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ObamaCare Analyzed by St. Joe Hosp. Surgeon

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posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 03:47 PM
I received some non-fishy, but quite upsetting infromation regarding ObamaCare worth looking at:

Subject: FW: ObamaCare Analyzed by St. Joe Hosp. Surgeon

This was sent to us by a friend and former colleague of Bob's . As it turns
out, I know this doctor. His daughter, Allison, was a student of mine at
Plymouth/Canton Montessori School many years ago. He is a physician/surgeon
at St. Joe Hospital , our Hospital of choice. Thought you might be
interested in hearing his views.


Subject: ObamaCare Analyzed by St. Joe Hosp. Surgeon

Worth the read.

Dr. Dave Janda is a highly respected surgeon at St. Joe's
Hospital in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor. He has dedicated his life to health
care reform and is often asked to speak to groups of business and political
leaders. As the nation watches our politicians and the media spin the
presidents proposal for health care reform in many different directions, I
would like to pass along a summary from Dr. Janda. He is obviously opposed
to the presidents plan, however, he offers some rather clear insight for his

Subject: Health Care....Not so much....Janda


As I mentioned last Friday, I was given the opportunity to be the keynote
speaker at a Congressional Dinner at The Capitol Building. The presentation
entitled.....Health Care Reform, The Power & Profit of Prevention was well
received and several very positive developments have occurred. I will
outline these at a later date.

In preparation for the presentation, I read the latest version of
"reform" as authored by The Obama Administration and supported by Speaker
Pelosi and Senator Reed. Below is the link to the over 1000 page


Let me summarize just a few salient points of the above
plan......warning.......they need to put the same warning on The Obama Plan
as they do a pack of cigarettes.....Consuming this product WILL be hazardous
to your health.

The underlying method of cutting costs throughout the plan is based on
rationing and denying care NOT PREVENTING health care need. The plan's
method is the most inhumane and unethical approach in cutting costs. The
rationing of care is implemented through The National Health Care Board,
according to the plan. This illustrious Board "will approve or reject
treatment for patients based on the cost per treatment divided by the number
of years the patient will benefit from the treatment." Translation.....if
you are over 65 or have been recently=2 0diagnosed as having an advanced
form of cardiac disease or aggressive cancer.....dream on if you think you
will get treated.....pick out your box. Oh you say...this could never
happen......sorry....this is the same model they use in Britain.

Not to worry, according to the plan, there will be little or no advanced
treatments to be available .....why? The plan also creates The Federal
Coordinating Council For Comparative Effectiveness Research. This
illustrious Council's purpose is "to slow the development of new medications
and technologies in order to reduce costs." How special is that !!

The plan also outlines that doctors and hospitals will be overseen and
reviewed by The National Coordinator For Health Information and Technology.
This " coordinator" will "monitor treatments being delivered to make sure
doctors and hospitals are strictly following government guidelines that are
deemed appropriate." It goes on to say....."Doctors and hospitals NOT
adhering to guidelines will face penalties." According to those in Congress
penalties could include large six figure financial fines and possible
imprisonment. So according to the Obama Plan....if your doctor saves your
life you might have to go to the prison to see your doctor for follow -up
appointments. I believe this is the same model Stalin used in the former
Soviet Union.

On page 425 of The Obama Plan, "The End of Life Counseling Program" is
discussed. After each American turns 65 years of age they have to go to a
mandated counseling program that is designed to end life sooner. This
session is to occur every 5 years unless the person has developed a chronic
illness then it must be done every year. The topics in this session will
include, "how to decline hydration, nutrition and how to initiate hospice
care." It is no wonder The Obama Administration does NOT like my emphasis
on Prevention......Prevention is the "enemy"......people would live longer.

Finally, on page 16 of the is ILLEGAL for a citizen to have
private insurance if they lose their job, change their job, become a senior
citizen or graduate from college and land their first
job.....yes....illegal. When President Obama was asked about this portion
of his plan yesterday his response was...." I am not familiar with that part
of the plan." Don't believe me......take a look.

Obama hosted
a conference call with bloggers urging them to pressure Congress to
pass his health plan as soon as possible.

During the call, a blogger from Maine said he kept running into an
Business Daily article that claimed Section 102 of the House health
legislation would outlaw private insurance. He asked: "Is this true? Will
people be able to keep their insurance and will insurers be able to write
new policies even though H.R. 3200 is passed?" President Obama replied: "You
know, I have to say that I am not familiar with the provision you are
talking about."

I rest my case....The Plan authored by Obama / Pelosi / Reed is hazardous
to the health of every American.

In Washington on Thursday night, I was asked by a Congressman in the
question - answer session...." I am doing a number of network interviews
next week on the Obama Health Care Plan. If I am asked what is the one word
to describe the plan what should I answer."

The answer is simple, honest, direct, analytical, sad but truthful......
the word is FASCIST.

Dave Janda

The more I hear about this bill the angrier I get. If you think life is too short open your eyes it's getting shorter quicker.

posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 04:32 PM
Human life is being so devalued. I am not a mongrel dog at the pound, but I am beginning to know how they feel - scared, trapped and unwanted.

If the President and our legislators don't want this for themselves that is all the proof I meed to know we are #ed.

Congressmen and senators are canceling their town hall meetings in an effort to avoid their constituents. I'm afraid these crooks are going to pass this turkey anyway.

posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 04:35 PM
reply to post by sad_eyed_lady

That is the worst thing they can do.

This bill is nothing but the Fascist takeover of America is what it is. No wonder the Obama admin is getting touchy about being compared to Nazi's.

If they shove this bill down our throats they will see a # storm like they haven't ever seen before.

posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 04:42 PM
He's obviously a plant and was paid to write those things. I swear the things people do for money. I hope someone reported him to the white house

Seriously though, this is a bad bill. It makes sense though that they're pushing so hard for "reform" though. For the most part, Healthcare has survived this recession pretty good and we can't have anyone making an honest living in the Obamanation.

posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 04:58 PM
reply to post by Hastobemoretolife

I agree. Yet I wonder if these jerks are far-sighted enough to see that the S will Hit The Fan. Apparently. they didn't get enough flack when they disregarded their constituents opinions and voted for the stimulus bills, budget, and the -cap and trade garbage. Reminds me of children stealing cookies from the cookie jar, only there is nothing cute about it.

Now they have angered the voters so they become inaccessible to them. I fear they are counting on Obama's charisma to calm the masses.

Their dereliction of duty is criminal.
We need to stop them here and now.

[edit on 8/8/2009 by sad_eyed_lady]

posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by sad_eyed_lady

IF you travel around the country a bit,you'll see the anger of the people. All the costly bills that have come out of the"Land of Fruits and Nuts" has angered the people. However the talking heads that are dismissing them at town hall meetings have them seathing!! This health care bill is a sham. Anyone who has read a portion of it can see it. BY belittling the people and calling them names,they are building a fire they won't be able to put out.

posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 05:19 PM
reply to post by sad_eyed_lady

If they are betting on Obama trying to calm the masses they are looking to the wrong person to do the job.

Nothing is going to calm these people down. The only way to calm them down is to reinstate the liberties that the constitution is supposed to protect the government from taking away. That isn't going to happen.

The storm is a brewing.

posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 05:25 PM
There is a solution to this fascistic healthcare bill, please copy and pass this on:

There is a solution.. and it is just one word..demand that your state legislators move to


Let the unconstitutional "federal" criminals keep their "debt" and let "We the people" place them into those FEMA Internment Camps and then prosecute them for crimes and high crimes, including violation of their oath of office to support and protect the United States Constitution, while wringing every last dime they stole (and gave away to their rich banker pals to run up the stock market, and pay 80 billion in bonuses [AIG, etc] while refusing to loan money to homeowners) out of them until they are the ones begging on the street corners of Chicago...

Whenever government becomes destructive of these ends (life, liberty, pursuit of happiness), it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new government.
Declaration of Independence of the American Colonies, 1776 see

The topic of secession was recently in the Wall Street Journal just a few weeks ago!

"Not surprisingly, a lot of folks in the land of Jefferson are taking a stand against an approach that stands to make an indebted citizenry yet more dependent on an already immense federal power. The backlash, already under way, is a prime stimulus for a neo-secessionist movement”

Written by a Son of Liberty from Virginia

posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 05:26 PM

Citing safety concerns, U. City cancels McCaskills event

A day after a Russ Carnahan event led to the arrests of five participants and a reporter, University City High School — where U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill was set to hold a similar event on Tuesday– announced that the forum has been canceled.

The school district sent a news release this afternoon stating that the “reasons for the cancellation by the school district are due to concerns for the safety and security of its staff, community members attending the event, and for the students who would be on campus during that time.”

There is no word on whether McCaskill will find a new venue or keep a second town hall forum scheduled for later the same day in Jefferson County.

Either way, its hard not to notch the decision as a signal of the growing influence of the Tea Party coalition, who had succeeded at heckling Carnahan at two earlier meetings.

Although what the move portends for democracy — that citizens can’t gather for a public forum without fears of descending into fisticuffs? — may be up for debate.

The cancelation is sure to raise eyebrows in Washington, where many other lawmakers are bracing for tough meetings during the Congressional break.

This is what happens when an elected official ignores her constituents. Claire, I'm happy for you., you gutless wonder.

posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 06:28 PM
Lol! Here are some facts.


Why is this getting nasty? Because of Big Pharma and Big Insurance Lobbyist. Follow the money. They have helped bring this country to it knees. Add to it Big Oil, Big Banks and "Free Trade" (NAFTA). Lobbyist run this country, not us.

For the record I voted for BUSH twice and Obama once. They are a two party crime family. I have since become a political Atheist.

With that said, I have had too many family members with health issues and health insurance that drove them to bankruptcy, to think that we do not need to fix this problem, is beyond belief.

The Grandma Killer

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 03:09 AM
You know, this whole US health care debate is starting to take up too much space on ATS, and every post contains so much nonsense it' hard to know where to start or why bother.

I have some simple predictions about legislaton. Any legislation passed by any government, but especially by the US government.

1. legislation increases government control
2. this almost always involves diminishing consumer choice
3. the pork's always there for the lobbyists.

Expecting otherwise is, I think, optimistic.

The OP paints a gloomy picture indeed, but there are some things in it that are simply stupid. I'd really expect a doctor to have more perspective, frankly, even an American doctor.

Originally posted by sad_eyed_lady
Translation.....if you are over 65 or have been recently=2 0diagnosed as having an advanced form of cardiac disease or aggressive ancer.....dream on if you think you will get treated.....pick out your box. Oh you say...this could never happen......sorry....this is the same model they use in Britain.

Really? Well a friend of mine is now in his fourth year of remission from a highly aggressive form of leukaemia, treated entirely free of charge by the NHS.

I'd really expect a doctor to know better, frankly. And of course there are resouce issues, it's not easy... but people with enough money can buy their way out of hospital waiting lists, and always have been able to do so. The charge that you'd have to be treated in a specific way even if you could afford not to is just nonsense.

That's in the UK, of course. And in most of the EU, as far as I know.

Of course, it does seem that the control-freaks who've written the Obama bill do want to restrict private health care: but to say that that's what you've got already in the UK is an outright lie.

This is not to say that Obama's plan is anything wonderful. The three predictions that I made about legislation hold true for this as for any other law.

My point is that opponents of what they call "socialised medicine" have to ignore or distort facts to make their criticisms work. I'm not saying the NHS is a perfect system, but it's a whole lot better than nothing. Which is what most US citizens have, as they can't afford insurance.

It's good that the surgeon has an emphasis on prevention, and the "End of Life Counseling Program" sounds rather sinister. But then so does everything in the post.

[edit on 9-8-2009 by rich23]

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