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Just Another Abductee.....

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posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 09:07 AM
Hi Everyone,

My name is Richard and I'm from Mississippi, once living only a few miles from the 1970's Pascagoula, MS abduction site. I've had paranormal experiences since about the age of 4 (I'm now 46) and though I understand more of what is going on with me, I'm still basically clueless. The more I learn the more ignorant I appear to be.

While chatting with others the same questions about my experiences were asked time and time again and I was asked to write them in a single document. For those interested, here is my story. This is probably only about 20% of it as so much is forgotten. I've had as many as three experiences in a single night and anywhere from two to five experiences a week recently. So, for what it's worth, here is my story......


posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 09:08 AM
The Universal Patriots

A Group Experience

By Richard

Chapter 1………………………………...…………….The Other Story

Chapter 2…………………………………...………….Verna’s Prophecies

Chapter 3……………………………………………….Initiation

Chapter 4……………………………………………….Paranormal Experiences

Chapter 5……………………………………………….Late Night Visitors

Chapter 6…………………………………………….....Training, Tests, & Experiences

Chapter 7……………………………………………….Hell Week, A New Reality

Chapter 8………………………………….……………Past Lives

Chapter 9……………………………………………….”It” Analysis

Chapter 10……………………………………………….World Economics

Chapter 11……………………………………………….Religion

Chapter 12……………………………………………...A Lie Written In Blood

Chapter 13……………………………………………...Pictures and Explanations

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 09:15 AM
Chapter 1 - The Other Story

“I could see a faint light entering through my bedroom window, a mild terror overcame me as the blue beam shot down from above. I was paralyzed, unable to move my body as it slipped through the closed window and entered into the ship…..”

That could be the opening statement to any number of abductees relating their stories. These terrifying events as well as the beautiful ones are known so well within the UFO community, but now it is time for the untold side to emerge…..those with stories that do not fit the typical abduction profile. Stories so bizarre that those of us going through them at times cannot make sense of the events even though we are living them. I have doubted my sanity, wondering if what I have been going through is real. Now having met others like myself and having these experiences collaborated on numerous occasions I no longer doubt my state of mind. Our daily lives are typical and mundane but when the night engulfs our bodies, our homes, the alternate reality sometimes arrives as a whisper being hardly perceptible but at other moments it is like a thundering giant in your bedroom with no where to run. This is the world of which my children and I exist. My wife and oldest daughter are not part of this other reality that takes us so often, dropping us into scenarios of which the wildest science fiction movies cannot contain. These are our experiences, our lives.

My objective in this writing is to find others like us. To let them know you are not insane, but instead you are living a life that many people would die to experience. If you are one of us, stop considering yourself a victim but instead see it as it truly is. You are an adventurer that is experiencing scenarios and training only found in legends of the ancient Gods; you are being trained to be a deity. We have been tested and trained since our youngest days and now it is time to understand that we are here to help humanity when the time comes. We will stand between the innocent and those that seek to enslave or kill them…..we are the protectors, the warriors. This is our mission; learn to embrace it with all your heart and drive to carry out this burden until the end.

An event is coming and my group simply calls this event “it.” We do not know when “it” will arrive but understand that we will be ready to handle any task placed in our care. There are rules of engagement in play and we are known about by the shadow government as this has been shown to me symbolically. Our abilities are not allowed to fully manifest until we are activated, so until that time we are safe from the shadow government even though we can be harassed but not killed. Also let it be known that a third party oversees that the rules of engagement are followed and their technology is far superior to anything our harassers contain within their arsenal. When our tasks are placed before us “they” need to understand we will carry them out with only the highest of intentions but any and all means at the disposal to those in the light will be employed. Let this be fair warning, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If your intentions are not good, we will be coming for you.

I do not believe we are indestructible even after activation so we still have to keep our injuries to a minimal during times of combat. Much time and resources have gone into each of us and let us not destroy our body before the mission is completed as much is depending upon our upgraded abilities.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 09:18 AM
Our lives are an evolution of thought and consciousness. I have only met a couple of people that came here knowing their back grounds and goals or mission in life from day one. One is my old guru Sathya Sai Baba and the other is Michael Ellegion. If only all of us were so lucky! But then, how could we know our character is correct unless testing is done without your knowing?

Though I did not appreciate it at the time, I now understand and can forgive things done to me as a child. It was not often, but for no reason I would walk into the house and my father would not say anything but simply grab me by the arm and start beating me with his leather belt. I do not remember doing anything wrong to deserve any of these beatings. My maternal family at one time was heavily involved in local motocross racing and we have since witnessed the drastic personality changes in someone suffering from brain sheer. Brain Sheer is when someone has a very hard head impact and it literally causes parts of the brain to sheer causing the personality to become rather mean in comparison to what it was before the accident. I understand now that my father probably had this due to a street motorcycle accident that was not his fault. He was at a stop sign when a drunk driver hit him, causing him to go into a comma for some months. I was too young to know my father before the accident but everyone said he was a completely different person afterward.

I do not remember shedding more than a few tears after my father passed, the life we were put through was unnecessarily difficult and for the most part it was his fault. I was so upset with him that even though he stated he would give me all of the inheritance, I talked him into giving it to my sister and step-sister. In my view, if he would not help me when I truly need it, I certainly do not want it now. I remember living in an abandoned house, various trailers of my mother’s friends, sleeping in a car next to Cedar Creek and having to attend school the next day….I remember those days even though they were not long but they were very sobering for a 9 year old boy.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 09:19 AM
In a vision after my father’s passing he came to me. I was at work when the back bell sounded and looking over I saw someone in the open doorway. I went to the door and found my father there, his second wife that had previously passed, and the old yellow Toyota station wagon he had bought in the mid 1970’s. I remember smiling and telling him I was glad he was here, I truly was. This was not something thought very often while he was alive. For some reason I intuitively understood that if we were to touch that he would disappear but I gave him a hug and he shrank several inches immediately, him looking baffled while asking what had just happened. You see, he was confused as he got older but now he was healing on the other side though not yet completely… was a beautiful experience that I cherish in my heart still today. I no longer hold anything against him.

My father was religious and looking at how religious people often acted in a contrary way to what they were taught or teaching is why I turned from religion. Extreme hypocrisy lives very strongly in those institutions from which people look for spiritual guidance.

I attended the Gautier Junior High School in Mississippi, a rather new and well disciplined school in 1975. We were not allowed to have hair past our collar, the ear lobes had to be visible, no shorts allowed, simply a nice modest dress code was enforced. But after attending church all those years I saw the adultery, the lies, the back stabbing, all of the things that a 12 year old normally takes notice of and it became intolerable. And how could God condemn you to hell with only a single sin as I was being taught? This made no sense because God is supposed to be love. I prayed upon awakening in the morning, before each class, at meals, before tests and before going to bed at night. During one prayer at school in the 7th grade it included something along these lines, “If you teach me the truth, I’ll throw away all that I have been taught.” It was followed almost immediately by my first telepathic message. “God does not only give you one chance.” Those were the actual words spoken to me but there was also an underlying meaning that was intuitively understood, and that was reincarnation is a reality.

Do not get me wrong, I was not a completely innocent little boy either. I have done things that will not be mentioned but I am truly sorry to anyone that has been hurt by my past mistakes. I have been able to forgive those that have done things against me and have learned to forgive myself, the later being the most difficult. Trying to remember the past has hopefully made me a better person and father to my children.

Has no one else thought back through their lives to remember those mistakes we have made along this path of our conscious evolution? Of course that is a rhetorical question of which lead me to this conclusion, it is difficult to contain the sorrow in one’s current life so does it not make sense that we are given the gift of forgetting our past sins from previous mistakes until we are able to handle them in a spiritually mature manner? Prepare yourselves as the memories are going to return. I cannot say that my past lives have been easy but at times the love was so great it hurts knowing what is missing within this current one. This is not taking anything away from the love shared with my wife, children or family but only acknowledging how wonderful certain aspects of life can be.

Everyone in their life has certain events that change them forever. Mentioned before was my first spiritual event concerning the short telepathic message of reincarnation but even greater than that was learning that those around us are having extraordinary experiences. Hence my wife’s experiences.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 09:21 AM
Verna’s Prophecies

Maureen and I were both military, met and married while stationed at Incirlik AB, Turkey near the city of Adana. We both enjoyed the military but my wife had physical problems that would not allow her to pass her aerobics testing as required by Air Force standards. She was 5’9”, 118lbs but yet could hardly run and could never keep pace with even my slow climbing while exploring castles such as Snake Castle, Black Castle and Castle by the Sea. She decided to separate from the military before our first child was born in July of 1987. I was then sent to Lowry AFB, Denver, CO from Jan 88 to Oct 88 for training in F-16/A-10 integrated avionics (451X5) and after completing school we were stationed at Shaw AFB, near Sumter, SC. The training had been tough for me, this new area had rivers, my co-workers all fished in the military bass tournaments and had invited me to start as well. I bought a small bass boat and before you know it I was fishing up to three times per week in preparation for the next tournament. Staff Sergeant Love had won the previous year’s Rookie of the Year and he is the person that sponsored me into the tournaments. Up until running out of money I was also up for Rookie of the Year but lost out by not being able to afford to fish the remaining tournaments. I felt bad for disappointing Sergeant Love as he was a great guy and taught me so much about the sport of bass fishing.

I really enjoyed the days spent on my bass boat! I remember fishing in one particularly nice reservoir that had a military MWR facility (Morale, Welfare & Recreation) so that boats, canoes and the like could be rented for a reasonable fare. I was fishing inside a lagoon type area when another boat pulled in close, the whole time the man complaining to his wife about that silly bass fisherman wasting his time. That was a good day and I had caught about three decent size bucket mouths when the lady finally told her husband that at least I was catching fish. It was nice having her stick up for me when the truth was in plain sight. He could not see it because of his prejudices against the sport of bass fishing and this is common in so many other aspects of life regarding truth.

But, back to the important part of my wife’s story. Due to my negligence, I had placed undue stress on my wife. Unknowingly, she had undiagnosed multiple sclerosis, two toddler children and a husband more interested in fishing than being with her. She was raising her voice at the children and I had come to the conclusion that she was going back home to Maine and I would keep the children. I had not told her my plans but had taken the children to a baby sitter so she could rest after one particular upsetting event. When I came home during lunch to check on her, the most unusual story was revealed.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 09:22 AM
It was about July and very hot in South Carolina. My wife decided to take a nap upstairs in our three bed room on-base house. She felt a warm breeze blow over her and went around checking for open windows on the 2nd floor. She lay down again and the warm breeze started blowing over her so she went down stairs to check for open windows but not finding any. She lay down for the third time when the warm breeze started blowing over her but decided that since the curtains were not moving that it could not be coming from the windows and was not going to concern herself any longer over the matter. At that point a voice spoke to her telepathically and a column of light appeared in the corner of the bed room. The voice said that her name was Verna and that she was there to befriend my wife during these times, that she was a spiritual social worker sent on extreme cases especially where possible suicide was involved.

When I arrived home during lunch my wife came rushing from the front door with a book by Ruth Montgomery in her hand and relayed what had happened. That changed my mind and I decided not to bring up about her going back to Maine.

In later contacts with Verna we found she would allow us questions and would often give prophecies about upcoming events. They were numerous and hopefully I can do them justice. One of those that really caught my attention was being told someone in spirit wanted to train me. That this particular spirit did not think humanity deserved to live but would teach me in the ways of truth. We were warned that once contact was started to immediately tell him no and I was not interested. The spirit came to my wife just as described and we followed the suggestion as given only to be given another prophecy along the same lines. And then my life changed.

The new prophecy stated that I was to be sent away to learn and be taught concerning the truths of which I have searched. In their words “He is to be initiated into the highest teachings.” Shortly thereafter I received orders to RAF Bentwaters, UK, home of the famous Rendlesham Forrest sightings. Verna told me spirit had intervened to have me sent there and after talking to other airmen in my squadron it must have happened. Some of the airmen were wanting to leave and having had been there as long as 10 years. I had orders to Bentwaters after only being on station 18 months and spirit intervention was also confirmed to me by spirit once again after arriving in England.

In the Air Force you have a sponsor assigned to show you around your new base in order to make things less hectic while settling in. The base had sent a sponsor packet informing me that housing was difficult to obtain and suggested I leave my family state side until a house was secured. The package also stated we would probably have to stay in a bed and breakfast for as long as a few months awaiting a house to open if I decided to bring them on the initial travel into the country. As luck would have it our new neighbors at Shaw AFB had came from RAF Bentwaters and they started telling us how terrible they hated being stationed there. Not good. Then we found out the automobile insurance was based on engine size and a large engine in England is 1.8L while our Chevy Corsica had a comparatively enormous 2.8L engine size. I contacted the insurance company and they gave a quote of $3,000 per year. With a high insurance and the car payment of $280 per month while I was only making $343 every two weeks it would not be possible to take our car. Things were looking bad.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 09:24 AM
Verna tells my wife not to worry about the car, that it is almost as if someone will give us a car once we arrive as well as spirit would help in finding us a house. Moving forward on these two prophecies….I arrived and met my sponsor on a Friday. He told me how bad the housing situation was and that I just as well settle into the dorm and we would start looking for a house on Monday. When I arrived at my new avionics shop assignment I met someone that had about a five year old Dodge Charger with a blown head gasket and he offered to give it to me. I have worked on cars my whole life and changing a head gasket was not particularly difficult. So for about $150 I had a car and the insurance was $250 for the year! Monday rolled around and my sponsor took me to the housing referral office to start the process of finding a home within a reasonable driving distance and price range. The clerk told me one was just opening up in Milton and asked if I would interested….yes!!! My sponsor and his wife drove me into Milton and everyone was thinking it was probably going to be a dump but worth taking a look. The house was much bigger than I needed, in what I would call an executive neighborhood and was well within my price range. I could see the astounded look on my sponsor’s face! I got the house needless to say.

Another prophecy directed at me involved my needing to separate from the military by 1996. She stated that we will be either going through earth changes or a war and I would be forced from my family or die. If this were allowed to happen then my son would be raised by someone other than his mother and I thus making his heart harden and not being able to fulfill his mission on earth. We were told my son is to help humanity when things get tough and now I understand how and his story will be disclosed in his section.

The earth change prophecy involved the anticipated axis shift with South Carolina being given as a place not to be living after I separated from the military. Verna said that the military would withdraw into itself and no one from the outside would be allowed on the base as it would struggle for its survival. There was not going to be enough fuel for even the military to use. In an unrelated vision I was shown military ships, commercial ships and a submarine washed-up on the beach. I also had another vision of which everything was destroyed on land with nothing being seen higher than ½ story tall with the exception of one that looked like a shack. I remember seeing an Asian Indian and his two sisters as being the only three other people left alive in the area.

This needs to be grouped together as several of us have had these types of destruction visions within a few week period. My mother had two different visions of which the second involved seeing either a ship broken in half with the living compartments being exposed or it could have been an apartment building sheered, she did not know which. Her first vision currently escapes me. My son and daughter also had the destruction visions on the same night as I. My son remembers being on a ship orbiting earth and being able to view total destruction around the globe with fires still burning. My daughter remembers seeing everything laid level and us being in our truck driving on the road and coming upon an old village that was not affected by the destruction. My son also remembers a scenario where his sister, him and me were driving in my truck and everything broke loose. He does not scare easily but this one bothered him as the truck shook violently, the trees would explode and everything was destroyed but we were held safe by “them.” I was also shown the vision of the trees exploding, it seems as if a high energy weapon caused this because if it would have been a heat wave from a nuclear weapon the tree explosion should have gone in only one direction but it went symmetrically in all directions. There was no impact wave.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 09:24 AM
There is so much to convey that unfortunately it is difficult to keep this information focused in one single stream. So getting back to Verna’s prophecy’s for our family. She told my wife that finances would be good since she would have a good paying job to supplement my military income. This did not happen but I also believe free will is involved since Maureen was offered the highest civil service position allowed by her military experience but turned it down. Take that as you may but this is the only prophecy given to our family that did not happen and of course the earth changes prophecies have not taken place. I am at a loss to remember the others but she did give a warning to Maureen and my daughter Lindsey. She stated that unless they changed their ways that they would not survive the upcoming events. I believe my wife is a much better person and has learned a great deal since that time.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 09:34 AM
I'll end it there, no reason to post more if there are no readers.


posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 09:35 AM

Originally posted by Oouthere until that time we are safe from the shadow government even though we can be harassed but not killed. Also let it be known that a third party oversees that the rules of engagement are followed and their technology is far superior to anything our harassers contain within their arsenal.

I've seen the "harrassers' that you refer to kill folks. Especially when they "harass" them to death. I mean, if they keep you from sleeping with a psychic in your head 24/7, then do you not die of sleep deprivation? If police and security harass you more often and more violently, then are you not at a greater risk of being killed?

Obviously, these "rules of engagement" are an illusion and there are no "rules". If someone had such superior technology that could save people from these "harassers" that no one knows about, then why wouldn't this technology be used to save people? People are dying from these "harassers", so these "rules of engagement" have been broken, but nothing is done to save the victims?

Please, don't insult my intelligence, I have a Bachelors degree. By all means, use common sense to the best of your ability.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 09:38 AM
Oh, and by the way, I am reading your story.
second line.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 09:47 AM
I am also reading your story. PLEASE continue!
2nd line.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 11:21 AM

S & F for you! Please continue sharing your experiences. And remember that it is always kind of slow on the board on the weekend, it will pick up come the week days.


posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 11:41 AM
Please keep posting thank you for sharing.

Take care.


posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 11:42 AM
Yes please go on
And do you know anything about seeing 11:11

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 11:44 AM
continue please!!!! we are all reading it! and I believe you

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 09:54 PM
reply to post by MegaCurious

So, I've only got an associates degree in avionics so I'm an idiot? I work as an electronics tech for an international communications company, run four electronics offices so you will not humble me so easily.

I'm only relaying my story, so if you don't want to read it....don't.


posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 09:59 PM
I don't know anything about 11:11 other than people have been noticing it so it really holds no special significance for me.

Remember dates are difficult to determine in prophecy but there is one that was obtained from a Shaman's remote viewing session of "it." The date was March 10, 2010. The full analysis is contained later.


posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 10:00 PM
Chapter 3 - Initiation

After my family had arrived in England and things started settling down, Verna no longer visited as her job was complete, my wife was emotionally better and circumstances in general were better. Maureen knew I had an interest in spiritual matters and she came upon an advertisement in the newspaper concerning a Spiritualist Church. She said I could attend but would need to take my son along for the 1 hour plus drive to attend my first service. I agreed and looked forward to this as a child looks forward to Christmas! After going into the church a lady noticed my son, that we were Americans, and took us back into a room as my son was more interested in playing than being seated. She had the most beautiful blue eyes, elegant speech and un-intimidating way about her. She looked in her 30’s if not early 40’s but when she told me of her being in her 70’s….I was astounded. She told me she understood about my son wanting to play and not get concerned and then told me of a church much closer, about 20 minutes or so away from my house. I stayed until the end of the service and was overwhelmed at the character and beauty of these people, this is where I belonged.

The next week I attended the Horley Spiritualist Church in Ipswich. This is why I was here, this is where the truth begins to unveil itself in so much beauty that it is impossible to describe adequately by a Mississippi redneck. The church service always began with the Lord’s Prayer and soon I realized when my crown chakra would tingle during the prayer that spirit would come to me that night. It was 100% accurate, never failed. I also had a private reading with the head of the church Mrs. Pat Pizzey. She could see spirit and was like a mother if not personal guru to me. She told me about this man standing next to her that was so excited she could hardly understand him.

He told her that if he had know about this that he would have taught me, this man was my deceased grandfather, a true blessing to this earth. He was a simple southern man with a character of gold and he demanded the same from others. Pat relayed that he was missing part of a finger, had planted a garden for me and took me fishing. All of this was true. He had cut off the tip of a finger using a table saw just a few months before he passed. While young, he had asked me what my favorite vegetable was and planted a yard full of corn. He took me fishing numerous times and how I loved those trips in his simple aluminum boat with a 9.5hp Johnson! He had a larger boat and took out many people at once but the small boat is what was really enjoyable as it was only my grandfather and I during those trips. He was really the dad I never had. Perhaps the most touching and important information relayed was him stating that I am on the right path. So many people fought me with their beliefs, and even my grandfather’s beliefs were different since he was a Deacon in the Griffin Street Baptist Church when he passed, but he was giving me his blessings and confirming what I knew in my heart.

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