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The Truth About Project Camelot!!

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posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 10:36 AM
H, Is this merely a combination of alien ignorance and human innocence? but the fact is, the revealed material and those handling it expresses some subtle and sophisticated manipulation skills (including advanced technology), it is obvious the scripts was planned and has been playing out for decades, yet why nobody try to stop it? no government notice and intervene? no public media report the manipulation? how could those conspiracies websites thrives without any supervision? Here it should not exclude the possibility that some forces has been directing the path of humanity.

I, Would it be an ongoing ‘star-war’? if the forces are adjacent competitive physical powers, and is anxious about human advancement, then why them targets innocent individual? isn't they should go after government agencies and technologies to rage a sabotaging intervention? The reason could be: more innocent a mind can be, easier to be molded into a new paradigm. In opposite to the malleable receptor, agencies and institutions are more informed and sophisticated, thus more likely to discern the manipulation at early stage. It could in fact the forces have contacted government agencies and various institutions, however, they may need to go further their experiment to seek the convertible soul so as to expand their influence. Soon or later, they have to go after the innocence.

J, Can the soul\ intellect be molded? psyche force does has absolute power over freewill individual in term of psyche power, they serve the role both sabotaging and benefiting individual growth, how can we explain their teaching\learning assistance to individual awareness development? Any effect on the point awareness is a combination of influences by various inputs from the complex information system. Teaching\learning is an extensive process which depends on the individual social and cognitive context. The dualistic consequence is not just an external imposition but mutual interaction. The individual free will and idiosyncrasy is the major contributing factor to his inner feeling and changes. Therefore, an objective evaluation of the complex system should not attach negative feeling to it, but view it as a weather pattern which follows a convoluted causal relationship. The global awakening deception is a teaching\ learning opportunity to both the forces and the contactees. It is not one side molding other side into something unless human being has no free will at all.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by SmokeandShadow

I would like him to be right,well all of it accept the end of the world stuff.
It would be nice to think there was another races working with us and not fighting against us,but it just doesnt sound convincing, like i reckon if you only had1 alien and a scientist helped him escape and go home.
Uncle sam would have Dan burish on his barbacue for eternity.[i think]
look at Gary Mckinnon ,he would go to jail for ever,but Dan gets a 10 city tour.I dont buy it,but i respect your thinking my friend and hope one day we do meet them.

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posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 10:43 AM
K, Understand contactee grievance. The awakening can cause individual to commit suicide, some lost of job, some lost of house, some lost of family, and many more have fallen into profound distorted perception about reality, overall speaking, its ambivalent impact on the world is obviously, then how could the negative consequence be justified by the universal justice and laws? The concept of negativity is a feeling toward a phenomenal catalyst, i.e. a preference interpretation to individual subjective perception. In fact, some contactees find meaning and hope in the contact with their spiritual space brotherhood, some even make a lot of money and fame out of it. Some ended up commit suicide or being murdered by the cleansing. So why there are two very different fates of contactee experiences? We must understand in the free will complex system, everything is allowed and neutral in actuality. What is the difference of a contactee earned millions of dollar by selling channeled alien information or a contactee died out of a paradigm shift? The only difference is how do we interpret the experiences as an observer. Our moral values of social and culture meaning system judge what is worthy and what is worthless. Some see money as gain and pleasure. Some see money as burden and confinement. Some see the human soul is a burden while others see it as a goldmine. It all begin with how a subjective belief system preoccupied our way of perception. As the mind begin more analytical and transcendental, less likely it values forms over spiritual freedom (a boundless mental state free from dualistic baggage). If the self values existential freedom above the rest value-giving system, then no belief system and its limitation can hold the self back into grievance. That is the magical moment that a million dollar bill does not understand the invaluable asset of a transcendental worldview.

L, It is possible a thought experiment because it offers valuable information of how individual respond in extreme condition as the parameter feedback to the information system. The truth is being revealed as the test is undergoing: as the heaven is testing the world, the world is as well testing the invisible side. It reveals a lot of insightful information concerning our frail and strength. There is no end for thought experiment as long as we are self aware. We all continue to probe the coming new frontier as a compulsive and obsessive mental habit. What is reality? Reality is nothing but the obsession that holds us up. As long as the forces dipping its finger here and there, more and more people are going to write journal like this kind, thus fundamentally changing our perception of reality and the rule of game. Is it a good thing? Only history can tell.

M, Is there more truth to be revealed? Is it all done? Will there more to come once the self crossed over (more truth to be revealed)? Is this the final reality we conclude about the game of creation and human sufferings? are there still more truth about the creation and greater picture beyond human understanding at present development? Of course, there is more to be revealed, only time can tell. Let’s to investigate some limitation of understanding:
a), individual experiences and social context are the history of our perception. In fact, everything we know by far is nothing but what is told and impressed. To conclude the greater picture based on history is doomed subjective insightful. individual only contains a part of the truth\lie, the rest is forever beyond the horizon until the veil is removed further. Our art is not to take anything for granted but to observe and experiment to greater extent. Seek we should find.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 10:52 AM
b), supposed all intelligent lives are essentially the hedonist (seek reward\ meaningful values and avoid punishment\costs), then how can a confusing complex information system brings reward over punishment? What we perceive the dysfunctional and irrational behavior is totally in contradiction to the hedonist philosophy, that is, how can we explain the destructive war, abuse of drug, self-inflicting relationship, irrational overpopulation, violation of law and order, corruption of all sort, from which we see many blind commitments chose punishment over reward? For the 2012 phenomenon, how can we explain the psychology behind it? Why cannot it be motivated by both rational and irrational reasons? this means the consequence will be a dualistic uncertainty (quantum probability depends on incidental conditions). We should get rid of the mindset that thing happened should follow logical reason or moral certainty, in fact, in a freewill complex system, there is multiple motivations and uncertainty. When we contemplate the phenomenon, should remind the self to avoid falling into a polarized reward and punishment mindset, that some forces is taking advantage while the rest is being exploited etc. why cannot be that we all have our own agenda and irrational reasoning?

c), what causes an authentic life changing paradigm shift? If not the qualitative expansion of perception and awareness, then what could it be? what can cause the expansion of perception if not getting involved in a dualistic complex information systems at first? this may explain why the whole phenomenon is so confusing and paradoxical. first, it follows freewill principle; second, it has to cause the individual to choose the path of spiritual independence which in analogy to a child learning the lesson of walk which achieved by fall and tear. Deeper being betrayed by your established belief system, greater the momentum to a 'bound back'. If not, what will change the old mindset and free self from the confinement?

d), 2012 is a psychological experiment\trauma, it has the effect of incitation of fear, hopeless, alienation, mistrust, blind commitment. It is observable more a distorted illusion. It is not yet a global phenomenon but the localized effect upon cultures and groups. this reveals 2012 drama is not an intelligent design of divine purpose, but the symptomatic disease of the collective mental environment. It is the nihilistic nature of human psyche reacts to 21st century existential predicaments. We must note this doomsday hypothesis has a long term history in western religious and occult dogma, it is a localized belief system. This means it is not the entire metaphysic universes are getting involved to stir up the 2012 thing, but a faction of the forces. And this forces do not want to be seen.

e), is paradigm shift an effective way to heal trauma? How could conspiracies heal existential trauma? How could incitation of fear and doubt heal human psychological burden? how could the encouragement of afterlife heal the wound of sickness onto death? isn't it contradicting to logic and psychology? 2012 is not a doctor, not any bit closer to the notion of healing the collective distortion. 2012 is a experiment and catalyst. period. whether it has any therapeutic effect has nothing to do with the freewill choice of the self; it depends on how point awareness responds to the input.
Here, it emphasizes not put a cap on the truth, i.e. not to assert this or that must be the final word of truth. For to different individual experiences, the truth means very differently.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 10:55 AM
N, From philosophical point of view, creation is both liberation and imprisonment. Birth gives the self free will to experience life and yet entrained ever by the conscious wheels of 'reality'. What is meaningful to the freedom seeker is how to find a way to get out of the victimizing life experiences and to seek improvement. The desire for a graceful existence, for the balance of the intellect and emotion, for the joy of freedom and development, are the same to all sentient beings. Therefore, the focus of this awareness should be put upon the areas concerning existential freedom, the science of the perception and emotion, learning from the lessons of history etc., rather than try to dig into whether the assertion of 'afterlife', 'reincarnation', 'deterministic karma', 'conscious ascension', 'war for souls' ,’victimizing conspiracies’ is true or not etc. The existential reality of the cosmos is independent from individual free will, it is simply a fact to be revealed soon to all of us; what is significant to individual freedom is the knowledge and wisdom to choose wisely, here objectivity and balance is emphasized. The experience of life is nothing but to exercise freewill choice so as to bring about desirable relation and reality according to individual needs. Who we to be with, what we to believe, how we react to situation, how we manage our emotion, how we access to information efficiently, how to be mindful of our irrational reason, are all required intellectual capacity and attentive cares. We should first be thoughtful to our inner freedom, then is the engineering of existential reality by collective efforts for overall betterment.


posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 11:06 AM
O, Understand deterministic thought programming- God and reincarnation

The problem of throwness:

> the uneducated mind is nothing but chaos. It knows not its law and potentiality.
> Throwness essentially meant born into a world as the uneducated mind. Sufferings is inevitable to unlearn the chaos.
> Mental distortion means knowing but not understanding its laws.
> Throwness is the environment we born into and the human condition one must endure untill death.
> Throwness causes mental distortion, and in turn it feeds the state of throwness.
> Throwness is a sentiment when control of one’s freedom of choice is impossible.

The problem of 'eternal' rebirth\ resurrection of the soul:
> Soul is not a thing or an bubble of energy, but an sovereign free will, a conscious awareness reacts in the phenomenal world.
> Not every soul wants to be born into the world. The throwness of birth essentially violates the free will.
> How transition between this life and afterlife be possible for the preservation of free will?
> Is the creation has purpose for the evolution of the soul? If so, how it be possible in the cosmic picture by rebirth?
> Every year about a million of people at least commit suicide according to WTO. If these souls rejected existence because the problem of existential cost and human condition, do they have to be reincarnated into the world to continue their lessons of life? If so, isn't that the amoral creation is nothing but imprisonment?
> Why our science, religion, psychology and philosophy has yet to liberate mankind from sufferings such as inequality, enslavement, conflicts?

Because the problem of throwness and rebirth is an intrinsical paradox, does it mean life after death is nothing but a cultural phenomenon as the result of men's fear of death and meaninglessness?

Consider these points:
> Who will know for sure with clear experiences and memory crossing between life and afterlife, afterlife and rebirth? No one live currently on Earth has ever witnessed an afterlife. Even if a soul can be resurrected by rebirth into a physical body, a new born babe has no idea whether he was a old soul reborn or just a single cell developed into an embryo.

> But can there be a Creator\the Truth witness the death of every soul and its ‘reincarnation’? if so, who is the Creator? Is it the universal law? Is it a personal free will? This Creator must be able to witness every new born of soul in the entire universe, not just human, but all live forms, because human is part of the animal kingdom. However, if there is no such a Creator can serve as a objective observer of reincarnation to all live forms, then who for sure can assert reincarnation is the final word of truth? No soul can penetrate the veil of death and birth, then who know?

> The concept of reincarnation is part of human culture in history. We know the belief system has its practical meaning to psychological conditioning. If the concept of reincarnation has never been invented by the belief system, the concept would have never come into our mind and confused our perception. when we eliminated the concept of reincarnation, to replace it with a different logical explanation of death and life, such as a model of linear ascending evolution without the requirement of ‘rebirth’ into a physical form, and all soul are mortal, isn’t this model sounds more truth? Why the very different belief systems can explain the same concept? Isn’t it all about how the finite mind attempts to interpret the unknown- a make-believe by our own limitation?

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 11:13 AM
> If reincarnation is illogical or even impossible from a philosophical point of view because the problem of free will, then there is no such transition between life and afterlife. If the soul is real, then there is only one transition between physical life and ethereal life. There is no resurrection of the body and soul as claimed by religious dogma. But only upward ascension of the consciousness from one reality to the next.

> For the most important point- is life after death a necessity concerning amoral creation in a world of sufferings? Not every free will desire for another life because the implication of rebirth is a high uncertainty as well as the victimizing veils. Logically speaking, there is no need for an afterlife if the soul has to go back to ‘reincarnation’. Why not just say- we died upon physical death and any new born babe is a new soul. In the case of no afterlife, then the existence of a metaphysic realm\ heaven is impossible. The universe is simply physical at its essence. It is logically to conclude that the consciousness phenomenon is based on physical reality rather than a reality can exist in mere spiritual consciousness, because:

> human conscious awareness is inseparable from the physical brain. Brain damage can severely effects consciousness, not the other way that consciousness can transcend the limitation of the physical brain.

> Without a version of afterlife, life is for sure more explainable. When we add the dogma of afterlife, a whole contradiction arises, such as the problem of sufferings, the problem of free will continuity, the problem of witnessing reincarnation\ resurrection, the problem of mind-body separation (how consciousness possible to exist without physical brain?), the problem of justice (because the ‘God\laws’ in control of the soul)...

> What happened before the self born into the world? I remember nothing of it. By similar analogy, even if there was a previous life\soul, it is totally unperceivable to the present awareness. for something the self has never experienced, should we say it is real as if there is a previous life? We must stick to the key: we are the point awareness, for something real or not, depends on whether it is perceivable\ intelligible\ knowable\ sensible. The concept of previous life and afterlife is the same: no feelings, emotions and thoughts is fully informed, conscious to this awareness.

> Conscious awareness is not a thing\ energy, but thought in thinking momentary phenomenon. It cannot be merged with or split up with something. It is likened to an atom of the whole universe. Without a container of the soul and the existing environment, the conscious awareness simply ceased to exit.

> What about the paranormal phenomenon? Does the paranormal in one way or the other can validate afterlife?

> Human being is part of the animal kingdom. If human has a soul, then all animal and plant should have their soul respectively, because the natural world is self aware. Then why only human has soul and afterlife?

>Quote > When you die the energy that forms your mind and nervous system departs your body on a frenquency of energy outside of our visible spectrum.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 11:18 AM
however, our thought in thinking is not some 0-1 data written in our brain. If the life force is electrical pulses, then how could such pulses be transferred from one physical state into none –physical?

> What is the concept of death? Being dead is being unconscious and being unconscious you would not even know that you had lost yourself.

> To assert the mystery of afterlife, we have to logically and objectively provide explanation to the above point of questions. This awareness has yet to hear any channel contactee to challenge what is told by their sources of the obscure spiritual teachings.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 11:24 AM
> Philosophically speaking, if the seeking for existential freedom is to untangle the self from the problem of throwness, then death is the final work to the exit. Creation is essentially a problem of confinement though with the will of ‘love’ based on earthly obsession.

> If we reduce the soul into an energy form, or a life force, rather than the point awareness, then the soul is just a thing. A thing like a drop of water in the ocean. It has its property, idiosyncrasy and reaction. It has no freewill choice, but just to be. But we know conscious awareness is far from a thing, which is just difficult to define what a soul really it except a stream of consciousness.

> For any new born, the physical and existential condition to the child is decisive to his\her wellbeing and the degree of awareness. Social condition is a paramount factor as well; a child born in North Korean or America definitely experienced a very different level of lifestyle and awareness. The point is: why such an inequality to our innocent child\soul if there is any divine purpose to soul incarnation? In the fact of ‘existence precedes essence\ free will’ , what cosmic laws can guarantee the next life of reincarnation is more evolutionary than this life, as a great deal of uncertainty resides in the existential costs?

Q> For Heidegger, the future is our projection of possibilities. While those possibilities are finite, they are also indeterminate. They can never be grasped or worked out in advance. The desire to grasp and work out our possibilities in advance, due to fear, insecurity and the illusion of control, contributes to some of the most painful aspects of the human condition. There is another way to be with our possibilities, but it is not this way…Now we turn to thrownness. This is one of the most evocative of Heidegger's concepts. Wherever we are, at any moment of our lives, with no exception, is where we have been thrown. It is not necessary to figure out who threw us, why we have been thrown, or towards where we are being thrown... The key to thrownness is not about that; it is that we are thrown, and that we can attend to our thrownness…

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 11:33 AM
> Why breaking the cycles of 'rebirth' is important as the final will to freedom? Because: Q> Our being as possibility is shaped by the way we are with our thrownness.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 01:01 PM
The cause of violent social disorder and government disorder has not changed since the fall of the Roman Empire. Overthrow of a government involves dividing the people into classes and then getting the poor uneducated class to destroy the educated middle class.

First, the Marian Reforms instituted by Gaius Marius were laws that waived the property requirement for men wishing to serve in the legions. Those recruited under these laws would receive their equipment from the State, and serve a sixteen-year term of service (which was later raised to twenty). After that, they would be granted land upon which to settle. In addition, allies (foederati) who volunteered were granted Roman citizenship after the end of their service.

After being weakened by the Alaric and the Goths, Attila and the Huns, and Gaiseric the Vandals, the Roman Empire was finally fragmented by the infiltration of Rome by Germanic Barbarians/Foederati who were brought into Rome as marginalized illegal aliens through Social Welfare programs and subsidies. These Federal Troops or members of the federation were contracted to provide warriors to fight in the Roman armies in exchange for food, gold, weapons, and eventually land in the Empire. Alaric was the first to lead barbarian Foederati hordes against the Empire Later, Odoacer in collusion with Emperor Zeno, led the Barbarian Foederati who lived in Italy in an insurrection against the Romulus Augustus promising them control of a 1/3 of Italy.

Due to the huge trade deficit with China, Rome lacked the wealth needed to pay and train a professional army. At that point, Western Roman military strength was almost entirely reliant upon foederati units. When the Empire was bankrupt, they no longer had money to pay the welfare, the Foederati were perfectly placed to make to bribe and manipulate to stage a Coup attempt.

This kind of thing really works when the middle class stands up and says, in order to save the government from bankruptcy, we no longer can afford social welfare for the poor. The poor who have become dependent upon the subsidies focus their anger on the middle class and against the government. The entitled masses will support any leader who stands up and makes promises to continue the welfare.

posted on Aug, 22 2010 @ 07:54 AM
> Unreason exists below the surface of modern society. Madness is linked to man of his weaknesses in self-perception.

> The madness (unreason existence) becomes the image of punishment rather than the real thing. It is deprived of dramatic seriousness because it is fake. Madness takes one thing for another. It establishes a kind of false equilibrium, such as man-make meaning system, or social ritualized conventions, metaphysical Armegeddon, philosophical escapes etc.

> Madness is linked to creativity, but yet destroys the work of art. The work of art can reveal the presence of unreason, but yet unreason is the end of the work of art. The progress of culture and science, knowledge and wisdom, socieal revolution and conscious evolution can bring about change of age, living style, understanding of reality, but not necessarily the qualitative improvement of human psyche wellbeing and satisfaction. the development of civilization in essence is the manifestions of many forms and mental states from simplicity to complexity. However complexity is not the foundation of mental and physical wellbeing. This maybe why 'yet unreason is the end of the work of art'. The unreason truth in its most complex form is still a form has just overcome its old form. This brings about the concept of dualistic truth. Truth is amoral, is the police, is the eyes-in-the-air, i.e. it neither liberates nor imprisons individual. It is the application of truth to solve particular individualized problem that manifests its instrumental value. The concept of being trapped with unreason truth is built upon the reference of what do liberate truth\ reason? What kind of truth that liberates the self from illusory perception and bad-faith choices?

> Fear of the unreason, inauthenticity...revelation of truth, ultimate existential freedom. Beyond the fearful ritualized existence, what might be the lovable existence without fear of freedom? How could existence without fear\ illusion\ unreason? the symptoms of 2012 has pushed humanity to the edge of transcendental awe.'God' is a psychologist with a complex obsession of the human soul...

> The informative must include the unreason truth, as learning is founded upon unlearning, or detachment is absence of the entanglement.

posted on Aug, 22 2010 @ 08:37 AM
> Understand psyche manipulation

An authentic breakthrough in the 'awakening' process is not just grasping the symptoms of the phenomenon. Knowing what is wrong only solve half of the problem. An answer for each problem should be carefully delved into for a final extrication. In the case of the madness and confinement of the Project, the seeker seeks the truth for freedom as discernment, moral certainty, spiritual liberty, transcendental objectivity and detachment.

The How
The enthralling programming by the psyche force is indeed difficult to unexperienced individual to qualify what its nature really is. Our stance is to choose beyond good and evil, to understand such phenomenon from the free will principle and the colllective great fear. The forces has been defending themselves as benevolent through manifesting subtle messages by its internet proxy. And the whole experiment is changing with dualistic nature - dispensed information constantly self adjusting and evolving with both positive and negative subliminal programming. Simply based on the input stimuli, it is hard to discern which side the forces are on. Are they service to self? or Are they helping individual awakening to truth? Are they as claimed helping the Earther to ascend the cosmic evolution path? Are they the god, messenger of the creator and law maker of individual future? Are there wars between forces, forces and humanity? What is the real nature of the spirit worlds? Why individual resistance is vital and fertile?

The clues
1.How awakening is fulfilled
The awakening is achieved but only on penetrated the deception and developed indepth understanding of the existential reality of the universes. The manipulative deception serves as the catalyst of a victimizing psyche influence and its self-clearing possibility.

How the manipulation can inform
> Psychological aspect:
Use human spirituality blind spot, to incite fear (impending ecological disaster and environment issues), to instigate moral guilt (in order to healing the world, saving humanity, the experiencer is encouraged to practice meditation and visualize Light to heal the world). Nothing is better than the mortal fear to disempower the innocent minds; deterministic information of various kind has been introduced to the world. From impending global catastrophe to the deception of reincarnation, are all in service the need to power up the human inferior complex- a higher order in control.

> Human innocence aspect:
Use human innocence and unreason, by introducing mysticism (using obscure concepts such as victimizing reincarnation, Oneness, Higher self, star-seed, wanderer, ground crew, special chosen, spiritual graduation\window of opportunity, harvest of souls, spiritual ascension and golden age) , by encouraging occult practices (mediation, visualization of light, prayer, open the third eye connect to a higher self\ spiritual guide\ source etc), by manufacturing false human evolution history and distorted cosmic evolution reality. By inciting victimizing perception of government conspiracies and spiritual war.

> High Tech manipulation:
Use high tech tools to create website and forums etc to enable the subliminal programming. Harnessed global major search engines. Information which targeting particular individual is manifested with a blink of eyes by the technique of synchronicity. This can produce a effect of holographic impression of thought-implantation. It is important to remind: information is provided by the internet can come from obscure sources. We just don't know how and where the sources of information come from because the openness of the web.

posted on Aug, 22 2010 @ 08:53 AM
> Analysis of Brainwashing Technique

Stage One- isolation

Breaking down the self
1.Isolation of social contact, external information by blocking information access;
2.Isolation the rational mind by indoctrinating stigma upon the ego mind (systematic attack on a target's sense of self (also called his identity or ego);
3.Isolation of the self by suggesting ‘You are not who you think you are’, ‘You have a different identity’, ‘life is not what you thought it is’, ‘everything you know has fooled you’.
4.Isolation of from spiritual true self by building up affinity with ‘spiritual enlightened techniques’, esoteric revelation, ancient scripture, myth, Bible, secretive information, cosmic ‘truth’, warpped spirituality (such as preaching religious love and humanity, while instigating alienation toward society, social systems, doomed future, hopeless human conditions)… all these indoctrination creates an illusionary ‘reality’ as heightened awareness, awakening, reborn, perception paradigm shift….
5.Isolation from critical thinking by impressed with authoratitive image by using obscure and peculiar content \rhetoric in presented materials, frequently reference to Bible, ancient prophesy. inundating with textual, visual and audial material following the same pattern of indoctrination.

Mind-clouding techniques
1.sleep deprivation (paranormal phenomenon such as high-pitched noise, strange sound frequency, tunnel of light visual effect, dream molestation etc. )
2.Modification of mental frequency diminishing frontal lobe reasoning ability
3.paranormal molestation attract attention, fear, trust
4.threat of death, uncertainty, revenge, physical harm, impending abduction, constant monitoring
5.reinforcing threat of imminent death by global catastrophe
6.using forceful rhetoric to manipulate the target’s vulnerable psyche: ‘surrender, conformity, student, for the highest good of all, spiritual salvation, for your own goodness etc..
7.Polarizing distorted information causing a delusional impression of it is a ‘spiritual lesson\ experiment’ thus its negative impact can be justified.
8.persistently modifying the intervention technique of self-justification according to the degree of penetration.
9.creating an overwhelming sense of guilt \sin in the target, such as environmental degradation, healing for earth changes as personal responsibility to saving the world, incompetence of spiritual maturity \graduation, sin-induced karma, human nature as innocent, collective deficiency of awareness, corruption of society, evilness of government, individual distorted perception… all suggest the self\ the collective humanity is sinful. This alienates the experiencer from self confidence and assurance, from social support and allegiance, thus diverting the self to external ‘instruction \salvation plan’. As the self accepted his ‘guilt’, he is more willing to follow instructions to ‘transcend’ the ‘guilt’. Why? Look at children grown up in an abusive environment, those suffered disparaging comment and deprived of self esteem are often prone to reaction and lack or sound judgement. Guilt, in fact is deprived of self value. The experiencer is feeling mentally and spiritual incomplete, worthless, shameful, which also causes many negative emotion such as disillusion, negative thought, losing hope, avoid social activity, losing drive for meaningful endeavor to make a better living, worrying of the world future, plunging into depression and rejection… it is a perception altered experience, it can fundamentally alter the personality of the experiencer.

posted on Aug, 22 2010 @ 09:19 AM
10.Fanning salvation: ‘That you are spiritually weak’, ‘learn with us’, ‘we offer you new life\ hope’…etc. Which consolidating royalty and furthering alienating the self mental defense. Once you trust something unconditionally, believing it is the only channel to avoid self destruction and spiritually downfall, you finally lost a sense of reality, is ready to do whatever it claims to do.

11.Instigate "nervous breakdown" technique: using the distorted concept of rebirth, karma, earth change, the darkness presence, rapture, salvation… as the explosive victimization to trigger emotional turbulence. Because the nature of intelligent life having a sense of collective love and compassion, the threat of collective doomed fate is very powerful catalyst to destroy a person’s hope to live. This is manifested as the inexplicable victimized feeling \sorrow in responding to the mass doomed prophesy. The "nervous breakdown" caused by victimization manifested as hours of fear and anxiety is having a potency upon altering the psyche into two diverged outcomes: to loss in the control or to transcend its limintation. Those who believe the sin of the world and its doomed fate might be giving up any hope in this life. They might do whatever is necessary to survival. One observation is the occult behavior, how overall dissatisfaction enables feverish religious devotion often with a dire consequence. Other observation is our political unrealistic ideal\ advocacy. Every war in small and great can be justified as love of humanity, yet the collective mind is failed to recognize it was not love but fear that causing their sufferings.
All these make the target's difficulty in thinking critically and independently. Fear causes disorientation and reaction to survival mode, then lost reasoning ability. Lack of sleep deprives concentration. Paranormal manifestation disrupts the normal life into confusion with a sense of something is really big and real. All the threats intimidate the target’s mental and spiritually sovereignty.

Remedy and Recovery
* By the help of hints which pointing out blind spots: probable danger, perception deficiency, an intelligent design \thought experiment …
* Polarized information can balance the perception ‘damage’ as well enabling critical thinking to contradicting information.
* Introduction of free will principle, discernment, personal responsibility, co-created reality, spiritually laws, thought balancing technique, objectivity, greater cosmic reality… balancing insight to emotional baggage.
* Beginning to aware of deception and violation
* Beginning to aware mental manipulation by religious instruments and skill of persuasion
* Beginning to aware of intelligent design behind the scene
* Beginning to aware of the uncertainty of relationship solicitation
* Penetrating philosophical inquiries regarding death and life, which provides a foundation of discerning the deception of rebirth, salvation, spiritual doctrines- Oneness etc, distorted wording and its motive, spiritual fallacious ethic, end game, the concept of God, spiritually brainwashing…
* Beginning to aware of the deficiency of mental reasoning skill, and the potential of a true awakening by getting rid of spiritually attachments and mental preconception. Critical thinking derives directly from independent contemplation with the courage to reject falsehood and undesirable intent.

posted on Aug, 22 2010 @ 09:34 AM
* Beginning to aware the application of spiritual law and universal faith, by which the vulnerability of religious faith can be replaced with. Be able to understand as a free self, no more the need to follow any kind of religious doctrines because all of them observed from the world having greater negative influence than the positive potential. The concept of sin and salvation in religious faith posing more suspicion to the possibility of abusing power and distorted intent. The concept of free self, spiritually and mentally free from any kind of manipulation, is aimed for constructing a renewed mental order to overcome the past detrimental downfall. Free is in the light of upholding the free will principle, that every individual awareness is an undiminishable part of the integrity of the universe, which should be respected and recognized as free being having a right to live and think free from oppression, domination, manipulation and control.. such awareness is the initiation of true understanding\ discernment...regarding to the nature of truth, only objective reasoning, understanding of cause and effect, observation of evidence, measurement and verification, application of spiritual laws can have its final word of truth.

* Above all is the the awareness to develop your independent belief system of your spiritual needs: to understanding of complex reality, your insight into social ideal, mental sovereignty, concept of will to power, the value of philosophical inquiries over spiritual blind faith, i.e. human reasoning ability over mental indoctrination, attention to the method and measurement of objective thinking.

*The degree of penetration is an incremental progress. The turning point is in penetrating the motive. Personal discernment plays an important role: be able to aware the objectivity of the information; be able to discern what behavior is acceptable and what constitute a violation of free will.

* Understand the power of love. our love to humanity, our faith to the universe, our hope to live, our love of wisdom are the lifeline which can save the lost. The final answer to the inquires of truth must be searched by the self through discernment. What is having in our heart and mind defines our reality and ultimate fate.

Stage Two- introducing the 'salvation plan'.
While the target is in deep crisis both of mental and physical attack: with the false doomsday anticipation, sensing losing hope and plunging into a deep depression, plus frequent psyche attack, the ‘unseen’ offered an attempting reprieve from the psyche abuse: salvation through the concept of God. This eventually led some experiencers to the Bible and church (because an effect is ensued by calling Jesus and prayer to God can relieve psyche attack). By information isolation and powerful persuasion using inundating free ebooks, web pages, audio and video materials, it looked like information come from different sources which offered seemingly credibility and reliability, at the same time, it further reinforced by sending the target suggestive hints: mysterious email messages, signaling etc to confirm desirable thought and behavior. This enables a lifeline effect as the target paranoid wishful thinking felt he has found the ‘second chance’. It is exactly the description below:
the small kindness seems huge, and the target may experience a sense of relief and gratitude completely out of proportion to the offering, as if the agent has saved his life.
& Quote by ‘How Brainwashing Works’

posted on Aug, 22 2010 @ 10:26 AM
It is not sure whether the hosts and human proxy of the project Camelot really understand what is behind the scene of their endeavor, website and forums. And these posts provide a in depth report and evaluation of what is hidden from the view. Along with numerous websites sharing the similar traits of distorted information, it is more like a global psychological conditioning rather than global awakening for the highest good of mankind. A clear pattern of assimilation program is apparent. the question is: a warning is sounded, if we failed to be mindful of the symptoms of the diseases, what will the future hold?

The paranormal phenomena is by no mean a myth. Abduction and assimilation could be a matter of fact. And it has spread throughout the world.

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Whats up with the horrible music they put in the intro to every damn video?

I mean seriously, where did they steal that from I mean what 1980s porno is missing its intro music?

posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by Lysergic

Whats up with the horrible music they put in the intro to every damn video?

Its from a porno called project cumalot staring bill and kerry

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Quote> ...Not only does Locke reject this as not true, but he considers this doctrine a dangerous tool in the hands of those who could misuse it. If a skillful ruler could convince people that certain principles are innate, this coud take them off from the use of their own reason and judgment, and put them on believing and taking them upon trust without further explanation....And, in this posture of blind credulity, they might be more easily governed... < Quote From Lock's Theory of Knowledge.

The point is:
Is it an 'inside job' by 'evil' governments or a thought experiment by unknown hidden forces? Who know for sure? But one thing is for certain: if you are strong in the mind and heart, whoever can lead you astray?

Study materials (all were available for free download or access from my experience ):


> Handbook for the New Paradigm series []
Handbook for the New Paradigm (book 1)
Embracing the Rainbow (book2)
Becoming (book 3)
Message to the Ground Crew(book 4)

> OperationTerra series (book 1-3) []
'harvest of souls and evacuation conspiracy'

> ET 101
' a warm-up precondition for contacts'

> Law of One
'many make-believe theory concerning human history and soul graduation'. It seems its content evolving over time.

> Allies of Humanity (book 1 & 2) []
Steps to Knowledge
The Great Waves of Change

Social Paradigm Control Systems
The paradigm conspiracy
Matrix V-endgame, gold edition volume four (9-2005 to present)
The Real Matrix Above and Beyond
Matrix V- Quest for the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier
Observer Mode of Perception

> Exopolitics-politics, government, and law in the universe []
"a planetary quarantine conspiracy "

Discerning Alien Disinformation: Part 1-6

'spiritual ascension to the chosen'

*> Ancient Aliens series from History Channel
Discernment is recommended.

*> Unseen Forces that Affect our Lives by Manly P. Hall [audio, you can download it from '']

Publisher: Philosophical Research Society 1993-01-01 | ISBN: 0893142905 | Language English | Audio Cassette in MP3 | 68 mb
1. The Living Universe Beyond Our Sensory Perceptions
2. Demonism in the 20th Century
3. Obsession and Spirit Possession
4. Thought Forces and Psychic Ghosts
5. Secret Powers and Why We Should Not Use Them

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