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Oregon State Health Plan Refuses Cancer Treatment...

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posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 05:59 PM
The topic is "Oregon State Health Plan Refuses Cancer Treatment"., not travel plans.

Please stay on topic

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 07:32 PM
last year I made less than dollors
right now I am unemployed .
I am a veit nam era vet .
I live just south of portland oregon .
I am a bipolar , manic depressive , dislextic , genius , machinist

they always turn you down the first time you apply ...
its just the way the system works .

if you don't like the shrink they give you , I getta drive to seattal.
it gets better.

brother is border line agroiphobic... he need to cure him self to go apply .... damn near killed him self...
you always get turned down the first time...
its just the way the system works.

fine... 'cookie cutter people' medical centers and their 'cookie cutter people ' govermant plans ... run no better that the forest service that is burning down the forest rather then logging .

police that pay for police services with speeding ticket .

road construction that triple bills for material ....
every where I look at every govermant organization...
they all run their budget out... frantic to spend every dime .

lets not for get seat belts... the prototype for oregon health care .

promise that it will only be limited

then each year find reason to encrease enforcement....
untill its a cash cow for goverment.... seat belt enforcement is a money maker for the state .

money they use to enforce other laws.. which then makes money to enforce more laws...

guess what child... enforcement ... is you stay in your room till we let you out ... do what your told , be a good child.

shut your mouth , don't talk back... you have the right we say you do....

thats your oregon health care plan .
I am ready to be corrected ....
wheres my irrational oer the edge dream .

your a smart one... follow the flight of the arrow .

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 07:45 PM
oops... by the way...

when you treat a illness... you look at what it did the last time you saw it .
you see the sign's and treat it bases on the path it walked the last time .

electrical power was once totaly privately controlled and owned...
now the goverment makes money on it.
it works well enough... that is an exception to the flight of the arrow.

god makes rivers flow... govermant dam them...

people are pretty smart , if you don't put dam's in their way.

nurse , and doctors , EMT's , and med aids as a rule are some of the smartest , most clever , honest , hard working careing people I know... I don't want a dam put up , to keep them from following their nature

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