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What will happen when the Aliens finally come?

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 11:05 PM
Wow, Autowrench, I don't know where to begin, but you have covered some very good ground here in what you said...

I have a Christian background and my world has been rocked in a massive way too, very much so because I've simply asked questions. I had this nagging feeling in me as I thought about how my beliefs would be changed if I realized aliens were true. I had my own experience and so I had that nagging feeling very strong.

I think that if a Christian has an experience with an alien and really does their homework then one may come up with some surprising information! One thing that I feel is that so many of us as simple humans are fear based, what we do not understand, we sometimes fear. Then when we feel that fear we think, it is 'bad.' Maybe we should take a step back and realize that if we understood maybe it would replace that fear.

I wish that we would ask questions more and realize that some things that we believe in may be truth in how we know how to have truth for ourselves but as time passes we come to realize more deeply what we have been taught. We are all taught different worldviews based on where we come from. But as we go on from this life, I feel that our worldview will widen even greater, more will be understood and many things will come in place and make sense. The amazing thing is that I've seen here how so many have said this very thing and that it truly does 'all come together' in the end and also in my researching those with 'near death' experiences that they say the exact same thing too!

I write all this to say that as time passes on for us humans here on this Earth we will no doubt become more and more aware of the alien concept. I hope we may be able to come to terms with our personal beliefs. Sometimes I wish some of the aliens would come much more often, much much more! We need them to help us break out of these horrible biases and misunderstandings!

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 11:12 PM
The non religous among us, who suffer from God-envy, will fall to their knees and worship those posing as aliens, as gods.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 12:10 AM
Hi! No, No one is going to rescue humanity from humanity. We are going to need to man up, woman up to the responsibility ourselves. Yes, it's going to be alot of work. In all my life when mothernature and circumstances dished out their worst...We each have to save ourselves.
Survival of the fittiest. We did it, we have to undo it. These aliens everyone wants could end up being your worst nightmare.... did no one see Alien the movie? For someone to leave their home has an adgenda, or wanderlust. In nature, she's not kind at all. Most animals eat one another.
Some of the most intelligent people on the planet are also the meanest, manipulative liars. Why would these aliens be any different? Laws of nature
are probably the same accross the universe. Love and kindness are truely special, that's why they make movies about it.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 12:14 AM
reply to post by wookiee

primitive than they thought? maybe they already know

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 12:20 AM
Very interesting thread!

Ok, with everything that I have read already. It is believe Aliens are already visiting the world, they have been in contact already with Governments and Institutions for a number of years. Some say we are at war with them already, fighting battles in the sky. Some say we are working with them to develop new technology.

I personally think that if they (which ever race) chooses to reveal themselves, the timing would be impeccable. I don't think the world Governments (or NWO) would allow them to just hover over a big area like in the film District 9 for the world attention to see.

I actually think we will only find out when something very bad happens in the world first, like swine flu, nuclear war, something to devastate (not just human life) life on Earth. Only then will they intervene either to prevent the travesty or to pick up the pieces after a cataclysmic event has occurred, educating the survivors.

My thoughts are on the latter.

Just a thought.


posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 12:37 AM
Hi! My handman intervens when I call him up and get on the schedual, for a very expensive hourly price this human fixes busted stuff..... No he doesn't care.... Its his human job to fix stuff people break..... and we pay.
You break it you will pay now or later but you will earn the money and pay.
No rescuing. No free lunches either. A responsible person learns to fix their stuff themselves.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 12:45 AM
Oh, I want to add another thought that just came to me while smoking a cigarette.

Lets just assume that Aliens are already here. I don't believe for a second these are good Aliens as they have not helped any human over the last 60 years of there being interest in UFO's / Aliens.

If they had advanced technology and advanced concepts then they would know how important human compassion is. But they don't stop wars, they don't stop famine, they don't stop animal, child abuse, they don't prevent plagues and suffering, injustice and they don't publicly acknowledge human beliefs (whether right or wrong).

I am assuming the only type of Aliens visiting us, who will reveal themselves to us are one of two kind of Aliens.

A) Aliens want to dominate the world, so those who reveal themselves will be a new bread of Aliens (other than those on our planet already (Reptilians and Grays- I am presuming) and will start a war over planet earth or cosmos, fighting humans, future humans, reptilian and grays. A gigantic earth / space battle will occur. Either way I assume these Aliens to be no better advanced consciously than ourselves and the aliens on our world.

B) A new breed of Aliens exploring our galaxy for the first time and have a high consciousness than us (humans, reptilians, grays and future humans) and say this planet is all wrong and want to put the correctness back in to the life on Earth. Again, the current Alien races will not agree (based on their lack of help thus far) and want to fight for planet earth, splitting the world of humans to join each side. There will be those humans that are brainwashed to join the bad Alien races fighting for their own means and then there will be the other half of humankind that want to see what the new Aliens have to offer, in the hope of living in a better world.

Above all I believe we are going to face a war of worlds for control with the only guaranteed outcome for us is that we will be caught in the middle of it all.

There is an option C) but probably will never happen. The rise of our own human race, kicking out the Aliens on this planet and standing up to any future new Aliens wanting to explore or dominate our HOME.

Just a thought.


posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 12:58 AM
So another eclectic thought just after reading more posts.

My theory is the NWO and depopulation is supposed to happen through a third world war or bio-chemical war probably not nuclear as that would really mess up the planet.

The concluding thought is that for Aliens to reveal themselves they have to go about it in a subtle way. The best way is to wipe 2/3's of the population so the 1/3 are in a state of hopelessness and complete submission to whoever Alien race reveals themselves first. This is why they haven't revealed themselves already because they can't possible understand the complexities of all the different cultures, religions, economies and moral issues currently in the world. They will let us destroy the majority of ourselves first then visit when life is easier to manage. This leads me to the final conclusion that if this were the case, the Aliens are STUPID and selfless and are no better than anything alive on OUR planet Earth.

I love my world, my planet EARTH.


posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 01:57 AM
frankly I have three answers/ replies

1) you said they would take the bad guys , and expose them for the wick'dness that they are .
free energy , disarm , and police us .
frankly, the big problem will not be religon and power .
it will be apathy and idleness... a world of lazy peaceful fat people who cry out... entertain me.
once given shelter, food , drink and basic survival ... people will follow . because they are not stupid , not bigots or hard headed...
women care about the welfare of children , men want to get laid .
ocum's razor ... the simplest path is the one , quite literaly every one follows .
and given your discription , you will have a moment of panic followed by self intrest and ajustment .

that assumes no mark of the beast , no demands for worship ... and a total power grab that removes the head of the snake .

people on the whole are pretty smart , most of what they do is driven by poverty , hunger , and frustration ... remove these elements... and you would have fat , apathy . apolitical , globalistic and atheistic ... cattle in a cattle yard ... make one demand for worship , mark of the beast , or resettlemant... and you have a blood bath ( not talking about alein blood )

2) add one twist to all you said .
lets say that everything happen'd as you say it did with one change.

they are humans from our future , and for reasons they explain , they can at last explain why now , they can lets the popluation know this ... they are from a future so far distant ... it is meaningless to say how far it is.

they tell us:
that there is nothing off world , no civilizations except our own.
the billions of abductions have been taken for the purpose of a space fleet , an army of planet killers , exterminating all other worlds in the cosmos ... fighting asymmetrical wars on other world , genocide of entire planets to keep earth safe in the past , now and in the future .
all to keep us safe .

we are the only ones in all of space , because we killed everything as infants befor they ever left their worlds to threaten us .

and now these tired soldiers wish to come home .

each person of earth may have a choice... to fill the vast sky of infinite space or remain on earth never to leave... and one day become exstinct , giving rise as parent to a next evolutionary step in awareness .

but know as truth , there is not a single living thing anywhere in all of space beyond this planet .

3) and of course there is the third option.
you personaly take a simple job of answering a phone for 18.oo/ hr .... and by accident you find out that your employer is a time traveler.... and he offers to make you rich , powerful and anonymous ... your job is to keep their secret , and do tiny tasks which never involve harming people or causing disorder ...
but you are told the truth .... you know genicide of whole planets is taking place in the name of earth .... would you have a problem with this .

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 02:02 AM
I've been thinking about this more tonight too. If there are different alien races at war amongst each other then how are they any better than us? We fight and go to war too. What gives? It of course would make sense that some would be at war because certain races may be having to simply defend themselves.

I'd imagine the experiences many have out there with aliens are bad simply because the overtly aggressive aliens are the ones who make themselves obvious because they simply don't care what we think, they just want to dominate. But for the ones who do care they are much more cautious and slow as to how they reveal themselves towards humans. This is obviously a very general concept I have going here. So the 'aliens who finally come' are the ones first and foremost in my opinion would be the aggressive, warring ones....

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 02:18 AM
I think it depends on someone's idea of "Alien", if it is any entity that is not inherently human but is included in an religious belief: not a thing will change. My belief is that the entities we call GOD, Allah, Muhammed, Budha, Angels, & Demons are not inherently human so should qualify as Alien status to our human perception.

If the percieved Alien is not inherently human, and is not believed to be Religious in nature; but instead another race of sentient beings, it would still have a high probability: no change. As there are many ancient writings and hierglyphics depicting unknown craft, and expressions of transportation which still defy our advanced technoloigical progress of today.

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