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The story of Sanni Ceto (A Zeta-Human Hybrid) - Must watch!

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posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 02:19 AM
Im not going to be dismissive of the possibility of et life on earth, in fact i believe it to be so, but this is one that for my opinion is distracted perspective...
I find this most unbelievable in that this being begins her talk in an almost inaudible fashion then falls conveniently into a tone that we can understand.
Then we are led on a journey of tales that lend themselfs to countless movies and theories of ET life???
Why is it that ET's of this ilk always portray what we of this earth would call sub intellect???
Would not a higher being inhabit a earth bound being of sound mind and speech patterns to convey their message???
Why is it that almost all that have this so called connection, appear bellow average intelligence??
So many what if's and little to corroborate said claims...

No flag...No star...
But we view all for the glimmer of hope we know to be true... Not this one.. sorry

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 03:13 AM
Oh, boy, where do I start? First off, I'm generally open minded and do believe in ET's, abductions, etc....but after watching this
video, and reading this entire thread, AND reading this woman's "plight" ,( ) there are so many
inconsistencies, it's hard to keep track of them.

Also, I'd like to acknowledge atlasastro for her/his post and wonder if people read it at all? Some of these points atlasastro already pointed out, but maybe if they are repeated people will read them this time.

This could account for her demeanor and might possibly be an explanation for these thoughts/ideas she has.

She is a woman in her 40s who is disabled following a car accident and emotional trauma due to abuse

Some points taken from Sanni's own words; I don't feel I have to comment on all these because most of these these snippets speak for themselves.

I was not afraid because I knew my people and loved and missed them and wanted to be with them. The aliens -- Grays-Pleiadians (my own species) -- loved me. They did not abuse me in so many ways as Terrans do. I fear Terrans and am afraid of them more than my own species.

If her species is all about love, why would she be afraid of them?

I was not wanted by (my mother) because I was not "normal." I was small, very quiet, and did not look right to her, so I was discarded by her and grew up in Earth foster homes. My first home was with Mr. and Mrs. X. Mr. X was retired from the military.

Mr. and Mrs. X took me to head doctors when I first "Mom" X about my "daddy" -- my true father. Doctors said I was a schizo. I was hypnotized by this (doctor) and lots of things about my past lives came out. I spent from age 2 to age 19 in this home.

Five paragraphs later:

I was placed within a succession of human foster homes. In each one I felt physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse. These also were "checked" by those "airport facility people." I stayed in 12 foster homes,

We were scientists on an expedition to observe and collect specimens

The very next paragraph...

I was a lieutenant on this mission (Roswell) that failed -

The only good that came from the accident is that my horizons opened (for me) to accept myself and my own species as being pure beings of light.

Did her accident bring on all this?

(I) live in a mostly African-American, high crime area and I am scared to go out

Where is the love here? Is prejudice a new kind of love?

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posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 04:12 AM
one of the worst kinds of skeptics are ones who never really understood themselves, their own feelings to the T for that matter. if you have no empathy, i have no pity.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 04:58 AM
People who post videos such as this one do not further the cause of ET disclosure. Sources like this deteriorate rather than improve the movement and do little more than perpetuate the myth that those with an interest in ET are nothing more than crackpots who will believe anything. ATS is a place were we aim to deny ignorance. Therefore, the people who point out the obvious flaws and contradictions of this crock should be thanked. Calling them neagative and closed minded are just pathetic cheap shots.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 05:03 AM

Originally posted by shedhead
People who post videos such as this one do not further the cause of ET disclosure. Sources like this deteriorate rather than improve the movement and do little more than perpetuate the myth that those with an interest in ET are nothing more than crackpots who will believe anything. ATS is a place were we aim to deny ignorance. Therefore, the people who point out the obvious flaws and contradictions of this crock should be thanked. Calling them neagative and closed minded are just pathetic cheap shots.


I agree with a lot of that & I still feel sorry for the woman involved.

Also.....that is possibly the most unpleasant avatar on this whole site.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 05:07 AM
reply to post by Sam60

yeah, its sort of disturbing and makes me itchy

I like it though
. Cheers

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 05:10 AM
I think see is crazy

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 05:25 AM

Originally posted by shedhead
ATS is a place were we aim to deny ignorance. Therefore, the people who point out the obvious flaws and contradictions of this crock should be thanked. Calling them neagative and closed minded are just pathetic cheap shots.

This should be in bold!

The woman's story has too many flaws and calling people who notice such things ignorant and closed minded is stupid and should be prohibited.. But this is just my opinion.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 05:44 AM

Originally posted by SaturnFX
Watched it and some inconsistancies are sticking out bigtime.

1) Zetas are emotionless (and full of love at the same time.)

This is a difficult one to get across but I will try.

ETs in general dont have "emotions" as we do. Most did away with them long ago and now have whats called a soul frequency. Their whole being rather than a big mix of emotions like us resonates at one pure frequency. We see love as an emotion but its not it is a frequency. This is why she says we need to increase our frequency to one of unconditional love.

Its difficult at first to see how this can be, I too struggeled with this concept but most ETs do not have emotions as such they vibrate at a frequency, a frequency as a whole rather than of tens of emotions such as us. (anger, hate, joy, love, sadness.....).

As a soul spiritually progresses it sees that emotions as understood on Earth are really a collection of energies that are Earth created and are a big part of the human missery. Most will say well what about joy and laughter,but these still are human emotions that in the end fade or give way to pain and sorrow. As long as we choose to move between emotions rather than vibrate at a higher frequency we will always feel sorrow and pain. It is our next jump in evolution I believe to learn to resonate at a "frequency" rather than be a big bag of mixed up emotions. If we all took Sannis advice and allowed our soul to vibrate at the resonance of love the Earth would be completely different.

I hope Ive got across a little why Sanni describes her people as without emotion but full of love.

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posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 07:03 AM
reply to post by watchZEITGEISTnow

Please, people, what is there in the face of this video - and I watched it all - to say that this woman isn't what some cruelly labelled (in hate, i.e. the way they said it) mentally ill - or inbred?

I'm sorry and I know I sounds heartless but please can someone enlighten me and point to SOMETHING, ANYTHING I may have missed on this video.

I have an open mind with what people claim, but I can't with this. I feel like that poor girl is being used - not nice, not clever and I don't think it belongs on here.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 07:05 AM
reply to post by TailoredVagabond

glad you have an opinion.

I totally disagree with you is my opinion

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 07:24 AM
Crazy? Looney? Retarded? Autistic?

Do we actually know what any of these conditions really are? Can we in fact prove that even though brain function is not optimal that they are not coherent and self-aware? Perhaps it is a gift that lets them see more than a normal brain would. Just a thought...

Though it is a far-fetched story, I see no reason to doubt her claims, we have no proof to the contrary. On that note, I see no reason to believe her claims, as there is no proof. This is the fundamental mistake most of you are making when watching this video. Stop getting hung up on details and story and focus on the person and her message. Think of the bravery it takes to give this speech. She spends almost her entire time preaching love and understanding, the importance of peace and cooperation. Despite this message, she is still being ridiculed and labeled by people who claim to be seeking disclosure.

Now, I don't know what all of your opinions on disclosure is, but I always thought the point of disclosure was to end the lies and hate and start moving in an honest direction. Many hope to do this through alien intervention, some hope it will simply be the beginning of a new era, but they all have the same goal (supposedly), global peace. Here is this woman preaching just that, with a clear emotional sincerity to the message, and the very same people who claim to be fighting for this cause are calling her retarded, crazy, or a scam artist. Shame on you. It is that kind of thinking that got us where we are now.

Edit: To those who think this kind of material does not further the "movement." Exactly what hasn't been chalked up as crazy talk and nonsense? It can look as solid as hell to you but the fact is someone thinks it's nonsense. There are is no perfect proof available, if there was we would not be discussing the topic. Therefore, her story is not any less credible than any other video presented on the internet. If anything, videos like this improve the movement by drawing in people who are open-minded, as opposed to "credible" videos or articles which draw a more narrow-minded, "in-the-box" crowd.

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posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 07:29 AM
I think that if aliens had sent someone here to teach us about the truth , then surely they would have chosen someone who doesnt speak so strange and someone who isnt an emotional wreck! Basically someone who isnt going to be branded as a lunatic or a schizophrenic, how many schizophrenic people do you take seriously!
My friend was diagnosed with schizophrenia and i couldnt take him seriously after he started developing his mental illness.
You'd think that if aliens wanted to teach us they would send someone who seems "normal".
She says she wants to teach us about the universe how there are other planets beyond us, " well we already know that"

She mentions that she was raped at gunpoint and had a traumatic life, its common for people who suffer traumatic experiences can go at great lengths to create a reality that is totally real to them however isnt real at all. She complains about a wooden block for a pillow and how it was worse than animals are treated! people in japan still use wooden blocks for pillows !
To me she seems rather unconvincing depsite her depth of UFO/Alien lore,

Someone also mentioned about her DNA, then yes a simple DNA screen would prove that she had foreign/ alien DNA , as we have mapped the entire human genome so it would take a few months to map her DNA and check it for differences.

"her discriptions of certain objects seems really basic for an alien who has been reincarnated and has been on EARTH for so long , also if aliens were observing us for a while then they sure would be able to identify objects alot easier - for instance "they had pointy sticks on their backs which caused pain" she is trying to say that her alien species didnt know the name for our earthling weapons !

im unconvinced! if she was an alien then how come she cant tell us about her alien langauges or anything more specific about her alien culture?

She goes on about her alien species wanting to help us , and you give us a female who seems weak and in ruin for her past emotions, not a convincing ambassador , she goes on about karma and such , if she was so reincarnated then she would be a stronger person because of her trials ,she would know so much about karma and how to control her emotions,

One thing that she mentions is about the inoculations , swine flu anyone ?
( makes me think about it a bit more)

Although im skeptical she mentions about love vibrations , is there any particular science behind this ? Seems to me like she just wants world peace, who doesnt?

and lastly , if she wanted to save us that much then she speaks about the genetic manipulation that her technology affords , and her alien species has great genetic technology, that can eliminate disease and keep us alive indefinetly , then if you want to save us , give us the damn technology !
but first everyone has to love each other,
yeh and thats going to work!

Sorry one last thing , she mentions the reptoids have been coming here for eons !, then she mentions that the Hiroshima bomb caused a portal to be opened to allow them to flood through enmasse! So the previous nuclear tests didnt ?
there seems to be quite alot of inconcistencies in her story , i think i'll need to watch it again

good video though !

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posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 07:51 AM
reply to post by sapien82

Someone also mentioned about her DNA, then yes a simple DNA screen would prove that she had foreign/ alien DNA , as we have mapped the entire human genome so it would take a few months to map her DNA and check it for differences.

Her entire genome is no doubt mapped and in a underground base somewhere

Who would do the test?

Would we really trust the result?

We are only shown what they choose to show us

The rest is hidden

So test away...what is the point...the result could never be trusted

The Starseed skull results were hidden and so will this

Always there are discrepancies you think you would be given the true result


posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 09:22 AM
I suppose you are right about the test and how it would be done!

For a start you dont get Genetic scientists hanging around any general hospital.
This would need to be done in a specific lab , and no doubt it would be a government funded genetics lab.

this maybe the one thing which would prove to everyone that she is what she says she is! yet we wouldnt get a clear answer from the tests they would be brought under intense scrutiny from debunkers , skeptics as to their reliability and their authenticity.
She is caught in a situation where she cannot prove her story with hard evidence as there is too much against her.

As i said before it is to easy for people to come out with claims like these , and then say we really want to help you , we have x , y , and Z to offer you , but all you have to do is love each other and its yours!

Are people on this planet , expected to believe that something like love can set us free from everything that is wrong with the human race?
when you think about it love is just a complex reaction of chemicals in our brains and bodies, and chemical reactions are indeed governed by laws , and these same laws are constant throughout biological chemistry so then if love is the tool to set us free then its already pretty much determined by the laws of chemical reactions.
Im a little bit hazy about my conclusion here but i know what im going for, so then are we all bound by these laws to hate and love ?
If thats the case then cant the population not just create some drug which creates the same chemical reactions as love does and just administer this to the populace through the water system , thus increasing the love vibration of the entire populace then releasing us from the chaos?

I dunno i went a bit crazy there ?

some good thoughts on the DNA testing though

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 09:47 AM
I'm not going to let the ignorance get the better of this thread. Not without a fight.

Originally posted by Audun
Has anyone pointed out that she mentioned camps, viruses and vaccines at 40:17? I thought that was scary enough til' i noticed the date the movie was posted on which is "49:02 - Jan 23, 2007". Your thoughs on this?

and later on by the same poster.

well, the fema camps are well known. there's tonnes of talk about why we need this vaccine and why the poop we should be afraid of this new flu.

might be just me, but there seems to be a link there.

OP's reply.

I though that was a stand out point too.

I also thought this was done in 2004?? I really gotta find that out...
post by watchZEITGEISTnow

post by mystik999

Think outside of the box. Don't close your mind to there being other explanations. Be open minded and mature about it. Was there possibly something happening around the time of the Video being made and being posted online, or before it?

Would these be good thoughts to have answered or to perhaps seek out an answer to?

Is this video from Jan 23, 2007?
How come she talks about the mass vaccination?
Am i missing something here?
I'm not american so it might be part of your folklore this vaccination thing and you run through it and don't even note it,but that made me
maybe it's my innocence.

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post by upnorthtrip

This post got 4 stars. Why?
That is why.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 December 2006, 03:05 GMT

New bird flu outbreak in Vietnam

Bird flu has killed 42 people in Vietnam since 2003 (Source: WHO)
Vietnam has confirmed a lethal H5N1 bird flu outbreak among its domestic poultry in the south of the country.

China reports bird flu outbreak, second for the week
04 Oct 2006 08:51:15 GMT
Source: Reuters
Printable view | Email this article | RSS

Bird flu
BEIJING, Oct 4 (Reuters) - An outbreak of bird flu has killed 1,000 domestic poultry in a village in China's northwest, state television said on Wednesday, a day after the report of another outbreak in a nearby region.

DECEMBER 22, 2006
Fear is terribly catching, bird flu isn’t

Congress allocated $3.8 billion last year to create a massive governmental bureaucracy to address avian bird flu under the Department of Health and Human Services ...... “the Homeland Security Department will be in charge of a national response to a possible bird flu pandemic, relying on the department’s National Response Plan and National Incident Management System.” The plan included forecasts of “a pandemic affecting 88 million people...with illness rates highest for school-age children... as many as 10 percent of all employees being unable to work...Prioritize the distribution of vaccines and antiviral medication... Calls for closure of schools, offices, and malls and possible communitywide quarantines in the event of a severe pandemic....” The government has ordered 2.7 million doses of flu vaccine from three pharmaceutical companies, enough to vaccinate first responders, although the drugs have not yet been approved.

Not that the OP would want to point this out.
I mean it would be immature wouldn't it.
It would spoil the wonderful message in the Video wouldn't it.

The Video was Made in 2004. It was posted in 2007.
It says that at the start, by UFO watchtower.
Even the OP mentions it.

Damn, did I just shot my whole arguement in the foot.......
No I didn't.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS; pronounced /sɑrz/, sarz) is a respiratory disease in humans which is caused by the SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV).[1] There has been one near pandemic to date, between the months of November 2002 and July 2003, with 8,096 known infected cases and 774 deaths (a case-fatality rate of 9.6%) worldwide being listed in the World Health Organization's (WHO) 21 April 2004 concluding report.[2] Within a matter of weeks in early 2003, SARS spread from the Guangdong province of China to rapidly infect individuals in some 37 countries around the world.[3]

SARS vaccine fear

29 November 2003
Magazine issue 2423.
CHINA's plan to start the first human trials of a vaccine against SARS has some scientists worried. The government news agency Xinhua announced last Saturday that trials of a vaccine would start before the end of December.

But whatever. I mean so what.

After all the most important thing when all the facts are said and done and then ignored by the OP and others, this seem be their prevailing sentement:

If you listen she has message of compassion and love. Whether or not she's a Gray and whether or not she's crazy I feel she is sincere in her message.
]post by ablue07

Whether you believe she is or is not a hybrid, really misses the true point.
Of which, I got. Love. That, is her message. Cooperation, not competition.
Compassion and caring. I love the part where she explained that hugs were the universal language. I hope she can eventually find peace.

post by K.G.B.

If it turns out she isnt a hybrid then I will still love her message of unity, love , anti war and anti control. There is nothing wrong in her message and for me it speaks volumes
post by Mr Green

It doesn't matter if she is really a hybrid or not, it doesn't matter if she is retarded, or handicapped in any way whatsoever.........the IMPORTANT thing is that she is trying to spread the word about LOVE, and how we should all be living in harmony with each other.
post by satwin

While these sentiments and the many others are beautiful and obviously what we would all hope and aspire to achieving and promoting. Let me remind you all quite clearly.
The sentiments expressed by the majority of posters was NOT TO THE MESSAGE BUT THE OP's CLAIM and the CLAIM that Sanni is a HYBRID ALIEN.

*To those that wish to attack this information - think. Think it is EASY to rubbish this - yet you are the people that shout for PROOF - and then when any is presented YOU attack because you can not face a fact: ETs are real. They ARE here. They ARE everywhere in the universe.
post by watchZEITGEISTnow

The OP is blatantly challenging those that have asked for proof. The OP adds further claims that not only is Sanni a Hybrid, but that ET"s are real, they are here and they are everywhere.
He USES Sanni to promote these added beliefs and assertions but does not provide any other source for the OP but the Sanni Video.
This is an undefendable position that the OP places Sanni in.

The OP has placed the individual in the video in a position which she cannot defend.
The OP has opened her up to riducle by Using her as his Burden of proof.
The OP had a responsibilty to defend Sanni. Which he has not done except to call people immature, idiots or fools, dribbling fools, closed minded or ignorant.
But when presented with many troubling inconsistancies, facts and information the OP does not address any of them, at all.
Leaving Sanni alone, bearing the bront of the entire attack that he inspired. COWARD.

The OP has USED this women to support his own beliefs regardless of any consequence to this womens as an individual placed as a piece of evidence to fullfill the OP's selfish need to "prove his beliefs".
The OP is an experienced member of ATS and a prolific poster of both replies and threads. This would have surely educated the OP as to the level of scepticism and the critical manner in which ATS members regularly approach such claims with such clear, honest and brutal observations.

People were not calling her retarded etc. They where stating an observation on the individual who was being PRESENTED AS EVIDENCE BY THE OP.
Again she was put in this position by the OP.
Again, the OP would have known that.
Again the OP is fully aware of ATS members reactions, not to messages of love, peace and co-operation, but to claims of Proof, and evidence.

The fact that she may or may not be a Hybrid is in fact what this thread is about.

Not Love, or harmony. Peace and compassion.
But what good are they when they are not establshed via a relationship of pure honesty and trust?
What good is this message if it is from a well of deciet or lies or an abuse of a troubled individual to sell books or to create a thread to suit your own agenda.
Does this mean you can say whatever you want, or be whatever you want if you simply say that love and understanding, peace compassion and harmony are important?
Is that what you think love is?

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posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 10:09 AM
Good post there man!

Above everything else im definetely worried about vaccines for apparent killer pandemic flu , that is no more worse than the normal flu !

I will not be getting a shot if its mandatory in the UK - no chance!

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 10:25 AM
Excellent post atlasastro, couldn't have said it better myself.

Originally posted by sapien82
Above everything else im definetely worried about vaccines for apparent killer pandemic flu , that is no more worse than the normal flu !

I will not be getting a shot if its mandatory in the UK - no chance!

I know it's terribly off-topic, but what is the reason everyone seems so scared about vaccines?
I tried figuring it out what the big thing that people are scared off, but simply can't...

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 10:49 AM
She will be interviewed this week on The Veritas Show

If you have any questions, I suggest you go to the above website and submit them. The deadline for submitting questions is Wednesday evening.


[edit on 10-8-2009 by Exopolitico]

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 10:52 AM
Why do I believe the vaccines are dangerous, as Cmdr. Sanni Ceto says:

I hate to use the term sheeple on anyone, as it may sound condescending, but some truly deserve it. Let's take it step by step.

1. Governments are giving the pharmaceutical companies full immunity.

People hear this and say, "Great. How kind of our governments to let the pharmaceutical companies work really fast and not test these vaccines so that we are all protected in the event of a pandemic." By the way, as you all know, the pharmaceutical companies are lobbying to have vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements outlawed. Why allow cholesterol to be treated inexpensively with red yeast rice when you can charge ten times more with a prescription drug. In other words, if you have a supplement company, and if the laws continue their draconian trend, the FDA and your respective country equivalents will oversee these. Supplement, vitamins and nutritional supplements via prescription, that's right. Our doctors have turned into de facto drug dealers. The more prescriptions they issue, the more money they make. No wonder pharmaceutical salespeople love to wine and dine the doctors. In the United States, you need to go through 10 years of research and $100,000,000 of funding for every product. Why do you think medicines are so expensive in the USA?

2. Countries are buying more vaccines than they have people.

Until Iustina brought to my attention that in Greece they are giving two shots, I wondered by the surprlus. Double the profits for BIG PHARMA and double the knockout factor.

3. 12,000 children being tested in the United States and parents were lining up.

How ignorant can one be to not question this? I wouldn't even let my dog be tested with an untested vaccine. Let's see, the swine flu alarm started ringing in April. Are you telling me that tests can't be done in 3-4 months since the alarm started ringing? We've already seen a few deaths from the vaccine. Why are the tests being conducted with humans? Not that I condone the poor treatment of laboratory animals, but I would rather see a lab rat be tested than our children.

4. The pharmaceutical companies are coming to our rescue.

Actually, to the rescue of their shareholders. In order to keep the economy floating, war keeps defense contractors alive. Wars are supposed to be waged not won. Cars keep oil companies in business. Well, if the economy is not going well and local governments are bankrupt and can't afford health services, let the countries deal with a pandemic.

The only positive outcome that will come out of this will be to the pharmaceutical companies. It's a financial shot in the arm for (no pun intended) them, indeed.

5. This is something totally new and the establishment would not dare do such a thing. They never have and they never will.

Operation Paper Clip not only brought German scientists. It also brought Japanese scientists. One of them specialized in bacteriological warfare. In fact, their plan was to wipe out China's population really fast. In the 1940s China had about 640,000,000 million inhabitants, so biological warfare was the weapon of choice. Where did they conduct their testing? In Manchuria. Why? Because Manchuria provided the Japanese a site where they could have specimens of every race. white Russians from Siberia, central Asians, Chinese, Koreans, you name it. The scientist is now gone, but the paradigm he thought and taught goes on.

When you tell someone "they" tried this in the 70s and failed, they look at you as a conspiracy theorist. Even when you play them the video below, which was financed by federal government (I bet, with the financial backing of pharmaceutical companies), they still say "That's impossible. That's a hoax."

Oh, and governments may practice martial law. But wait, the WHO already raised their level to 6 (the maximum) with 1,000 worldwide deaths. Doesn't that make you wonder when hundreds of thousands die every year of regular flu? How about the millions who have died of malaria? By the way, malaria is cured with MMS in just hours.

My point is, people who solely obtain their information via the subliminal tube are sheeple by choice. They are so mentally programmed that when they go to the slaughterhouse, they will still believe their caretakers are acting in their best interest.

If you don't equate the above with an imminent FALSE FLAG event coming, I don't know what else will. Let me assure you I don't like fear mongering, but I also don't like to be treated like an ignorant fool by the establishment.


In 1993, "they" bombed the WTC and finished the job in 2001. In the 1970s, they tried the swine flu shot. Could they finish the job in 2009? You decide.

Just my humble analysis.


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