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Celante estimates a revolution takes about 1/3 of the USA to wake up

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posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 01:59 AM
My dear American fellows, you don`t need simply a revolution, to go on streets and shout out loud, that you are not going to take it any more. You need a smart revolution. A REVOLUTION THAT DEMANDS ONLY ONE THING- ACCOUNTABILITY AT ALL EXECUTIVE LEVELS.You must change the laws in a way that corruption would equal to a child rape, and consequently a person would either be death-sentenced or life sentenced. You might call China cruel, but being among sharks, you have to behave like a shark.Unless you beat crap out of some of those CEOs, they will never get a lesson. Even if you hang 10 of them the rest of the bunch will have learnt a lesson for a while. What you needd America ir added-value industries. You have massive debts and joblessness for one single freaking reason- you have maimed the backbone of your economy- complex engineering and manufacturing system. Once you realize that you can`t simply buy dvd players ,tv sets and cars and medical tools in worth of gazillion dollars in exchange exporting chewing gum and shaving foam, you will understand how a sustainable economy works. demand a reform of your education system, demand that degrees tied to manufacturing be free of charge, demand that teachers stop messing around with group works, making posters and crap, but start teaching real engineering, so later you wouldn`t need to grab a Mitsubishi Galant platform aand rebadge it as a Chrysler. America, learn how to build things!!!!

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 01:30 PM
reply to post by TheCoffinman

I'm in. All I have to lose is my life and that of my children and grandchildren. I have no vehicle and I don't own a gun and I have no survival reserves.

With the present regime and the changes coming, I never will.

The Patriot Army is our last line of defense of freedom.
When we fought the Revolution it was WE THE PEOPLE and our own guns that did the fighting, and patriotism was the defense of freedom, as there was no president then either.

But again I will repeat myself here, they win because they work together and have a written agenda, as did Hitler, WE DON"T.

For those here who claim the label of Christian (Matthew 5:42 ) the least followed directive of Jesus Himself.

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 08:33 PM

Originally posted by chiron613
Back in the 'Sixties we did have riots in many cities. If there was going to be a revolution, that would have been the time. There were anti-war protests, riots in the poor sections of the cities (based on racial inequality and police abuses), political protests of all sorts, even acts of domestic terrorism. Talk of revolution was in the air. "The revolution will not be televised" was the cry. It came to nothing, because too many people had something to lose.

I'm old enough to remember the 60's, and 2009 is no comparison - none.

In the 60's the vast majority of "older" people (that is, people over the age of 30) were so conservative as to be considered "neocons" today.

The people rioting in the streets were young people fighting for different ends, whatever that may have been, NOT united for a simgle purpose. They were small but vocal minorities who were ridiculed on the nightly news for being "filthy hippies", or "violent negroes". The protests were scattered, small, and not well organized. Many protests turned violent when police started bashing in the heads of the protesters and they fought back.

Surely you can't compare those scattered mobs with the FAMILIES who have had it with the abuses in Washington and the abuses on the streets by cops today. And let's not forget domestic spying and the re-defining of the the word "terrorist" so that anyone not sitting on their couch watching American Idol evey night is a "potential extremist".

Today's protesters are a completely different breed. They are older, wiser, more organized, and probably angrier, because they have families to protect. Ask any parent to what lengths they will go for their children.

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