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Just Another Abductee.....

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posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 10:02 PM
My grandmother, my father’s mother, also came to Pat. She told me that when I would meditate how I would feel something on my cheek and that was my grandmother gently touching me. At this point I knew my family loved and protected me from the other side. Through the years so much has been forgotten but so much was forged into my heart.

By this time my understanding was far removed from anything taught to me as a child attending a Southern Baptist Church, but this still left much room for knowledge and spiritual growth. I had read everything concerning reincarnation and spirituality that I could put my hands on, up to three books per week as this had turned into an obsession for truth. I found that there were no more books on the shelves that I had not read in these matters. But then my life took a drastic change in how you learn and who is teaching you. A lady named Mrs. DeRosa was the next guest medium at the Horley Spiritualist Church. I was so fascinated and understood how important these messages given were to those receiving them that I had been video taping the events. Mrs. DeRosa’s story was unlike anything I had heard before, I could not take my eyes off her. She was a Jewish lady that had cancer, was given three months to live and heard about this holy man in India named Sathya Sai Baba. Her last wish was for this holy man to bless a sentimentally valuable ring that she owned. After flying to India with her husband, they found this Sai Baba and attended what is called darshan, the seeing of a holy one. Baba simply touched her arm as he went by and immediately she could feel this energy surge from the top of her body through the bottoms of her feet and was unable to move until it was completed. She was certain everyone else had seen this as well, but no one saw anything. She could see his aura which was golden and showed past the horizon with no end in sight. Her body that was riddled with cancer was now cured by the time she arrived back in England. And what do you think happened to this recording; the audio did not take. It was the only audio that had not taken in all of my video sessions. Mrs. DeRosa told me this man was an Avatar, God incarnated in human form.

How can you make such a statement and not have your feet put to the fire? After arriving home, my wife went to bed and it was time for me to question this God man. I put a chair in front of me and said out loud that I have questions you need to answer. He never showed. Hmmm, some God. Well, sometime in the next week or so I had two experiences known as Samadi by the Hindus. This is basically you becoming one with God. I was the chair, the floor, the house, my neighbor, the earth, the universe, all time including present, past and future, all dimensions both seen and unseen. I was God. It is not an experience that you can do anything with, such as pull information back from the universal mind but you know everything while there. Once you have had this experience it is embedded into your soul and no matter what the duress it cannot be removed. You now understand that the bulk majority of what you were taught is a lie. There is no man with a long flowing beard and staff waiting to condemn you to the bowls of hell because you committed one sin or don’t believe in this religion or that….it’s all a lie. This is the highest teaching, this is what those in charge do not want you to know or understand.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 10:02 PM
At this point I was a man on a mission and had to find out about Sathya Sai Baba. I drove everywhere trying to find a single book but none were to be found other than one exception and my intuition told me it was not the one. I then said in a prayer that if you want me to learn about you, you need to help me. Later during that week a call came in from the head of the church, Pat Pizzy. She asked me if I’d like a book on Sathya Sai Baba. Yes!!! She told me that she had some books in her garage that had been sitting there for 10 years and would be glad to give them to me. The next time we met she handed me a box of about 20 books and I could hardly contain myself. After arriving home the first one opened was titled “Man of Miracles.” Immediately the room filled full of a perfume smell and this made me wonder why she put perfume in her books, this was a little odd. I read probably a fourth of the book before going to bed that night when the visions started. My first vision was my mother and I in a class room with him starting to teach. At the end of the class he said he would be serving lunch which was hot dogs and hamburgers. I did not know about vegetarianism at the time but no one else would take them. I was upset since Baba was offering this free food and no one would take it. I now understand everything was symbolic. The class was the true teachings while the food represented America and no one in America would accept the teachings. I also later found out that Pat did not put perfume in her books but this was what Baba referred to as his calling cards.

Another vision had two men and myself placed inside a small room with a large cobra perhaps 4’ tall sitting upright in the doorway with there being no other way out. The other two men were frightened and standing toward the back wall but I intuitively knew that the Cobra was God and walked past it with no fear, this is when the universe opened unto me.

In another vision Baba had a large beautiful Bengal tiger on a leash walking through a crowd of people scorning them for what they were intentionally doing wrong. He approached me with a smile on his face and asked if I’d watch his tiger while he continued his work. But of course! Baba and I were good friends. The tiger and I played having a wonderful time up until He finished and returned to collect the tiger.

Another time I found myself standing at the Wailing Wall in Israel even though I knew nothing of it at the time. There was a terrible earthquake and all but a few Jews were running in terror. From the ground erupts a man with a grey peppered pony tail, sun scared face and slight build. He told me His name three times but I could not understand it much less say it. I told Him that I could see through the façade and that He was Baba only in a different form, not to try to fool me. We then took into the air and He showed me the religious sites, giving their histories before returning to the wall to tell me my faults. He said I loved the tax man too much and I loved women too much. Now I understand the tax man is actually the government since I believed and trusted everything they told us. The other is obvious.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 10:03 PM
Sometimes He would come to teach, other times to befriend but I was always glad to be in His presence. In all, Baba came to me in visions between 50 and 75 times as well as coming to everyone in my maternal family. I also remember one particular vision in which Jesus and Mary were talking in a hallway and when I approached Jesus said “And He the Father.” At that point Baba entered the hall and I went into the room where the other devotees were waiting for Him to give a discourse. After waiting awhile the other people started asking me to take the podium and start speaking but I refused not thinking myself worthy. Shortly thereafter Baba walked over to me through the small crowd, hugged me and said these words that frightened and consoled me at the same time. “Once you have entered My kingdom, you may never leave.” Now I understand that He was simply saying that we are one in the universal mind, the God head. I am a brother to all those around me, they are my family regardless of the race.

In another vision Baba asked me to give a speech in front of a crowd. I remember approaching, tripping and hitting my tooth on the mic. I tried to open myself and allow him to flow through me but nothing came. Baba then took the mic and said, “You can tell he is an American, he has strong teeth.” With that everyone laughed and it ended. I now understand that I am not a channel but my own person and should use my own voice.

In another vision I am standing in a two story building, like a parking garage with people lined-up awaiting their blessings. Baba is at the top and would touch the people on the forehead and they would go into ecstasy, falling backward to be caught by others. When I approached for my blessings Baba touched me on the forehead and stated “I allow this because it is easier for them to believe, you do not need this. You can accept my blessings.” This told me that the Pentecostal faith is real, but is only needed by those at that level; it is not desired or needed by everyone. But of course my sister is a devoted Pentecostal, believes I worship the devil and will burn in hell.

Some Indian people I talked with wondered why an American would be having so many visions of Baba while many of them had none. In another vision I find myself outside an open office door with a fellow American inside talking to Baba. Baba immediately stands up and invites me in, ignoring the man sitting in front of him. The man bursts out in anger, “Why do you see him immediately while I have waited months?” Baba then scorned the man stating, “He does his Dharma!” Dharma basically means spiritual duties. Then it ended.

Sometimes if Baba would not come to me for a matter of weeks I would become upset, thinking I had done something wrong and this is when I had this vision. I find myself standing before Baba and asking him to give me his blessings and forgive any sins I may have committed. Baba normally touches someone on the forehead once to give his blessings but instead he touched me ten times. I am not certain I understand this one but believe that either God will bless you ten times over when you are really trying with all your heart, or I am now free from the 10 commandments in order to perform my spiritual duties.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 10:04 PM
I had decided not to see Baba in the physical since so many took demands upon him. But the feeling grew so strongly that I prayed stating that if you want me to see you then you need to make available the overtime so I can afford the trip. I was low man working as an electrician at the Ingalls shipyard in Pascagoula, MS and overtime was what everyone wanted. Well, my supervisor comes up and asks if I’d like to work on a ship for some overtime, that I’m the one he would like on it. Of course! I worked enough overtime in a much better environment than my regular job and saved enough to make the trip to India. While there I experienced so many things. The more notable was going to an orphanage and holding two pictures about the size and thickness of a small finger nail. The pictures would fill your palm about three times per minute with Amrit, Nectar of the Gods. Baba had materialized these and given them to the orphanage manager as he could not afford to feed the children. Because of this tourists would come in to see the pictures and leave money thus creating income. But they did stop for a period when the manager started charging to see the pictures. The manager was crying to Baba asking what had happened, Baba told him he was charging for a gift from God and that is not allowed. The man promised to never do that again and as far as I know the pictures still secret the Amrit, now for over 40 years.

In another physical Baba experience I found myself in a sea of over 1 million people for His birthday celebration. You have to draw lots in order to find who goes first and gets the nearest seats of which there are perhaps 100 front seats for each gender. I happened to be in a front seat but we had been given directions by security not to touch him as people were becoming unruly. Baba emerges for the Darshan, walks over to me and stops while looking over me as if I am not there. I asked Him for an interview several times but He kept ignoring me. I then looked up and noticed He was as seen in my meditations. You see, Baba teaches to meditate at the feet of your guru and while meditating I would mentally look up to see Him and then place my forehead on his feet. In front of this enormous crowd, Baba was showing me He knew and I finally understood. With security standing fairly close I touched his feet even though we had been given orders to the contrary. Once I touched his feet, He then continued his Darshan.

After arriving at the dormitory following Darshan, I had this incredibly negative experience happen and started cursing to myself. Why? Had touching this God man help to release these pinned up emotions and anger? That particular experience has never been adequately explained and may forever remain a mystery on this spiritual journey. Later that night another vision was seen. I found myself along with one other man unknown to me sitting and awaiting Baba. Baba arrived, and said to the two of us “You must walk the sacred line” while pointing down at the ground. I saw a line so narrow that a razor thin permanent marker would have been required to draw it and then the vision ended.

In this next vision I found myself driving through Pascagoula, MS on Hwy 90 heading toward Alabama. On the side of the road can be seen a white car with three men fixing a flat. I figured the three men could handle this with no problem so I continued on my journey. On the return trip the car is still there so I pulled over to assist and find that one of the men was Baba. On the side of the American built car was a large rust hole in the door. Baba looked at me and asked if I could fix this and I replied I will try. The three men then got into the car and drove off. This of course is symbolic but it seems one of my jobs is to be a trouble shooter or repairman of sorts in the spiritual aspects.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 10:05 PM
My son told me about a Baba vision given to him while young. He was in a giant damaged robot with a snake (Shiva) for his weapon and Baba was his shield. Shiva ran out of power to destroy the evil but no matter what Baba always protected him. He said I also had a giant robot but it was damaged and though I tried to help, was unable. I believe the robots represented our bodies before the DNA upgrades with the Shiva/Baba aspect showing he is being protected by the spiritual masters. My son also said we were working as a team and this of course goes without saying in its meaning.

There were numerous other visions with one in particular being embedded so deeply that it will never be forgotten as so many others have. My friend and I were coming back from the post office after obtaining a passport application for my trip to India. We step inside the door and find his wife is being held hostage by a mad man waving a pistol around her head. The man’s comments indicated he was going to kill her no matter what and his friend was in the house as well. I find myself standing close to him with my son’s BB gun at my side. At this point we had nothing to lose so I hit the man as hard as possible in the forehead using the butt of the rifle to knock him out. We talked to my friend’s wife and she seems fine and then we see my wife coming out of the hallway into the living room. The second mad man grabs her, pointing a pistol at her head with every intention of killing her. I’m a very good shot having been out shot only once in ten years of air force shooting and that was by a state level shooter….I’ll still contest that score! The mad man and my wife were to far away to effectively grab him so I decided to shoot for one of his eyes and that should hurt him enough so I can stop this none sense. I fired but the BB hit just below his left eye, I had not taken enough time to aim. He immediately started pistol whipping my wife while screaming that he would kill her if we approached. There was nothing I could do and it was killing me to see my wife flailing about under the pistol’s impacts. He then told me to leave since I was the trouble maker and pointed to the hallway door of which he wanted me to exit. The pathway leads me by my wife and disregarding the shooter I knelled down to check on her. Instead I see Baba laying on the ground, He had taken my wife’s place and took the beating. He gently smiled at me as He laid there nearly unconscious, letting me know that it is ok. I stood and exited the door but once outside I started spitting BB’s from my mouth by the hundreds. I then saw my wife and two children, but it was not my current wife or children. They were sitting on the most beautiful lawn imaginable and while I was walking over to them, I started levitating and saw the yard was made into Baba’s symbol which contains all of the major religions of the world. I still cry while relaying this story and believe it to be symbolic, if not prophetic, of my complete life.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 07:21 PM
Chapter 4 - Paranormal Experiences

Like most other abductees my life has been full of the paranormal for most of my life. The earliest memory of a strange event took place at about the age of 4 years old. We lived in a wooden framed house in Kreole, MS with a salt water bayou running in the back yard so this was the perfect place to live for a young guy that enjoyed fishing so very much! But one day while walking through the living room looking for my mother I noticed my body was asleep on the couch. I can still see the button-up white shirt with thin stripes nestled comfortably in the corner of what appeared to be a brown vinyl couch. There was no fright but I instantly went back into my body, stood up and continued my search as it seemed very natural at the time. The second time this happened was during Library of the 7th grade as I was bored and had my head down on the table waiting for the period to end. Upon opening my eyes I found myself floating next to the overhead florescent lights and saw my body with its head laying on the table. That time it bothered me immensely. Immediately I found myself back in my body and sitting up very quickly and was close to panicking. Those are the only two obe’s in my life but my son also had one.

We were driving along Hwy 90 in Gautier, MS while my son was about 6 or 7 years old. He has always been, and still is, a very polite boy but for some reason when his mother asked him a question Richie did not respond. My wife thought this strange, turned around to look and saw him starring blankly toward the top of the ceiling. She did not think any more of the incident. We pulled into a gas station to refuel. His mother and sister went inside to get something to drink as it was the summer time with the temperatures often hovered in the high 90’s. But as soon as they were away from the care he had this look upon his face telling me he had just done something very wrong. My son said, “Dad, my spirit seeped out of my body.” I asked him to repeat it to ensure I did not mishear his words. And once again, “My spirit seeped out of my body.” I asked him to explain what he meant. Richie then tells me that while we were traveling down the highway that his spirit left his body and he was outside the car looking in. He could see his body, all of us inside and was able to look around outside as well. I then told him that was natural and not to worry about, it just happens sometimes. That seemed to make him feel better as he thought a major punishment was coming for his doing this terrible thing.

Something that can only be delved from time is that in our family only my son, my youngest daughter and I have had the OBE’s and at the same time we are the ones being trained for this future warfare that is to be conducted. Is this coincidence or something else? I will leave that question with you because there is no correct answer at this point.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 07:23 PM
Another experience happened that brought to light a paranormal occurrence that we never realized was happening. My best friend, mother and I were traveling some place in the old 1969 Country Squire station wagon smoking so much that most people probably thought we were the bug sprayer coming through. I kid you not, that thing went through 3 to 5 quarts of oil per tank of gas and my sister was so embarrassed by it she would ask to be dropped off away from school and finish the trip on foot. But back to the story, my mother and I were having a conversation only to be interrupted by my friend asking if we were playing a joke on him. We had no idea what he was talking about until he said all we were doing was saying an occasional word and then being quiet. My mother and I would hear the complete conversation in our head and did not realize we had any telepathic abilities.

Going closer to today, my youngest daughter, Jessica, and I have a very strong intuition of each other. She said in the mornings she can read my mind when I come to wake her, but I cannot read hers. Jessica also had an amazing experience concerning telepathy while at the 2009 UFO Congress in Laughlin, NV. I will simply leave that for her story.

I already told you about the first telepathic experience from this unseen source indicating that reincarnation was a reality. I very rarely receive telepathic messages, so when they come they are now taken heavily into consideration but being young on the second experience I threw the advice to the side and let free will play its part. Sometime between being engaged and getting married my external source talked to me again concerning my upcoming marriage. The gist of the message was that I can get married now and be financially secure or I could wait and have a much richer life experience. I was lonely, stationed in Incirlik AB, Turkey, was tired of being lied to by women and finally found one I could trust. I chose to get married. I am very open with my wife, perhaps too open at times and this does cause her unintentional emotional pain at times. But to stick with the truth is important so my motives are understood though perhaps difficult to live with.

The third message was desperately needed as the emotional turmoil, new experiences and everyday strain was destroying me inside. It was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving in 2007 while at work that this telepathic friend started talking to me and of course the memories are fading as so much was relayed.

Two of my children and I had wakened several times during the month and though we were in our beds we did not know where we were. After about 30 seconds to a minute your mind would clear and things would be normal and it always happened to the three of us on the same mornings. The voice told me it was being caused by the abduction experiences taking place physically in a different dimension. That the soul and body had to resynchronize into this physical reality and that is when the mind would clear.

I was next told to contact “her” who I misunderstood thinking it was my wife from a past life that I came to recognize and help her to understand what is going on. We had made new friends at the motocross track and they ended up being abductees of our group. “She” was actually my new friend’s wife that the voice was referencing. The first time she and I met we spoke for about three hours straight…it was great! She remembered seeing a gray in her bedroom as a young child, having the blanket fly off the bed, seeing the clothes move in the closet, being at the crystal city, flying the small black triangular craft, all of the normal abductee experiences we have within our group. She, like so many of us, thought perhaps she was mentally unstable so hopefully talking to my daughter and I helped to put things in perspective.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 07:24 PM
The next out of sync experience occurred but I had no recollection of any event that night which is more the norm than the exception. But my son does remember the event and “they” allowed him to ask questions which is highly unusual. The entity was what would be considered a tall white except the eyes were red with the outside corners facing downward instead of upward. My son saw the upper half of my body in what is described as a closed flower. They told him it was for testing the DNA upgrades and that 80% of the upgrades had taken.

It is difficult to distinguish between paranormal or abductions so these will be rather randomly thrown in this general pile of stories. We are starting to understand that they are not perfect or perhaps they are intentionally allowing these perceived mistakes so the experiences and knowledge gained can be given. In one particular instance I awoke to find myself at a daytime construction site with men moving sheet rock in the area around about a four story steel framed building. I simply said that was I am not supposed to be and here and then without so much as blinking found the construction site morph into my bedroom with me already sitting up. If this was truly an abduction then they misplaced me on the wrong continent as it was the typical 3:00am abduction time.

In another incident I find myself fully awake, in my bed already sitting up with an energy pattern being felt in my head. The walls then go translucent so I can see through the bedroom wall, through the next room’s exterior brick wall and through basically everything. All things have at least an extremely dull white glow but the higher the consciousness, the brighter the glow. Meaning that a tree had a brighter glow than a rock, or a human had a higher glow than an animal but they all had a degree of energy or consciousness. I was able to hold the energy pattern for perhaps two minutes and then let it go while watching everything go back into a full solid state of matter. This is will be particularly useful during combat, searching for combatants, or locating those we are to rescue. This new vision does have limitations as you cannot tell who you are looking at, only the level of consciousness.

In another part of my adolescent life the blanket would fly off my bed and this practically drove me crazy. You hated going to bed at night since you could feel the terror just outside your covered head while holding on as tight as possible to the blanket hoping nothing is protruding for “them” to touch. The blanket would be ripped from your grasp as if your death grip meant nothing in terms of strength to whatever was doing this. I now understand that this was a much needed and required part of the training for our future use. Those in my group will have to be placed in situations and fear is not something useful while trying to protect others. This blanket exercise was used to desensitize you from the terror of the unknown, though terrifying at the time it was certainly effective in preparing us for the future.

This also goes in line with seeing your clothes move in your closet, more desensitizing. I do not actually remembering the event but my mother told me of an instance where I was so scared of a small man in my closet that I got her out of bed and she inspected my room. I remember a few of the blanket and clothes experiences at that house on Del Rosa Drive in Moss Point, MS as some experiences are difficult to shed. Some people desperately desire to have the experiences associated with abductions but have no idea what to expect. Beware of that which you pray, you may receive it.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 07:26 PM
Chapter 5 - Late Night Visitors

A female abductee and I had chatted on a Sunday at the Atmore, AL motocross track and the following Tuesday night I awoke with a female wearing a white pair of sweat pants with perhaps a red strip on the side and sweat shirt standing at the end of my bed. This lady was solid and in the physical but once she realized I could see her she shot straight through the ceiling. A few days later I saw her again in my bedroom, on the far right hand side near the exterior entrance door. I was already sitting-up in bed with my left hand raised and feeling an energy stream going from me to her. I spoke verbally to her and told her not to be frightened but she tried hiding behind the exercise bikes. She then went into the office area of the bedroom while I continued sending her energy for perhaps another minute before fading out. I believe this to be one of three people. Either the abductee I had recently talked with, her friend which could perform OBE’s at will or perhaps even my wife from a previous incarnation as we tend to exchange enormous amounts of energy when in close physical proximity.

My youngest daughter was talking to her grandmother on the phone while sitting on my bed and a light appeared that changed into a young girl. My mother called and told me what happened, she had told Jessica that this sometimes happens and not to be frightened. That night at about 8:00 pm the little girl appeared to me at the foot of the bed, she had long dirty blonde hair down to about her waist, a blue dress with white flowers and a white ribbon tied around her waist. I asked her what her name was but she became frightened fading out quickly. I saw her a few days later in the right corner of the bedroom. I told her not to be frightened and asked her to come over closer but she then walked through the closed door disappearing outside and I have not seen her again.

I awoke one night and could feel something in the room. When my eyes opened a lady was standing about 16” over my face, bent over looking at me. That bothered me a little! I asked her what she wanted and she faded out. Note to self…don’t talk to them.

Holy crap!!! I dove out of bed thinking since my wife was not moving that she was already dead. There was a blonde haired man with a military style haircut on her side of the bed holding a sickle and was hacking away so hard the sweat was falling from his forehead. I looked up twice and he was still hard at…..I’m going to die just like my wife. I peeked one last time and found he was gone. The next morning I asked the children if they had anything happen last night with all of them answering to the negative. I told them my story and my youngest daughter speaks up…”Oh! The man with the knife! He’s mean. I saw him yesterday chopping the side of the house so I walked away.” I asked why didn’t you tell me about that when I previously asked? She stated it happened during the day, not last night.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 07:27 PM
In my 30’s I awoke terrified and angry beyond belief while yelling a death scream. I jumped out of bed and ran through the house as fast as I could while still screaming. My oldest daughter remembers seeing a typical gray go past her door with me in close pursuit. I only remember running, but not seeing the gray. It is my opinion that either “they” blocked me from remembering or it is so traumatic that I blocked the memory myself. Note to self: Don’t run through the house in the middle of the night screaming like a little girl.

As a precursor of two weeks to my second UFO sighting, I saw a gray. I was already at attention in the dinning room unable to move anything except my neck and head. The grey was using some sort of a technology that made it transparent, as if looking through tinted windows in a car. You could see the ambient light behind the form of the creature but not make out any features. When it spoke, my body would tremble….rather like what Whitley Streiber described as body terrors. Intellectually you were frightened and your body would tremble but there seemed to be an energy incompatibility more than fright. It should not be in our dimension, it is not from here. Then I yelled out to my wife, of which is a light sleeper…nothing. I now understand they can turn people on and off like a light switch. I had been visited numerous times in visions by the Indian saint Sathya Sai Baba so I did a mantra (or prayer) he teaches…..aum sri sai ram. About 15 to 20 seconds later the creature disappeared and I was able to move. I don’t know what frightened me more, the creature or thinking Baba had possibly ran them off. Was he one of them? Does he have so much power that he can control them? Either way…that’s hot fire in which I’ve dabbled. At this point I tend to believe that they allowed me to see the saucer on my patio as an apology of sorts since this one particular abduction went wrong. I don’t think they mean to harm us physically or mentally but it does happen on occasion.

On this particular night I felt something in the room. When my eyes opened I saw 12 to 16 people standing in a horse shoe shaped pattern around my bed. I sleep “extremely” comfortable so having all these people standing around my bed made me a little uneasy so I start to get dressed. They tell me not to worry about that and then started talking as if this were a board meeting. Then it ended. I was told during a reading by Mike Elligion that these people were basically like trouble shooters, so I think they have to work overtime on me!

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 07:28 PM
In the early morning hours I was watching a movie after working on much needed house repairs throughout the day so it was time to unwind. While sitting in the living room lounger, something caught my attention several times out of my right eye. When I would look, it would not be there but I could feel a presence. I’ve only been frightened the one time by a ghost but this set of particular incidences did not put me at ease. I had fallen asleep during the movie and decided to call it a night. After being on my right side facing my wife, something touched my toe just as I was going to sleep. I rolled onto my back and looked around trying to see but nothing was present. After closing my eyes and seemingly going to sleep, I could feel my mind being rewritten. I was fighting it, trying to mentally focus on anything as it felt I was going to lose my sanity if I could not mentally focus intensely and immediately. That was the longest 10 seconds of my life. There were a series of mental images almost like small grey blocks, about 5 to 6 of them with some other symbol directly above and to the left. They were not directly in front of me on a parallel plane, but the left side was deeper and they would get closer while moving to the right. Then the unmistakable body terrors set in. I’ve only had them two other times but they are unmistakable, though I could not see the gray there was no mistaking that it was standing 2’ away diagonal to my right shoulder. “They” were downloading me with information and something went terribly wrong. Perhaps 15 seconds after the body terrors had set in the incident stopped and I was back in my bed. I had full mental faculties intact and everything seemed normal. On the not so good scale, this incident would rate 9.8 with a perfect 10 indicating you would return as a vegetable. This is the most horrifying experience one can face. I do not know what I was like before the rewriting. If you compare a download as an applications program on your computer, this rewriting would be compared to installing a new operating system. I only know what my current memories are but they could have been written in and there is no way I would ever know the difference. Am I a Manchurian candidate? Who knows as one can only hope that “they” are the good guys and this is for a good reason as I know it changed my perspective concerning 9/11/2001.

The events of 9/11 bothered me terribly, making me feel helpless while frantically searching for the latest up to date information. Though now being out of the military my patriotism still ran high and as most others, was awaiting our planes to make a glass parking lot of the Middle East. Those nasty liberals were making insane accusations that our government had planed these events, that they had evidence. I saw the planes hit the two towers on TV, what are these crazy people thinking? Well, they were thinking the same thing as me after having my mind rewritten. Remember the Jewish God telling me my faults, that I loved the tax man too much? He was right. The rewrite helped to correct my brain washing that would not allow me to see the truth in front of my eyes, just like the fisherman could not see me catching fish while he did not. I could not accept the 9/11 evidence until the morning after my rewrite and now this new journey of truth had started. I believed everything anyone said about 9/11 so long as it proved our government was at fault. But then I started verifying the information and found so much of both sides wrong. If you take a 3rd person point of view, you cannot come to any other conclusion except that our government was responsible. I’ll leave the rest of my 9/11 ranting for another section and revert back to the subject at hand, late night visitors.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 07:29 PM
For three days and three nights following my rewrite, I could not sleep, I could not eat, I could not perform my job as this revelation had sucked the moral core from my body. The very government that I always thought to be altruistic had been proven to be a scandalous bunch of thugs, hardly any different than the religions. Practically everything I believed and had been taught as a child and young adult is now shattered and there is no firm rock upon which to stand. I remember looking at my wife, holding my hands to the ceiling and telling her I don’t know how to go on. That night I went to bed a complete wreck, not knowing how to face life anymore. Almost immediately a figure walked through the bedroom door, around the bed and kneeled by my side. This was a woman, someone it seemed I knew and she was here to help me get through this class of Real World 101 of which I was failing miserably. This intelligent, kind lady started speaking to me telepathically at about 10:00pm and stayed until 3:00am when we finished our conversation. I then went to sleep for the first time in what seemed an eternity. Though there was only a few hours sleep I felt rested and was able to face this terrible lie we had been fed.

There were other instances but the memories are foggy. Numerous other times entities would talk late at night while they levitated in front of me but the information would be gone before being able to recall it in the morning. But there is another phenomenon that is a bit strange even for me. On the rare occasion what seemed to be a physical person would lay between my wife and I and we would talk. One happened a few weeks after meeting an abductee in Loxley, AL. One Saturday we had a friendly get together, my daughter and three other ladies we had never met. One was a sensitive, one an investigator and the other was the abductee mentioned above plus my daughter and I. I talk to the abduction investigator fairly regularly and I brought up that I had spoken with her friend the previous night in my bed for about 45 minutes. This caught her a little off guard needless to say. She then contacted her friend and asked if anything unusual had happened. The friend stated she awoke about 2:00am with her side being sore but the problem was she did not sleep on that side. She got up for a short period, went back to bed and awoke again at 5:00am but was not tired. I was told she does not want to discuss this anymore.

It is difficult keeping the subject matter on a true course as this needs to be tied in with what happened above. At the meeting I found that while standing next to this abductee my body would start to tremble. Under the suggestion of the investigator we decided to hold hands as an experiment. I did not feel anything as just being close was enough but she felt a rushing of energy into her solar plexus area that she described as butterflies. Perhaps this is what allowed us to talk in bed, who knows.

This is a fresh memory from less than 24 hours ago. I awoke and had a female Shaman in my bedroom. I do not remember much of what was said, but we laughed so hard and loud that I thought the neighbors would complain. She fell off the bed at one point, hitting the wall and almost causing me to break a rib from the laughter!

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 07:30 PM
The same night I find myself in a pit area perhaps a football field length squared. The dirt was dug out about 10’ to 15’ deep and was white, but not sandy. I see myself standing next to the Shaman in her natural spiritual body. The body is almost as if light had solidified into a jell, was 4’ to 5’ wide at the base and resembled a cone approximately 8’ to 10’ tall. There are also two other light beings next to each other but I do not know if they are concentrating on the Shaman and I or communicating with each other. The Shaman starts to engulf me within herself, I can see the light started to close around me. I remembered the one dark energy combat and go into immediate attack/engagement mode. I focus strongly and with great intent, tear a hole into her side. I burst outside of the entity and am very angry, telling it to NEVER do that again without permission. I now understand it is part of the light entity’s culture as this is how it shows love, but for me it meant I was being attacked and had every intention of killing it if need be. We humans have so much to learn and I am so sorry for trying to hurt the Shaman.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 09:19 PM
reply to post by Oouthere

I see you are off line now, but I wanted you to know that you still have readers. This is all very intriguing and I love the way you write. Please continue. I so hope you will finish the chapters you originally outlined.


posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 09:39 PM
Thank you, I'm glad you like it! This has also helped me as well, rather like a therapy.


posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 09:40 PM
Training, Tests & Experiences

This is where the warrior-in-training’s rubber meets the road, why we are here. While at the 2009 UFO Congress much was learned and a firmer grip of understanding took place. I heard someone say that many are called but few are chosen. At the time I thought they had misspoken but now understand that the powers given unto us are so great that every aspect of our character must be tested and fully understood. Just as in the Bible Jesus stated that you will do these things and greater, He was right. Our experiences and training have placed us in a position to take the lives of others by a simple glance just as easily as destroying a ghost by controlling our fear and placing our concentration upon it. Have you ever heard an evil ghost try to make you feel guilty as you take its life? I have. It is almost as if we are sent under the orders of Light to dispatch out the darkness.

It has taken many years of experience to come to this realization that our dreams are not dreams such as others experience, but we are trained in lucid dreams that are sometimes even more real and vivid than the physical existence in which we live. We feel when shot, we feel the hot, the cold, the taste of food. Everything is real including seeing each other during these experiences. For the most part our experiences are individually suited to the character, aggressiveness and abilities of the individual being trained. In the beginning our tests and training share a lot of similarities but once we have achieved a basic level of understanding and the graduation occurs (yes, literally), your advanced training comes on line. Every time you think you have seen it all, they add another talent to your arsenal to combat those wishing to harm others. This is why those that have been true to themselves and to a greater power should have joy in their hearts, we are here to help stop the evil that has ran rampant across this planet, we are here to help those that help others. We are here. Though our training is not yet complete, if activated an army could not hold back even twenty of us. Those living in greed and on the dark side should be fearful, for your day is coming. You have never seen anything like this army of light that is coming for you. The rules have changed. So long as we stay true to ourselves and to the universal laws there is little to stop our bringing truth and light back to this planet.

What bold statements I make. Surely I am a mad man that should be confined to an asylum. But look at the skills we are taught as in comparison to a typical human army. We can see everything as consciousness so as to look through walls or pick out the highest spiritual entity in the area. We can walk through walls, slow time so that we can even out walk an energy weapon. We can read the minds of not only one but groups of people simultaneously. We can levitate not only single objects but clouds of objects and not just pounds but we do not even know the limits of our power. Teleportation, telepathy, invisibility, and even stopping time to view what will cause our death on a given timeline and be able to change the outcome. To be shot point blank and heal as fast as they can shoot, this is our ability and training. To find self healers on the dark side and dispose of them with only a thought even though they can withstand every bullet sent their way. The team of light has given us much and much is expected.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 09:41 PM
I have found about 11 members in my group at the time of this writing by associating us through dreams or scenarios as we usually call them. There are circles interlinked with each other to form this complete team of light. Some are speakers for the masses, some behind the scenes people that help to make the conferences function, others are like me that are trained in warfare, and there are still others that directly support the combat mission while not necessarily participating in the battles. All of us together work as a clearing house for the lies and slavery imposed on mankind.

I want to list the identifying scenarios and perhaps you will find yourself to be one of us. In numbers is strength.

a. Repetitive dream of the monster Frankenstein is with you in a closed room. We have two different versions so far and this is the basis of the male version:

You find yourself in a split level room about 10’ to 12’ wide and perhaps 16’ to 20’ long. In the middle/lower portion there is a wooden table with no chairs. There is one door located behind Frankenstein and you find yourself standing about 3’ to 4’ in front of him when the scenario starts. He comes at you and at that point you have fight or flight. The dream happens once every night until you decide to attack the creature. You never are harmed by Frankenstein as the scenario ends as he makes physical contact.

The female version is slightly different in that there are two doors and you work with a group of people to defeat him.

b. You are in a large white room with a pool that is above the floor but has no walls. You enter into the water and can breath.

There are a couple of different versions here as well. You find yourself standing in front of a rectangular amount of fluid that looks like water. This wall-less pool is approximately 10’ to 12’ wide, 8’ deep and 20’ long and there’s 2’ additional I believe before the ceiling. The room is completely white, but I do not remember where the lights came from as there are no shadows. In all of the male experiences there is a female of a very attractive nature and often being naked. This female telepathically calls you into the pool and you can feel the warm fluid enter your lungs but you have no feeling of panic, you breath the fluid. It has been a long time but I think in my version we mated.

There are two versions of the female experience for this scenario. Only one female admitted to having a male in the pool calling her in telepathically. The others state there was either another girl or no one in the pool but I tend to believe they are embarrassed to admit the full incidence. The one stating she saw the man also admitted mating.

c. There is a crane type track vehicle that runs over you.

The setting is in a large manufacturing facility like a shipyard or some other large steel working area. The large yellow crane type vehicle slowly makes its way down a funneling type passage and you have no where to run, at the last few seconds you see a hole in the ground of which to jump and allow the vehicle to pass over. In all cases the vehicle is yellow, has tracks and you escape into a hole that the track passes over.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 09:43 PM
d. You are in a place like sea world, standing with a crowd in front of an aquarium and the glass breaks.

This one is really fun! The setting is a cave like and you are looking into an aquarium. The aquarium viewing area is about 15’ long and 7’ tall with about 1.5’ from the bottom being stone. What most probably thought to be glass is actually the same technology that is used on the wall-less pool to hold in the fluid. Here’s my scenario…

I’m standing about 4’ from the center of the aquarium observation area. There are fish 1’ long trying to eat fish 2’ long, they are simply trying to give you the impression the fish are fierce. There is also a creature that looks like the Lockness Monster, about 15’ to 20’ long. It swims toward you and is looking at you almost touching the supposed glass. I picked-up a small board near-by, placed it near the head and it comes slightly through the field/glass outside of the aquarium to give you a little fright. But I remembered the pool technology already so I kind of laughed to myself while thinking that they had all of this wonderful technology and cannot get their perimeters correct in the programming of their monster. There is a stack of rocks near the glass/field on the right side and it starts to shake and falls supposedly breaking the glass. The water comes flooding out into the cave and everyone (there’s a small crowd in the cavern as well) runs. You end up separated from the rest of the crowd and directly behind the aquarium and can see the Lockness Monster through a hole about 18” round. The creature is standing and looking around while you are trying to be quiet as not to attract its attention but then your lungs crackle and it sees you. As soon as you decide on your course of action it ends.

This seems to be a test of your reactions to the creature. No deviations from this scenario have been found except some use the piece of wood to draw the creature’s attention and some do not.

e. You are in a city where the buildings have glass or crystal walls. There is an electrical cloud on the horizon.

You find yourself standing in a lobby area of a building with the ceiling height being about 30’ to 40’ high and the floors are appear to be typical building materials but there is no metal or other structures supporting the floors, only the walls of glass. The 2nd floor has two beautiful semi-spiral staircases, one on either side of the receiving area. There is a massive electrical storm of beautiful colors with the dominant color being yellow but there are flashes of green and blue as well. It travels through the city and I believe this is why there is no steel in the buildings due to these storms. I remember having a condo, a wife and perhaps a child. It has been so long, the memory is fading. I believe I have been there three times and I do not know why we are placed in this one unless this is where we are from. The lobby area seems to be the only common location and the city does not appear to be heavily populated but other humans are seen.

f. You find yourself standing on the moon with other people.

You are standing on the moon in a circle of 7 to 9 people with everyone wearing a white astronaut uniform with no insignia. You are cold, lonely and know you have a job to do. Everyone turns away and goes to perform their job. Some remember more past the walking away but there are no deviations of what is listed above.

g. You are shown a whiteboard with black letters or symbols that relay a great deal of information. Immediately afterward you were given a message telepathically.

The download from the board states you are not from here, but a soul implant or immigrant. The telepathic message states that you are to “prepare for what is to come.” A great deal of emotion is evoked indicating the event will be world wide. We simply call the event “it.” Some only remember the telepathic message.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 09:45 PM
h. You are trained to fly a 10’ to 12’, silent, triangular black craft.

The craft is 10’ to 12’ long at most, and 5’ to 8’ wide at most and is a single seater. It has typical instrumentation to include a heads-up display similar to an F-16’s and you are given a download just prior to entering the craft on EVERYTHING required to take off (i.e. control tower protocol, call numbers, acceleration rate, etc). I remember flying to two different bases and had a wingman, and being in a holding pattern for a long time awaiting permission to land. The base where the mission started had a fence separating us from a C-130 cargo plane but I could not see past the C-130 as it was too dark. The controls are simple, you place your right hand on a joystick that does not move. You then fly the plane mentally, but the physical contact is required for control. I do not remember any type of helmet or other interfacing apparatus.

i. You find yourself in front of what can only be described as a living document.

I remember being shown two white tablets of a standard sized 8.5” x 11” stacked vertically with a small separation of about ½” between the two. They had black symbols, rather like black dots and a thick black line snaking through them in the center on a vertical plan. The message conveyed was our group had been infiltrated, I was supposed to eliminate the infiltrator. Next I found myself walking into a dark room where a man was sitting in a wooden chair. The only thing asked was, “where do you want it?” He said nothing and never fought to escape as I pulled the trigger to end his life.

There is another version slightly different which involves multiple traitors and the executioner using a knife but everything else is the same.

j. You find yourself aboard a ship with hijackers.

This is one of the most disturbing of the tests given and there are three different versions but all have the same general theme. You are the only person on board other than the hijackers that can move about even though you are under guard. This is my version….

I find myself with four other men in the pilot house of a beautiful white ship similar to a Carnival cruise liner of which is already underway in the most tranquil aqua colored ocean you can imagine. I had already been given the download which was complete with orders stating there are 12 hijackers on board and I am to kill all of them but not damage the ship. So, let me put this in the proper context. I was a vegetarian for 8 years and release the fish caught on fishing trips because I do not like killing anything but yet I’m asked to kill 12 people that have done nothing to me. Could they have possibly picked a worse candidate for something like this? Certainly, these are hijackers but do they deserve to die for this act since they have harmed no one at this point?

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 09:46 PM
The group of us throughout the ship and I even see a Sperry gyro compass similar to what I use to install while working in the Halter shipyard of Moss Point, MS. In this context I am probably uniquely qualified to run the ship as I have wired practically all control and navigation systems aboard other vessels with similar systems and feel very at home with the navigation of this ship. I have several opportunities to overtake the crew one by one but still the idea of hurting someone does not set right with my conscious. The scenario ends.

The scenario restarts with us docked at an island, already having left the ship and in a lagoon type area when a flat bed type truck arrives. There are numerous Mexican farm workers in the truck which exit and stand around in a group to themselves while when driver approaches me with an outstretched hand in friendship. We shake each others hand and he pulls me in close as if to give an old friend a hug and whispers to me asking if everything is ok. The hijackers are so close that if I say anything they will hear and kill me, so I squeeze his hand trying to let him know that things are not good. The scenario ends.

The scenario restarts again with us back onboard the ship and one of the hijackers is taking me below to be tied-up with the rest of the hostages. At this point it becomes clear that if I am placed with them that there is no other help coming. My escort made the mistake of walking in front of me while on an outside stairwell, so I grab and lift him over the handrail throwing him toward the deck two stories below. He broke his neck and this is where the scenario ends.

I had reservations about placing this experience here but the common theme of this scenario has been with three of us in my group on the same night so it may be considered an identifier dream. As stated earlier, this is an evolution of consciousness and my understanding of this is more than what one sees on the surface as a simple test of my willingness to carry out orders of such severity. To me, this scenario is symbolic of a greater event that has happened that most of us have been unaware. When the Bush regime came into power after Clinton, our country was hijacked and more concerning this will be written later. Being a life long conservative I voted for Bush twice and now understand we were fed a tremendous lie not only concerning the political party but about our nation and world history as a whole. The ship represents the United States, the most beautiful ship ever built with so much great promise. The citizens are the hostages tied below deck which the hijackers run the ship. We are to remove those in power that have overtaken this country but are not to destroy the infrastructure or do any more damage than is required. The Mexicans will provide a hand and will be our brothers in helping to remove those criminals at the top. It does not matter which party is currently holding what seat, they are all corrupt.

The ones listed above are what I consider to be group identifier scenarios or dreams and I am ending the list there because those are the ones that have been corroborated with at least two other members in my group. Once you get into the advanced training then the program is more specifically designed for each individual trainee. I have had hundreds if not thousands of these now but here are some of my personal scenarios set-up specifically for me.

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