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Just Another Abductee.....

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posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 09:48 PM
a. I find myself in a large older warehouse and walking through a door into the far end room. This room is about 40’ x 60’ and it is cluttered with various pallets and large wooden boxes filling a third of the space mainly toward the wall of which my back is facing. I start concentrating and feel enormous amounts of power developing in both sides of the brain as if two conduits of energy 1” round and slightly curved following the contours of the skull are channeling this energy. I see this cluster of 15 to 20 objects about 10’ in front of me and spanning perhap15’ across start to levitate up to head height. I realize that they are controlled as a group, not individually as one may think. I also understand that I can open as many as four channels which means that I can focus one channel on the group of objects but also move three individual objects independently of the group or each other. Focusing on one object or group of objects is fairly simply but the more channels that are opened the greater the concentration required to the point that someone could probably walk up to me and I would not see them approach while performing this act.

b. I am standing on top of a ship either being built or is in for repairs requiring it to be out of the water and placed on land. While looking across the shipyard someone comes at me from behind and shoves me over the side of which there are no hand rails. The ship appears to be four stories tall with jagged steel at the bottom where I will soon hit. I am of sound enough mind to start levitation before actually hitting the ground so no injuries take place.

c. As soon as I placed my head on the pillow I could feel the energy paths in my brain going active. I find myself across from a small crowd of about 8 people standing in a room perhaps 14’ x 14’. The people are regular people and chatting amongst themselves in what appeared to be polite conversation. I could read their minds but they were all scrambled together. I was then shown symbolically how to break down the individual thoughts into channels, serialize them, and then run them all together in a parallel path into my mind and thus be able to understand all of the thoughts simultaneously in much the same way that a T1 communication process multiplexes different channels together and then breaks them down. Except this processes shown to me was more of a way to individualize the communications of each person and bring them in parallel instead serially.

d. Next I was shown a rectangle with a line approximately 1/3 way down from the top running horizontally. It reminded me of a refrigerator with the freezer on top. The number 120 was near the top of the bottom section but within the bottom section. It was written to cover about 2/3 of the width of the rectangle. Could this represent, as someone may think, the golden mean? According to wikipedia Aristotle defined the golden mean as the medium point between to extremes. Could this be Obama’s inauguration this coming Tuesday? The warring Bush regime compared to someone that would prefer to be beaten than defend himself? Only time will tell.

After being shown the above two scenarios, I was asked if I wanted to be allowed to die during the event (it), thus returning home, or would I prefer to live and continue this life. I told them I have come this far and would like to stay. It has taken too much to give up now. Though our training and tests are very difficult at times they certainly do seem to have compassion when it is needed most.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 09:51 PM
e. This one is not much to read but it was very important to me.

Two team members and I were training for combat in the streets of city. Things got out of hand as we only had natural physical abilities, none of the “new” abilities were active. We grabbed a small black truck like a Ford Ranger no rear doors and had clothes strewn across the back seat. One of them drove until we came upon a house in the country with just enough room for the truck to enter the driveway and be out of the dirt road. The other two members exited the truck, grabbed a red ball the size of a tennis ball and one stated we think we know how it works now. The ball was thrown diagonally at little less than a 45 degree angle. The ball hit the ground but instead of glancing off the ground and continuing forward it was as if it hit something and bounced back in the same direction it was thrown. Then it appears to hit something in the air at a little higher than head height, returning on the same path. It continued to oscillate in this manner, never stopping. I then stated I do not understand how it could do that. They stated there was no reason I should understand but not saying this in a condescending manner but as if it were either beyond my ability or I had not received the training to understand this concept. One of them grabbed a pistol and shot the ball in order to stop the oscillating before someone else saw it, as they knew no other way to make it stop. Then the truck started, shifted into reverse and start backing into the street with me in the back seat. They screamed out, asking me to stop but I told them it was not me.

By this time, not much frightens me anymore so I was simply along for the ride. The truck gained speed going down the road and up ahead there were multiple cop cars on both sides of the road. I had seen something like this before and knew nothing good could come from this. I put on my seatbelt waiting for it to happen as the truck was running at full throttle and blew past the cops, it appeared they did not see or hear the truck! The truck went back to a normal cruising speed and entered a city while it continued its way down various roads until stopping at a two story white house on blocks. The truck turned it self off and I departed the vehicle and entered the house. There were 40 to 60 people present, and though I did not recognize them I felt at ease which is not common for me. A few of the people came toward me as if to talk but I was more interested in trying to understand what had happened earlier in this scenario so I skirted them and went into another room. This other room had a large plate glass window, perhaps a door to the outside and a table about 2’ away from a wall. I saw one of the earlier people that wanted to talk still pursuing me, so I decide to go through the opening between the table and wall, go outside and be by myself. About the time I got to the table I saw this person for the first time a bit up-close and thought to myself this could be a female cousin I rarely see, but about that time he said this, “Richard. My name is Richard Judman. I’m you’re monitor. I put all of this together.” Then it ended.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 09:52 PM
I was so happy! So much was relayed to me in those simple words. I have tears while recounting this beautiful experience. He is the entity (I say that because I do not know if the form shown was not merely a disguise for interfacing with me) that has been with me my whole life. He is the one that was responsible for setting up my tests (i.e. Frankenstein, moon, etc) and my training (i.e. telepathy, time shifting, telekinetic). His voice could have very well been the unknown voice that spoke to me telepathically on the rare occasions giving me advice and understanding including the message on reincarnation. I cannot tell you how important this scenario was to me, this was my graduation party thus ending my character testing phase. I have since had several conversations with my monitor in the past months.

f. At about 10:00 pm one night I awoke and sat up as the energy had already formed in the forehead area. This energy intensified and while doing this I could see the solids in front of me (bedroom wall, furniture, etc) go translucent and then clear. I could see through the sheet rock wall, through the brick wall, through the trees, as far as I could see was nothing but energy that was like looking through near perfect glass. The inanimate objects (i.e. bricks furniture, etc) had very little light to them but the higher the consciousness the brighter the light within that form. A tree would have a dull white light, an animal a considerably brighter light, and humans having the brightest of all of the lights. Since I already had the energy pattern formed in my mind I was able to hold the pattern and thus hold the experience for a couple of minutes. After that I started losing focus, losing the energy pattern and with that everything morphed back into the physical as we see it in our daily lives.

This experience was important as science states everything is made of energy and nothing is ever lost but only changes into a different state. I am now willing to go one step further and say that not only is everything energy but everything is based in consciousness, that without the consciousness there would be no energy and this is why when the universal mind is experienced you are part of all that is, all consciousness.

g. In another scenario I find myself being held against the chest of a creature perhaps 9’ to 12’ tall wearing a red robe with a hood with three claws about 12” to 14” long on each hand. I figured it was a ghost and knew that fear would only make it grow stronger. I managed my composure and did not become frightened so then it could do nothing more than hold me in place. I remember looking up at its head and asking it what it was going to do now, this rather startled the entity and ended the scenario.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 09:57 PM
h. I find myself in a country setting amongst older wooden homes that I thought were abandon with one having a large piece of equipment like an old harvester of some sort, broken down in the front yard. I had decided to use this as target practice for my levitations. Since at this time I could not levitate much weight the intention was to get enough altitude of the levitated object and accelerate it down onto the target. Hoping my weak levitation skills could be made into an effective weapon.

It is dusk and a man in a pick-up truck across the field stops, leaving his truck running, headlights on high beam, pointing at me and screaming “there he is!” A woman and her son of perhaps 8 to 10 years old run across the field and into the house looking for me. I wish on the invisibility and it works, though I can still see myself, they cannot. I walk outside but the woman is very close so I levitate up but one of my feet brushes against her and I think she feels it, which causes her to jog toward her son but not telling anyone what she felt. I become visible then asking her if it is ok if I come by occasionally and she likes that idea. Then it gets really strange and intimidation sets in…..a giant red crab is seen approaching toward the truck, like a scene from a bad horror movie but this time it is real. This crab is a good 300’ to 400’ wide, 50’ to 75’ tall and is coming at us. I see a bag of BB’s weighing 5 to 10 pounds and throw it in the direction of the crab. I levitate them into a cloud above the creature and start diving them into it, making thousands of perforations, circling them back up again in an oblong path like a circular jig saw blade made of loosely clung BB’s. The creature is getting very angry and it seems I’m at the edge of my abilities in endurance and strength, screaming out trying to maintain the revolving cloud in order to save the others. Large chunks of flesh and shell can be seen flying off as the cloud of BB’s continues to cut deep toward the center of the body. A chunk of flesh about half the size of a washing machine is seen flying in our direction but it is not close enough to justify changing its path as practically all of my focus is needed to maintain the cloud’s progress. Finally the creature breaks in half and dies. I’m startled into consciousness and notice the clock shows 3:15 a.m…..a typical scenario time.

i. I am laying physically in bed next to my wife when a telepathic conversation starts. I am told there are certain locations on your body that can be touched and used in conjunction with the correct concentration enact a teleportation. I was shown the locations of where I needed to touch my body, concentrate in the correct manner and was then transported within a manner of 30 seconds or so to a new location and this happen to me physically 3 or 4 times during this training. It is important to know that the transport is not instantaneous so you cannot be falling off a cliff and transport yourself to a safe area before you hit. The instructor informed me that they had all of the coordinates for the various areas we can be transported to through this means. This infers that if something goes wrong during a mission that we can use this egress system when injured or trapped but I do not know if it is possible to bring someone along with you. If so, this is the ultimate egress system for saving those in captivity.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 09:58 PM
j. I did not know this was a scenario until after talking with my daughter the following morning after these lucid dreams. She remembers seeing me in the theatre portion of what appears to be three different but intermingled scenarios that takes place in a gloomy city of which I believe to be New Orleans. It is obvious now that a prior download had been received since I knew information before it was needed.

In the first one I am standing next to my light plane that I’m starting to repair. It can fly but not safely or very good. The wings need the fabric re-stretched and insects have built dirt nests around critical openings in the mechanical parts of the aircraft. I start washing out the dirt and see a young racer that I have ridden with often at the motocross tracks. He is friendly and helpful but when someone else approaches he acts almost as if he does not know me. He is practically embarrassed to be around me.

Now I find myself with someone, which I believe was my daughter, standing on the crest of a steep hill or dike that surrounds this very large, gloomy city. I never looked at the person next to me but the height seemed right and the person stayed in tight next to me as my daughter is inclined to do. There was a drone looking craft, similar to what Linda Molton Howe has reported on. This craft was 4’ to 6’ long, the front head like structure articulated and it had lights close to what one may call the neck. The craft was beyond just a mechanical AI intelligence, perhaps there was human or some other entity behind the controls at a remote location but it was not simple programming. I obviously had been given a download because I knew the craft had instructions or programming specifically stating to shoot down my aircraft to kill me. The drone had two barrels, one on each side of its body. The barrels resembled machine gun barrels but obviously they were not as can be attested to later in the scenario. The drone was hovering just above head height and would sometimes make slow runs as if it were going to shoot. The lights around the neck would go off indicating it was trying to fire on us but the rules were explicit in that I had to be in my aircraft for it to kill me, so a safety would kick in and not allow it fire. There was also a hovering silver monitoring device that resembled a basketball staying near the drone to ensure it did not break the rules of engagement. I felt sorry for drone, because it found me but I was protected by the monitor and its rules of engagement. You could sense and see the frustration in the machine as it would try to kill us but the safety would engage time after time to stop the firing. Finally the drone came close so I grabbed it out of the air and threw it to the ground. While stepping on it I grabbed each of the barrels, which probably were more like energy focusing tubes than gun barrels, and bent them in a full “U” shape. I then opened the electronics bay of the craft and found the power cell as removing the cell from the drone rendered it useless. I remember thinking that had to be a very reliable power cell in order for use in such a sophisticated piece of machinery. And when I placed my hand on the cell, it dawned on me that this was here to kill me. Strange thoughts we sometimes have. Then it ended.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 09:59 PM
Next I find myself in the house of a family of 5, three boys, the mother and father. One of the boys was an infant, the middle child about 3 to 4 years old and the oldest perhaps 8 years old. The father was wearing a toned down yellow button-up shirt with dark slacks, carried a weathered brief case and seemed to be a university instructor. The mother was wearing a dingy looking gray night gown, was not very well kept and seemed rather distant from the children. The children would gather around the father and he would sing to them, the love that came from this man’s voice to his children could be felt and I did not want to leave or have him stop singing. At this point I would gladly give my life to save this family. One of the children spilled something on the floor and they had to clean it up but there was no mop or good flooring so the four year old worked together with the oldest son and using a shovel would place dirt on the fluid to absorb it and then shovel up the dirt into a pail for disposal. A poor, but very rich family as the love was incredible between the father and children.

Now I find myself walking into an old theatre, a theatre of which shows the same movie every night and is about to be torn down. I only remember seeing perhaps 40 or 50 people scattered throughout the seating and that’s about all I remember.

Talking with my daughter the next morning she remembers much more. Once you got in past a certain window, you had to leave through the back as the front entrance was no longer allowed to be used. People were lead here by being told it was a fun movie but instead it was a horror movie, the only movie the theatre played. A lady stated that the movie was to frightening and she was trying to leave but did not know how. My daughter had been given a download prior to entering the scenario and had the directions for exiting. She was shown how terrible it was going to be and that many of the people were going to die. She said we started to leave and were trying to get the others out, to save all of them. There were people and deer that had been trapped for many years, unable to escape but Jessica knew the way and what to expect so we had a chance. We were traveling the trail given in the download, going to places you would never think you would want to go, even seeing a dead man shoveling coal….he had a key we needed further down the line. She remembers there being a shack in a field, but under the shack was a mansion occupied with deer and humans that would try to kill us. Then I woke her up, she being unable to finish the scenario.

I think this was all symbolic of what is happening. If you believe the reality of which we currently live is like a hologram and people are trapped within this holograph through cycles of reincarnation then the scenario plays out very well. Some people do not want to wake up, some are lost. It is as if we are part of the ground rescue team and are here to assist those wanting to find the truth. Remember we had the download stating we are not from here, prepare for what is to come. This energy that the earth is supposed to pass through….is it going to cause our reality/hologram to collapse and we need to wake up and leave now? I personally believe in the ascension wave as stated by Marcia Schafer ( Bob Dean Part 3 (with Marcia Schafer) ) and that the theatre is about to be torn down, our reality is about to end as we know it. We had better wake up.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 10:00 PM
k. I felt the bed move as an unseen entity sat down. I was extremely tired but sat up and looked around but was seeing nothing unusual. I said out loud to the entity that you are welcome to stay but I’m tired and going to sleep, and with that I fell asleep. Shortly afterward I was awakened with the sound of a helicopter flying low over the house but once again I went back to sleep. I awoke one more time but now it was to a loud noise like the slapping of two boards together one single time. I looked at the clock and found it to be 1:00am, strange as most of my experiences happen at about 3:00am.

l. I found myself in the yard and practicing levitation on the mobile basket ball goal. I would levitate the goal up, lay it over on its side and then spin it on a horizontal plane while making it orbit around me at head height very quickly. It was a bit frightening having this thing moving so close with so many movements taking place. I was controlling them all but knowing if I made a mistake it could crush my skull. Next I find a guitar and start levitating it in a cluttered room. Silly me then decides to sit on the levitating guitar and ride it around like a witch flying her broom, this is much more difficult than it sounds for a big guy like me! Then it ended. Sometimes you have simply have to enjoy yourself during these training sessions.

m. In the next scenario I find myself at the Biloxi, MS beach area where the I-110 entrance ramp goes over the water connecting to Hwy 90. I am standing on the beach when either a large projectile from an artillery weapon or a missile that had ran out of propellant flew overhead at maybe 15’ high. The time shift had already taken place slowing time to facilitate an escape with the weapon going about as fast a slow softball pitch at close range, so I took cover behind a metal pole but it was not large enough to conceal my whole body. The weapon had detonated as I could feel the wind from the explosion touching my face so I ran behind one of the concrete columns supporting the I-110 ramp. There was no way to know what type weapon it was so I had assumed it to be a nuke and was awaiting my death. But instead it must have been a conventional weapon as only minor damage occurred.

n. My son and I had discussed tactics on how to kill these annoying and very evil ghosts we sometimes are placed against. He was the first to successfully kill one. We thought that if we shifted to consciousness viewing mode that we could see them and then by invoking invisibility plus matter penetration that would could go after them in their realm. He found that by controlling your fear and focusing your energy on them that this was enough to drain and then kill them. Here is my scenario…..

I found myself in a hotel just coming out of the shower. I am wrapped in a towel but my body resembles what it was about at 25 years old. I saw two penetrations about ¼” across and separated by roughly 10” on my chest with burn marks resembling what I’d imagine a taser would do if left on for a long period. I asked Jessica to get the camera so we’d have evidence of the marks. While she was gone, objects in the room started levitating and coming at me like a slow pitch. A mild fear had set in and I could sense two ghosts in front of me. So while controlling my fear I focused on the ghost to my right and tried to shift into conscious viewing mode. The ghost appeared like a brown towel but could not move after having been consciously locked onto. It then asked why I was picking on it, but I continued my focus and finally drained it to death. Then I locked onto the second one until it died as well. Then the scenario ended.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 10:01 PM
To me this scenario was very important as now we are being shown not only how to conduct battles in the physical but other dimensions as well. So those that impose themselves on others simply because they can now have reason to be concerned, it does not matter if they are from the spirit realm or the physical….the rules have changed.

o. I find myself overlooking a fenced in hilly area containing what appears to be a school. The ships are coming down within a few feet of the ground to pull people in as if in a tornado vortex which seems to be a very low level of technology compared to what is available. I do not see the entrance door into the craft and nor do I recognize the craft as one I have seen before. The craft would resemble something like a first generation Star Trek shuttle except it was about two to three times longer and had a wing across the top that extended out about 20’ on the sides and “L”ed down on the ends. Next I find myself talking with a group of people on the ground when another craft appears to take the next set of people. The craft can only take 3 or 4 at a time in its transport system before moving to the next set. I place my hand on the craft’s wing while hoping it does not hit me but soon I am standing by myself as everyone in this group next to me had been transported aboard the craft. I stepped away from the craft and it appears unable to notice my presence. At this point anger sets in and using the levitation abilities previously taught I pull the craft down to the ground but don’t stop when it touches. I keep the force on the craft and I can see the top of it starting to buckle but I have to stop as not to hurt the occupants. It appears the top got crushed down about 6” before being released and the craft appeared to be completely powerless at this point. The hostages then came out of the craft and asked if I had done the damage to the craft. But we had more important things to worry about as other craft were on their way to finish picking up the others. I was worried that if they understood I had brought down this one that they would bring in the fighter craft and destroy the area killing everyone. It is a very tough decision you are faced with in these situations. Do I risk destroying all of the incoming craft to stop all of the current abductions and hopefully be able to stop the fighters when they arrive or save what I know is possible? I decided to save those that I had. When the next wave of abduction crafts approached I levitated the damaged craft trying to emulate a pattern of hostage pick-ups. After that set of crafts left, we went inside and talked to a teacher asking where we could hide these people. She said we could not, that they would be back. It seemed obvious they had threatened her and she was an unwilling accomplice. But she never knew what had happened and was never told. Then it ended.

Just like an armchair quarterback the day after a game, everyone thinks they would have done better. I have often doubted my actions and wonder if the problem should been approached in a different manner but during the heat of the situation no contemplation time is given and action is required immediately. I may disappoint some and for that I am sorry, but I do what seems most prudent at the time.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 10:03 PM
During another experience I found myself being shown how “they” had assisted me or was active during certain instances in my life. The memories faded quickly and I remember none of them but I do remember having the distinct idea of “them” really caring for us.

q. I awoke about 4:00am this morning (4-16-09) and did not realize I had gone back to sleep until awaking again after this very fun scenario. I was walking through a crowded alley in a city when a young man wanted to use my cell phone. After handing him the phone he makes a call and starts walking very quickly to a large open area about the size of four footballs fields placed together with warehouses lining the perimeter. A craft lands about 100 yards away and within a few seconds morphs into what appears to be a robot of some sort. This robot stands 10' to 12' tall and turns to face this young man and I. You could feel a sense of hostility coming from the machine so I take several steps toward the robot to prepare for battle. It fires a large artillery shell about the size of the largest gun on a Navy destroyer. The time shift kicks in so it seems the shell takes several seconds before reaching us and this gave me time to start building energy for levitation type manipulations. I tried to lock in on the shell but it took to long for the energy to build so I had to catch the shell with my hands. When the shell impacted my hands, it slid me back 6" to 12" before stopping. I then had built up enough energy so I sent the shell back and hit the head of the robot but no damage occurred. It then fired something like a graffle hook at us but my energy was engaged by this time so I was able to stop it easily. The hook hit the machine in the head area again and I could telepathically hear the occupant scream out "fool." The occupant then realized it was out matched, morphed his robot back into a craft and shot upward.

The young man and I then looked up and saw what we thought were stars starting to move but realized they were craft, perhaps 100's of them. I then told the young man that we needed to generate a scatter shield since there are so many of them. A scatter shield is one that is generated from within us but instead of being projected out several feet, we project the shield out a great distance. We do not have enough energy to make a solid shield many hundreds of feet across so instead we project this shield and it may have 50% to 70% coverage allowing some objects to pass through. The reason is if we held a close in strong shield that so many craft firing so much weaponry simultaneously could probably over power us. But using a scatter shield several hundred feet out in conjunction with time shift we would stop the majority of the incoming weaponry at a distance and hopefully be able to focus on the individual pieces that penetrate and render them inert.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 10:04 PM
5-27-09: This is a compilation update of a relatively long but not active period in my life. Things have changed since moving to Lucedale, the training going from almost everyday to sometimes only 1 per week.

The most distant and distinct scenario involved my team preparing to deploy in an effort to either extract or defend a group. Our commanding officer was a Lieutenant, a blonde female, approximately 5’7 to 5’9, perhaps 130lbs to 140lbs and wearing green kakis. I was told that those in need of assistance were low on water and I was instructed to carry the water. They had prepared a special back pack for me that had maximum water carrying capacity including even the supporting straps. I filled the pack and then was told by the Lieutenant to fill this other extremely large tank about 1 ½ times the size of a large quad cab truck. I did not know what good this would do since I could not tote this enormous tank. It was taking forever to fill since our filling hose was the size of a standard house water hose. This made me fidgety as I needed to be with my team, it felt as if I was wasting time and not in the fight. It even made things worse when I saw the Lt in the next room. We were separated by a plate glass window between our two rooms, she had a broom and was sweeping the floor. This makes no sense! I should be standing between those that need help and those seeking to harm them, not here! Then it ended.

Of course this was all symbolic and it appears to be an indicator of change in mission as I requested. I told “them” that I wish to be able to project the universal mind experience into those I stand against, hoping this will allow them to see how we are connected and thus lay down their weapons and aggressions. I see this as an alternative to my having to terminate my enemies as all life is precious. When I have to terminate a life of any sentient type, I see it as destroying myself.

In my next scenario I find myself standing underneath a large black craft hovering 10’ to 20’ off the ground. The craft is so big that I cannot make out its form but I do see rivets indicating it is not of off world origin. She’s perhaps 200’ feet wide, and much longer as I cannot see the end. We are under fire bomb attack from trucks, something similar to a Mad Maxx movie and are running low on ammunition. I was sent to find any type of ammunition possible for the M-16s and managed to only find about a half dozens clips of assorted ammunition. I had already loaded the magazines trying to keep in mind that the different types of ammunition had to be used independently of each other. If the ammunition was mixed, the ballistics was completely different between the different type shells and it would be difficult, if not impossible, to hit long range targets. But in the end we managed to hold them off with no injuries or casualties. Afterward the fight, the group of us were in the black craft looking down through an opening about 10’ x 12’. I remember having to skirt around some surrounding equipment just holding on at the edge while looking down through the opening. Someone was trying to get around me and grabbed a copper pipe, bending and damaging it which is now going to require repair. I was a little upset as this idiot had no reason to do this. But in total we had perhaps 8 to 12 people and were sitting around chatting about the battle and the inefficient ways it took to have this craft repaired. Just a bunch of guys taking it easy, this was my team of which I was not the squad leader. Then it ended.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 10:07 PM
Chapter 7 - Hell Week, A New Reality

The most disturbing things have happened in the past week or two. We had a paranormal group meeting with a couple of new people showing up, a lady and her 12 year old son. The son remembers being taken by reptilians but only the beginning of the abduction. The lady has had what seems to be poltergeist activity in her house. She’s had glass break in a single long line within a picture frame while still hanging on the wall, the pictures also fall regularly from the walls which makes one wonder if this could have weakened the glass. They have also had large quantities of light bulbs blowing. I inquired as to if her neighbors do as well and she does not believe they have. She has also had street lights go out while under them. So with that in mind it seemed as if we had some sort of connection of which I’m not certain I understand. She believes we have been together in the past but I have not been shown anything by “them” to indicate this. She has been seen in the crystal city by another abductee, the same city of which is mentioned earlier in this journal.

Well, on the way home my heart strings seem to be coming to life. The following morning I had to hide in the restroom at work several times as I would cry for no reason all through the morning. After lunch the crying had stopped and something unusual happened. I would start talking out loud as if giving a classroom dissertation concerning the theory on effect & interrelationships of the universal mind, subconscious, conscious, human body, and the physical sphere of reality. I was being taught by listening to myself but this knowledge was much higher than what would normally be associated to myself. It seems I was being taught how the universal mind experience happens, what is required.

After the consciousness lessons I get into the company car and drive to another central office that I cover. While in route it is as if a meditation is given to me of which I’ve never heard or even contemplated. But this has to be done with someone of which you feel comfortable as it involves almost a merging of the spirit. Below is how this is done.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 10:09 PM
The person leading the meditation sits against the wall in a comfortable semi-reclining position with the legs angle slightly out. The 2nd person sits almost in the lap and reclines into the first person. The 1st person places their strongest hand directly on the skin of the solar plexus area while covering it with the other hand. The 2nd person does the same, placing their hands on the 1st person’s hands. A set of conscious focusing techniques are used next, guiding your partner through this process. You are focusing on your forehead area until you feel the energy build, now move that to the crown chakra until it begins to tingle. Take your focus now and move it into your throat area, taking time to feel the energy while never rushing anything in this process. Move next into your left shoulder, feeling the blood, bone and muscle, experiencing it. Now move into the left arm, slowly until reaching the hand. You must take your time here, feel and see the bone, muscles and blood extending into each of the fingers and thumb. Move your consciousness back into your forehead and repeating the process except for the right side. Now ask your partner to open themselves to you, freely and openly without fear or reservation. Tell them you are about to enter their body through the solar plexus area and to search for you within their body. They need to feel you and be able to identify your spirit while you are within them. Now it’s your part. You focus your concentration on either your strongest hand or both hands as you see fit. Enter into your partner, looking and seeing the spine, the outer form of the body and the chakra areas. Explore each area, focusing the energy you think they require. Perhaps forming a pink light of love around the heart, a blue light in the third eye for stability, a blue light in the mind for increased stability, a white light for overall energy through the solar plexus. Take your time, this cannot be forced. Tell your partner before you start to exit them, and then gently do so. Do not talk immediately following the experience, resettle into your body and contemplate what happened. This should bring you closer together. Now understand that if the base chakra (genitals) are visited during the mergence this may cause excitement so be cautious in what energy of which you interface especially if your partner is only a friend.

I had fallen asleep but received a call about 6:00pm telling me of an abductee of which I may want to talk. I tried but she was not home but did managed to have a short conversation with an older contact. By 10:00pm I was dead tired and had to go to sleep. But it seemed I heard something within my RV. Locking doors is not something I normally do, but did this time. I went to sleep and woke myself up in a scream of terror and could see something in the doorway. I screamed for them to get out in a low and almost evil sounding voice, hardly my own. Then it disappeared. I was scared to death, I believe it was a gray projecting terror….you cannot fight it, you are helpless against it even if you have forewarning. Rather like getting shot, you know they are going to shoot you but it still hurts. I went on line to find any other abductee seeking some sort of mental comfort as this effected me terribly, it’s one of two things I have no control over with the second one being when the mind is rewritten. The later is the worse they can do to you as you don’t know what you were before this happens. You feel as if you have lost your soul while the new paths are physically being made/cut into your brain.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 10:10 PM
I was unable to engage any fellow abductees in conversation so I turned off the computer, feeling like my only helping hand had been chopped off. An entity is in the room and the fright builds but I cannot see it. My body is on edge as the chill bumps engulf me, trying to control them with only minor success. I don’t know what to do, there is nothing I can do but go face-to-face with whatever it is. I intuitively know that if I slip into a deep conscious state that it will be waiting for me. I force myself from a mode of fright into engagement/battle mode and start focusing on my eye lids, hoping this technique might fail tonight to take me into the deep state of remembrance….but it works and I slip into their realm. The entity immediately comes after me as I talk to it. I told it to go back to city of which it came, knowing the city at the time. I could not see as I normally do, but had to sense in complete darkness. I was not in my normal body but the entity knew where my eyes were located and was trying to push them in. I then saw my energy turn into a dark solid wave of energy, like dark grey charcoal but in a sheet. The entity was strong but I felt slightly stronger and somehow knew how to control my energy in a more advanced way than it did. I folded myself around the entity, slowly but forcefully enwrapping myself around it while we scuffled in this dark area, knowing where to place increased pressure during moves to contain it. The battle finally ended as I contained the entity. Then it ended….It was a new battle type of which I’ve never engaged and it makes me feel like a beginner in this field of combat knowing I have weaknesses and much to learn. What is happening?

I had read on of people hearing voices that sounded like a tv or radio was turned on, but nothing was around that could have been making the noise. Perhaps this could have been caused by stress, chemical imbalance, hearing ghosts, or simply being mentally imbalanced in my opinion so not much else was thought on the subject. But as most things in life, your opinion changes quickly when it happens to you. The first occurance began as I was sitting at my desk, looking at something on the computer monitor. There were low voices coming from my right, where a radio was sitting but it was not turned on. The voices would only last a few seconds, stop and then happen again sometime later. The voices lasted long enough so I could swing my head and tell they were directionally sensitive, always coming from the direction of the radio.
Perhaps considering the radio is defective would be a way to tuck this little problem away without any further concern, which is until the moving pictures started poping into my head. It did not happen but a couple of times but it was as if I were seeing glimpses of tv shows in the middle of my mind. Hmmmm, how do I write this one off….the tv is defective is the only choice. Except for a couple of minor details such as I don’t have a tv in my head and none are around me. I am trying very hard to paddle my canoe down that river of denial, but the logic in me cannot go there but I do understand it is a wonderful place for those with the proper passport!

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I then find myself going to sleep a couple of nights later but you can hear the plane pass overhead indicating another MILABS abduction is going to take place. I am growing weary and tired of what I believe to be the reabduction scenarios. The Smith & Wesson Sigma 9mm is in my hand as several practice draws are accomplished looking for the fastest and most accurate aim as there is only one goal this night, to kill anyone or anything that comes through the bedroom door.

I feel myself falling into a restless sleep…..but now I am in two places at once. My body is laying in the bed but I am also sitting in a chair across from a lady of which there is a deep sense of serenity and trust. I can feel something between the lobes of my brain, about ¾ the way back and perhaps ¼ to 1/3 deep into it from the top. I see sets of 6 symbols scrolling inside my eyes, from the top down in the same way a DOS based computer would boot….I am being rebooted or at least what they have implanted within my brain is. The rebooting takes approximately 30 to 45 seconds and then I go blank. I awake the next morning with a grim reality update….I am part machine.
Even if the majority of what I am is human, there is a part of me that is not….a part of which may be beyond my control or understanding. But with this new understanding comes a certain curiosity, almost like seeing your father take off a Santa costume. Theories start running through my mind on how my past experiences may have been accomplished and with this new insight; it is starting to make sense. When I would be shown the six-symbol sets and receive a download, it probably was not a download. The first two symbols are basically always the same in a six symbol download, so my logical side tells me this is the file location (i.e. chip memory section) with the last four digits being the file itself. The actual download is probably being accomplished when I hear the high pitched tones but the activation of the program or access to the memory is through seeing the six symbol set, nothing more than a run command.

There are other theories about the chip within my brain but now it is time to move to the next part of Hell Week. Sometime during this period I have awakened twice to what can only be described as a cliff of insanity. Your mind is in such a state that all you have to do is let go and you will be insane, or lose yourself as my son puts it. In one experience I remember seeing a bright white hazy light even though my eyes were closed, I started performing math problems to remain focused and this is probably the only thing that kept me from reaching insanity. My son had the same experience during this period. “They” will at times allow him questions and answers. He was told that we are being upgraded with reptilian DNA and that some people do not survive the procedure and in fact do go insane. I have also since found that this is the same process that the Shaman go through, so does this mean they have been upgraded as well and this has been going on for a great length of time to various aspects of humanity? Who knows….

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 10:14 PM
There is another part of which I want to bring up. This event did not happen to me, but instead to one of the members of my family. I once thought “our guys” could protect us from practically anything but have found out they cannot. I can talk about us having to assassinate others, watch my son be eaten by a creature and still have to perform my mission. But this last event of “Hell Week”…..I will only tell you that it is something so horrendous and unthinkable that most will not be able to even guess at what it was. I am intentionally letting you know something happened but do to the nature of this event, I will not let you know who it happened to or what the event was. With this, my idea of security has been completely destroyed and the seriousness of our mission has been emphasized and is understood in a different light. When/if this event is made public, a special place should be in your heart for those of which this happens. Though we are destined to have great abilities upon activation, know that it comes with a tremendous price.

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 07:09 AM
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I will have to manage to pry myself away from the computer now, to go to work. Am looking forward to completing your fascinating story when I return.

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posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 09:50 PM
Chapter 8 - Past Lives

At times the tears still flow….

Our family is a bit unusual as we enjoy riding and racing motocross. At our busiest we had a toy hauler which is a camper trailer with a rear garage for storing the “toys”, tools, fuel, etc and were on the road all but three weekends in 2007. But going back to an earlier year we were looking at upgrading from a mild mannered trail bike to something more powerful for my teenage daughter of which was the driving factor for the rest of us getting into this wild sport. The Irvington, AL motocross track announcer told us someone had a motorcycle that might fit our needs and said they would meet us at the track so she could try it go for a test ride. We did not buy the bike but that night I had a dream so real that it could not have been a dream but instead it seems I relived part of a past life.

I was sitting in a lounge area aboard a wooden trimmed vessel that had the walls and floor made of tongue and groove planks with the walls being slightly dingy from the cigarette smoke. I thought it peculiar that the wood was run crossways across the deck instead of bow to aft as I thought it should be so any water would flow more easily toward the rear of the compartment. There were about five round tables or so with most people playing cards, drinking and smoking. I was sitting at a small table by myself and a beautiful blonde haired lady entered the compartment and sat next to me. I thought at the time how bold this one is, not realizing until later she was my wife. We chatted, she smoked a cigarette, and then we went onto the starboard deck where it was dark outside but so beautiful. The stars were bright, you could see the yellow campfires on the coast which was perhaps 200 to 300 yards out while the ship sailed silently threw the calm waters. My lovely wife was at my right side and the last thing I remembered was saying how beautiful it was….it was perfect. Then someone hit me from behind, I had been murdered. I’ll say with a 90% probability that I know my murderer. He was sitting at the table next to us while in the lounge playing poker and drinking shots, very scruffy looking. I know him today. I remember my wife screaming out it was not fair, we were so much in love. Perhaps as perfect a love as is possible in the physical. Other memories started coming back…we either owned or ran a hotel on a city on the coast of which I suspect is in New Zealand. I remember seeing the three masted ships of a galley type vessel, from a view on top of a hill or small mountain looking down. The ships were anchored perhaps 25 yards offshore as there was no dock at our location.

The last memory I have was her wearing a baby blue dress with white embroideries and trimmed in solid white with her hair pulled back into a pony tail, hands clasped behind her back slightly bending over looking at me. I was on one knee wearing dark pants with a button-up white shirt, black hair and proposing. I remembered only one small section of another life with her, god what a beautiful smile……

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 09:51 PM
During another encounter while talking with her I saw her standing next to a wooden coffin in a mental snap shot. Apparently this was mine and she had been my wife in at least two other lives. But what triggered these memories? It is as if spirit themselves got involved and choreographed an event so close to the last hour of our last life together that’s it is beyond any type of coincidence. An experience that has to be felt and words will always fall short. I will simply say that the energy transfer was so incredible and it was physically felt. It was like working for several months at 7 days per week and out of nowhere you find yourself awake after 10 hours of peaceful sleep. You are not completely reenergized, but the life has entered back into your body and soul. We did not have an affair, but I cried many times everyday for perhaps two weeks and lost 20lbs just because I knew we would not be together. I know….wuss boy! Time is a great healer, and I can talk to her for a short while with no problem. But, if I am around her for a portion of a day the feelings swell again. To this day, I watch my contact in order to control the sadness.

I also relived dieing in probably WWII. I remember several of us running away from the quanson huts where the aircraft were stored as to avoid being bombed. You could hear and feel the percussions of the bombs and finally one hit close. I could feel the left side of my face mangled and a piece of shrapnel in my forehead.

In my current life while my best friend and I were in Army basic together when he said something that made absolutely no sense at the time. He told me he did not want me to be in the same company as him because he did not want to see me die. I now believe he was in the group that ran across the field when I died. I suspect his birthmark on his nose is from the same bomb that killed me and he has already watched me die once.

Trying to make logical sense of this is often difficult as we only have bits and pieces of which to work. How could I have been killed on a wooden vessel if my wife was smoking? Did they have prepackaged cigarettes that early….I think not. Perhaps more will come and I’ll update it as it becomes clearer.

The last of what I believe to be memories of past lives is a building in India. I remember being with another small powered boat and exploring a building off the coast of India with a doorway that had double arches, like the McDonald’s trademark “M”.

While flying over to India I saw the building on a tourist’s video onboard the plane but have been unable to locate the actual building. My friend met me in India and we went to the Taj Mahal. We arrived just at sunset with the river’s mist half way up the towers….I could not speak for awhile while a few tears slipped out. I don’t know my association with the Taj Mahal but it was a deep, emotional experience.

In another life I find myself as a captain with an eager and loyal crew of six, but we do not currently have a ship. There is another captain this is rather insane, very volatile of which just received his new ship. I had an idea to ask for his old ship as it was going to be decommissioned, and use it to sail from New Zealand to Europe proper. I approached him with the idea and he immediately went into a rage of furry, pulling his dagger and stabbing me through the right hand. My crew took me away quickly so he would not kill me, hiding me until the other captain calmed down. You see, in those days the roughest was in charge but I did not manage under those rules. I preferred to be kind to my crew but still expected their best when needed as all of our lives depended on each other while at sea. The captain finally calmed down and agreed to let me have his old ship.

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 09:52 PM
Chapter 9 - “It” Ananylsis

For those like myself that can feel something is coming, this is written for you. These are my personal interpretations and theory of what lies directly ahead. This is put together using information from a Shaman, my children’s visions, other abductees visions and of course my own.

Abductee Visions:
a. Looking down upon earth from an orbiting position, the earth has fires and destruction world wide (son’s version).
b. At ground level, areas are layed completely flat (daughter’s version).
c. At ground level, nothing taller than ¾ of a story can be seen as far as the eye can see (my version).
d. Analysing a tree during the destruction process indicates the trees turns into a dust without catching on fire (son’s and my version).
e. Multiple ships are washed-up on the Pascagoula, MS beach which included freighters, military ships and a submarine. (my version)
f. Air Force F-16s chasing and firing on Navy F-14s. (my version)
g. Army check points on civilian roads within the U.S.. Told explicitly that we did not fight this group of military. (my version)

Shaman visions:

a. Economic collapse.
b. A killer virus, probably a strain of flu.
c. A huge tsunami hitting the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
d. A volcano erupting in the west of the Rockies,OR or WA.
e. Riots in the cities with people fighting our own military.
f. Miltary splitting in two and some fighting for the common people and some against us.
g. People chained in box cars.
h. People being put in camps.
i. A map of the USA with red dots on certain cities. I believe they are nuclear drop spots.
j. Something happens that kills everything electrical.
k. An inland sea in central USA where the Mississippi currently is. (This feels way in the future, may not be my lifetime.)

Remote trance viewing by a Shaman:

Target: New Orleans the day before “it” happens. No people are seen on the streets. The Shaman then enters a house only to see a family watching the news and being told to stay inside. Who is giving the directive and the reason are unknown.

Target: New Orleans the day after “it” happens. No concrete buildings are left standing. A steel twisted frame of a bridge and concrete foundations on the ground are all that is left, no life. A gray cloud is seen blocking out the sun, presumably concrete dust from varporized concrete.
Target: Crawford, Nebraska the day after “it” happens. People are seen loading vehicles with guns, ammunitions and supplies and preparing to depart. No electricity is available from the power generating station but vehicles do appear to function properly.

Target: Chadron, Nebraska the day after “it” happens. People are seen looting the stores, basically a free for all. The top portion of a torn newspaper was found, date was March 10, 2010.

Information by “them” as told by an abductee: The crust cools very deeply in one area which causes the core to temporarily rotate in unison with the earth’s crust. Since the two are rotating together, the magnetic field that protects earth from solar winds and radiation is temporarily lost which allows solar incoming energies. Volcanic activies and aggitated oceans/seas occur.

Vision analysis using above information: The solar energies turn trees and concrete into dust. The slabs on the ground are somewhat protected and survive. Not all areas are destroyed. No life survives at the energy impact points.

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 09:54 PM

This is a rather boring subject that is of great importance as to show how simply we have been duped into a willing slavery made to benefit only those at the top of the banking food chain.

Let’s look how the world banking system is set-up, specifically our Federal Reserve banking system. The Federal Reserve Banking system was adopted by Congress on 23 Dec 1913 while many of the members were away. The system works like this, when the U.S. government needs money for various projects it prints bonds and hands them over to the Federal Reserve Banking system. Now understand, the Federal Reserve is not run by the government as its name implies, instead it is a conglomeration of private banks that have no assets to call their own nor or they allowed to be audited. The Federal Reserve then prints the dollars and hands those back to the U.S. government and they start spending on their pet projects. This is all fine and well except that the banks are charging the government interest as if it is a loan.

Let’s say for instance the government needs $10 billion dollars, they send the bonds to the Federal Reserve, they print $10 billion crisp dollars bills and everyone is happy. Now lets say that it comes time to pay off the 12 month loan from the Federal Reserve, that $10 billion dollars has now turned into a $10,190,595,581.00 dollar debt but where does this money come from to repay the loan? They print more bonds and borrow more money.

Do you understand that this is a slavery cycle? There is no way to ever repay the debts to the Federal Reserve because there will never be enough money because of the accumulated interest. They have made themselves an unnecessary middleman and are taking a cut of accumulating interest and sticking it in their pockets. The system is set-up to take care of the bankers as long as they can keep pulling this scam. And what’s even better is your mortgage.

You see this nice home in an area you like and go to the bank groveling to the money gods. The gods make you fill out tons of paperwork and jump through burning rings of bureaucracy to get to the closing day of your mortgage. You have put down anywhere from 3% to 10% of the cost of this house as a down payment, but a down payment to who? The bankers are required to keep so much money in their bank as liquid assets to cover your mortgage; this is called fractional reserve banking. I have heard anywhere from 10:1 to as high as 27:1 meaning for every $10 they loan they are only required to have 1 dollar in deposits at the 10:1 ratio or $1 in deposits to every $27 they lend for the 27:1 ratio. So your down payment helps cover this ratio. So you put down $5,000 dollars on your $100,000 house and they simply write a check to the person selling it even though they really don’t have this money. The $100,000 is simply an entry in their ledger and the only real assets they have tied up in your house is the paper the loan contract is written on as well as the paper stock for the check itself. So at best they less than a dollar in their physical investment.

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