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REPEAT Greatest story ever denied

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posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 01:58 PM
Hello. I am repeating this because it seems to be a better time for more viewers. THough it has been posted before.. this is a video that really needs to be seen by all who have not seen it. ESPECIALLY for those that are new to this.... hobby? lifestyle? practice?

"Looking for more references on a post I am working on for ATS, I came across this while looking for UFO's in our history. Frankly I dont really care if its been posted and debated already. there are still those that have not seen this. I had not.
Now. To me, with most of the names that are mentioned, in here, it seemed rather important... other than Steven Greer.. sell out."



Oh...On a final note.. to the people new to this hunt for truth... do NOT... NOT take seriously "John Lear".

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