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Just Another Abductee.....

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posted on Jul, 31 2013 @ 05:31 AM
reply to post by Caver78

"Fell through in an epic way"
That's assuming they had anything planned in the first place. There's that much info and disinfo it's hard to be sure of anything IMO.
Based on my own experience, and nothing but my own experience, there's goverment involvement and some strange shennanigans, but as for any kind of plan I don't recall any kind of info on that.

PS The OP hasn't been on ATS for years and I don't think he's coming back.

posted on Jul, 31 2013 @ 08:42 AM

Originally posted by Caver78
S & F but now that it's 2013 what's the scoop? Sure timelines change, but with all the increased activity lately, besides expanding your consciousness, what exactly is the point of running contactee's thru "time trials"?

Just a hunch but I think whatever the grays were planning fell thru in a epic way....

sorry, i am in this thread a bit late but thought i would comment on the comment

not only did it not fall through, caver, if anything it is becoming more and more successful everyday

consider: as you said we have increased activity in the skies and in the homes; more and more are having experiences, and some of them are quite 'odd' not the 'norm' as one would possibly expect, given the brief history of known abductions

second--though some disclosure has been made, note how the main media has not picked it up; quite telling, once again keeping the mass away from the truth

third, we have more of the 'consciousnessly raised' abductees..i am trying to use a nice term. these are folks who very likely had experiences but choose to look at them through rose colored glasses; they cannot and will not look at the darker side of what is really going on, basically so that they can be okay about their impotence and lack of control.

so now the stage is set. on one side, tbtb hemming and hawing about everything, on another the die hard skeptics that need to have an invasion to just maybe believe ::rolleyes::, yet another are those who 'look forward' to the visitors 'ushering in a new era' and then we have the contactees who confirm it..

how easy it would be for them to, perhaps during a disaster, 'step in' with 'assistance' and be accepted..

posted on Aug, 1 2013 @ 03:19 PM
I am glad you have woken! As you wake, and as you learn you will understand that fighting is useless, and while the "light" does effect the "shadows" it is just a skirmish of this reality, which all in all is utterly FAKE!
No kidding mate, everything you know is an illusion, and when the "splinter" in your mind,(whom is screaming, ITS FaKE) flowers intoo a tree, you will find much of the lessons learned have been keeping you chained to this false reality, and meny people you know are misguiding you intentionaly or not, you will learn that mooving from the place youre at too point b is as futile as shouting profanitys at ghosts, since you will know for a fact, you never went anywhere youre whole life, and as you sit, looking at the walls of your prison, be they beautyfull as the setting sun, or dull as the walls of youre house, the keepers will be called to guide you away, be it promisses of wealth, be it by the unmistakable beauty of youre wife, you will understand that you are alone.

May the light guide you, and protect you, I can only point you in the right direction, I can only show you the door, what you plan too do with this information is strictly up to you.

Meditate as much as possible, and meditate on the MERKABA, for when you learn to master Gods plan, When you Become god, you wont need to fight, people on the lower vibration have the same opportunity, but they choose the material, and as such they are unfortunatly the "enemy" which is not 100% correct as we are all one.

Please, for whatever you get out of this post, GET the MERKABA, it is your future weather you like it or not, in this life or the next it will be your destiny, you are on the right path, and I see you are awakening step by step.

Choose One or Ten, Mercury is falling again!

Iff you like to know more, please feel free to u2u me.

Love and Light

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