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Is England going to self destruct...?

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posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 05:12 PM
This whole subject makes me uneasy, for some time now I have felt that the UK is broken. The MPs have forgotten that they are the servants of the people to the extreme, where now we are almost living in a totalitarian state.

For starters Britain is now being watched by a staggering 4.2million CCTV cameras - one for every 14 people and a fifth of the cameras in the entire world. ! fifth of the entire worlds cameras for 1% of the population, man we ARE a bad bunch.

As of 2008 Labour has brought into law 3,600 new offenses that can end you up in court from the crazy "it's illegal to disturb a pack of eggs when instructed not to by an authorised officer" to being Tried without a jury.

More and more Brits are happy with the new terror laws as they are there for our own safety, yet time and time again we hear that local councils are using said laws to check people bins (garbage), check validity of claims when trying to get your kids into certain schools etc.

Now they want to bring in ID cards, the government site regarding the cards are quite happy to tell you that "Each identity card will be unique, and will combine the cardholder’s biometric data with their checked and confirmed identity details" this site also explains "The cards will be linked to their owners by unique biometric information (for example, fingerprints)". So without even committing a crime the government will get your prints and hold them.

Question, does anyone know what a "biographical footprint" is?

The cards will also be fitted with RFID chips!!!! OMG, if you don't know what an RFID chip is, google it and see how easy it is to get details off a chip.
Here is a sample of the new ID card top left hand side is the RFID sign.

As more and more laws and constraints are brought in it will be harder for the UK citizen to live their everyday life. All travelers departing the UK will have their trip recorded on a database. Passengers leaving from every sea port, station or airport will have to give detailed personal information. Once again citing terror laws

Now the scary part, with tighter and tighter control measures being put in place, what would happen if the WRONG party got elected??? Lets take a look at the BNP, old Nick Griffin reportedly said at one of his meetings "He said: (regarding it's against the law to allow ethnic minorities in to the party) "Since if we want to survive we will be forced to let them in, the key will be before we do so to change the party - to ensure that whoever's coming in doesn't have any control." Now I have NO PROOF that he said this, as this report came from the "news of the world" (ahem, ye I know), all I'm saying is, if a right wing party got into power then they have the ideal platform to rule OVER the people.

Rant over......

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 05:23 PM
As a fellow english man i think people are right that us english dont care enough to start a revolution just yet but give it time. I recently spoke to my friends about this and they said they agree that some thing is wrong in england.

This shocked me becauce i didnt think they would care or know about this situation however they said they've just started to realise.

If a group of 18 years olds can see how messed up britiain is surely the more experienced and educated people can see it too.

just give it time our country will take some radical changed for the best

changes made by the people of england.


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