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Big Brother 11 US

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posted on Aug, 7 2009 @ 04:11 PM
Big Brother 11 US

Braden was a funny guy, in an Adam Sandler kinda way. Sorry to see him go in the first week.

I predicted:

  • Laura would be sent home on week 2 because of her and Jordan's questionably racist motivation for voting against Chima, and her appearance was probably least-liked among the strongest competitors.
  • Casey would leave early on (statistically, the oldest member of the house is least likely to win)
  • Ronnie and Russell had a secret alliance
  • Ronnie's lax judgment would cause him to lose, by playing with bad tempo (ie: too fiercely too early on). Michele would have been sent home early if Ronnie had used a different strategy.
  • Jeff would win the wizard power

I did not predict:

  • Natalie would defend Jessie against the women
  • Ronnie would call out Michele for not POV'ing him
  • Chima and Michele would make amends
  • Russell would lose for being a bad judge of character
  • The athletes would alienate themselves even from one another, because of their seething, unexpressed anger
  • The populars would be the only clique not to alienate themselves through impulsive behavior

I predict:

  • Natalie and Lydia are sleepers, but Jordan is not.
  • Jeff will tell Natalie in secret that he is the wizard. Her behavior will change, arousing suspicion and causing Jessie to leave Russell for Jeff.
  • It will be revealed that there is sexual tension between Jessie and Chima, as well as Russell and Natalie. Jessie already told Chima that he is willing to have Russell's sloppy seconds. Hostility between Chima and Natalie will increase. Russell will feel abandoned or manipulated and start to openly express his hostility towards Jessie.
  • Russell and Kevin will be sent packing after having alienated themselves from most of the house. Russell and Jessie will appeal to Jeff, that he must prevent a female final 4.
  • Lydia calling attention to herself is sabotaging Kevin, and buying time.
  • Lydia will cut herself horizontally. Jeff will call her "a f&&&ing numbskull" and send her packing.
  • There won't be another physical challenge unless Jessie becomes HOH yet again next week, which means that neither Jeff, Jordan nor Russell will be a clear winner in another challenge in the near future, being that they are not more skilled than the other houseguests (unless maybe the challenge is another public vote).
  • Jessie will be voted out by week 9, when the houseguests unite in opposition to his abusive behavior. Jessie's tremendous fall from grace -- from being HOH to a have-not -- was probably devastating for him. He even cursed Jordan for choosing him by random.
  • One of the challenges may be a billiards tournament or a chess tournament. So far, Jeff would win a billiards tournament, and Natalie or Jessie would win a chess tournament.
  • There will not be a female final 4:

    • Chima alienated herself from Lydia because she mistakenly believes that Lydia is no longer useful, and so has attempted to minimalize Lydia's pleas for sympathy.
    • Jeff will disrupt Chima's plans for a female final 4 by using the wizard power on Chima and Michele (who will lose immunity when Jeff uses the wizard power). He will not use it on Lydia, who is a vote against Russell. Michele would then be voted out because she is a stronger competitor than Chima, and has alienated herself from the other houseguests. Jeff would risk exposing himself to deception form Jessie and Russell if he were to align with Chima.
    • Natalie winning the next HOH would put Lydia on the chopping block. She will ignore Kevin's pleas. A very big expection to this scenario, however, would be if Natalie became more concerned for Lydia's maltreatment than her relationship with Jessie, which would turn the game completely upside-down (Natalie and Jordan would then advocate on Lydia's behalf against Jessie). Jeff and Jordan will skate by until week 8 because of their alliance with Jessie, but will then drop him in favor of Natalie.
    • Natalie, Jordan and Lydia will be bonded by their common dislike of Chima and Jessie. Natalie and Lydia are sexually attracted to Jordan, and might be convinced to vote out Chima and Michele.
    • Jordan will go against Chima and Michele in support of Jeff. She will be able to command a great deal of attention from the males.
    • Jordan has a lot to lose by deceiving anyone in the house, including Jeff.

  • However, it's likely that there will be a female final 2

posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 08:48 PM
Kevin is the biggest prison bitch in Big Brother history. He could have backdoored Natalie and made a deal to get Michele out. If Michele wins POV then she will evict Kevin without a second thought.

Natalie said, "Chima, this is for you!" because Jordan voted Chima out in week 1. However, as Natalie herself has admitted, HoH is not as important as POV in final 4.

posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 08:00 AM
reply to post by vcwxvwligen

lol, yes Natalie had a sweet deal. She should of jumped on it and secured it for herself. I really want to see what her boyfriend thinks of all of this Jesse talk that she Anyway, Michelle is definately going to win the Veto and Evict Kevin. Shame on Kevin for not getting rid of his biggest target and user... Natalie.

Also why is she still trying to help Chima? Chima was a rule breaker and mean to everyone. But if thats the kind of people she likes to hang around, than whatever, that just shows me what kind of person she is.

Hopefully, Michelle or Jordan wins. I wouldn't mind them winning, I really know Jordan needs the money more than anyone their. She's not rich at all, so this money will definately help her. Michelle is not poor, but as always money helps to secure that you won't be poor at some point. She started (in my opinion) to play to late in the game, she needed to start her game about 2 weeks earlier, because her game is pretty good. Kevin, he's a funny guy and everything, but blinded by false allies and friends. So I do not really trust his judgement...

It was a good move to get rid of the best player, but it was a bad move for Kevin.


posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 07:26 PM
Some random musings on this season:

Firstly, I thought this season was the worst season of Big Brother ever. I didn't really like anyone they had on there. It was so bad that Jessie actually looked like a good guy. And with Jeff there was zero controversy so he was uninteresting.

Ronnie looks like he could be Son of Bubbles.

I'm sick of Lydia saying people "don't understand her." Hey, you're plastered with ugly tattoos. What's there to understand?

Tired of people not realizing it's a game for entertainment purposes. Of course there is going to be lying and back-stabbing. Don't place so much emphasis on 'keeping your word' and 'playing it straight.'

posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 11:53 PM

Originally posted by TheComte
I'm sick of Lydia saying people "don't understand her." Hey, you're plastered with ugly tattoos. What's there to understand?

Lots of people think that tattoos are "hot"

Originally posted by TheComte
Tired of people not realizing it's a game for entertainment purposes. Of course there is going to be lying and back-stabbing. Don't place so much emphasis on 'keeping your word' and 'playing it straight.'

People always say that, but what's funny is that most of the winners actually didn't engage in that kind of behavior, and lots of people who got 2nd place did. Season 11 was more the norm than the exception.

posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 11:55 PM

  • Danielle from season 3, Jerry from season 10 and Jessie from seasons 10 & 11 look like the Jigsaw Killer from the Saw movies, and one another
  • Sheila from season 9 and Jeff from season 11 look alike
  • James from season 9 and Jordan from season 11 look alike and were born on the same day
  • Sarah from season 6 was born 8 days after Michele from season 11, who was born 13 days after Joshuah from season 9
  • Amy from season 2 and Jeff from season 11 were born 5 days apart
  • Libra from season 10 and Chima from season 11 were born 9 days apart
  • Natalie and Lydia were born 5 days apart
  • Laura from season 11 was the youngest contestant ever, at 21 years 7 months old
  • Eddie from season 1 (the first and youngest winner ever) and Ronnie from season 11 were born 40 days apart
  • Except for season 5, season 10 and season 11, the contest has been won by gen-xers

posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 01:20 AM
Kevin made yet another bone-head move when pleading in the final 3. He could have mentioned that Natalie didn't need the money because her fiance is financially well-to-do. He could have also mentioned that he never voted to evict Jordan, yet Natalie did. It seems like you also have to remember the voting for each eviction, in addition to HoH and PoV winners.

I personally believe that Jordan evicting Kevin was motivated by sexism and racism, seeing that Natalie supposedly had the most friends in the Jury House. She said that she kicked out Kevin because people were targetting her to atone for Jeff evicting Jessie, but Natalie was a closer ally to him than Kevin! Jordan said something like "You understand where I'm coming from" or something, which made me think that Jordan was afraid of retribution outside of the house for not having evicted out Kevin. She also said that evicting Kevin was her best move in the game, even though she couldn't have evicted him without winning round 1 of the final HoH against Natalie.

I also think that it's kinda fishy how so many people rooted for Jordan even though she added almost no value to the show besides making cute voices and showing her boobs on the live feeds. Her speeches were crap and embarrassing for everyone, even Production. The audience didn't cheer during round 3 of the final HoH until Jordan came from behind to tie the game. The applause for Kevin was underwhelming compared to the applause for Jordan.

Jordan will find out sooner or later that Jeff's attraction to her was purely sexual, and that he promised to marry her only to see if she would put out. I looked at her white trash family, and it was clear that someone is going to use that money for drugs.

While Jessie asked Jordan why she deserved to win, it was obvious that he was so over season 11.

I feel really sorry for Michele and her psycho husband.

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