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(MSWC) The Diary of Crystal Lightworth

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posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 01:00 AM
This teaser and placeholder is just the opening. I will post the entire story before the deadline.

The Diary of Crystal Lightworth
© TZ2009

Dairy #11 - Page 3
December 20, 2012

My body aches from all the scrubbing and packing. Why did we leave it to the last minute? Heck, Tommy Sorrow's family left last week and everybody thought the Sorrow family was procrastinators. I hereby nominate the Lightworth family as Procrastinator of the Year.

I still don't know where we are going. All the Masons and Scientologists went to Denver, the Mormons to Salt Lake City, the UFOlogists to New Mexico, the New-Agers to Lake Tahoe, the native American Indians to Four Corners, the Voodooists to New Orleans, the Anarchists, Revolutionaries, Satanists, Luciferians and Wiccans to North Carolina, and so on; but, we are none of those. Everybody had a place to go except us. Mum and Dad say not to worry my pretty little head about it. How can I not worry?

I lost all my friends and am so alone. I won't even have a party for my twelth birthday tomorrow! Life isn't fair sometimes.

December 21, 2012

Well Dear Diary, Dear Ole Friend, the sun is rising and it's time to pack you as well. I hope you are comfortable. You're the only friend I have left, don't you forget it! For now, we are headed to the ole cave I was never allowed to explore. I hope there's light enough to visit you this evening. Sleep well.

Diary #11 - Page 4
December 21, 2012

Wow! Just WOW! I can't even begin to write all that has happened today! I'm so happy, so excited, so confused. Where do I begin?

Our short trip to the Ole Cave was rather uneventful; but, when we got inside the cave it was like a whole new world just opened up! Dad opened a portal in the rocks which anyone would swear were just plain ole rocks. We went through, he closed the portal behind us and then we were surrounded by light - LOTS of light! Crystals were everywhere and the cave tunnel lead us to other tunnels which were all divided by these concealed portals that Dad knew how to open. Finally, we emerged in a great open area and were surrounded by Light People - people of our own kind!

At precisely 11:11:11 Galactic Time; they threw a surprise birthday party for me! I was SO surprised! I got presents and made a lot of friends my age too! Don't worry Dear Ole Friend, you'll always be my Best Friend Forever. We ate scrimple-slickins, a very sweet bread made from the algae that grows on the cave walls. They were yummier than cake and ice cream! I'm just so excited, there's so many new things to tell you about; but, I must go to bed in our new quarters now. I'll tell you all about it when I see you tomorrow Ole Friend.

Diary #11 - Page 5
December 22,2012

Mum didn't waste any time. Before I changed out of my night clothes this morning, she set straight to schooling me. Tomorrow though, I will be in a class, a REAL class with other kids my age! I've never had that opportunity before and am very excited yet apprehensive. I don't know if the other kids will like me or not. I suppose it doesn't matter. I still have you my Dear Ole Friend.

After my lessons, my new friend Sapphire took me down to the well on her errands. Mum gave me the same errand so I could learn from Sapphire she said. I bet Mum was just too lazy to fetch the water herself.

Sapphire's sister Opal gave me a Chickler - a really soft, fuzzy, blue plush toy of sorts. It doesn't look like any plushie I've ever seen though. It's really round and has these 'things' sticking out all over. It doesn't seem to have any eyes, ears, nose or mouth though. Her mother makes them. Sapphire says all the girls sleep with these Chicklers on their pillow. Kind of creeps me out in a way; but, I'll try it tonight.

Oh yes, back to yesterday. Mum and Dad gave me an odd birthday present. It's a 'gazing bowl'. It's silver and shiney all over and they tell me they'll teach me how to use it. How to use it? It's obviously too large and too shallow for a meal. I guess I'll find out soon enough. I bet there's a chore involved, there always is.

I got a mirror, comb and hairbrush from Topaz, another girl my age. It's okay I guess, nothing special.

I got a jewelry box from the Elder Leader - Lady Dazzle. Seems we don't call grownups Mr. or Mrs. here - we call them Lord and Lady, though, there's no hereditary rule. In fact, the rule of law here is called a moligarchy - a simplified contraction of matriarchy and oligarchy which is - rule by a handful of women. Males have no power because they abuse it and are too aggressive. The males say the females are too weak and that diplomacy never won a war. I hope I never have to find out the real answer.

The quarters they assigned to us are rather plain. Oh, there's plenty of light and all, and we even have our own composting toilet. Some families don't have their own and they have to share a communal one. My bed is a huge, soft, velvety-crimson pillow set in a rock basin. It's not as comfey as my old bed on legs. I miss my flowered curtains from our old home above. I wonder if it's still there. I feel like I'm a universe away from home.

We have to take our laundry to a communal washing area where we bathe and wash our clothes at the same time. Water is a precious commodity here. We eat in a communal hall too. The teenagers and adults take turns cooking and serving. The kids (which still includes me) do the cleaning. We eat once a day which is fine by me.

The rule here is "Nobody Leaves". Mum and Dad say The Council of Light will send out patrols and will let us know if or when we can go home. It seems rather odd to me though; these patrols have never been out of The Center of Light. In fact, all of these people have never seen a blade of grass, a cow munching on hay, or even a cat. Mum says the Light People are not a 'Lost Civilization' though because they aren't the ones who are 'lost'. Whatever that means. Grownups! Hummmph! Don't you ever growup Lord Diary! See you tomorrow, love, your Sparkling Crystal.

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posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 01:36 PM
reply to post by Trexter Ziam

I like the story, but I don't like the Wiccans being lumped in with the satanists, and the luceferians. Really the rest of the story sounds very much like what a Wiccan community would be. Good storyline, though.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 06:24 AM
Diary #11 - Page 8
December 23, 2012

School was so much fun! I can't wait to go back. Mum has been assigned a teaching post; but, I wasn't in any of her classes today. They took us both up and down into the various Grow Rooms. Plants requiring more heat are on the upper levels. They were harvesting Floppy-Lom-Eggs today. It's sort of like spaghetti squash; but, it's really floppy, like holding a limp pancake. Nothing looked familiar. All the plants and produce are cultivated from ancient species that don't exist on the world above.

My skin is getting paler already. Mum says our family may never be as alabaster-white as the other Light People here because we've spent so much time out of our natural homeland. When I asked her how we came to be in the world above, rather than down here, she said that Dad had a mission to perform up-world. Dad won't tell me anything about his mission though. I wonder if he'll tell me when I grow up.

There was a cute boy named Shackrim in my class. Pity he was daft as a glob of paint. Opal says all the boys are just shy, and they will grow out of it.

I close for now because Mum wants to introduce me to my birthday present before bed tonight. See you tomorrow Friend!

Diary #11 - Page 9
December 24, 2012

School was okay I guess. We learned basics today and we didn't have any field trips, or should I call them "cave trips" now? I loved Music and Voice though! The crystals sang along with us and you can feel their song throughout your whole body. When we sing with them, they become energized, just like us. The perfect crystal voice is a prized goal of all the Light People females. The teacher, Lady Harmon says I have the best natural voice she's ever heard. She seems eager to tune my vocal cords and breathing patterns.

As I mentioned yesterday, Mum introduced me to the silver gazing bowl last night. I had to think about a particular planet which our Light People came from many eons ago. They call it "ALL" and I suppose that's its' name or good enough of a name. Then, I had to breathe deep and then exhale onto the center of the bowl to make a mist, and then sing this tune which I cannot tell you - it's a deep mystery and sacred secret harmonic. I had to wait until I saw the "ALL" and then describe it to the four Council of Light elders and Lady Dazzle, the Elder Leader. They nodded their heads in agreement as I described what I saw in the gazing bowl. I'm never allowed to describe it again though. It's description is part of the sacred test. I passed their test easily but from what they said, it seems most never pass.

I was right about there being a chore involved too! Now, I have to meet with the other "Gazers" everyday when the crystals chime the correct sound. I have to bring my birthday present and be prepared to spend a 'bit of time'. From now on I wear the blue gown as do all the Gazers. If I'm accepted into the Crystal Voice, my gown would change to gold because the Crystal Voice outranks the Gazers.

Sleep well Dear Diary, Dear Friend.

Diary #11 - Page 10
December 25, 2012

Oh Dear Diary, Dear Ole Friend, I need a hug, a BIG hug! I was called out of Biology of the Algae class for gazing duty today. While I am not allowed to tell anybody what I saw, I suppose I could tell you a little story and that would be alright? I need a hug, a BIG hug! I'll write the story on a separate tablet and hide it. You'll know how to find it. HUGS!

Hidden Tablet

Once upon a time, there were these perfect people from "ALL" and they landed on Earth to make a settlement. Earth was already populated with humans though. Vile, disgusting, selfish, hateful, war-mongering humans. The Wise One, seeking to exploit their weakness and to speed along their self-destruction sent out Up-Landers to live and dwell among these beasts who called themselves human. The majority of the People From ALL lived underground and flourished. The Up-Landers didn't have life so easy. Over the eons of time, they endowed certain sociopathic-psycopathic humans with grandiose ideas and fantasies. Their pride and egos sucked it all up like a honeybee to a field of fresh nectar. Humans divided themselves into groups, each espousing thier leader as The Chosen One, superior above all others. The followers egos were fueled with the division and hatred and wars become larger and fiercer, and still larger and fiercer. Some were chosen to make certain discoveries, which would be used against them in the end. Some were chosen to lead false religions, others to feed the egos of the demented, and still others to create art, music, dance and writings which would fuel the beast inside these vermin-humans. One day ... each of their leaders called them to their so-called sacred places. In that day, at that moment, the darkness spread from The Perfect Ones enveloped the Earth and left the Up-Lands in perpetual darkness so thick you could cut it with a butter knife.

And now? The world above is gone. Desolate. Eternal Darkness has swallowed the Up-Lands. As Below, So Above.

The End

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posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 09:26 PM
Loved it, loved it, loved it. Became totally involved with the story. The main character was so likeable I could read an entire book about her -- her diary.

I hope you do well in the contest, and I think you will!

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 09:55 PM
reply to post by Trexter Ziam

Very well done Trexter Ziam! I liked the whole diary entry thing, a cool way to tell a story. I hope you do well in the contest.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 01:52 PM
I enjoyed this tale tremendously. You have a wonderful writing style and the yarn you spun was quite captivating. You should write more of the story cause I'd sure read it.

S & F for you and I hope you do well in the contest.

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