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Imagining the tenth dimension and beyond

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posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 04:05 PM
Its been a while since i started a new thread. but the recent threads on reality, and how we perceive reality sparked my interest in starting this thread.

So here we go, my idea on how reality for us is structured. here, and the rest of the universe/omniverse.

Reality is all dictated by observation on the atomic level based on probability.

Here is a VIDEO for those who have not seen that gives a visual of what im trying to explain.

After you have watched this video you get an idea on how probability structures our reality. our choice/chance/luck or w/e you want to call it form our reality.

we live in an expanding universe, unique to each and every other parallel universe which are connected based on singularity.

What i mean by singularity is where the universe began, point 0.

If you were to add all the angles in the universe, negative and positive, what number would you get? Zero "0"

from that central point the universe started to expand with its laws of gravity present, and any other laws present (such as the speed of light) and from that point with those sets of laws, each probable outcome is recorded between now and that point of universal creation. meaning that with those static laws there's an infinite number of possibilities for this universe... and in that universe there's a time-line where earth did not come into existence.

For those trying to keep up. what i just tried to explain is that there is an infinite number of possibilities for our known universe based on chance/choice/luck, and the actions of others leaving the option open for the multiverse within our universe.

The video tries to explain these being as single points in time. but what is time? Time is duration, Point A to Point B based on the observer measuring the difference. but between those two points chance/choice luck are all calculated. between point a and B time lines there are infinite possibilities within that which opens up the theory on parallel universes within our own universe.

Its very hard to picture infinity without suffering a brain hemorrhage. what i mean by that its impossible to dictate what is where, and how, but we can visualize with our 3D minds the possibilities of the folded dimensions up and below our conscious view.

Next step, please excuse me if i am jumping too much:

with all possibilities being held within the tenth dimensions (omniverses unique to each other based on probability, choice, chance and luck) theres that one point (zero) where it all began.

Theres this video here that explains how that there is only ONE electron in the universe/omniverse zipping in/out of timelessness. this supports the theory on the holographic reality that i have seen in other threads. Video below on that one electron.

What i want to hear now are thoughts on string theory, how that all points are interconnected within the omniverse/universe.

What is your theory on reality? do you think what this guy is saying to be true, or false, or neither?

Please Note that this is all theory, and that this theory fits in with our reality so well, but is not definite science. this is just a door that has been opened for us to explore.

Look forward to your replies. please ignore my spelling errors if there are any.

(dont forget to watch the other videos on this guys VLOG)

lots of information to dig through.... its exciting if this is legit.


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