep in mind that Gakona Alaska is only 1 of at least 4 HAARP facilities in the US, with more in Russia, China, Australia, Japan, Israel, and other countries.... although Gakona is the only one currently monitored.... considering the amount of weather disruption and the size of the CME, there is high likelihood that multiple facilities, possibly even multiple nations, were operating in concert)

This is about the time that the NASA photos started acting wierd and implications of NASA faking them were made public, immediately followed by multiple websites going offline at the same time.... I may not even believe that there is hard evidence of NASA faking things, or if there was any potential danger, but the actions taken by NASA is more convincing confirmation as to the veracity of various claims than anything I was likely to read on the internet.

I would like to think that HAARP was used to attempt to deflect/destroy/disassemble a potential threat to the earth, and was used as such in a compassionate humane manner.... however, I hate to say it, if this was in fact done, it was simply done so because the Cabal is still here, and they were as much at risk as anyone else....

posted on Apr, 13 2003 @ 11:33 AM
The complete text of the book Alternative 3 available online.

posted on Apr, 13 2003 @ 11:34 AM
Another interesting link related to Alternative 3

posted on Apr, 13 2003 @ 12:43 PM

* U.S overthrows Prime Minister Mossadeq of Iran.
* U.S then installs Shah as dictator.
* U.S overthrows democratically-elected President Arbenz of Guatemala.
* 200,000 civilians killed during the process.
* U.S backs assassination of South Vietnamese President Diem.
* U.S military kills 4 million people in Southeast Asia.
September 11, 1973:
* U.S stages coup in Chile.
* Democratically-elected President Salvador Allende assassinated.
* Dictator Augusto Pinochet installed.
* At least 5000 Chileans murdered.
* U.S backs military rulers of El Salvador.
* 70,000 Salvadorans and four American nuns killed.
* U.S trains Osama bin Laden and fellow terrorists to kill Soviets.
* The C.I.A gives them $3 billion.
* Reagan administration trains and funds the "Contras".
* 30,000 Nicaraguans are killed.
* U.S provides billions in aid to Saddam Hussein for weapons to kill Iranians.
* White House secretly gives Iran weapons to kill Iraqis.
* C.I.A agent Manuel Noriega (also serving as President of Panama) disobeys orders from Washington.
* U.S invades Panama and removes Noriega.
* 3,000 Panamanian civilian deaths.
* Iraq invades Kuwait with weapons from U.S.
* U.S invades Iraq.
* Bush (the old one) reinstates dictator of Kuwait.
* Clinton bombs alleged "Weapons Factory" in Sudan.
* "Weapons Factory" turns out to be making Aspirin.
1991 to present:
* American & British planes bomb Iraq on a near-weekly basis.
* United Nations estimates 500,000 Iraqi children die from bombing and sanctions.
* U.S gives Taliban-ruled Afghanistan $245 million in "aid."
September 11, 2001:
* Osama bin Laden uses his expert C.I.A training to murder 3000 people in New York.

God Bless America

posted on Apr, 13 2003 @ 04:17 PM
These statements are a bit overexagerated, but somewhat accurate.

I never claimed that the cabal was a true democracy. They have provided the illusion of freedom and democracy for over 200 years however.

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