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The Obama Presidency: One Massive False Flag?

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posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 01:36 PM
Here’s something I’ve been thinking about for awhile:

People have been talking a great deal about the possibility of a false flag event occurring soon to cause the American people to allow the government even more power. Could it be that the presidency of Obama itself is the false flag?

Think of what would happen if Obama runs the U.S.A. into the ground as many predict that he will. The American people would be desperate, and would turn to someone to help them out of the predicament that they would be living in. They would turn to a smooth talking, “inspiring” leader filled with empty promises.

Think of Hitler. He came to power because his country was desperate to escape the deplorable state that it was in. Under normal circumstances, he may not have been chosen as a leader.

Could Obama himself not be a dictator, but instead be paving the way for someone who is through his bad choices for the American people? Could he be creating such a disaster, such a poor state for America, that the people will be desperate enough to turn to another Hitler?

Just as the general public of America became much more accepting of freedom-restricting acts such as the Patriot Act after the terrible events of 9/11 (and this is regardless of who you think committed them), could the American people be made vulnerable to accepting an unapologetic, shameless dictator if Obama’s presidency puts the nation into desperation?

My point is that Obama could have been propped up to the American people to appear as a brilliant leader by the shadowy, but nevertheless very powerful figures of the world (The NWO). Those who made him up to be a great leader, something he is not at the moment, knew that he would take the state of the U.S.A. to new lows and, thus, put the American people into a state of desperation.

Once the American public is desperate enough, the true dictator, possibly the Antichrist, would be chosen to lead by an American people who would truly be willing to try anything to save the country. Then the new, true dictator would rise and the NWO would at last have true, unhindered control of the American people.

Now, what I’ve said has occurred purely on the level of the U.S.A., but it could also be a worldwide event. Obama could take the U.S. so low that it takes much of the world’s prosperity with it so that the entire world would hunger for a new, promising leader chosen by the NWO.

This is all just theorizing, of course, and something that hopefully isn’t true. I still hope Obama can fix the mess that America is in despite the fact that he has done a poor job of it thus far. Thanks for reading.


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