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If Canada's health care program is Socialist, you don't know what Socialism is...

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posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 09:07 AM
Part One
Is the fear of Universal health care in America a remnant of McCarthyism?
Is it tied into the red fear of Socialism?
Let’s have a good look at the current general discourse against health care.
And let’s be logical about it.

I’m Canadian. I have grown up in a world where going to the Doctor doesn’t cost you anything. (Yes, it costs something, we’ll get to that, be quiet, I’m telling a story....) Over the years, bumps and bruises, illnesses, operations, lower income, no money, no problem. That part, you can take literally, if you’re in Canada and you make little money, you still have full health care for necessities. (You’re not going to get new glasses for free, but you can get the eye exam.) Broken leg, fixed. Acute appendix, out she goes! Messed up teeth, tough luck. Tooth ache? Come on in... It’s a little bit weird, but it works, and it works like this.
Everybody pays taxes, some of our health care dollars, (to pay all these Doctors, Nurses, hospitals, vehicles, everything you need to have a healthy country stay healthy) come from taxes collected from good working and purchasing Canadians. The people making the money, pay for the people who can’t, to get only the things they need. I for instance have extended medical for my family of 3, including 80% coverage of eye and dental, at about $80 a month, through a private company, through my work. Much like I’m sure a lot of Americans do.
The difference arrises here: Imagine I fall off my bigwheels, knocking out a tooth, breaking my nose and cutting my forehead. (Yikes!) With my insurance through work I’ve got nothing to worry about. If I didn’t have any insurance, I still don’t have anything to worry about. My tooth will not be replaced until I can pay for it, but it will be attended to by a physician if need be. With or without insurance my nose will be set for free. (Ouch!) It’s also true that my forehead will be stitched. If I want plastic surgery it’s going to cost with 0% insurance coverage, (so ask the Doctor to do his or her best stitching ever.)
So people like me, who pay a bit, (I have a middlin’ salary in a “service” job,) (if I made more, I would pay more income taxes, which would end up contributing a little more to the public health program, but I wouldn’t have to pay more for my medical.) The working pay about 70% of the public health bill through paying for dentists, optometrists and other specialists so that everyone can go to the doctor. The other thirty percent is raised by everyone through public funds like taxes, lottery revenue.
Bottom line, no matter what, everyone gets the treatment they need.
It makes sense, I think. So I’m assuming that the people resisting American Universal Health Care are doing so because of some reason other than the idea itself. Could it be the illogical attachment of such a program to Socialism.
Socialism, firstly, isn’t communism, but it’s closer to it than to Canada’s Health Care. Socialism as a political philosophy doesn’t jive in a capitalist free market as much as it fails to fulfill it’s economic objectives of common reward, albeit this latter fact is due solely to our slovenly, stubborn greed. In other words, it’s a non-sequitur. Socialism, as it’s defined, doesn’t really exist in Canada, if you think Canada is Socialist, then you need to change your definition of Socialism, so that it fits what Canada is. Our health care is certainly not socialist. It’s all the neigh-sayers have to yell, so it’s what they’re yelling.
I’ve seen the commercial shown in America portraying a disgruntled Canadian patient. It’s mad propaganda, same as always, change the channel. Canada’s health-care system is the only thing it’s got going for it right now! I’ll take the Pepsi challenge against any countries health care system any day of the week! France! Germany! (Forward thinking freaks! En garde, achtung!

posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 09:08 AM
Part TWO

Now, I’ve heard the argument that our Doctors’ are underappreciated. I think our situation, very similar to yours, is that the Doctors get into drag races with the plastic Surgeons during their lunch breaks on main street. The Doctors in their supped-up Volvos, against the plastic Surgeons in their imported B’mers.... They race is to see who can get to their cabin on the lake first, and by cabin they mean big modern house.
I don’t know what Obama’s plan for health care in the US is, perhaps we can discuss that later, but I’m here to explain that Canada’s health care is not a socialist system.
It is, however, a Democratic idea.
Given to us by our Democratic party.
And people grumbled then too....

From Wikipedia, about the man who brought universal health care to Canada, new democratic party leader, Tommy Douglas:

“Douglas's number one concern was the creation of Medicare. In the summer of 1962, Saskatchewan became the centre of a hard-fought struggle between the provincial government, the North American medical establishment, and the province's physicians, who brought things to a halt with the 1962 Saskatchewan Doctors' Strike. The doctors believed their best interests were not being met and feared a significant loss of income as well as government interference in medical care decisions even though Douglas agreed that his government would pay the going rate for service that doctors charged. The medical establishment claimed that Douglas would import foreign doctors to make his plan work and used racist images to try to scare the public.”

People also called Tommy a socialist and he wrote his master’s thesis on eugenics, so perhaps he was, but I see socialism as a real indirect and ineffectual assessment of the Canadian version of Democracy and especially when you look entirely at socialized medicine. In fact, when you look up the definition of “socialized medicine” in the Oxford Dictionary is says: “(American noun) The Provision of medical and hospital care for all by means of public funds.” Now, there are at least two things wrong with this definition. Let us ignore the very strange idea that apparently this idea is solely American and realise that still, it is ill fitting. For if we consider what it is that we are arguing for and against if we deny universal health care we must truly look at why we do so.
What is it that you have to lose that is worth what those who have nothing can gain?

*Authors note: this is not intended to be an argument for or against Socialism. Nor is it meant to comment upon the very weird request of the whitehouse to have Americans tattle on other Americans about spreading health care disinformation.

posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 11:00 AM
I've looked over a lot of these anti Obamacare threads, and I am always walking away even more confused that I was to start with, could someone please explain why America seems to want to have a second civil war, simply because your president want rid of the way too powerful insurance companies who decide if you get treatment or not, or the meds you need or not?

What is wrong with health care for everyone no matter who or what you are?

A lot of people are doing the same thing (scratching heads) your being offered a higher class of medical care for a fraction of what your paying now but yet you all fight it?

Whats wrong? did they forget to tell you, that you wont have to pay the high insurance premiums anymore? see you pay a small tax and lose the huge gap in your wages each month, surely thats a lot better?

Or is it just because it's Obama doing it?

What is wrong someone please explain this madness to me.

As the OP said this is not communism, it's called caring for your peoples health needs.

posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 11:05 AM
yeah, i'm another one who can't understand this hatred of the health care plan. I'm from the UK and we have the NHS and everyone gets health care via taxes. But you can still go private if you want. Even if you have low income, you can still choose your doctor.
I don't get this hatred Americans have over something that (I'm sure) we Brits (and Canadians) see as a good thing. How can it be bad to offer health services to all?

posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 11:20 AM
I have to agree, I don't see what the big issue is there in the USA. I mean, why would you not want a healthcare system like we have here in Canada and many other countries like Britain? Here, even people without money (living on the street) can walk into the Dr office or hospital and get treatment unlike our counter parts in America where if you don't have medical insurance you get turned away.

I have heard stories from my aunt who is an American citizen living in Idaho, where she has seen sick and injured children being turned away because they didn't have insurance. How barbaric is that?

To my brothers and sisters to the South, you need to take your blinders off and perhaps follow our example for the system of health care we have in the North. Its not the scary communistic plan that you think it is. Its only to your benefit and to your children's benefit to adopt a plan like ours.

posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 12:46 PM
Well here in America they use communism and socialism interchangeably so they really don't know what any government is, they just use the same catch phrases they hear on TV or the radio.

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