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The Truth About Project Camelot!!

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 05:14 PM
reply to post by omnifiction

I realize this is an old thread, but i have done some digging into this topic as well. Here's what i found:
Linked to on the wiki page for the US ARMY Project Camelot is an interesting sounding thing called The Minerva Research Initiative.

Under the Department of Defense Minerva will provide $50 million to fund academic research on five separate themes. One focus will be on China, a second on terrorism, a third on Iraq, a fourth on Islam, and a fifth that is open. The goal is to create improved relations between the Department of Defense and the universities and to develop knowledge that the military can benefit from in the long term.
Minerva has proven controversial. Although many scholars support Minerva, a number of academic researchers have sounded public alarm about the prospect of Defense Department funding for research. The American Anthropological Association sent a public letter suggesting that the funding be transferred to a different body, such as the National Science Foundation (NSF). Hugh Gusterson, a prominent anthropologist at George Mason University, has written a series of articles in a variety of venues that have attracted significant attention. He worries that:

"any attempt to centralize thinking about culture and terrorism under the Pentagon’s roof will inevitably produce an intellectually shrunken outcome....The Pentagon will have the false comfort of believing that it has harnessed the best and the brightest minds, when in fact it will have only received a very limited slice of what the ivory tower has to offer—academics who have no problem taking Pentagon funds. Social scientists call this “selection bias,” and it can lead to dangerous analytical errors."

While it is just a wiki source it does raise an interesting, as well as correct point, about the "selection bias". Dr. David Price addresses this issue in some depth in his book "Anthropological Intelligence: The Deployment and Neglect of American Anthropology in the Second World War", where he discusses the many changes that went through the field of Anthropology once it became a more applied field of study because of the very narrow focus that war time needs required of the scientists.

Secondly, there is an oddity in the timing of the creation of the other Project Camelot and a couple other happenings in the geo-politic realm.
On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina made landfall near Buras-Triumph, Louisiana.
On September 8, 2005, this Blog posted an article that was quite critical of the Political Instability Task Force, and the way in which they selected data for their predictive data sets.

The charter of the U.S. State Failure Task Force prohibits it from discussing state failure in the U.S. or making forecasts of U.S. state failure, but by their definitions, there is little doubt that for a time anyway all relevant governmental authorities in the U.S. suffered a "complete or partial collapse of state authority" and so the U.S. would seem to fit that definition. I haven't checked, but I doubt their model or our's had any ability forecast these events.

Now back to the Other Project Camelot, they started..

Project Camelot... generated when we... spent the weekend in Tintagel, England...We named our project in tribute to the vision behind the utopian idea of the Round Table...Ever since our launch in 2006...

Between the events of 9/11 and Katrina the people of N. America were thirsty for information, and eventually some knowledge. As was alluded to in the OP it possible that both Project Camelots are one and the same entities.

Unfortunately, more information doesn't make for more Knowledge. I do not have the answer, just more questions.

posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 08:26 AM
> What is authentic truth and learning? How could phenomenal causality explain its cause and effect of the battle for souls?

> Madness did not exactly replace leprosy (living death), but the shift between the two conditions represented a move from a concern with diseased bodies to a concern with abnormal behavior, and the diseased minds. The 'awakening' can be interpreted as the shift between the leap from fear of death to concern of the disceased minds, i.e. inauthentic existence is more deadly than death. No physical death can be transcended, but only the unreason mind.

> In my humble opinion,The Project is nothing but a manifestation of the madness of civilization and its confinement.

> Before one pointing his\her fingers to the world, should reflect how could such disease has possessed me since the date of birth?

> thing happens follows its causal relationship. but what kind of existential predicaments of the planet and the 'heaven' has caused such symptom of diseases? And what kind of drug can heal the illness of the minds?

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 08:59 AM
The psyche attacks begun after I visited the project Camelot website,and its forum project Avalon. It is an experiences since Sep. 2008. I received information from that Avalon forum,it taught and encouraged me to heal the Earth with deep meditation, visualization of light,; It spread information about the End of the World and impending threat of global disaster etc...; the forum also hoax story about 2012 ascension, DNA activation, window of opportunity to ascend into next dimension etc. At the same time I begun to hear high pitched frequency in both of my ears, sometime in the right ear, sometime in the left, dream visitation, warnings,internet information blockage,feeling being constantly monitored, seeing spot of white light in from of my eyes from time to time, being jolted awake during asleep particularly between 2-5am wee hours... I still feel I am being monitored everyday, and not sure why and how such injustice is allowed by the Laws of the universes. I don't know why I was being attacked; I don't understand why the psyche force do this thing to innocent people. I think maybe because I rejected and struggled hardly to the attempt abduction, I was able to escape some possible attempt of future violation by the hidden forces. I expect sometime in the future the truth will set us free, not to my self, but to the benefit of the entire human race.
I swear every information I provided here is authentic with greatest integrity and respect to humanity and the universal law of justice. I may not understand fully while alive in the world, but I will pursue the truth to freedom even into my death.

Please help to find out what is really going on in the world. You may help a lot in keeping the phenomenon in light to humanity. Thanks!

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 01:37 AM
Anyone ever watch that David Wilcock project camelot video? The guy claims he's the reincarnation of Edgar Casey and that's in the near future everyone will have psychic powers. I think he's a very high functioning delusional.

P.S. The real Edgar Casey was very intriguing. Check him out on youtube.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 09:11 AM
> A personal understanding of the puzzles

Are all the as-is symptoms of Bible prophesy, ancient scripts, UFO visitation, paranormal phenomenon, alien conspiracies, government conspiracies, supernatural abduction and contacts, occultism, mysticism, spiritualism, doomsday pop cultures, awakening experiment (mental environment reprogramming), conspiracies whistleblower, surge of internet (dis/mis)information, contactee and experiencer testimony, government acquiescence, alleged hidden dimension and the war for souls, my personal experience, ascension and evacuation, Earth changes, soul abduction…are all just some awakening tricks- merely a test for discernment and neuro-linguistic programming? Or are these the symptoms of some deeper problems as a cancerous disease underlying the world and heaven’s past, present and future? Couldn’t there be something more sinister than just for the elevation of human awareness? Why there was no global awakening in the past history to help humanity step out of the Cave but at the 21st century now?

Consider these points:
A, What is the actual effect? The dogma of religious belief, reincarnation, star-seed wanderer, higher self, the chosen, doomsday prophesy, battle between evil and good… are highly manipulative and misleading information. Its effect causes fear, anxiety, spiritual dependence, confusion and misconception. The misinformation serves as catalyst for brainwashing and reprogramming human perception about the greater reality, and could be used for some strategic purpose. For instance, it is obvious that many contactees’ belief system is uniformly being manipulated into distorted perception and blind commitment. They wholeheartedly believe the spiritual dogma and its cosmic revelation even though there is lack of evidences, moral certainty, scientific logical explanation, or even contradicting to common sense reality. Hence, if 2012 phenomenon is all about global awakening, or the Bible is all about salvation of mankind, then why the actual world effect indicates the evidence in support for a global deception?

B, Battles for souls? However, many millions of people died in every year, within few decades billions of people will die. There is no need to battle for souls because the supply of souls is abundant and continuous. The metaphysic universes should face predicaments of soul overpopulation rather than depletion, plus the common human consciousness is low and distorted, the problem caused by arriving distorted souls should greater than its depletion to the welfare of the ‘heaven’. For the welfare of the metaphysic realm, the real benefit could just be the positive elevation of human intellect. The unenlightened soul is the burden rather than an asset. There is no enough logical certainty that the battle for souls is a reasonable explanation unless the metaphysic realm is as well profoundly distorted. In the present overpopulated human world, we battle for sustaining natural and social resources rather than people. In fact the supply of babe is abundant; the only bottleneck is existential resources and social conditions. If that is all about desire for souls, then there is no need of a doomsday revelation of various versions and timelines since the goal should be to make more souls; If there is indeed doomsday lurking ahead, what certainty can predict its happen thousands of years ahead by ancient scripts? In a freewill system with the law of probability, there is no guarantee that something 100% can be predictable. If doomsday is a must be (ie. The gods’ will), then isn’t it contradicting to the priority need of soul self preservation, simply the interest and fate are highly linked together to the heaven and earth?

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 09:15 AM
C, Reform (salvation) of souls? Why the bible predict the end of the world? why the main culture predict the end of the world? why many channeled information predict doomsdays? why the present conspiracies all point to the ‘Earth Changes’? why such information is reinforced all around with such a high cost to the mass (emotional pains and lost of hope in present life). Why the information asserts the concept of soul and afterlife? Isn’t it prepare us to die, to encourage us to leave the world voluntarily? Isn’t it instigate us to desire for ascension with ‘Christ’? Isn’t the psyche force information incites negative perception and emotion of human present reality and future prospect? Isn’t the forces programmed my dream and with other thought implantation by the internet sources to reinforce the false crisis of impending doomsday? This point of fact can verify that the assertion of global awakening is a smokescreen, indeed something more sinister is undergoing. It could have something to do with soul abduction or subjugation whether physically or mentally. there are the evidences that contactee were chosen and manipulated into certain belief system and serving as a proxy for the psyche forces for certain planetary project to channel (mis/dis)information into the world. It is more likely a preparation for such a role of contact rather than genuine abduction, for the value of contactee is to serve for a ‘mutual cause’. A soul is useful only when he can be instrumentalized by the systems of ‘bureaucracy and capitalism’. What the cause might be? If not for domination and control, then what is the practical value and purpose to any political power? Why power is desirous to many? Power means buying power that is the essential superiority to impose one’s existential cost upon others. All civilizations on Earth in history have been constantly trying to conquer or subjugate the weaker so as to expand its influence. Each success of conquer is a plunder to the wealth, technology and manpower of the loss side. It is an efficient and necessary way to self preservation and development. Should we natively believe a welfare universes spend years of endeavor monitoring and manipulating individual perception just for the sake of awakening that soul? If the psyche force care not whether the contactee be deeply traumatized or even causing his\her death by the aftermath of the disturbing contact experiences, should the forces be loving beneficent brotherhood? What the forces really care about human freewill sovereignty rather than their project and concerns? From the actual personal experiences, the evidences are decisively proving that the forces is deceitful and malicious. They actually did manipulate\ incite the experiencer to die (ascension) as part of the salvation package. The so call ‘salvation’ is a misnomer at a large extent. It is symbolic deliverance wrapped in a religious and political agenda- to prepare the soul for the crossroad to the hidden afterworlds.

D, Understand intention. The disclosure of information out of any kind purpose sharing the similar traits: a) to supply information, as a warning or to cause awareness. b) intention is progressively evolving. c) intention is practical and circumstantial to meet immediate contingencies or prolong existential problems. Idea and will is motivated by crisis and desirous reward. It is not boredom or the evil of some whimsical idea to cause distorted action. Behind all endeavor there is the causal relationship of events. Hence, the symptom of the present world actually reflects some progressive diseases of the heaven and Earth historically. Let’s evaluate the existential predicament of the Earth and heaven:

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 09:26 AM
a) Human awareness and behavior has progressively become more distorted in contemporary ages; evidences are particularly the two world wars and the quickly deteriorating natural system and social condition. The deterioration mostly expressed in the ways of human victimized psyche and abusive behavior, overall dissatisfaction and depression. The present global situation is indeed against all the odds, not because there is any comet heading toward our sky, but the tumor growing inside the human sickness-on-death mindset and disgraceful conduct, and we know this disease is passing on from generation to generation.

b) If the fate of the earth and the heaven is closely linked as one continuum, the metaphysic realm is indeed the ‘victim’ as the result of the dumping of human souls upon death. The workload might include: a) healing the psyche of the soul; b) reeducate the souls; c) destroy the souls if too distorted to be used; d) assimilate and accommodate the souls; e) manage the souls; this amount of loads required intense strategic social and political arrangement for the incoming immigrant at mass number. At some point of human history, such as war, it could be an overarching predicament to the ‘heaven\ X dimension’. We can even anticipate there could be some antagonism sentiment toward the human world because its burden imposing upon the metaphysic realm of existence if the Earth and 'heaven' is in direct linear continuum.

c) By a simple reasoning, it is logical to conclude ‘as below, so above’, in terms of the degree of distortion, the heaven and earth beginning within one root shared similar traits and symptoms, are in the travail of their very existential problems respectively. We can deduce why the ‘heaven\ alien forces’ behavior in such strange way by looking into the human existential reality, it is nothing but a replica of the human limitation and struggle by our collective condemnation to the ‘survival the fittest’ mindset. That the collective irrational reasoning, vying competition, attachment to forms, fear and anxiety are the essential factors that motivates great ambition with heavy penalty on the whole. The idea and will of social change for the highest of good, in actuality, is built upon destruction of the old rather than by honest reflection and objective evaluation of the sources of the problems.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 09:36 AM
D) Let’ s to investigate individual intention. Why individual passed through this paradigm shift is disillusioning painful? we should understand the pain is not caused by the deception by the forces or the crippling reality that mankind facing, but the abrupt contrast between the old and new belief systems to the individual expectation. The world and heaven is not getting worse or better, but its fanciful bubble that wrapped the individual perception has burst. When the mask of angelic figure and value is removed, heaven and earth standing side by side as naked, suddenly, the self found the nature of intelligent lives are so much the same two polarizations and essentially problematic. Should we feel sad and hopeless? If the world is a mirror what do we see from within our self? Why can’t we face the bare reality than merely living in a fantasy of the old world ? There is nothing to worry about as we found out the reality as it is; there is a lot to worry about if we never awake up to see where we have been, especially, our destructive self-sabotaging inner world, and our aggressive instrumentalized relationship. It is a lot to concern about if we failed the discernment test not knowing what is wrong. As silently and mindfully the self proceed into the heart of the matter, thus our own source of suffering and limitation is made known. How can any civilization transformed into a golden age without its every individual transformed from within? If it does, how can the civilization not crumble into dust when every individual no longer blinded and bonded by its make-believe systems? Individual spiritual liberty and existential freedom is in the antithesis of amoral creation\ civilization which essentially meant ‘collective confinement by its existential costs’. Here is my conclusion: there is no right or wrong in the global awakening deception game because the parties can always find a way to justify its cause. A collective cause driven by its existential predicament is reasonable and understandable to its motive. However, intention is essentially subjectively self-servicing which applying to a particular historical context, thus is evolving and has no guarantee as to its moral certainty. History reveals that our belief system which justified our cause is changed along with the development of the situation. This means for whatever logically verifiable intention there is always consequence ahead. We are condemned to be free and yet fully responsible for our choice, even in the context of innocence. The truthfulness from the psyche forces, religious dogma, philosophy, social ideology etc are not the final word of truth, it is nothing but the fluid belief system that prescribes our intention and action. Individual free will if not to transcend the limitation inherent to every belief system, then there is no will can be free. Mindful individual should avoid step into the trap of victimization by the distorted belief system, but to objectively evaluate the causal effect of the limitations. The psyche forces and the world are not the problem of the individual, for all of these are the contextual phenomena only. The meaningful choice to the self is: how to overcome the duality and emotional baggage caused by the complex information system and its victimizing behavior, to develop our analytical objectivity into a lasting mental skill. Here, the role of the writer is to analyze the complexity of strands rather than judgmental.

[edit on 21-8-2010 by china-rose]

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 09:45 AM
E, Earth Changes could be a factual future event providing human continuing their pattern of distortions. The end of world can be justified if collectively humanity failed to elevate themselves from all sorts of limiting belief and behavior. When the existential cost is much higher than the benefit for human development, the end of the world is inevitable (in the form of living death or self annihilation). How can individual comprehend the irrational world wars? how can individual fully understand the distortion perpetrated by totalitarian culture and regime? How can the innocent mind grasp the complexity of all sorts of social decadence, violence and imprisonment? The self has yet to witness the billions of abusive relationship, economic enslavement, fraudulent means and practices, anxiety and hopelessness...; all these diseased minds anticipate the demise (living death) of the civilizations. End of the world is by no mean a fantasy, but a collective and history freewill choice. The disclosure of afterlife is not something new but was written in every major religious dogma and mysticism, which could just be a fact of the greater reality. If afterlife is real, then the harm truly is: the modern belief system denies the possibility of soul, which keeps the mind in anxious confinement for fear of death; with the essence of human existence hidden from sight, men ignore his spiritual liberty and the nature of consciousness. That is, lack of inner knowledge and wisdom to cope better with the existential cost. If afterlife is a fact, then not to disclose the truth do greater harm than good to humanity because the truth does can liberate men from endless existential anxiety. There could be reason not to emphasize the truth: a) the problem of suicide, particularly in such physical realm of existence which is famous for its abusive behavior and enslaving confinement; Increasing suicide rate could eventually undermine the development of civilization and the supply of souls; b) the partial truth had revealed through obscure scriptures but ignored by the mass because the development of science and reason. c) why there has yet any open contact and exchanging information by the hidden realms? there must be some concerns not to openly in contact with the world. These could be: 1) the human world is being monitored by forces; for them there is no need for a bilateral dialog as everything is under direct surveillance and even 'management' . 2) open contact can incite curiosity which causes culture, technology and ideology exchanges, which prone to risks of contamination and battle for allegiance against the backdrop of multi-forces. There is also the risk of human misuse technology to mass destruction. At the present development of human intellect and discernment, we are not the counterpart of such powerful psyche forces. Technologically and psychically, we are far behind development. Mentally, we are not experienced in analysis of information and moral certainty. It is possible there is a decreed of law by the collectives of the greater reality to quarantine the less developed physical world for some practical concerns. Contact is kept in clandestine individual based so as to minimize the risks. 3) keeping the world in innocence about the greater existential reality of the universes can make it easier to manipulate the perception of the collectives (information disclosure based on need to know programming). The present paranormal visitation could be: 1) intelligent design for a 'plan'; 2) political powers struggle for domination; 3) impending planetary situations (the ‘help’ is given according to needs);

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 09:47 AM
4) multiple complex reasons. However, even though all these unknown mystery, it's still logical to conclude that visitation is normal because we are not living in total isolation from the greater reality. We are part of the cosmos fabrication, thus the hidden truth is self revealing by the need to know. The truth is not delivered by a particular group of interest under a ‘divine plan’, but self-revealing as a partial whole in a complex freewill system. Is the human world being driven to Earth Changes? Physical doomsday change here cannot assure, but psychological and mental change is definitely become more complex (as by the alien term- global awakening; by existential term- disillusion), because increasing existential complexity aggravates the level of anxiety. Viewing from history, has human happiness and liberty as a whole ever been fulfilled by any particular civilization or society?
We should be aware, that the burden of civilization is not the penalty to individual free will. Point awareness only exist in a certain context for a brief period and move on. There is no guarantee for the individual’s wellbeing while he was thrown into life, so as his birth has no obligation to transform the dissatisfying world into a ‘golden age’, for such a control of reality is unrealistic and doomed to failure because it lack of the practical detail of realization and objective scientific ground. The vote is for all. And only the all can decide the finality of their desires. The wise should detach himself from the endless collective anxiety and choose to leave the source that causes pains. Compassion is not ‘to suffer with’, love without wisdom is blind commitment. Understanding is our love to the world and the self.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 09:55 AM
F, Psyche manipulation–inciting negative emotional charge. In the ‘neuro-linguistic programming’ process, all of the revelation by the psyche forces share one similar characteristic: intense emotional charge with impending global disaster, alien intrusion, government conspiracies against its own people, earth changes, victimizing reincarnation, higher self determinism, victimizing civilization history, vying cosmic forces, domination and tension of the greater reality. Overwhelming negative misinformation is aimed to target the undiscerning mind. It is so easy to take control of the person’s perception to cause his\her to react and plunge into depression, isolation and even suicidal thought. By information manipulation and dream programming, it caused some experiencer to lose job, house and eventually suicidal thought upon penetrating the deceptive nature of the psyche forces. After years of self extrication of analysis, do anyone come up with some light why the psyche force used this strategy to incite fear and hopeless by the name of Love and Light? Why victimizing information is useful in psyche manipulation? Here is some analysis:

a) From the expansion of awareness and analytical capacity point of view, psychologically speaking (without considering the damage of disillusion and alienation to the psyche of the experiencer), greater the crisis, higher the resilience the mind discharge its potentiality. When the mind is attacked by great confusion and anxiety, it is forced to come up with solution to tackle with the source of the problem, in the case of awakening, it has to do with to analyze the emotional pains. The pains cause the highest alertness of the intellect, as warning signal and to seek self extrication. Without doubt, the process is so powerfully effective though essentially victimizing painful. However the actually outcome is a positive turn of the fate of the individual because the experiencer is increasingly more intuitive and mindful, thus having more mental power to deal with uncertainty and to choose more wisely. Is suicidal thought a victimized consequence? It should be noted if the soul is real, then suicide is just a self extrication rather than a personal tragedy. More over, isn’t it more tragic to live in a difficult time than to voluntarily leave the source of pains? Suicidal thought is closely linked with disillusion. Disillusion is the consequence of expanded awareness and understanding of the as-is reality. Disillusion does not mean negative, but is the integrity to view the world as it is. The expansion of awareness causes the self intense desire for transcendental elevation (termination of the negative earthbound contract). Hence, the causal relationship is: It is the desire for a graceful existence that caused suicidal thought, so it is negative? It is logical to affirm that the experience though charged with ambivalent emotion, but overall, it is a positive and insightful mental change (reprogrammed by indeterministic freewill catalysts). It essentially and irrevocably altered the psyche and mental orientation of the self, to the betterment, even though facing the post traumatized effect such as alienation, disillusion and mistrust. That is, the self paid for the transcendental intuition and wisdom with the blessing of innocence. Innocence is the major source of contentment and trust, however, it is also the major risk of losing freedom and being traumatized.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 10:05 AM
reply to post by omnifiction
star and flag my friend, they are a joke!! ,i registered when i heard the bob dean bullcrap!! Then i copped on to it being a joke and un registered but they still ask me for donations.
There stuff is straightt out a bulls asshole,bob dean,i mean victor your a fraud,acting like you have met aliens,dan burish ,its a shame the men in black didnt get you and martha is that her name??

everybody,keep this thread rolling
with stars and flags:


posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 10:05 AM
b) Highly emotional charged information is the effective catalyst to cause mental reaction and irrational choice, such as blind commitment. Every psychological manipulation requires the incitation of crisis and lost of discernment. To cause people with intense fear and hopelessness thusly is used by the psyche forces to proceed their clandestine agenda. What they really want from the confused individual is still unknown, but it has to do with to ‘connect with’ the Sources\ higher self\ the greater community, to enlist into God’s salvation plan, to prepare for ascension\ evacuation etc. it is a highly oriented mental reprogramming for the further steps of intrusion. Why the experiencer don’t believe the psyche force is merely for the revelation of truth for human awareness development? The crux of the answer is: what motivate them for a global project of awareness development at this particular juncture of time? There are plenty of opportunities to assist mankind to evolve in the past, however why their helpful effect was missing in the past? What motivated them is their very existential predicament, and very likely something big or a prolong discontent has been happening in the hidden realms. When multiple psyche forces are vying for the turf to their own interests, the truth of such distortion is self revealing by the freewill complex system, that is, the fire is leaked out by unpredictable multiple factors of pressure and heat.

c)  This strategy is obviously can be observed by major prophesy from ancient scriptures, bible and channeled information. It always associates with the alleged serious existential crisis, then is the remission of a helping hand from gods. It always asks the individual to commit to certain thing as for receiving the salvation plan from gods. In the phenomenon of 2012, the incitation of crisis is instrumentalized by human contactee, pop culture, websites, various writers to make selfish profits. They are actually turning it into billion dollars business industry to cash gain from the anxiety of the innocent mass. Essentially, these minds not only loss their discernment but also their moral self. These people are actually assisting to spread the misinformation by the forces and are adding more confusion to the whole mess knowingly and unknowingly. Therefore, the 2012 phenomenon is actually a co-creation between psyche forces and contactees etc. it is a consensus reality manufactured by the ‘heaven’ and the world to perpetuating their encapsulated mental illusion based on the inferior complex of victimhood.

d)  Why victimizing thought implantation useful in psyche manipulation? By our analysis, obviously it derives from the intrinsic human weakness- spiritual leprosy. If men are strong in moral certainty and mental discernment, no one can fool us ever, and no one can use dirty scheme to fool other. The highly charged emotional pain in a very profound way reveals our ignorance and indifference. Ignorance means we do not aware the illusory aspect of human perception; indifference means we do not care the mental wellbeing of the other selves. We collectively have raised the exploitive bureaucracy and capitalism, subjective dogma and ideology above everything else including our mental and spiritual creativity and sovereignty. With this perspective, we can peek into the mindset of the ‘heaven’, which reveals the universal difficulties of intelligent lives. Can our grievance stop victimizing mental programming? The objective analysis concludes that there is no necessity or possibility to control a freewill complex system of how it behaves. Catalyst is essentially a natural opportunity for self teaching\learning. The wise learnt from the distortion.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 10:08 AM
e)  Is it all about purposeful evil? The answer is not. As we analyzed in above, existential anxiety is triggered by actual existential predicaments. The world has moved into a down spiral decline in various aspects, natural disaster is just a tip of the symptoms. Spiritual death is a big concern. Men has collective chosen their difficult fate as an inexperienced young race. The emotional pain is one of the major catalyst enable hidden potentiality of self-clearing. Hence, such pain is a necessity rather than a blamable crime. It is possible to use this pain to break away the confinement of the difficult existential cost. Once the free will see clearly through the reality of the human world and the greater reality of the universes, he is first to discover why to step out of the Cave is the only way to access the truth to freedom. Without the cost of pain, can anyone finally wake up from sleepwalking? However, no one can ever step out of the Cave if failed to overcome the dualistic good and evil mindset.

f)  There is no certainty that some global catastrophe is looming in the horizon as described by channeled materials. There is no one set of opinion that point out what will really going on. There are many versions of doomsday prediction yet none of it is scientific verifiable. There are many prophesies in the past had yet to fulfill its claim. So what is going on? One thing is sure that humanity has moved into the transition to a unknown future. No one knows where the billions of free wills are heading toward. We only know these free wills are unprepared and disillusioned by their immediate obsessions. Earth changes happened in the past, so inevitably will recur in the coming future. However, if we do not view life and death as victimization, then both are the natural transition of the consciousness; in fact death is just a final emancipation of human life captivity. Hence Earth Change is nothing but a mental preconception that associated with illusory fear and fantasy. The only thing is true is: men are mortal.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 10:13 AM
reply to post by ericsnow
Hey Eric ,i agree totally. Edgar Casey was truely amazing,David Wilcock has talked so much this and that with never a blip of a prediction coming through.
If 2012 dont happen he can forget it,i heard him say we will be able to fly! I hope my wings can be super charged

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 10:14 AM
Well, if its planned disinfo, they couldn't have picked a more self-sabotaging nitwit than Kerry Cassidy to muck it all up. Maybe project avalon will be more successful?

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 10:20 AM
G, Fulfilling Bible prophesy? Even though there are multiple strands of stories- doomsday, conspiracies, spiritual ascension, alien abduction etc, but the centerpiece is the human soul. It is not the human world, nor the human survival of Earth change, but all are closely linked with the soul. Why? Because it has to do with God’s salvation plan, or to connect the Source\ higher self\ Knowledge\ quantum jump \ transcendental meditation and visualization\ 2012 ascension etc (just to name the few); It has to do with paranormal experiences; It has to do with close encounter with entities from the hidden dimension; it has to do with the warning from ancient texts that the possible danger of contacting with psyche forces. That is, this is something bigger than Earth Change. This has to do with human freewill sovereignty and freedom. This has to do with existential wisdom concerning the greater reality of the universes. What is really going on in the hidden realms? What do these entities want from the human soul? What is the existential reality of the universes? How could the experiencer possible know those things seemingly so mysterious and intelligible? Why the 2012 phenomenon has everything to do with the occult mysticism and spiritualism? Why the Bible was implanted into the world to prepare mankind as alien claimed the Harvest of Souls? Isn’t that the idea of Earth changes and alien abduction is just a facet to something even more fundamentally sinister concerning the soul spiritual liberty? If put aside all the distracting information, the major strand of the whole phenomenon has something to do with the Bible prophesy. [some subjective experiences description is cut for certain concern] ... paranormal experiences has a decisive turning point- the persisting seduction of building personal relationship with 'God' which entity has strong intention to accessing to the allegiance of the experiencer whether by physical contact or reprogramming his belief system into ....however once the intention is discerned the whole thing quickly reversed its programming, hence a authentic self extricating awakening ensues. b) there are obvious evidences that the surging public perception of “Bible prophecies have been and are now being fulfilled before our eyes” is prevalent in the major religious community and paranormal study groups. There are also pop cultures such as movie and TV series openly demonstrated their ‘faith’ that God is fulfilling His salvation work. Ironically the ‘salvation’ is also parallel to the ‘End Game’ of human discernment. Are the whole drama of conspiracies belong to a well-packaged ‘divine plan’? do all strands converge at some point? What predicaments motivate the ‘intelligent design’ to its highest end of ambitious endeavor? ...However, if they ever fully aware what consequence they are inducing to the world and themselves, why they did something that inevitably will backfire to their side? For instance, if the whole thing is a big hoax to assimilate human souls into the greater community of the local universes, particularly to certain faction of forces, by purposeful deceiving manipulation, can’t their hoax some day be penetrated when the soul beginning to aware what is going on? In history, do we ever see a paper can wrap fire? Will hoax win the heart forever? Can a totalitarian regime rule over a country of people forever by information manipulation? Higher the deception can go, greater the disillusion will be, so shouldn’t the ‘heaven’ has some wisdom concerning what might be the consequence of their idea and will? How could come advanced entities make such terrible mistake? Why? From a psychological point of analysis, what does the evidence foretell what kind of God’s regime really is? Why the alien spiritualism permeated with deterministic programming suggestion? What is the real control functionality of religion and spiritualism in the bureaucratic structure of heaven and earth? ...

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 10:24 AM
reply to post by SmokeandShadow

I agree the Steven Greer interveiw had me shouting at the screen and im a chilled out guy who doesnt really raise my voice.
Did you ever see the danburish one where he called out the MAJETIC 12s names?? was there any truth to the names do you know??

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 10:27 AM
reply to post by johnny c

I like to think Dan is full of it, but I could be wrong. The interview I saw of him had him skirting around all the information he said he knew about, but couldn't say.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 10:33 AM
The fact they got a spot on TV, to me, speaks volumes.

They claim to have been totally against corporate America and the likes plus.....they were hellbent against MSM. So what do they do? They get a programm on TruTV and are now, getting paid via sponsors?

Turncoats. Two faced turncoats!

I am so done trusting others that I really want to go live in a cave the rest of my days.

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